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Trainer Card Maker 4 Trainer Card Background Submissions

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Doctor Oak

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If you'd like to submit your Trainer Card Background for use in the Trainer Card Maker, please make sure that you adhere to these rules:

  • Backgrounds shouldn't be too large. They should be capable of fitting safely into an acceptable signature size. (Ideally, no taller than 200 pixels and no wider than about 600).
  • There should be space for 6 50x30 Pokemon images on the card. We'd prefer it if you didn't place the boxes on the card yourself.
  • There should be space for 8 16x16 badge sprites on the card.
  • There should be a set space for a Trainer's name and a Friend Code.
  • There should be some space on the card for a credit to Pokecharms.com. Please do not add this credit yourself.
  • Backgrounds should only be submitted by their original creator. Any backgrounds submitted by a third party will be rejected.

Please note that submitting sprites for the TCM gives us the right to use that sprite outside the TCM for other site purposes as well. We regret that there is no real way to credit all those who submit sprites, so you should only submit if you are satisfied with these terms.

If you want bases for your sprites, check out the sprites on The Spriter's Resource. Please do not use existing custom sprites/artwork as a base, or outright stealing someone else's sprite/artwork and posting it. Plagarism will not be tolerated.
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Shiny Motley

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Because why not?


EDIT 2/29:

(Forgot to add name/FC on here, ah well. I think it's pretty obvious where they go.)
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... I'm fairly new to the whole card template scene. I'm kinda noobish at it, but I'd have something I'd like to contribute to the idea pile:


Example (Based on my Pokemon Insurgence Playthrough):


So yeah... I had fun making it though. That pokeball was originally a 3D render I developed myself in photoshop for another project. It was simple, but I'm sort of proud. Lol.
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These are a few trainer card designs I recently did for Sun and Moon. I modified them a little bit to work with the trainer card maker, but the main change I kept was a new slot to replace the gym badges with Z-Crystals.


I'd be happy to either e-mail my base files to the moderators or send them my instructions through an e-mail or a PM if they want to use this design. However, I also created a version for gym badges just in case it's not possible to add Z-Crystals to the Trainer Card Maker yet.


**EDIT 11/29- I had to modify the blank cards to get rid of the pokémon boxes
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StellarWind Elsydeon

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Greetings all.
Over the past... however long it's been since the latest TCM community update, we've received multiple questions and comments - some more polite than others - regarding when the next update might happen and whether we even examine the submission threads at all.

Rest assured that yes, we do - and no, it's not that nothing submitted in the past however long has been worth consideration - there's been quite a bit of good stuff that would definitely be a fine addition to the TCM. Alas, technical issues that we've yet to resolve have gotten in the way of adding new assets in and... unfortunately remain in the way for the time being.

However, since submissions HAVE been piling up - and as it is unfair to both you as a community to feel as though your work is being ignored (and just adds more volume to the already ridiculous amount of submissions we'll need to wade through and curate when the time comes) - it is with heavy heart that I must announce that asset submissions to the Trainer Card Maker are closed until further notice.

Thank you all for your contributions over time - and once the issue is resolved, we'll be looking forward to reviewing and adding new assets, as well as opening submissions again. ^^
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