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Open Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles - The World


So I find myself re-watching (for the what feels dozenth) time the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles series and found myself wondering if there was anyone else out there who loves this series and would be interested in doing a more original role-playing.

For those who are unfamiliar with the series it is one of the final Anime by CLAMP Studios and was in many ways a pioneering studio in the earlier days of anime. It brought us Cardcaptor Sakura, Chobits, xxxHolic, Magic Knight Reyearth and Angelic Layer to name a couple of the anime from them. In the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles series characters from across these anime all meet up and begin to then travel across the "multi-verse" into worlds of non-existent to low to medium to high level of technology etc across different time periods.

In this series, I would looking for one individual (maybe two) who would be interested in creating an original character to explore similar worlds and/or similar themes. It could have elements of romance as well as adventure and action and mystery. We can discuss the worlds before hand and run them as more or less miniaturized story arcs to keep the story interesting and ever changing. I was also maybe thinking to expand the story to include numerous Anime and/or World Designs to keep this original. I am open to the design here.

For an example my character I was thinking would be a high school girl from our world, modern time who lives a sheltered existence and loves anime. In one of her trips to convenience store to pickup a latest issue of manga she is accidentally struck (and killed) by a motor vehicle. And she wakes up in a strange alternate dimension where she is told that in order to be returned to a normal life she has to head on an adventure across multiple worlds in pursuit of fragments of herself scattered across time and space (and fantasy worlds).

For the level of this story, I would be looking for partner(s) who can write at least four to six decent sized paragraphs per post and be as descriptive as possible. I tend to write at about six to nine paragraphs (~900 Words). If you are not quite at this level it does not mean that I would be opposed to doing a story with you, but I would like to work with said partner(s) to improve on their writing and help them reach that level over time. ... I am quite open on the idea for this story and the setting and characters, so if interested drop message or send PM!
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