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Dasken looked around the Indigo Plateau, where the special tournament would be held. He looked around the brand new shopping center and battle arena. He skimmed the shops, eye shopping for awhile. He finally sent out his partner, Protato the Dugtrio. He grinned and pat his partner on the head, and they continued to roam about, looking for other fellow trainers.
Ry strolled past the gates of the Indigo Plateau, with his partner Fuego, the Infernape beside him. "Last time, we were here, we got in the top 4 in the Kanto League." Ry asked Fuego, reminiscing over the battles. Fuego gave a slight nod and Ry smiled. "Well we have a new tournament to win." Fuego gave a thumbs up and they continued their walk. Then he saw a boy with a Dugtrio. "I'm assuming you're the competition?" He asked loudly, walking over.
Dasken jumped, spinning around. His dugtrio jumped a little bit, as well, and they turned to the newcomers.
"Y-yes, yes I am. But can you not sneka up on me like that in the tournament?" He asked, laughing nervously.
Hazel walked around the Indigo Plateau with her eyes full of wonder. She had never personally been to the Kanto Region but she had always wanted to go. And this tournament was a excuse for her to go to it. Hazel then got out her camera and started to take pictures. "This place is quite lovely, I have to admit. " She though to herself. She turned to shopping center. "Maybe I should get something for myself." Hazel said softly. But then she heard another person so she turned to see who it was. She looked and saw it was a male with a Dugtrio and another male with a Infernape. "Maybe I should get my pokemon out." Hazel then got out Clara who seemed to be a bit annoyed she was in her pokeball for awhile. "I'm gonna go introduced myself." She walked over to the group and spoke softly "Hey, are you guys my competition? I'm Hazel and this is my partner, Clara." Clara then shyly waved towards the group.
"No promises. Fuego's pretty fast." Ry gave a grin and stuck his hand for a handshake, while Fuego did the same. Then Fuego realized, Dugtrio didn't have hands to shake, and gave an awkward wave. "My name's Ry and this is Fuego. What's yours?"
A young person walked into the Indigo Plateau, nerdy looking and adjusting their glasses. There was no doubt that this person was like a Dwebble with those large oval/circle eyes of their's, a hermit in nature and a seemingly unsure look on their face. Their hair was dark brown and scraggy, maybe they got no sleep? With this young person was a Pokémon that was very similar to them, a Dwebble - except that this hermit seemed to be a lot more relaxed than the trembling person with an impossible to tell gender.
Dasken looked over at all of the newcomers. His social anxiety kicked in, and he started to have a major panic attack. He tried to keep it hidden, but he twitched spastically and randomly.
"So, uh..." left arm whipped outwards, hit a metal post and a ringing echo rolled across everyone's ears. "All of you in the-" head twitched to the left. His stomach felt like a pretzel. "The tournament?"
The person saw this and jumped slightly, his heart pounding faster and faster by the second. They slowly approached Dasken, careful not to scare him more than he already was. "A-a-are you alright?" They stammered, Dwebble made its way up to just behind its trainer's leg and looked up at Dasken with an innocent look.
Dasken looked taken aback. "I, I, I'm j-just fi-" his left arm slammed into the sign again, and his foot began tapping without his control. "I'm fine..." he muttered. His back twitched, and his head flicked to the left again. "I'm perfectly-" his face shook for half a second. "Perfectly fine."
Hazel noticed as the trainer with the Dugtrio seemed to be nervous and was shaking. Things were starting to feel like deja vu. During childhood, Hazel was just as nervous to meeting people. She eventually grew out of it, but not entirely. "Hey, You seem nervous. I understand what social anxiety feels like, I can barely talk to you now without being a nervous wreck. But it's okay. She then noticed another person with the same problem it seemed. "It okay, I promise I'm friendly." Hazel then noticed the cute little Dweeble behind the trainer. "Oh, who is this little cutie." Hazel smiled as she stared the pokemon.

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Dasken's mind told his body to stop flipping out, but it wouldn't. He was getting light-headed. "Ooooh..." he mumbled, various limbs twitching spastically, on and off.
Danny charged into the Indigo Plateau. He smiled as his Greninja walked beside. Slowpoke sat on Danny's Shoulder, not having a care in the world. Danny looked st the Arean and shouted triumphantly," Tis I, the water type represenitve, has arrived!"
Max walked leisurely into the Indigo Plateau, spreading his arms as he took in the warmth from the sun. Max had intended to enter this tournament as the water type rep. with his feraligator, Locke, but arrive at the signs up late. But he couldn't pass on the the chance to see how far Thorn has come in is training. Max was about to look for a good place to take a quick nap when a trainer exclaimed himself to be the water representative. Max walk up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder, "Pleasure to met you, water rep." Max said with a smile that almost distracted from how tired he looked.


Previously LunaLuma
Alice walked elegantly into the Indigo Plateau and stood against the wall, avoiding the sun like she was a vampire. Alice looked at Flicker's Dusk Ball and smiled ever so slightly. Alice was the Ghost Representative and Flicker was the Pokemon Alice was using in the tournament and She was also Alice's main Pokemon. She wanted Flicker and herself to achieve victory and some of the other competitors looked like they would get out immediately but a strange feeling told her that she was going to fight hard to win the tournament.
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"Dude, are you okay?" Ry asked, in response to Dasken's unusual movements. He looked around at the other people who were beginning to appear. "Wow, I've got a lot of competition." He mumbled to himself.
Dasken's spastic movements became worse the more people showed up. "H-hold- HNNNGMMMMPH-" he clapped a hand over his mouth, holding in the bile he was about to spew. He held up his index finger, and ran around the corner, his left arm making alast-ditch and successful effort to smack the metal pole once more.
"I don't look that bad," Ry said laughing. "Do you need a minute or something like that?" He asked. Fuego looked around and saw a few other pokemon.
The young person and their Dwebble companion watched as Dasken rushed out after smaking a metal pole about a million times, when in reality the total was around three. Adjusting the goggles on their head, they glanced over at the others. "Um... H-Hi there!"
"Sup," Ry said giving a grin. "I'm Ry Burst, the fire representative. Are you in the competition too?" He asked the newcomer. He gave a thumbs up in their direction.
"I'm Lottie," They smiled with a hint of determination, "Representative of the Bug Type." It was almost as if they had a boost in confidence upon talking to someone, even holding their hand out to shake.
"Nice to meetcha," Ry said shaking the outstretched hand. "This is Fuego, my partner," he said, letting go, pointing to the Infernape. "Infernape!" Fuego said beating at his chest. "Ha ha, he's pumped, and so am I." Ry said noticing this, giving a laugh.
Max heard a metal clang and shifted his attention to a crowd of people whom he assumed were his fellow representatives. He noticed a nervous looking man at the center who seemed to not be doing well and walked over with a yawn. "It would be best to give the man some space," Max said as he walked tothe man covering his mouth, "You might want to take a deep breathe and relax, probability next to that trash can."
Lottie smiled and nodded, letting go of his hand and smiling a little brighter upon seeing the Infernape. Honestly, he couldn't wait to go in there and give it his all, to show a new side to the Bug Type. "Well, my partner is currently asleep so I don't want to disturb him. He got so excited that he fell asleep, is that even possible?" The scraggy brunette laughed lightly.


Previously LunaLuma
Alice watched as Dasken smashed into the pole. Alice sighed. Alice continued to watch the group carefully as she was hoping she could get more information about who these people used.
Casys strolled through the line of shops at the Indigo League, Riley beside him. The Kommo-o playfully roared at overhead bird Pokemon, and both partners were pumped for the upcoming battles. The Dragon Type Representative and his partner saw a group of trainers as they were walking.

What Did You Do To Snoke?

Previously Ratbag the Coward
Outside of the Indigo Plateau League was a small box where a policeman lay sleeping. He was supposed to be guarding one of the few enterences to the tournament. He awoke just in time as a strange man with black hair, a black shirt and a chaos black jacket walked nearby. He moved the shades on his eyes into a new position.

"Sorry sir, are you here to go to the tournament?" The policeman asked. There was no reply. "Ya need an ID for that!" There was still no reply as the man stared at him through the glass. "Ain't ya gonna answer? You know, you can't get through. You need to speak sometime...what you, weak?!" The policeman laughed.

That was it. The man in shades spoke. "You know exactly who I am. You idiot." He stared at the policeman. "I am your worst nightmare." He grabbed him by the shirt. "Listen, im going to win this tournament...and you're going to help me!!" With one foul swoop, the man with black hair injected the policeman with a large syringes that tore through his skin and he fainted.
Soras Entered The Indigo Plateau, He Said To His Partner, Dunsparce "So, Buddy, Looks Like We Are Here Again, The Indigo League!" He Smiled, Dunsparce Said
"Dun!" He Entered The Building.
"It makes sense," Ry said giving off another laugh. "I can't wait to battle you guys in the tournament. But I'm just letting you know, that we're gonna win!" He gave a cheer, and both trainer and Pokemon, did a little dance.
"So, here it is! the indigo plateau!" Jackie said. "Chan! Hit! Hitmonchan!" Chan replied. "I can't wait to battle all the people here! We are going to win this! We are going to become the strongest trainer and pokemon ever known to the entire univerese!" Jackie walked into the plateau.

"Hey, who are you guys? I will beat you! Who is the normal type? I need to practice my super effective moves!' Jackie and chan looked around. There was a person who looked like he was about to throw up an entire ocean of puke. He tried not to get close, just to be safe.
Lottie held back a grin and simply watched, Dwebble tried to join in with the cheerful dance performed by Ry and Fuego but was failing quite terribly. It was still a cute site to behold so he wasn't embarrassed in the slightest. Though he wondered why everyone said that they were going to win, could everyone see into the future or something?
Ry looked at Fuego and they shared a nod. "Let's get some practice in. I'll race you!" he shouted to Fuego. The fire monkey gave a nod, and they both began to run full speed, towards the outlying forest. Ry weaved past people as he ran, while Fuego just jumped over them. Fuego quickly landed and used Flame Wheel to boost his speed. Ry's distance behind him grew and grew. Soon the reached the forest.

"Okay, you were lucky!" Ry said laughing, "Now let's spar!"
Fuego raised his fists and began to punch at Ry. Ry took some hits, dodged, and blocked others, and then of course returned some. Ry gave a loud laugh, as Fuego aimed a Mach Punch in Ry's stomach knocking him back into a tree.
"Wow bud. You're strong," he said in between laughs.

What Did You Do To Snoke?

Previously Ratbag the Coward
The policeman awoke in a room. It was one of the staff rooms to the bottom of heeague itself. "How did I get here?" The policeman asked, as he looked down he screamed as he saw and felt a sharp metal through his chest. He looked behind and saw that he was tied to a chair and a monsterous looking Bisharp had stabbed through his body.
The man with black hair walked in suddenly. "You'll have to excuse me. I'm...how shall I call it? Bad at enterences. Thanks to you, I now have the keys to every room in this facility and using this ability I shall silently take down each and every participant in this tournament by executing them, one by one. You are...past your use by date..." The man lifted his arm and a gun pointed in the policeman's face.
"No, please no!!" Squealed the policeman. "Who...who are you?!"

"Name's Darren. Darren Dareway..." said the man, as he lifted the gun and shot the policeman in the head.
Lottie, who happened to be walking around after parting ways with Ry, heard a loud noise coming from the staff room nearby. The short person jumped and quickly pressed his ear against the door, ushering Dwebble to hide simply with a hand gesture.

Just what was that noise? He thought to himself as his short, dark brows furrowed. He had to keep quiet, just in case he were to be caught - even if that were inevitable.


Previously LunaLuma
Alice heard a gunshot. She knew these sounds easily so she immediately ran to the noise. Luckily Alice has very good hearing so she managed to find a staff room at the bottom of the league. She watched quietly as the killer could still be in there. She checked behind herself every 5 seconds to make sure the killer wasn't there. All Alice found was a glimpse of black hair and a black hoodie before she ran away because of anxiety.

Alice knew a lot about things like this because someone killed her Mother in front of her eyes. Alice only survived because Flicker used hypnosis on the killer of and then Alice called the cops and ran as fast as she could away from her house.

Alice quickly ran back to where everyone was and watched carefully, trying not to reveal herself to anyone.
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Boom! "What was that? Sounded like a gunshot!" Jackie heard a loud noise from somewhere. "Chan! Hitmonchan!" Chan was worried. "Don't worry, mate. A gun won't hurt you. You could easily take it and shoot the shooter." Jackie tried to make him releax. "Alright, I'm going there. Anyone coming with me?" He asked.
Ry heard a gunshot, while getting ready to block a punch. He lost his focus and was hit hard. "We gotta figure out what's going on," Ry said giving a nod to his Pokémon. Fuego gave a nod back and they ran back towards the main area.
Lottie, who had been by the door for some time, put his goggles on and peeked through anything he could find, may it be a keyhole or a slight gap caused by the door. Somehow, these googles were useful even if he looked a little stupid. Inside the room, he could see a Bisharp and a man with dark clothing.

What Did You Do To Snoke?

Previously Ratbag the Coward
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The man with black hair and dark shades saw the gun fly into the air. He managed to catch it before pressing the trigger accidently. The bullet went through one of the doors. He saw the figures of the people approaching him. He ran through one of the large fire exit doors, taking hold of the dead policeman's body and loaded it up onto a truck. On the truck were a small number of people in dark clothing, concealing their faces. An small band of Pawniards assembled next to the truck loading the body on. The man jumped onto the back of the truck and it took off.
"We need to leave immediately! Step on it!" The man shouted as the truck accelerated. "I have done what I have said I would do. We need to silently eliminate the competition now but now everyone is suspicious we need to act with more caution. I made sure to kill him with gloves on. Now time to plant the body and false evidence." The truck came to a halt as it left the league. The man proceeded back to the league on foot. "I will place the body here." The man placed the body of the policeman in a ditch on the side route just before the entrance to the league. "Good...good...soon Darren Dareway will kill the competition...literally..." He opened a back pack to see false evidence-swabs of DNA from another participant. He dabbed some on the body and then placed a shotgun next to the body. The shotgun was not the weapon he had used to kill the policeman. Darren dabbed DNA once more onto the shotgun. There were now other people's fingerprints all around the weapon. Darren laughed before running back to the truck and changing into a different outfit.