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Open Ultra Sinnoh (Sign Up & Discussion)

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RP: https://pokecharms.com/threads/ultra-sinnoh-adventure-rp.24310/

Hello there trainers! I've been thinking about this RP for awhile now and I finally decided to try and make it public. This will be a somewhat updated version of the Sinnoh Region with new Pokemon that decided to make it their home. Along with a new evil that plans to rule not just this world but all worlds. Enough about that lets get onto the rules.

1 ) Follow the Pokemon Role Play Rules
2 ) No Megas or Z-Moves
3 ) Pokemon caught in the RP may only be from Gen 7 and below, however, starter Pokemon may be from any of those gens.
4 ) No Fakemon
5 ) Only four moves in battle
6 ) Avoid TDIP (Clink to read what it stays for) [Got Permission from PyroGale to use this]

Character Sheet:
Hometown & Region:

Pokemon Sheet:

Nickname: (Optional)
Current Moves

My Character:
Name: Leo King
Hometown & Region: Veilstone City, Sinnoh
Personality: Leo is a hyperactive hot blooded guy who puts everything he has in both training himself and his Pokemon. He is a very friendly person always willing to help anyone in need.
Appearance: Leo has short spiky pink hair, pink eyes. Leo wears a blue headband with a yellow pokeball logo on the side, a blue sport shirt, black shorts with yellow compassion pants worn underneath, blue and yellow running shoes, and a black over shoulder backpack.

Pokemon Sheet:
Species: Jangmo-o
Nickname: (None)
Ability: Bulletproof
Current Moves: Dragon Tail, Counter, Headbutt
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Name: Verity Sprie
Age: 16
Hometown & Region: Kanto, hidden in wilderness (pokemopolis and Pokelantis)/ Pewter City after 12yrs old
Personality: Verity is gung-ho and head strong. Stubborn and steel-willed she may acknowledge another viewpoint, however she's unlikely to sway without good cause. She's generally kind but suspicious of people who are vague or hold high positions of power. Verity would rather talk out an issue but isn't opposed to using Pokemon and/or her fists.
Appearance: Standing tall at 5'11, Verity is lithe and well muscled under copper toned skin dotted with dark freckles. Her upper arms and shoulders have a lot of very old scars, although most aren't from fights. (Raised in part by wild Pokemon) The scars overlay simple swirling tattoos that go from her wrists to her shoulders. She has sparkling indigo eyes with blue flecks and long dark brown hair she keeps pulled up in a messy braid or ponytail with a Pokemon feather. Her facial features are a bit sharp but even her resting face always seems to be a small smile.

Power(s)?: (Subject to your approval) Verity is a rather weak Aura Guardian. She can sense the emotions of others only if she is touching them and can't project or blast aura so much as augment her own hits. She can't simply close her eyes and sense people but similar to Toph the bottoms of her feet are more sensitive to tremors and footsteps.

Species: Shinx
Nickname: None
Ability: Static
Current Moves - Tackle, Leer, Charge

Verity Art Below:
Verity S..png
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Hello :D. I would love to enter with my baby Stella! I'm not sure I'll be able to post frequently, especially now since I'm really busy, but I'll leave it here anyways. Thank you.


Credit: [x] [x]​
  • Name: Stella
  • Age: 16
  • Sex: Female
  • Sexuality: Lesbian
  • Height: 170 cm (5' 7'')
  • Home-town: Ecruteak City, Johto Region
  • Goals: To be a Pokemon Photographer. Battles for fun.
  • Appearance: Blond hair, dark-brown eyes, a slender figure. That's Stella. She likes wearing stylish clothing, and will usually go for dark clothing in winter, and light blue clothing in summer. But she'll take anything she deems stylish. She wears a yellow diamond-shaped pendant that her aunt gifted her when she was ten years old, but it's actually attached to her head. She tends to wear a headband or something similar because her hair can get messy and annoying.
  • Personality: Stella can appear as shy or reserved at first, but she actually likes talking. It's just that she finds it hard to do chit-chat and is slow to think of answers, but she tries her best. She loves meeting new people and Pokemon, and always carries her camera around so that she can get new shots of everyone and everything she sees. She likes battling for fun, and is usually more focused on the style of the fight and for Dan not to get hurt than winning. Drawing is something she's tried repeteadly without much success. She is good at writing, though.

  • Backstory: Stella's parents left her with her aunt in Ecruteak City when she was three years old. She's never seen them after that. Not that she remembered much about them, though, and she's decided to forget them, she considers her aunt to be her mom now. She and Stella live alone in Ecruteak City. Her aunt works as an electrician and they have a big Japanese-styled house with a big yard where a garden with vegetables and fruits is cared for by them. They also raise some Pokemon. Alicia bought her her first camera at the age of 10 and she's been enthused by it ever since. She's decided to go on a journey to Sinnoh, where a friend of her aunt lives; they'll visit her and then she'll journey around Sinnoh for a while.

Credit: [x]​
  • Partner Pokemon: Dan, the Mareep
  • Sex: Male
  • Ability: Static: The Pokémon is charged with static electricity, so contact with it may cause paralysis.
  • Moves
  1. Tackle: Charges and slams into the target with its whole body.
  2. Thunder Shock: A jolt of electricity crashes down on the target. May also inflict paralysis.
  3. Cotton Spore: Releases cotton spores that cling to the enemy, lowers their Speed stats.
  4. Charge: Boosts the power of the Electric move it uses on the next turn. Raises the user's Sp. Def stat.
  • Personality: Lively and protective. Tries to outdo himself every time to impress Stella. Tends to move in an elegant way. He met Stella when she was out strolling through the part and decided to stay with her. He looked at her, she looked at him, and he thought she looked really cool so she started following her around. Eventually, they ended up going home together. Dan is really attached to Stella now and always wants to be out of his Pokeball and be with her and he takes care of her.
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Previously OaW Target
I saw this role play and thought it looked interesting. Please let me know if I need to fix anything here.

Name: Oliver Harmon
Age: 15
Hometown & Region: Rustboro City, Hoenn
Personality: Oliver is a very shy kid who rarely speaks more than a sentence. He prefers to be alone with his Pokémon when he’s stressed to feel calm.
Appearance (I’m not the best at describing appearances of people so bear with me here): Oliver is a 5’3”, pale boy. He has shortish medium brown hair, and green eyes. He wears a green shortsleeved shirt, and brown cargo shorts, short white socks, and black tennis shoes.
Partner: Oddish

Species: Oddish
Ability: Chlorophyll
Current Moves: Absorb, Sweet Scent, Acid
Here's my character!

Robin Deux
Age: 23
Hometown & Region: Ecruteak City, Johto
Personality: Robin has a generally polite and well-meaning attitude. He tries to stay optimistic, but as a weakness tends to run away or ignore negatives. Robin enjoys talking to people, and one of his favorite things in the world is to travel to new places. Robin also enjoys having Pokemon battles and backpacking. If a word could describe his lifestyle, it would probably be wanderlust. He always loves to travel and learn new things about new places, and wants to see the whole world. He's rather upbeat and outgoing, good traits for one who is a street performer.
Appearance: Robin wears pretty casual clothes. These are blue jeans, a green t-shirt, and hiking boots. All his clothes are clean, but do seem pretty worn from constant use. Robin also has a large blue backpack that he carries around with quite a lot of camping gear, as well as a sword sheathed across his back. He has blue hair, and a higher than average musculature from training himself. He stands at about 5'10".
Partner: Cherry the Plusle

Species: Plusle
Nickname: Cherry
Ability: Lightning Rod
Current Moves: Baton Pass, Agility, Double Team, Electro Ball

Species: Farfetch'd
Nickname: Sam
Ability: Keen Eye
Held Item: Stick
Current Moves: Night Slash, Leaf Blade, Air Cutters, Slash

Species: Gallade
Nickname: Q
Ability: Steadfast
Held Item: Scope Lens
Current Moves: Psycho Cut, Leaf Blade, Night Slash, Life Dew

Species: Absol
Nickname: Rea
Ability: Super Luck
Held Item: Razor Claw
Current Moves: Shadow Claw, Night Slash, Secret Power, Swords Dance

Species: Blastoise
Nickname: Big Turk
Ability: Torrent
Current Moves: Surf, Ice Beam, Aura Sphere, Mega Punch
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*Shocked face*

Zander!?! How have you been? Actually I can just dm you these questions. As for answering your question the Ultra part of the name comes from the fact the main bad guy Paradox seeks to rule all worlds through Ultra Wormholes. As well as taking place years after the defeat of Team Galactic.
@TheRowdyPegasus When neither you nor Stella have any idea why Dan is named Dan lmao, we were almost in a pinch there. It's fitting that Verity wouldn't have named her baby since she doesn't know her way with words that much so she fears naming him horribly or something, do your best Verity!
@TheRowdyPegasus Stella be like: my dumb stylish clothing actually worked!? Now we just need a Verity martial arts show-off sometime XD

Hahahah. But now that you mention it, I remembered why I named him Dan, I think! I believe it was because Bakugan's protagonist was named like that, no idea why I even remembered him at that time, but well, not everything has to make sense haha
@TheRowdyPegasus Since it said 'muttered' I thought that she said it almost inaudibly so Stella only heard 'lightbulbs', not all the phrase. Am I correct? Sorry if I misinterpreted!

Also, I love Verity's characterisation so far, definitely wouldn't have guessed she would be scared like that so hopefully Stella can help her :D
Name: Tony Mercer
Age: 16
Hometown & Region: Jubilife City, Sinnoh
Personality: Tony is a blunt and somewhat rude individual who rarely shows his emotions, although when it comes to people who are kind to him, he can be friendlier to them and wouldn't mind helping from time to time. He loves Pokemon with a strong passion and wouldn't hesitate to help them out if needed, this love is strong enough for him to loathe trainers who mistreat their Pokemon or simply see them as tools... this however isn't as strong as his hatred for losing as he views it as humiliation rather than a 'lesson' an is known to be rather aggressive and violent when angry, enough to make anyone flinch. The most likely time someone will see Tony smile is during a heated Pokemon battle. Some people say Tony used to be a much more cheerful person in the past, but 'something' in his past changed him forever.
Appearance: At first glace, Tony looks like your typical Gothic type of person with his extremely Pale skin regardless of how often he goes outdoors along with extremely dark Blond short, somewhat messy hair and almost foggy ocean Blue eyes, his facial expression mainly showing an indifferent scowl. His body figure looks slim with a decent amount of fitness, although no sign of any muscle of any kind with a height of 5'11". His attire consists of a White t shirt underneath an ankle long jet black trench coat, dark Gray baggy pants and Black trainers.
Partner: Zorua

Pokemon Sheet:
Ability: Illusion
Current Moves: Knock Off, Shadow Ball, Agility, Fury Swipes
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Previously gutens
Name: Red Prennet
Age: 20
Hometown & Region: Pallet Town, Kanto
Personality: Red is a somewhat idiotic person who is extremely difficult to offend. If he is offended, he immediately calls for a battle. If someone backs down from a battle, he asks: "You afraid that you'll lose?!". He can't back down from a battle unless the Trainer has only just started off. He has a very, very soft heart for Pokémon. He is also brave, kind and outgoing.
Appearance: He wears a red cap. He has black hair and blue eyes. No-one has seen him since he became Champion of the Kanto region until he was battled. He meets Leo King in Sinnoh.
Partner Pokémon: Poli (Poliwrath)
1. Poli (Poliwrath)
Nature: Brave
Ability: Damp
Moves: Whirlpool, Double Kick, Counter, Surf
2. Saur (Venusaur)
Nature: Gentle
Ability: Overgrow
Moves: Vine Whip, Sleep Powder, Poison Powder, Acid
3. Pika (Pikachu)
Nature: Sassy
Ability: Static
Moves: Zippy Zap, Thunder, Iron Tail, Quick Attack
4. Snor (Snorlax)
Nature: Impish
Ability: Thick Fat
Moves: Self-Destruct, Body Slam, Surf, Defense Curl
5. Gyara (Gyarados)
Nature: Lonely
Ability: Intimidate
Moves: Hyper Beam, Surf, Dragon Pulse, Hurricane
6. Aero (Aerodactyl)
Nature: Hasty
Ability: Unnerve
Moves: Wing Attack, Ancient Power, Thief, Steel Wing
Chosen Battle Theme: Chosen Intense Battle Theme:
Name: Mielshtrix "Miel" Pabith Darastrix
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual
Age: 30
Hometown & Region: He was born in Cocona Village, Oblivia. He was raised in his family's ranch north of Mt. Moon and Pewter City.
Personality: His personality is calm and collected, as well as being cold and aloof to people who prove to him that they aren't worth his time (he is more lenient with children though and his idea of how old someone is until they are an adult is they have to be 25). He commonly looks down on people who act less like their age should act, choosing to be distant when they talk to him. He tries to be polite, and it's a lot harder for people to break his exterior if his first impression of them isn't great. Unlike his other siblings, he thinks outside of the box for almost everything having to do with behaviors and combat since he's analytical. Because of this, he looks over the simple answers and forgets Occam's Razor is a thing. He's still intelligent, but he does oftentimes suffer from being "idiotic genius" syndrome and end up doing something rather stupid.

Because he likes to plan things out (mainly to calm his own anxiety), he also can't understand reckless strategies, even though his brothers use such strategies. Computers and other electronic devices are very hard for him to use or even understand, so he just has books and brochures with him, since he doesn't know how to use a computer or a phone, nor want to know. The only technological thing he has is a PokeDex he obtained from Professor Oak when he started his journey in Kanto and a PokeGear he got from the Silph Co. his mom bought and basically forced him to use and figure it out. He's quite stubborn about his lifestyle choices, but will still take people's thoughts and opinions and won't demean someone for them being them. He'll just either take your point of view or leave it.

Due to his understanding and college degree in the human psyche, he can be presumptuous with how people feel, to the point where he has rubbed a few people the wrong way for assuming what they should feel about a certain situation. While he may not be wrong, it still isn't right to analyze someone so closely. Due to this, if someone has a perception he hasn't heard of or a reaction he had never seen before, it takes him a while of living around this person to understand why, especially because most of his waking life is determined by either his anxiety or logic and reason instead of emotions.

The only thing that could soften his walls is when he's done swimming or skating or performing. His mannerisms are very gentlemanly, as he tries to be courteous and polite to everyone around him, even if he doesn't agree with them (though get ready for some passive-aggressive comments).

He also has issues with his chronic anxiety that he takes pills for, which fortunately work as intended. If he doesn't take his pills, any small stressful situation puts him through a panic attack. When he takes his pills, stressful situations don't cause him to overreact, but he still feels some anxiety. While he may have anxiety, he loves being in the spotlight and performing for all to see (he had to go through massive stage fright exposure therapy before he was able to actually enjoy the spotlight). He isn't flamboyant outside of contests, but during battle he shows off not just his Pokemon's power, but their beauty and finesse. He looks up to Wallace and wants to become an influencer in the Contest scene.
Appearance: He has shoulder-length, wavy, blue hair he either combs back or puts up into a man-bun with a black scrunchie and (rarely) small chopsticks for aesthetic reasons, especially since the scrunchy tends to disappear in his hair. The tips of his hair is an icy blue, while the roots of his hair is a darker blue. He has a slightly icy white paleness to his body, and his eyes are an icy blue with a darker blue ring around his irises. He is 6'04" (193.0 cm), and has a toned musculature and a skinny build. He weighs 200 lbs (90.7 kg), which is healthy for his stature. His face is quite angular, with a soft roundness on the tip of his nose and the roundness of his eyes. His tone is very bass heavy.

Because he believes appearance is everything when impressing someone or leaving a good impression, most of his clothes are business casual almost all the time, and in shades of blue. When he knows the trek ahead is going to be a bit more dangerous or requires a lot of movement, he'll wear a grey jacket with a blue shirt underneath, dark blue jeans, and brown hiking boots. Regardless, he usually wears a casual suit when he wants to wear something casual and not for long journies. His suit is a light blue dress shirt with a darker blue tie. He also will wear a darker blue jacket on if he was cold (which he mostly is). His dress pants matches the color of the jacket, and his shoes are usually dress shoes that are black. His buttons on his jacket are an ivory white, while the buttons on his dress shirt are dark mahogany. He also has a hand-made twine around his neck and it dips closer to the middle of his chest. There are six clay charms on the twine, and they are Mystic Water, Never-Melt Ice, a Water Amulet, an Ice Amulet, a Splash Plate, and the Icicle Plate to signify the types he specializes in. He also has glasses for reading, as he is far-sighted (meaning he can't see things that are closer to his face). He also has a satchel with a really long strap that he has strung over the shoulder. It is a navy blue with an ivory buckle.

The Water Amulet is a round flat blue metal with lighter blue circles that look like ripples in water, and even lighter blue bubbles dot the bottom of the charm. The Ice Amulet is roughly a rhomboid in shape and is an off-white, the top of what looks like a half-submerged iceberg is completely white while the rest underneath was an icy blue with darker blue in nooks and crannies to give it a more three-dimension feel and for contrast.
Partner: Lapras

Species: Lapras - [TYPE]Water[/TYPE][TYPE]Ice[/TYPE]
Gender: Female
Nickname: Laplace
Ability: Water Absorb - Can absorb a Water-Type move and heal herself without dealing any damage to herself. Multi-strike Water-Type moves will only activate this Ability once and will not activate if Lapras is protected from the move. This Pokemon is immune to Water-Type attacks. | This Ability is usually used in Double Battles, as Miel has the other Pokemon attack Laplace with a Water-Type move to further heal her.
Battle Style: Laplace prefers to trap the opponent and stall them out with a status move and heal herself. She has the bulk and defenses to keep herself conscious long enough to take out a few Pokemon. In contests, she focuses more on showing off the beauty and power of her moves, as well as using her Whirlpool as a gateway for more skills.
Current Moves:
  • Battle: Life Dew - [TYPE]Water[/TYPE] | ??? |
    • Contests: Signal Beam - [TYPE]Bug[/TYPE] | Beautiful |
  • Battle/Contests: Whirlpool - [TYPE]Water[/TYPE] | Beautiful |
  • Battle/Contests: Freeze-Dry - [TYPE]Ice[/TYPE] | Beautiful |
  • Battle: Toxic - [TYPE]Poison[/TYPE] | Clever |
    • Contests: Dragon Pulse - [TYPE]Dragon[/TYPE] | Beautiful |
Other: She is 3 inches taller than the average Lapras (8'02" or 2.5 m), so she's 8'05" or 2.6 m. She is also Miel's birth Pokemon where, in his family's culture, a Pokemon who is born nearby and at the same time as their child are destined to be together. She has some scars embedded in her shell from past fights.

Species: Gastrodon East Sea - [TYPE]Water[/TYPE][TYPE]Ground[/TYPE]
Gender: Male
Nickname: Tritus
Ability: Sticky Hold - Prevents the held item from being taken by Covet, Thief, Pickpocket, or Magician; eaten by Bug Bite or Pluck; destroyed by Incinerate; rendered unusable by Corrosive Gas; swapped by Trick or Switcheroo; or removed by Knock Off. Can be ignored by Mold Breaker and Sticky Barb's effect is not prevented. If this Pokemon is knocked out by one of these attacks, Sticky Hold will fail to protect the item. It can also be used to aid in fishing. | This Ability is usually used when up against a Pokemon who Miel knows has any or can learn any of these moves and thus makes Tritus the first Pokemon usually sent out to scout out the opponent's team.
Battle Style: Like Laplace, Tritus has pretty good bulk to withstand being in battle for longer durations of time. During contests, she likes to show off her prowess by making her moves combine and cause glimmering and shimmering effects.
Current Moves:
  • Battle/Contests: Earth Power - [TYPE]Ground[/TYPE] | Beautiful |
  • Battle: Protect - [TYPE]Normal[/TYPE] | Cute |
    • Contests: Flash - [TYPE]Normal[/TYPE] | Beautiful |
  • Battle: Sludge Wave - [TYPE]Poison[/TYPE] | Tough |
    • Contests: Clear Smog - [TYPE]Poison[/TYPE] | Beautiful |
  • Battle: Recover - [TYPE]Normal[/TYPE] | Clever |
    • Contests: Mirror Coat - [TYPE]Psychic[/TYPE] | Beautiful |
Other: He is 3 inches bigger than the average Gastrodon (2'11" or 0.9 m), so he's 3'02" or 1.0 m. He also has some scars on his back from past fights.

Species: Weavile - [TYPE]Dark[/TYPE][TYPE]Ice[/TYPE]
Gender: Female
Nickname: Senyu
Ability: Pickpocket - When a Pokemon is hit by a move that makes contact, the Pokemon with this Ability will steal the held item of the attacking Pokemon. It will not activate if the wielder of this Ability already has an item, or if the wielder of this Ability faints. They cannot steal Pokemon with the Ability Sticky Hold, or any Z-Crystals or Mega Stones. If a single-use item was consumed, then the Pokemon with Pickpocket can still steal it, though it has to be right after. | This Ability is used when Miel wants to undermine the opponent's strategy.
Battle Style: Senyu is quick and fast, using guerilla tactics and "ice-skating" maneuvers to frustrate the opponents before hitting them hard. Of course, she isn't the most defensive creature on the planet, so she's definitely a glass cannon. She prefers battles over contests, and will actively stay away from contests.
Current Moves:
  • Night Slash - [TYPE]Dark[/TYPE] | Cool |
  • Ice Shard - [TYPE]Ice[/TYPE] | Beautiful |
  • Aerial Ace - [TYPE]Flying[/TYPE] | Cool |
  • Metal Claw - [TYPE]Steel[/TYPE] | Cool |
Other: She is 7 inches smaller than the average Weavile (3'07" or 1.1 m), making her 3'00" or 0.9 m. She also has cuts in her feathery crown.

Species: Empoleon - [TYPE]Water[/TYPE][TYPE]Steel[/TYPE]
Gender: Male
Nickname: Emperor
Ability: Torrent - When this Pokemon is exhausted or severely injured, their Water-Type attacks do more damage. | This Ability is used after the opponent is slowed or weakened (whether by getting injured, losing stamina, or if their battling capabilities are compromised (ie: a physical attacker's Attack being lowered)).
Battle Style: Emperor focuses more on defending until he finds an opportunity to strike, where he then uses a move. He likes to tire out the other Pokemon and go in for an attack.
Current Moves:
  • Battle: Defog - [TYPE]Flying[/TYPE] | Cool |
    • Contests: Aqua Ring - [TYPE]Water[/TYPE] | Beautiful |
  • Battle/Contests: Flash Cannon - [TYPE]Steel[/TYPE] | Beautiful |
  • Battle/Contests: Hydro Pump - [TYPE]Water[/TYPE] | Beautiful |
  • Battle: Stealth Rock - [TYPE]Rock[/TYPE] | Cool |
    • Contests: Ice Beam - [TYPE]Ice[/TYPE] | Beautiful |
Other: He is 5 inches taller than the average Empoleon (5'07" or 1.7 m), making him 6'00" or 1.8 m. He also has dark streaks that look like claw marks on the sharp part of his wings from past fights.

Species: Froslass - [TYPE]Ice[/TYPE][TYPE]Ghost[/TYPE]
Gender: Female
Nickname: Yuki
Ability: Snow Cloak - When this Pokemon is in Hail, the accuracy of moves used against this Pokemon have a harder time making their target. They may also be used to hide from Wild Pokemon (and subsequently trainers) when in hail outside of battle. | This Ability is usually used to debilitate her foes, so the other Pokemon have an easier time in knocking them out.
Battle Style: Confounding and irritating her enemies is Yuki's specialty. Well, that's because she doesn't like fighting and prefers to show off rather than hurt anything. Due to this, her moves are tailored to her weather/contest abilities instead of actually fighting.
Current Moves:
  • Battle/Contests: Hail - [TYPE]Ice[/TYPE] | Beautiful |
  • Battle/Contests: Blizzard - [TYPE]Ice[/TYPE] | Beautiful |
  • Battle/Contests: Ominous Wind - [TYPE]Ghost[/TYPE] | Beautiful |
  • Battle: Confuse Ray - [TYPE]Ghost[/TYPE] | Clever |
    • Contests: Flash - [TYPE]Normal[/TYPE] | Beautiful |
Other: She is the average height of a Froslass (4'03" or 1.3 m) and she doesn't have any scarring on her.

Species: Primarina - [TYPE]Water[/TYPE][TYPE]Fairy[/TYPE]
Gender: Male
Nickname: Prima
Ability: Torrent - When this Pokemon is exhausted or severely injured, their Water-Type attacks do more damage. | This Ability is used after the opponent is slowed or weakened (whether by getting injured, losing stamina, or if their battling capabilities are compromised (ie: a physical attacker's Attack being lowered)).
Battle Style: Prima is a heavy ranged hitter and can take some pretty strong hits himself. He loves to show off, so most of his moves are already tailored for both contests and battle.
Current Moves:
  • Battle/Contests: Moonblast - [TYPE]Fairy[/TYPE] | Beautiful |
  • Battle: Sparkling Aria - [TYPE]Water[/TYPE] | ??? |
    • Contests: Bubble Beam - [TYPE]Water[/TYPE] | Beautiful |
  • Battle/Contests: Aqua Ring - [TYPE]Water[/TYPE] | Beautiful |
  • Battle: Life Dew - [TYPE]Water[/TYPE] | ??? |
    • Contests: Energy Ball - [TYPE]Grass[/TYPE] | Beautiful |
Other: He is the average height of a Primarina (5'11" or 1.8 m) and his hair is usually done up in a bun when he's not battling or competing in contests. Pearls still adorn the base of the bun and two auger shells poking out from the bun to keep it there. He took this idea from Miel and wanted to emulate it.

His Pokemon have additional moves they may be retaught. Since they have already learned these moves before, it takes about a day for them to relearn them again, and another day to switch back into their more comfortable battling sets after everything is all said and done. Due to this, Miel's Pokemon oftentimes get worn out and end up not performing well after they relearn their moves, so they have to have an additional relaxing day out of their PokeBalls to get back their energy and motivations for tomorrow.

I had to make a consequence and a "cool-down" for that because I do realize that's circumventing the "4-move rule". They still have 4 moves they know always and never more, but it can change if you give them 2 days to train and relax. XD

EDIT: I pressed 'Post Reply' too early. So give me a minute to flesh out the other Pokemon. XD

EDIT 2: I completed the moves. I'll add more flavor text later. Also added sexuality because why not. xD
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