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Private/Closed Umbramancy - Harry Potter RP (Discussion)

In the reboot, how do we do houses?

  • Get an equal amount into the houses, or near-to equal.

  • Decide on a house we're all in.

  • Decide on a house we're all in because the Sorting Hat was hijacked somehow.

  • Decide on a house we're all in because the Sorting Hat got confused.

  • Other (Explain in a post)

Results are only viewable after voting.
THE ROLEPLAY: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-wizarding-world.20017/

It's 2018. Voldemort is dead. Hogwarts is still as famous as it was before 1994. It's a perfect time for the Wizarding World. However, few know, that another villain, possibly worse than Voldemort is secretly rising to power. Agnes Delarosa, usually nicknamed 'You-Know-Two', is thought to have been a minor Death Eater who has used Voldemort's weaknesses to continue on from him.

However, for now, what a good time it is to be at Hogwarts.

The main Pokecharms rules, you must follow, of course.
I will allow stuff like bullying in the RP, as it is a school, of course, but it won't be tolerated in the discussion.
For romance, nothing past a kiss.
For gore, just don't go into detail please.
I would prefer it if your character is a first-year, but I will allow second-years.
Put a spell incantation in the Other of your bio, and use italics.
If you would like to take a teacher, or character, ask underneath your bio. If they are good with the plot, and aren't already taken, I will say yes. However, stick to their personality. (For example, don't make someone like Neville (professor of Herbology) be super confident or something).
Oh, also, 'mudblood' is totally fine to use, seeming it's a fictional word.

Blood Status:


House: Gryffindor
Name: Samuel Coaster
Age / Year: 11 / First-Year
Gender: Male
Appearance: Samuel has white-blond hair, that is really spiky, along with tanned skin and dark brown eyes. He has a noticeable scar from the right of his forehead, above his eyebrow, down to below his eye. Usually, when not in Hogwarts robes, he's usually seen in Muggle clothing, as he isn't too keen on robes.
Personality: Quiet and independent, but not to the point of being cold. In fact, if someone attempts to start conversation, he can become fierce quite easily.
Skills: Has a great knowledge on both wizarding and muggle worlds.
Blood Status: Muggleborn. His family on his father's side have been muggles for generations, he had a relative way up the family tree with a
Backstory: Being in a Muggle family, as a wizard, he would accidentally do strange things. He would be beaten for this, as he had abusive parents. This built his unsocial personality. He got a letter about Hogwarts at the end of Year 5, and since then, has been practising for a while.
Other: He has a massive phobia of the Unforgivable Curses, that definitely includes Avada Kedavra

Pygmy Puff
Name: Taiga
Gender: Male
Appearance: A baby-blue Pygmy Puff. Taiga has a little dark-blue bow tie, which he is determined in keeping clean.
Personality: Taiga is surprisingly intelligent, and knows when to do what correctly. Gets frustrated if his ideas fail or no-one understands him.
Backstory: Samuel, in the Summer holidays, managed to use the Knight Bus secretly, to get to Diagon Alley. He bought Taiga so he could have a little cute pet for Hogwarts, and be able to keep it a secret from his parents.
Other: Shivers every time it hears a spell. Usually rests on Samuel's hair.
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Hopefully it’s okay if I use a non HP pet, because I don’t really want one, I already have a cat as a pet in another roleplay anyway
House: Gryffindor
Name: Gabriella Diamond (But everyone calls her Gabi instead)
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Appearance: Blonde wavy hair, one plat in it, the rest of it is down. Green eyes, naturally long eyelashes like mascara. When not in Hogwarts robes, she wears a black jacket, white and black stripy short sleeve crop top, black mini skirt and long black boots.
Personality: Brave, confident, fond of animals, loves a good fight, quick learner, usually a teachers favourite.
Skills: Usually good at learning spells, and picks up on things quickly. She can be good with animals.
Blood Status: Pureblood
Backstory: She comes from a rich family, where she had an older sister around 16, who would help her do lots of things, like practise for school, and get used to having an animal around.
Other: She’d been practicing Quidditch a lot, and since she hates to lose, she got really good at it, and usually wins against her family.
'Winguardium Leviosa!'

Pet: Pomeranian
Name: Alaska
Gender: Female
Appearance: White, pink ears and mouth inside, basically the size of a normal cat.
Personality: Helpful, friendly, loving, quiet.
Backstory: Bought Pedigree from a professionall kennel, expensive, but the rich Diamond family could of course afford her, and since then, she’s been Gabi’s best friend.
Other: She brings Gabi’s items to her, like her wand, etc. Gabi often dresses her up, which she loves, and she loves to look good.
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House: Ravenclaw
Name: Kaleb Michael Storm
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Appearance: Kaleb has jet black hair and brown eyes. He wears glasses due to having been born with bad eyesight. He wears the Ravenclaw robes most of the time.
Personality: Kaleb likes to goof off a lot. He enjoys people who are the same, and doesn’t like people who try to ruin the fun of every situation. He usually is quick to make friends, but quicker to come up with pranks for his enemies...
Skills: Kaleb is good with certain charms, such as Lumos and Expelliarmus. He is also very cunning and smart, being a highly gifted child with an IQ of 145. He is amazing at pranking people.
Blood Status: Half-Blood (mother’s a wizard, father’s a muggle)
Backstory: Kaleb doesn’t really have an interesting backstory, he was raised as a wizard and his mom taught him most of what he knows about wizarding.
Other: Levicorpus!

Pet: Screech Owl
Name: Red
Gender: Male
Appearance: Red is a brownish-reddish screech owl, hence the name.
Personality: Red has little personality, as he is an owl.
Backstory: Kaleb got Red in his first visit to Diagon Alley.
Other: Expecto Patronum!

Kaleb is based off of myself. Also, later in the RP, will we be getting into spells like the Patronus Charm? Or the art of Animagus?
@Jodie.xox Just noticed. Edit your post, after re-reading the rules. Until you correct your bio, I can't accept you. Sorry to notice this now, rather than earlier.

@StormingCobra55 Accepted. Can I ask, what are Michael's Ravenclaw qualities? (*Kaleb, not Michael)

Also, about the using a canon character, I will use the ones that aren't used. However, I will be taking McGonagall, Harry and Hermionie.
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His middle name is Michael. His first name is Kaleb.

Ravenclaw is the house that corresponds to Brains. Gryffindor is Bravery, Ravenclaw is Brains, Hufflepuff is Kindness, and Slytherin is Cunning. Kaleb’s IQ of 145 means he definitely fits in with the Ravenclaw students.


Previously m1h4jl0
House: Gryffindor
Name: Mihael Path
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Appearance: Black hair, brown eyes, he wears Gryffindor robes usually
Personality: He is really friendly and like mysteries a lot. He is always ready for adventure and exploring
Skills: His best qualities are his smartness and his fighting skills
Blood Status: Pureblood
Backstory: He lost his father in battle for Hogwarts. He lives with his mother with no brother or sister. He had nice childhood because his mother done everything to make him happy.
Other: Expelliarmus

Pet: Owl
Name: Gas
Gender: Male
Appearance: Grey owl with big eyes and ears with few blue feathers on his back
Personality: He is very lazy owl and likes to sleep a lot. He doesnt like to travel.
Backstory: Mihael bought him when he was 5 years old. They always were pretty good friends and always were together.
Other: X


Previously Shadow_Pup
Yes! I voted Harry potter and was waiting to see if the thread was up.
House: Gryffindor
Name: Bellamy Lightwood
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Appearance: Bellamy is kind of tall and lanky, he has ginger hair and green eyes. When not in robes he wears a white t-shirt, jeans and boots.
Personality: Bellamy is kind, protective of his friends and likes to learn.
Skills: He is a quick learner and he is very good at flying a broom
Blood Status: Pure Blood
Backstory: He is an only child, his mum works at the ministry, his dad died. He learnt to fly a broom from a very young age and he once turned his face blue accidentally.
Other: N/A

Pet: Huskey (Puppy)
Name: Frost
Gender: Female
Appearance: Very fluffy, but other than that looks like you average husky.
Personality: Very kind to people, loves meeting new people
Backstory: nothing special was just given to Bellamy as a present
Other: N/A

(Are we allowed animagus as a skill)
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House: Hufflepuff
Name: Madeline "Maddi" Summers
Age: 11
Gender: F
Appearance: Maddi is taller for her age, with fair skin, freckles, and blue eyes. Her natural hair color is a light brown, but she keeps it a pale pink shade using a spell her eldest cousin taught her just before she got on the Hogwarts Express.
Personality: Maddi is certainly an extrovert, and is very friendly. She is the also type of person that can get hurt easily because she can form strong one-sided bonds with people(meaning she will feel extremely close to someone but they don't always necessarily reciprocate it). Maddi is a little bit of a people-pleaser, but she won't hesitate to yell at someone if they insult or harm her friends.
Skills: Drawing and writing, singing. Quick thinking
Blood Status: Half-blood
Backstory: Her mother is a witch, and her father is a muggle, therefore her mother's side is mostly witches and wizards and her father's side is mostly muggles.
Other: Lumos!

Pet: Gray tabby kitten
Name: Ash
Gender: F
Appearance: ...Gray tabby. Small, since she's a kitten.
Personality: Ash is curious, but will usually stick with Maddi. She is definitely mischievous, as well.
Backstory: Ash was a gift from her father before leaving to Hogwarts.
Other: N/A
The beginning didnt exactly make too much sense to me. We enter the Platform and suddenly all hell breaks loose with spells flying everywhere? Where are the Aurors? I need a bit of explaining so i can understand why this person is even here.

Chunky Ramen

Previously Canadian_Fish
House: Slytherin
Name: Gavin Joseph Spinner
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Appearance: He wears a green t-shirt that is two sizes too large for him, worn jeans, and green/black hightops, lastly, he wears a necklace that has the Slytherin's Mascot, the snake, on it, and a nice black digital watch.
Personality: very pushy, and won't tolerate any words that are even slightly against him, he knows his limits, and truly is a good friend to those he can trust, however.
Skills: he is a very skilled Quidditch player, and decent at dueling, he did sports, mainly basketball, before going to Hogwarts, and is pretty athletic.
Blood Status: Pureblood
Backstory: he comes from a rich family, but only after shifting around a ton, finally, the Spinners adopted him, their family was all muggles, but Gavin's true history was 7 generations of Wizards and Witches. He became somewhat rude to those who are Mudbloods, and only truly respects other Slytherins and Purebloods. He has a secret fear of Dementors, though.
Other: Expectonus Patronus

Pet: Owl
Name: Ethan
Gender: Male
Appearance: A Snow Owl, though he hates Harry Potter's guts, he still thinks Snow Owls are very elegant. The only difference is it's green-tinted beak.
Personality: Sometimes, on it's way out back to the Owlery, it will swoop down to peck the heads of Gavin's enemies, a very humorous act to Gavin.
Backstory: It was actually taken in from the wild as a baby when Gavin was in the yard, it had a broken wing, but within months, it learned to fly, and stayed with Gavin through gratitude.
Other: It is truly quite smart, but keeps it's distance from the School Owls.
For anyone new, when we enter the platform, it’s chaos with these stranger wizards and witches casting bad spells on everyone, we all run to the train, and then sit down, currently Gabi, Bellamy and Samuel are in a compartment talking, you can join in there if you want, or go to another one and talk to others before arriving at Hogwarts @Pokesweeper @Cloudswift @MihajloJedi


Previously turnt3chGodh34d
ay, i like the look of this, so i'd like to request to join.

House: Slytherin
Name: August Colwell
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Appearance: What could I describe about an average preteen boy? He's short, scrawny, and baby-faced. He has short dark brown hair with a large cowlick in the front, dark green eyes and pale-ish skin.
Personality: He's clever, witty, and can think on his feet. While he may be rather shy, he's very good at reading a situation, and he's highly ambitious. Despite this, he's actually very kind and timid, usually keeping to himself, but is unafraid of presenting himself and his opinion. When being open, he can sometimes come off as rude and snarky, though he really just wants to learn and make friends.
Skills: He's very charismatic when not shying away, and more intelligent than many would give him credit for. He's a fast learner, and can be manipulative.
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Backstory: I'd rather develop this throughout the rp, if you don't mind.
Other: Sectumsempra!
The only Hufflepuff ;-;

Also, how are characters in different houses going to get interaction time? Like Gryffindor's got it figured out, and Slytherin at least has two characters, what about Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff?