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Private/Closed Viridian WCS Tournament!

August 6th.

Reina Cortez.

Reina watched the display of power. It surely was an odd way to use Shadow Ball, but just like the night before, she was going to top Reggies again. "Your spells won't be enough for our skills, Double Team."

Viridis began flying from side to side, her speed increased until there were four copies identical to her. They were going through the wall, but would give Gengar a hard time once on the other side.

" Doble Golpe! Un dos, un dos! "

Scyther gained a white glow on her ham slicing machete looking scythes. Once all four were ready they went through the small gap in the wall of Shadow Ball, one after they other they rushed through and started heading for Gengar one by one.

Jayden of all Jones.

Clank! The Metal Claw smashed with the Brick Break, both moves equally powered as neither Pokémon moved an inch. Tinkatuf gained a sinister smile as she watched the specimen in front of her.

The clear body of the Metang would be perfect for her mace. She could already picture it. She would use both arms as the base and the head as the top. The spikes would add great damage to it. She would need to get it stuffed since it looked light, but she could use some Magnemite for that. A maniacal laughed escaped her sweet being as the thought drew her lust for battle.

"Oh looks like she likes him. But we have to focus Tintin, don't let their good looks distract you! Baby Doll Eyes!"

Tintin jumped back and shot a look of watery and adorable eyes at the Metang. Once she landed, her body became shrouded in a dark energy. She then started swinging her club in circles and heading towards her opponent with evil intentions, spinning out of control with Brutal Swing.


Previously Swirled
Wilford Pine
Viridian City, Kanto Region
August 6th
WCS Rank: ~70,000
Team: Monferno, Thwackey, Carvanha, Mimikyu, Kilowattrel, Drilbur
Battling: Kurashiki(Hecotoro)

Wilford was thrown off by the sudden amount of compliments he received prior to the match. The announcer was relatively expected, as it was likely a requirement to gas up each of the trainers to build hype, but what was truly unexpected was receiving a compliment from his opponent. A lesser competitor would consider going easy on their opponent because of this, but the rich young man knew better than falling for easy flattery. Refocusing on the battle, Wilford sent out Monferno to meet the opposing Combusken, the latter fire/fighting type wasting no time with an airborne Double Kick.

"Dodge, then Mach Punch!" Wilford's command prompted Monferno to perform a pair of back handsprings to avoid the kicks from Combusken before swiftly springing forward with a punch aimed at the Young Fowl Pokémon.
Adrianne Silvers (Mystery Rank)
Viridian City, Kanto (August 6th)

Interactions: @OmnipotentOnion (Hubert)​

"Alright hold him tight!" Adrianne called out as Hubert was taken by surprise and the moment seemed to work to ensnare that the combo blow would work, and it seemed to be a mixed bag. While the Bind landed and she got some damage off with it, Krista was forced to release her grip as Hubert used Struggle Bug to escape and thus the Dragon Breath seemed to miss target and just struck the arena itself.

Adrianne seemed to bite her lip, not only had Krista taken some damage, but her Special Attack was now lower as well.

However, she couldn't dwell on that as Hubert had made a move and moved Accelgor up high and attempted Energy Drain which seemed to spell bad news, as this blow would deal some critical damage and heal up Accelgor and she'd not want that effort of Bind to go to waste though she and Krista knew the target was out of immediate range given how high it seemed to sail. Damn it the Pokedex said this thing had not been a flying type!

"Krista Avalanche!" Adrianne called out as without the close proximity Adrianne just decided to focus on an attack from afar as the Crystal Onix seemed to summon several large chunks of frozen rock and dropped them down on where Accelgor was as Adrianne hoped to land a target in this bit of a sort of desperate offensive.

She knew that if that Energy Drain landed she'd be in big trouble!
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Milliana Barlowe, Rank ?????, Viridian City, Kanto, August 6th.

Milliana was laughing her head off when Jayden ordered a Baby-Doll Eyes, but stopped when The Tinkatuff went for a Brutal Swing. Metang took the Brutal Swing, but the Baby-Doll Eyes made the Steel and Psychic Type laugh as well.

"Metang, You Good?"

The Metang looked at its trainer, preparing for the next plan.

"Bullet Punch!"

The Shiny Steel and Psychic Type went with glowing arms to punch the Paldean native Pokémon with speedy punches.

(@Hecotoro )

Firey Argentston, Rank 26, Viridian City, Kanto, August 6th
Desmond Andrews (Unranked)
Viridian City, Kanto (August 5th->6th)

Interactions: @Cmeriwether (Firey)​

"R-right yeah, want to make sure we don't miss this." Desmond said as he still tried to grasp the figure who happened to be Emma's father. Made him wonder why she had never told him before this but then again it perhaps just had never come up and it had not been his place to press for personal stuff anyway.

Desmond moved to the stands, both to support Emma as well as take photographs as the preliminary rounds seemed to go without incident and the crowd seemed into it. However, the next day came and the real meat of this event had begun with a few of the Quater Final bouts having already begun.

While Desmond of course set up his camera to take a shot of all the action, he waited to see where her match with Billy was to take place as he had a more personal investment in that bout.
The Preliminaries went about as interesting as Firey would expect at that level, except for Volcarona's appearance vs a Copperajah. Firey knew that Copperajah was something Emma had genuine fear of, and Volcarona reacted as Firey had expected. The next Day started and he found Out Emma was up against Billy Carmichael. This was going to be interesting, especially with what Firey knew about Billy and where he was the Last 3 years. Firey had been looking around and found Desmond, having set up for Emma's Battle against Billy.

Hubert Lee​

Viridian City - August 6​

Phantasm's advance was suddenly cut short when the Onix summoned multiple chunks of ice and rock that relentlessly fell upon Accelgor, who'd been left vulnerable in the air and unable to maneuver away from the attack. Hubert winced as the avalanche immediately dragged his partner back to the ground with a crash, and though there hadn't been too major damage done, the dust settled and revealed Phantasm still standing but visibly a little more battered.

"Whew! That's a heavy hitter there. Phantasm, use [Acid Armor]!"

The Accelgor quickly regained its bearings and returned to its original stance, and with a low warble, its exterior began to shimmer, as if becoming almost liquid in form and reflecting the sunlight above. [Acid Armor] was a move that altered Phantasm's cellular structure, and as soon as the process was complete, it now shone with a newfound luster that almost matched that of Krista. Its gleaming figure wasn't only for show, however, as its physically defensive capabilities had now been enhanced twofold.

"Alright, let's keep pressing the offensive, Phantasm! [Acid Spray]!"

Phantasm once again darted into action, taking yet another winding path towards Krista. This time however, instead of taking to the air before attacking, the Accelgor suddenly veered off to the side, now circling the Crystal Onix on foot. The Shell Out Pokemon aimed to spew intermittent blasts of acid as it approached and ran, firing several projectiles that approached Krista from various sides. An added bonus of [Acid Spray] was its ability to lower the target's special defense stat, which would prove advantageous as the battle progressed.
Adrianne Silvers (Mystery Rank)
Viridian City, Kanto (August 6th)

Interactions: @OmnipotentOnion (Hubert)​

The attack landed as Adrianne was given a sigh of relief as she avoided the Energy Drain and seemed to put a hurting on the Accelgor. Alright, this was her chance! She just needed to follow up with a move and she might be able to push him to the bring...question was which move. She could try Avalanche again, but then again trainers tended to get punished if they just spammed the same move. She needed to make the right choice or oh damn it he already had been making a move!

"And you ever seem resourceful. Krista use Har..." Adrianne complimented as he built up his defenses and she intended to raise Krista's own defenses all the same but that laspse in timing earlier had come to bite her as Hubert already fired his attack as a spray of Acid was soon called as it launched and she had to adjust on the fly. And she figured the best way to deal with this development was to try to strike this Bug where it had really hurt!

"...Rock Blast! Krista use Rock Blast!" Adrianne called out as Krista roared out and had begun to produce and levitate several rocks in the air but before she'd fire Phantasm had struck first as the Acid Spray landed a clean stream along its crystal body as Krista cried out in pain while it seemed to singe the skin a bit. Adrianne cursed herself for being late to the draw as even if it was one exchange she'd needlessly put her partner in this spot as she expressed her concern.

"You okay Krista!?" Adrianne called in concern as a couple of the generated rocks dropped but Krista pushed through the pain and fired several more as she tried to deliver a Rock Blast offensive to Accelgor!

If this little TM she'd found connected, Adrianne might be able to put this guy away!
August 6th

Kurashiki Ka.

"We can move quickly too, Quick Attack!"

Combusken landed with his arms spread out, watching the Monferno disappear from sight. But his Speed Boost kept his reflexes in tact, using Quick Attak, he matched the apes attack, clashing with a switch quick to his fist. The collision made the chicken fighter jump a few spaces back, getting distance between the two.

"Let's see if you can dodge this, Aerial Ace!"

Combusken let out a battle cry while his claws became covered in energy. He dashed ahead, jumping from side to side, his speed being twice as fast than when the battle started. He would try and confused Monferno by switching lanes, ensuring he won't be able to predict where the attack would be coming from.

Jayden Jones.

"Stand strong girl, show them your charm!"

Tintin felt the impact on her right cheek, but she stood her ground, growling as the Metang landed the blow. JJ's instructions where clear though. Her infuriated expression disappeared, she flashed her lovely eyelashes at the enemy and went in for a Draining Kiss. But she wasn't done, while Metang was distracted with her charms, she was preparing another Brutal Swing, ready to bat the opponent away into a home run!

Hubert Lee​

Viridian City - August 6​

How resilient! Hubert smiled as he watched Adrianne's partner push through and manage a counterattack despite still reeling from Phantasm's [Acid Spray]. The crystal Onix had been able to continue its offensive and now fired several chunks of rock towards the Accelgor, and Hubert couldn't help but admire such tenacity. However, in Krista's bid to counter with [Rock Blast], the force of the boulders she had fired was noticeably weaker, and Hubert wouldn't let that slide.

"Way to force your way through! But we're not letting up quite yet. [Double Team] once again, and find a way forward!"

The Shell Out Pokemon was still airborne after firing its [Acid Spray], and a brief glance downward revealed the rocks hurled its way. Upon Hubert's command, Phantasm sprang into action, projecting several illusions of its figure that now rained down to meet the [Rock Blast] head-on. The horde of Accelgor skipped through, bounced off, and navigated their away along the flurry of rock and debris, some caught by the assault and dissipating instantly while most were able to deftly forge a path to the opponent. With a grin, Hubert watched as Phantasm glided through the [Rock Blast] and immediately made his next move once his partner was in the clear.

"That's the way, Phantasm! [Acid Spray] once more!"

Similarly to its first move of the bout, the Accelgor called back its illusions, now revealing its true figure behind Krista once more before firing yet another burst of acid directly at the Onix to keep whittling it down.


Previously Swirled
Wilford Pine
Viridian City, Kanto Region
August 6th
WCS Rank: ~70,000
Team: Monferno, Thwackey, Carvanha, Mimikyu, Kilowattrel, Drilbur
Battling: Kurashiki(Hecotoro)

Despite her inexperience, Kurashiki managed to impress Wilford in her ability to match Monferno's speed with priority of her own, even if it was weaker. Simultaneous to the Combusken jumping a few spaces back was Monferno finding his footing after landing the punch, ready to take the next move. That move happened to be an Aerial Ace, with the Combusken noticeably quicker than before. Predicting where it'd strike would be a difficult task, but that was only if Wilford chose to entertain the guessing game.

"Dig!" Putting his newly learned move to use, Monferno swiftly dug beneath the battlefield, the dirt flying towards Combusken serving as a distraction more than anything else. Upon ensuring he was deep enough, the Playful Pokémon hit the walls of the hole to cover his entry. Now, the battle had shifted into a waiting game.

Let's watch this chicken squirm...