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Private/Closed Warriors: From Dusk Til' Dawn(Ended)

( This might be a open RP, but for now it is Private. If You are not @EspeonTheBest , @TwilightNova , @Stelluna , @pikapal forever , @Eeveechu151, @NightRaven , Or @JacobRaze, please do not post. You may be a "Leader of a Clan" a Medicine Cat, A Warrior, a Queen (A She Cat who is currently pregnant, or is raising kits), a Kit, or a Apprentice.)

DuskPaw was tending to WarmLeaf, a She cat who had been attacked by a roaming fox at the boundary of the Their Clan. Being the Only medicine cat In the ShadowClan was tough, as he tried to deal with many injured cats everyday, some times over 10 - 20! But he managed. Once he had Finished wrapping her wounded forepaw with Cobwebs, he pushed her out the door and awaited his next Patient.

The Drought had caused quiet a lot of famine in the ShadowClan, as Prey, and Herbs were getting scarcer and Scarcer. Most of the Cats had resorted to staying in there dens till dusk for fear of sunstroke had made them paronid. The situation with the other clans wasn't any better. ThunderClan, and WindClan were in severe need of food. RiverClan had nearly died off due to the lack of fish, and the scorching sun helped none to the clans.
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Twilightheart was a Thunderclan Queen, with a tragic backstory, but she kept a happy attitude. She was the only surviving kit of her litter, and her father left her mother to become a kittypet soon after Twilightheart became an apprentice. Her mother drowned not two moons before, her long fur dragging her down. She had gone out to fetch some herbs, all the other cats on patrol. She was near the Shadowclan border, and she saw a Shadowclan cat catch a mouse on their territory. Enraged, she attacked.
Mellowheart sighed with annoyment as she watched her kit whack a ball of moss into an Elder's face. "Splashkit! Is that the way you treat your elders? You are almost an apprentice now and this is how you treat others?" She scolded the unusually small kit. The queen couldn't wait to get back to fishing. Mellowheart and her kit live in Riverclan, always loving the water.

Splashkit pinned her ears back in sadness. "I'm sorry Fishclaw...." She mumbled, crouching in apology. The elder didn't seem mad, more amused. Quickly she ran to her mother and purred innocently. It always worked. Soon, after nightfall Splashkit snuck out of the thorn barrier protecting the RiverClan camp. Unlike the shimmering coats of the other members of RiverClan, Splashkit had milk chocolate fur with stripes emerging down from her back. (I believe the word I'm looking for is a Tabby cat.) The most unusual thing about the kit was her water blue eyes and her unusually bushy tail. Most RiverClan cats had slim fur to help them swim but Splashkit had a nice furry pelt that kept her warm. Her dad evidently died in a battle before she as born, but sometimes other cats think that she is a mix of two clans because of her fur. The Kit continued to run through the shallow streams and ponds until she reached the border of ShadowClan. Unknowingly, she crossed the border, not a care in the word. Besides, she was going to be a medicine cat when she grows up! She can go wherever she wants to.
Twilightheart tried her best to fight the Shadowclan cat, but she was loosing. Rugo, her mate, sailed through the air with a mighty yowl and landed on the cat. He gave it a vicious bite to the shoulder as a warning, an it ran away screeching. Rugo pinned his ears back angrily. "What are you doing out?" He asked. Twilightheart began licking her scratch wounds gently. "The medicine cat sent me to get herbs, since there are no other warriors or apprentices in camp."
(I'm new to the series, but I haven't read any books. I have read upon a lot of things like clans and groups, but if I do something wrong im sorry.)

DropKit woke up next to the Lake. "Wait? Did i fall asleep here?" He had been playing before collapsing. "Well, I'm bored. I wanna become an apprentice." He was strolling around, but he saw another kit. "Hmm." He proceeded to follow it as it snuck out and went towards ShadowClan.
(Well, I've read 9 of the books, but that's all. Does this take place pre-FireStar, or post-FireStar?)
The Rogue cat slinked in the bushed, his companions by his side. The gold-furred tom's heavy metal glove was slinged onto his belly, something he did himself. The paw acted as a shield to his most vulnerable area, and GoldClaw had adjusted to the weight. His friend in the bush beside him was in fact not a cat, but a friendly dog named BarkTail. The two had become inseperable allies. The skill, power and agility of the male beagle was always useful in combat. Behind them was AmberClaw, the gold-furred medicine cat of the small group and sister to GoldClaw. Guarding the rear were two of their best warriors, WavePelt and MoonClaw. The small party of SteelClan warriors had entered unknown territory for the first time. On scouting missions like this, BarkTail's nose was always helpful. "I can smell... cats." He said. "An air of calm to them, but also hostility." "This is new..." GoldClaw said. The five warriors ducked down into the bushed to avoid being seen.
(Warriors is boss!! I'm on the most recent series. Also can I be more than one charrie??)
Dewdrop felt lonely. She was usually by herself, ever since her brother Snowfall died. The wind slightly ruffled her dark grey fur and her ice-blue eyes looked out into the distance.
[I AGREE SINCERLY WARRIORS IS SO AMAZE BALLS] Twilightheart caught up to the kits and purred in a gentle voice, "Hello, why are you two in ShadowClan territory?" Her icy blue eyes showed kindness, and she blended in well with the dark, swampy ground because of her black, short fur.
Splashkit looked around at the sound of light paws hitting the moist ground of the Shadowclan ground. "Who is there?" She called out suspiciously. The only thing the kit had noticed thus far was that the ground was unusually soft, making her think she was still in Riverclan by one of the rivers. Another kit was following her. Quickly she jumped to the side only to run into yet another cat. This time, a full grown one. She squeaked at the bigger cat and crouched apologetically. "I'm sorry! I'm Splashkit." Suddenly Splashkit sat up straight and gave a small feeble growl. "But wait, You're in RiverClan territory! What are you doing here?" Still unaware of her position on a map. "Besides, you make this place smell funny...." She complained, noticing the scent now.
DuskPaw looked at the Small kit in front of him. His Yellow eyes trained on the small figure. "No your in ShadowClan territory." The Medicine cat stated innocently as he scooped up the RiverClan Kit and started the trek back to Riverclan.
"No! Put me down! I'm going to be a medicine cat! I can go wherever I want to!" Splashkit protested.

Suddenly she went limp with fear. "You arent going to eat me, are you? Mellowheart said that Shadowclan cats eat their kits if they arent strong enough to become apprentices! I also heard that their Medicine cat wont treat them unless they have a valid reason to be treated. She told me that the cat wont even put cobwebs on the wounds of scratches that may become infected." Splashkit squeaked and went rigid.

"Also, if you tell Mellowheart I'll never become and apprentice! The leader will never let me train with Pondfur! I'll never be able to help my clan!" She barley made a sound. The almost Riverclan apprentice sighed, Sorrow leaking out of her fur.
Dewdrop's ears perked when she heard something moving in the grass. It was a mouse. She crouched, sneaking up on it, and pounced, digging her claws into it.
"At least I'm good for something..." she muttered to herself, and began heading back toward the ThunderClan camp.
DropKit watched it happened. "im sorry, i followed unknowingly." He said, nervous to stay, yet nervous to run. "Im DropKit, and i wanna go." He backed away a few steps. He wasnt a brave Cat, Still scared of being alone in the dark. Thats why he followed the other kit. His stomach growled. "How long was i asleep?" he murmed to himself.
Splashkit's attention turned to the Kit who followed her. She had a confused expression on her face as she hung from the mouth of the Shadowclan cat. "Are you Shadowclan too? Do they really eat kits who arent strong enough to be warriors?" She asked in a frightened hushed voice.

Out of nervousness the tiny brown tabby cat flicked her bushy tail, probably whacking the Shadowclan cat by accident.
"No, RiverClan." He said, staring at the other Kit. "I just have never slept in the den." He looked at the larger cat. "You seem nice." He trotted arount the ShadowClan cat.
"Oh! Thats why I recognize you! I'm Splashkit. You are Dropkit right? I'm a little bit tired today and Mellowheart never lets me go outside to see the other kits. Who's are you?" She asked, wondering why she never seemed to see Dropkit. Splashkit wondered if she knew his mother.

The small kit saw a shrew snuffling for berries in the undergrowth nearby. She was starving but the Shrew didn't seem very appetizing to her. Splashkit's mouth watered at the thought of sinking her teeth into a minnow or a small fish when she got home to her den.
"I don't know, she left." He replied, no emotion changing. More happy now. "She said not to tell anyone beacause she was going to fight. i said okay and im waiting for her to come back. I know she will."
"No, none of those things are true SplashKit. Let's go find your mother, that way she isn't worried." The Black ShadowClan cat said softly as he carried the Kit through the misty Forrest. He eventually made it into the RiverClan camp, where he set down SplashKit. "Go on now, I have to speak with BrambleFoot." He said pushing her towards the nursery.
"Splashkit!" Mellowheart cried as she raced to her kit. "Where did you go? I thought a fox had broken in and stole you!" She scolded angrily. The Queen sighed and looked at the ShadowClan cat who was retreating to the nursery.

"Hey! ShadowClan cat! Why are you going to the nursery? You can't hurt any of out kits! That's not fair!" Splashkit growled as she pounced onto the apprentice. Due to she small size and next no claws, the small blue eyed kit slipped off and fell right into the feeble fresh-kill pile of 3 fish with maybe 5 minnows total.
The gold cat dashed back into the bushes. As AmberClaw treated to his wounds, WavePelt and MoonClaw guarded them. BarkTail sniffed to tell if other cats were near. He smelled... more cats? And they had a different smell to them. "GoldClaw!" he said. "I smell other cats!" "Good work." he said. "MoonClaw, go with BarkTail to gather information. WavePelt will protect us." With that, the white cat and hunting dog dashed off.

Bursting into the clearing, MoonClaw looked around... and saw the cats who were being talked about. He could see two clearly; a young tabby kit and what appeared to be its mother. BarkTail tail-wagged (yes, dogs can give tail-signals too) MoonClaw the order to be silent and stealthy. The two snuck behind the nursery.
DropKit followed the ShadowClan cat back then waited. When he saw the older cat go into the food pile, he slowly walked over there. "Are you okay?"
DuskPaw nearly had a heart attack when the Kit Pounced on him. He meowed in confusion as he tried to see but SplashKit still hung on. Eventually she fell off. " What now SplashKit?" He asked angrily.
"You aren't going to attack the nursery?" Splashkit asked in an innocent voice. "Oh, ok then. Just don't call your friends to attack us." She mumbled getting up and shaking her fur.then she turned to get a fish, but Mellowheart picked her up instead.

"You know that you can take any food right now. The Warriors and elders haven't gotten their rations yet. We have." The cream cat explained as she herself started to go to the nursery. Mellowheart eyed the multiple cats who emerged from their den at the sight and smell of the ShadowClan cat.
Splashkit was set down in the nursery and Mellowheart left to go outside. The small tabby cat went rigid as she heard the snap. Drop kit and her were the only two kits in the nursery and Splashkit didn't she him come in yet. So alone the kit snuck behind the nursery. Her eyes grew wide with Anger as she pounced on the cat there. "You'll never hurt our kits!" She spat as she dug her tiny claws into he fur of the intruder.
MoonClaw screeched in pain as the queen attacked. BarkTail instantly smashed into the she-cat, saving his friend. "Are you okay?" BarkTail said, worried. The white cat almost never spoke unless necessary, so he just nodded. He had avoided any injuries and was just missing a bit of fur. The cat and the dog then turned their gaze on the attacking cat.
Mellowheart growled as she crouched in a hunting position. "Don't you dare attack the nursery. My one surviving kit is in there and I already lost track of her once today. She dosent need to die, she is about to become an apprentice." She hissed as she once again leaped for the dou. Suddenly she had an idea. The Cream She-cat leaped onto one of them, Barktail, and rolled down the small hill going to the river, grasping Onto the dog. "Almost to the water." mellowheart hissed excitedly.
Duskpaw heard the Screech, and liked off to the nursery. When he got there he glanced at the group of cats and He watched Mellowheart as she rolled don the hill with the... Dog?

He gave a confused glance to the other cats.
"What? We're just here to scout territory! Found out who's friendly or not! We're not here to harm anyone!" The beagle shouted. Suddenly, like a streak of white, MoonClaw leapt onto MellowHeart's back and bit her shoulder. The two scrambled back.
"Mellowheart! No!" Splaskit squeaked in terror as she saw her mother fall into the shallow river, probably hitting a rock. The shoulder wound left the pure cream cat a red color.

The tiny blue eyes kit ran along the shore, she didn't know how to swim and Mellowheart didn't look ok. Suddenly a flash of grey passed her vision and something plunged into the water. Soon later, Pondpelt and Mellowheart emerged from the water. "Ok, Splashkit. What do I do to treat this wound."
"What do you mean? You're the medicine cat!"
"What do I need?"
"Cobwebs at least." Splashkit answers, running to get some from a log nearby.
Downstream, the beagle was helping the tom out of the river. The two shook off the water. "Well, now I guess we know where the phrase 'doggy paddle' comes from." BarkTail said. "Come on, we need to investigate more... after we report." The two SteelClan members dashed off to the bushes which concealed GoldClaw and the others from view.
DropKit Had kept following SplashKit. " Medicine cat?" He asked. "They help with caring right?" He asked curiously. It had been a while since he heard terms like that.
Twilightheart lifted her black muzzle, enjoying the sun. As she and Rugo padded back to camp, the fur along her spine stood up, and she stopped. She smelled dog. Rugo stopped and looked at her with concerned eyes, until he smelled it too. The two of them tracked the scent, stopping at the egde of ThunderClan territory, where RiverClan's territory starts. Twilightheart new now the dog was in RiverClan territory, but her eyes clouded with emotion when she recognized the smell as that of a beagle.
GoldClaw and the others had set up a temporary area to rest when they heard cats. BarkTail and MoonClaw returned, but GoldClaw silenced them. The five cats hid in the burrow the gold-furred tom had dug out with his giant paw.
Rugo looked at Twilightheart and nudged her gently. "Are you ok?" He asked. Twilightheart nodded. "It's just that...... The dog is a beagle, which is a type of dog. When I was an apprentice, I remember a kind beagle saving me from the same fate my mother suffered."
Dewdrop, who had taken the mouse to camp, was out once again, wandering her territory. Soon it began to rain and she took shelter under a bush, watching the rain flatten the grass and make the ground soggy. She turned, finding what looked like a tunnel, and gasped. She remembered the old games she'd play in the tunnels as an apprentice, sneaking in when nobody was looking, and would play with Thundercloud-- or, Thunderpaw back then. She went inside curiously.
DuskPaw scrambled down to the waters edge beside Mellowheart. "StarClan..." He needed as he explained the bite mark on MellowHeart's shoulder. It began to rain as he dragged MellowHeart back into the nursery.