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Private/Closed Warriors:The Valley

(If you are not @EspeonTheBest , @Twilight Nova , @NightRaven . Please do not join without asking, send me a pm first!)

(This Roleplay you start out as Kits and grow into warriors! Obviously you are allowed to control other characters and such. Timeskips will be used.)

After the clans moved away... After the Twolegs destroyed the forest... After everything all changed... Cats emerged from the rubble... They moved far away... Towards the lush valleys...

Willowfur watched her two kits play in the nursery carefully. All though they only had Milk teeth, they still had a nasty nip. As Leafkit tumbled with his sister Mousekit, Willowfur decided she needed some fresh air. She quickly padded outside. Breathing in the greenleaf air she shivered happily. After a little while she came back to the nursery. She found Leafkit, and Mousekit playing gently. She laid down near them and rested her head on her paws. "Eek! Stop that Mousekit that tickles!" He squealed as he squirmed beneath his sister who in turn licked his ear again. Mousekit giggled quietly. "Your as squirmy as a slimy fish!" She exclaimed as Leafkit batted at her.as they tumbled they didn't seem to notice the other Kits in the nursery at all...
"Ripplekit! That's my tail!" Yowled a young tabby brown she-kit with stunning blue eyes. "That's your tail? It's too fluffy to be your tail!" Replied the blue-grey Tom.
"Is to!"
"Is not!"
"Is to!"
"Is not!"
"Kits! Reedkit is trying to rest like you should be!" Scolded Bluesong. The blue eyed queen glared at her loud kits, trying to get them quiet. In this situation, it worked. Ripplekit padded to his mother and curled up next to a sleeping Reedkit while the brown tabby she-kit sat down and gave a small frown. "Splashkit, why don't you come over to?" Bluesong meowed quietly, looking straight into her kit's bright blue eyes. Splashkit sneezed and walked out of the den, but Bluesong didn't follow. That kit was the independent one.

Splashkit felt a weight tugging at her paws, almost as if her guilty conciousnes was telling her to go back and nap. Instead, she padded forwards towards a small bush in camp. She plopped down and sulked there for a moment before she was picked up by her scruff. "You need to go into the nursery." Meowed a warrior, padding to the den. Splashkit reluctantly stopped squirming and flattened her ears in shame. As soon as she got back into the den, she noticed Leafkit and Mousekit playing. "Can I join?" She asked, her tail lashing in excitement.
"Sure!" Replied Mousekit without a second thought. She was too busy tussling with Leafkit who was starting to lose the fight. His sister was stronger and bigger than him. He prodded her face with his paw and she squeaked falling over. Leafkit celebrated his momentary triumph, leaving him vulnerable.
[im gonna have one cat come into the clan as a kit. He was a kittypet. Is that ok?]

Snowheart had recently given birth to four kits earlier that day. Three of them were strong, but one was so tiny the Medicine Cat feared she wouldn't survive. Snowheart believed in her, though. She had dazzling long white fur and beautiful light blue eyes. All the toms had gone for her, but only one stood out to her. Her mate, Stripetail, a white Tom with faint light grey stripes, padded into the Nursery, purring a greeting to each queen and kit as he padded over to Snowheart. They nuzzled, then both looked down at their kits. One was all white, like Snowheart, with a light grey tail, a Tom named Ashkit. There were two twins; a she-cat named Slashkit, and a Tom named Spotkit. Slashkit was all pale grey with a white 'slash' along her spine. Spotkit was also had pale grey fur, but was covered in white spots. The last kit, the small one they feared wouldn't survive, named Twilightkit, was all black. It puzzled both parents and the Medicine Cat why she was black. Snowheart nudged the suddenly motionless kit, and she stirred and let out a mew. She had been sleeping.
The Medicine cat DuskFeather quietly padded into the nursery.(There Can be more than one) Almost soon after seeing Snowheart he padded over. "Is it ok if I check out TwilightKit? I just want to check her heartbeat." He asked quietly, noticing the other sleeping kits. Mousekit was getting tired, and she fell asleep on top of Leafkit. Leafkit gently moved his sister to his mothers flank, as she was sleeping too.

"What do you want to do now?" Leafkit Asked SplashKit curiously.
Snowheart nodded, looking fondly at her kits. Twilightkit once again seemed still. "I pray she'll survive leaf-bare. Oh, please StarClan....," she sighed. Stripetail nuzzled Snowheart. "She'll be ok. I bet she's a fighter, like her mother."
Nightkit and Ravenkit were siblings. Nightkit was a black she-cat with amber eyes and dark gray underfur. Ravenkit was a black tom with white underfur and blue eyes. Their mother, Cindercloud, a dark gray she-cat with white underfur and dark blue eyes, was traveling close to their father, Darkthorn, a black tom with dark gray paws and green eyes. Nightkit was adventurous and shy, but Ravenkit was usually the one who'd boast about everything; whether it be prey, or annoying his sister the most, he'd brag about it.

Nightkit stared at the ground, tired, but Rabenkit was running around as if he had all the energy in the world. Ravenkit tackled Nightkit, catching the small black she-cat by surprise. He pawed at her face until she nipped at his paw, and then he leapt away, fur bristling. Nightkit got up, shaking her fur. "I'm gonna be the best warrior ever!" Ravenkit meowed loudly.

Nightkit glanced at her brother, rolling her eyes. Ravenkit nudged Nightkit, who moved away instantly. "My mentor will be the best ever!" He purred. "He's quite the talkative one isn't he?" Cindercloud purred. Darkthorn nodded, pressing close to her.
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"I to mock fight." Splashkit meowed, her blue eyes glittering with pride. The small she-kit always said she was the best fighter, at least she self proclaimed herself that. Splashkit never was the most humble of kits, but she had a soft spot for her peers. Splashkit's tail lashed once more in excitement as she crouched playfully.
Suddenly, a small tuxedo Tom kitten burst into camp, stumbling. He collapsed. He reeked of Twolegs. He was injured and bleeding, his wounds all from a cat. He had green eyes, which were wide with fear.

Snowheart heard the kit come in and jumped. "O-oh my! T-that kit is hurt!" She gasped. Her kits mewed in complaint of the noise.

[may Rugo (the kittypet) be deputy in the future?]
Cindercloud rushed to the kit. "Are you okay?" She meowed nervously. Nightkit and Ravenkit looked at the other cat that burst into the camp. "A kittypet?" Ravenkit meowed loudly. Nightkit hushed him with a paw to his mouth.
"M-my mother..... Sh-she attacked me.....," the kit wheezed. He tried to get up, but couldn't. Snowheart wanted to get up and help him, but couldn't leave her kits. Stripetail licked her reassuringly, then padded out to see the wounded kittypet kit.
DuskFeather was busy checking TwilightKit. Her heartbeat was a little faster and her Breathing was a little shallow, but she seemed fine. "I think she'll be Fine, just keep an eye on her." He mewed warmly. His head snapped towards the sound of the squeak, which had come from a kit, that Stripetail was heading towards.

Leafkit circled SplashKit, like he was hunting a mouse. He squealed playfully as jumped and tried to land on Her but he over planned it and fell short of her.
Snowheart purred, "Thank you. I will." She nuzzled Twilightkit, who let out a mew. Ashkit opened his eyes. They were Amber. Slashkit and Spotkit opened their eyes. They both had green eyes, like their father.

The wounded kittypet kit mewed gently, "M-my name is Rugo.....," before his eyes rolled back.
Nightkit backed away in horror, fur bristling. Cindercloud and Darkthorn pinned their ears back, thinking of ways to help. Ravenkit rushed towards Rugo. "Wake up.." The black tom meowed gently, pawing at Rugo.
Nightkit ran in search fo Duskfeater. When she found the medicine cat, she told him about Rugo, stuttering quite a bit due to fear. Ravenkit stared at Rugo in horror. Cindercloud padded pver to the kit, curling around it protectively.
Snowheart sighed, looking at Twilightkit. "Cmon..... You're strong. The others opened their eyes...." Twilightkit let out a mew, opening her icy blue eyes slowly. Snowheart purred, nuzzling Twilightkit.

Rugo didn't move, his chest rising and falling slowly the only movement.
DuskFeather gently assessed Rugo. "Poor little scrap..." He murmured quietly as he carried him to the medicince cat den. He dribbled some poultice on his cuts, and laid cobwebs on them too.
Rugo shivered and let out mews of pain from time to time.

Snowheart had Stripetail come and watch their kits while she went to the Medicine Cat Den to see Rugo. She sniffed at the tuxedo Tom kitten gently. "Poor thing....," she sighed, wishing there were something she could do.
Darkthorn watched as Rugo was taken to the Medicine Den. "Hopefully the poor thing will be okay..." The tom meowed nervously. Cindercloud nodded and Nightkit sat beside her brother, Ravenkit. Cindercloud tried to calm her two kits and Darkthorn was trying to comfort Cindercloud. Ravenkit was shuddering in fear, his eyes wide.
"Mom...will he be okay?" Ravenkit asked nervously. "I don't know, Ravenkit...but Duskfeather is an amazing medicine cat, so I'm sure the kit will be okay." Cindercloud murmured reassuringly. Ravenkit didn't seem convinced. Nightkit pinned her ears back and stared at the ground. Darkthorn sighed and nuzzled Cindercloud.
Stripetail saw the distress Rugo had caused Cindercloud and her family. "Did you hear what he said....? Attacked by his own mother. The cruelty. The she-cat must think twice before ever touching him again, cause she has another thing coming..."
Cindercloud nodded. "When I find his mother, I swear by StarClan I'll rip her pelt off!" She meowed. "I'd like to help. A queen who attacks her kits should know better...and I'll make sure she does." He growled. "Mom, can I help you fight his mother?" Ravenkit asked and Cindercloud shook her head. "You're too young to fight." She explained.
Stripetail looked down at his and Snowheart's kits. They were attempting to stand already..... But that's not what surprised him. He was shocked to find Twilightkit already standing....! And, though she was shaky on her paws, she was padding away from the best. He sighed in relief, standing and padding over to grab her by the scruff.
DuskFeather began cleaning off Rugo with his tongue. Once was done he reapplied the cobwebs. He then picked up Rugo by the Scruff and padded per to Snowheart.

"It's not as bad as it looks, hey would you mind looking after him, he looks only a few days old..." He trailed off quietly.
Darkthorn seemed relieved that Rugo would be okay, as did Cindercloud and her kits. "How long will he stay in the Clan?" Cindercloud asked Duskfeather. She worried quite a bit about Rugo. No kit deserved to be attacked by their mother! Cindercloud hoped he could even join the Clan, but she doubted the leader would allow it...but she still hoped.
" atleast till he is 6 moons old. It would be pointless to send him to an early death." Replied DuskFeather. He shifted his weight ever so slightly, waking Rugo up, so he started to wail.
Cindercloud nodded slowly. "Hopefully he can even become part of our Clan. I'm sure he'd be a great friend of us all!" Nightkit meowed. Ravenkit stared at her and rolled his eyes. "He'd be as good a warrior that I'll be!" He boasted. "Now's not the time for boasting..." Cindercloud sighed.
"Here, CinderCloud, could you take him for a minute, I have to grab something!"

He said gently giving Rugo to her before rushing off.

When he came back he was carrying some leaves dipped in honey.
Cindercloud held Rugo gently before setting him down as softly as she could. She tried to comfort the kit as did Darkthorn, Ravenkit, and Nightkit. Cindercloud saw Duskfeather return and soon moved away from Rugo to allow Duskfeather some space. The two kits and Darkthorn did the same. The two kits watched Duskfeather with eyes that were round with curiosity.
He gently force the leaves down the kits throat. Rugo felt sleepy and curled up next to CinderCloud. "Goodnight everyone!" THe medicine cat called quietly.
Snowheart nodded. "Yes, I can take him. I feel my kits will be glad to have a friend," she purred gently, nuzzling the sleeping Rugo. Snowheart grabbed Rugo gently by the scruff, then padded steadily back to the nursery.

Stripetail was overjoyed to see Snowheart return, standing and licking her flank in greeting. Snowheart purred and set Rugo down in her nest with her kits.
"Good night, Duskfeather." Cindercloud purred. The dark gray she-cat picked up Nightkit and Ravenkit by the scruff. (Well, from now on, I will switch Ravenkit's and Nightkit's eye color; Nightkit will have blue eyes and Ravenkit will have amber eyes. ^^ If that's okay.) She then headed to the Nursery, setting her two kits down and touching noses to Darkthorn. "Good night, Darkthorn." She meowed gently. "Good night." Darkthorn responded, licking his mate on the forehead and heading to the warriors den.
Snowhert curled around her kits and Rugo, mewing Stripetail goodnight and nuzzling him goodbye. She laid her head down as Stripetail turned and left the nursery, padding to the Warriors den and laying down.
Cindercloud curled her tail around the two tired kits. Ravenkit looked like he was going to fall asleep any minute and Nightkit looked mostly tired. Ravenkit finally fell down and curled up, asleep, but Nightkit was trying to stay up as late as possible. "Nightkit, you have to get some sleep. Who knows what we'll be doing tomorrow." Cindercloud mewed gently and silently. Nightkit nodded and curled up next to her brother and fell asleep.
[Time skip to morning?]

Twilightkit stayed awake a little longer. She seemed to be mystified by Rugo. He smells different than my littermates, friends, and parents..... Where is he from? She curled up close to him. I'll protect you, strange kit..... You're my friend.
Splashkit purred in excitement as Leafkit lunged at her. She flicked her tail in smug victory and started to pounce. "Splashkit! Stop it right now. Come on... Come here and take a nap like you're supposed to." Bluesong growled slightly. Splashkit drooped her ears and padded back.

-enter in the events I missed while the group is sleeping-

Splashkit awoke with a strange scent in the air. The brown tabby instantly noticed the new kit with Twilightkit. "Bluesong! Bluesong!" Splashkit prodded her mother in the side with her paw. "Who is the new kit?" She whispered. "Splashkit! Be quiet and wait until your littermates to wake before you start messing around." Her mother scolded.
Mousekit opened one eye lazily and watched Splashkit bounce for a few seconds, before stretching. Leafkit woke up as well. "Since you two are awake, why don't you mind asking Bluesong if she wants some fresh kill from the pile?" Willowfur asked quietly. They both scurried over to Bluesong.

"Bl-Bluesong would you like some fresh kill?" Leafkit stammered.
The blue-grey she-cat raised her head and purred at Willowfur's kits. "Oh, that would be so sweet. Thank you!" Bluesong cooed gratefully. Splashkit scoffed quietly at the sudden sweet tone in Bluesong's voice. "I'll go with you guys. Reedkit and Ripplekit are taking too long." She announced quietly.
Ravenkit woke up. He looked around the nursery yawning. He gently pawed at Nightkit, who didn't respond. He pawed her a bit harder, but only go the flick of an ear as a response. He then jabbed her in the side and she woke up, growling slightly.
"Good morning to you too..." Nightkit growled. Ravenkit smiled as he enjoyed annoying his sister. Cindercloud soon woke up and saw Nightkit and Ravenkit playing with each other, only by pawing at each other and whispering. She sighed and whispered "Kits..." before laying her head back down. Nightkit soon tried to fall asleep again, but that was a big mistake; Ravenkit jabbed her in the side multiple times, waking her up and having her growl at him, before going to sleep again.
When she fell asleep again, Ravenkit was about to jab her in the side again, but the small she-cat knew what to do. As he padded over to her, Nightkit moved her tail to trip him, and he fell. He let out a small silent squeek as his face fell right into Cindercloud's soft tail, but it didn't wake the dark gray she-cat. Nightkit giggled and fell asleep. Ravenkit, due to the softness of his mother's tail, soon fell asleep as well, and Nightkit was rather happy that there wasn't a paw jabbing in her side constantly.