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What is your pokemon career?

If you were in the pokemon world just living your normal life. Nothing special. Except there are pokemon everywhere. Unlike red or blue you gotta eat, sleep, and buy things. Let's be honest. You can't spend your whole life being a pokemon trainer, or maybe you can. I've met a lot of millionaire ten year old pokemon trainers in my travels. However I doubt it would be that simple right?

If you had to pick a career what would you be? Would you be a ranger? A nurse? Police officer? Farmer? A waiter/waitress? A professional pokemon photographer? Would you have one career or multiple? The list of possibilities is a very long list!

I would want to be a gym leader or better an elite four member. Also a martial arts instructor on the side. Being a gym leader would be cool cause... you have your own gym and the terrain is determined based entirely on your pokemon types to suit your style. That and usually the local community will look to the gym leaders for help when something bad happens. Plus having my own gym would be really useful for being a martial arts instructor. Kinda like Lt. Surge from gen. 1 or brawly from gen. 3 or maylene from gen. 4.
When I'm not battling challengers in in the gym or helping the local community I'm in the dojo training people, helping them train their pokemon, or both. (If your going to train your pokemon there is no reason not to physically train yourself). No amount of training is going to help you learn flamethrower or how to fly but that's besides the point.

I really like the alola trials. They were more than simply find a gym leader, beat them, and repeat this 8 times. The trials were simple granted. But the concept is nice. If I was a gym leader I would like to implement this in some way shape or form. Maybe a sparing match with me or one of my students and if they don't want to do that they could participate in an obstacle course.
Hey there! Really good question.

I think I would love to become a Pokemon Photographer; one that explores and takes picture of more wild Pokemon. For quite a while, I've always been interested in photography, as my brother got a degree in it, so when I can, I enjoy to take pictures as well of what I deem beautiful scenery. In the Pokemon world, I feel like that would just be increased by so much, as there's so much variety with Pokemon, etc. Forests would house some magnificent Pokemon, and most likely ones that were very different to each other as well. It's been defined how Bug Types, Grass Types, Normal Types and even sometimes Electric Types usually live there. It'd be amazing just to watch these Pokemon; taking photos so you wouldn't forget the pure magnificence of it.

But then there's more dangerous places like volcanoes that really put the thrill in it. And you can be determined with the idea of, 'will I see a legendary Pokemon?' It'd sell for good money, no matter the Pokemon, most likely.

A side job would most likely be a ranger. I enjoy helping animals in real life too. It'd be amazing to do that with Pokemon.


Previously EeviumZ
If I could have any job? A Performer.
I'm a very artistic person IRL and I love singing, dancing, and acting. I'm sure that if I lived in the Pokemon World, I could become a Performer and work alongside my Pokemon.
Secondarily, a Pokemon Researcher. Why? I'm a nerd. Enough said.
If I could have any job, I guess I'd just let my inner nerd out and become a researcher or something.
Y'know, I could revive some fossils, make a few new Pokemon, create a few false gods, y' know, the basics...
Although in all seriousness, that is a good question and being a researcher would be fun. And I guess if I had to pick a field of study, it'd be the difference in Physical, Special, and Status moves. And heck, if being a professor means I have to have a tree name, not like much will change. One of my middle names is already Forest so I'd just have people call me by that.

Rinoa Heartilly

Mother of Meltans
I would be a gym leader in the city and once my sister was passed the mantle, I'd probably move onto the Elite Four. If I'm not busy with that, I would most likely still be doing what I am now, as a freelance artist.
I have a feeling that if it was actually me I might end up working at a PokeMart just to keep life together. However, my main OC, who is mostly based off me, is an aspiring Ground Type Gym Leader. That should answer the question, I think.


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I would be a scientist. The scientists of this world seem to have some of the most interesting job paths. Some study dreams, others study seasons. I would take most of my inspiration from Colress, one of if not my favorite Pokemon Characters.

If not that, I'd be a wandering hero. You know, just helping people out when they need it, whether it is stolen Pokemon or washing dishes.
I'd probably be a chef. Make a business and run it, open restaurants region wide, start a franchise, make a separate company that deals with suppling the ingreidients.
When I'm not working, I'd cook for various festivals in the Pokemon world.
Occasionally I'd travel for a bit, learn about new cuisines and foods and do some battling.
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Hmm, I think that would be a teacher. I'm just curious to teach children not in Mathematics or Chemistry, but in Pokemonolgia. That and in the end Pokemon is the only topic that I can easily explain.

And in parallel, I could be Dragon Type Gym Leader. I just would be interested to see my students react to the fact that I am a Gym Leader :3

(And probably my main Pokemon would be Goodra or Hydreigon, well or even Haxorus)
I'd be a Pokemon Researcher or Scientist. I already do enough of that anyway in real life and I'll most likely how aura affects the types of moves if a Pokemon isn't biologically capable of using the move.

At first, I think I'll either be a daycare lady, caring for them Pokemon, or a clerk at a PokeMart (mainly because I was cashier at an actual grocery store in real life).
I would probably be a Pokémon TO and Commentator for Pokémon tournaments. I could host my own competitions while still hyping up the crowd during explosive battles, and providing insight on trainer’s thoughts in matches, looking at things from a more technical side. I would probably work on getting sponsorships for the tournaments as well, to get as many competitors and audience members as possible for events. Maybe even start a circuit if I was really successful.