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Private/Closed When We Started Pokemon RP Thread

-insert super boring backstory here-
If you don't know what said backstory is, the sign up thread is here.

Sakiya woke up, slowly rising into consciousness. Her paws tapped against the solid metal as she slowly nodded. As she had predicted, the constant capturing of only children was no mere coincidence. Though, their, whoever their happened to be was very ironic in their choice. Psychic type for a psychic type trainer and a honors student. Hilarious. She was just bursting in laughter.

No, not really. She sat there, taking it all in before talking in her regular quiet but already full of annoyance, "I'm assuming I'm not alone, so I do hope at least one of you have woken up. I haven't heard enough screaming in panic or fear yet."
"No, you're far from the only one. I watched them bring in others." Jav'n said in a very calm tone. He had only woken up an hour ago himself. He had been frantic when he first awoke, and discovered he had been turned into an Arcanine. He had gotten used to it in the hour that he's been awake, but it doesn't mean he likes it. "Do you know who may be responsible for us being taken?" He asked.
Lee woke to the sound of voices. She sighed and she rolled over. "Tim, kim will you guys stop talking or you going to bet T mad again" Lee said in a half-asleep form. She then tryed to get back to sleep.
"Sorry," he said, "we'll try to be more quiet." He finished, going along with Lee's illusion. He wouldn't let her happiness of her old life fade away so soon. Better this way. The longer she thinks she's still human, the less she'll suffer. She'll discover the truth soon, though. As soon as she wakes up. He then turned his head, looking in the direction of the first girl, quieting down, he said: "Ignorance is bliss, right?"
She rolled her eyes before speaking quietly. "No. But knowledge is. " With that, Sakiya raised her voice towards Lee. "Wake up, because the longer you stay a Pokemon in a cold metal cage, the less life you have to live Plus, I'm Sakiya, not whatever you said."
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"While I may not have put it that bluntly, I suppose you have a point." Jav'n admitted, albeit grudgingly. "So, I don't suppose you have an idea out of this mess, Sakiya?" He asked. He bit down on the cage bars, testing their strength. "Perhaps we can use one of our moves to break down our cages? I know they probably engineered something in this room to resist our moves, but it's worth a shot. What do you think?"
"If you'd like to try, you may. However, I am sure that even if the cages are weak, there's probably some sort of security and it could cost us dearly. I suggest waiting until we see what their daily schedule is and then attempt a break-out. Oh, and it's about 6 in the morning, so I'd say that we should prepare ourselves."
"Right, right." He grumbled, ceasing his attempts to bite down on the cage bars. Only a slight dent. "Do you have any idea of who these people who kidnapped us might be, or why they turned us in to Pokemon?" He asked. While he was trying to remain calm in the situation, it was hard, considering these people, whoever they were, ripped his life right from under him.
Annie groaned as she woke from her sleep. She heard a few voices stiring from a distance, but nothing she could make out. "Hello? Is anyone there?" She called out. She rubbed her eyes a bit, and make out a couple shadows or so. "Where am i..?" she mumbled as she tried to wander around.
"I haven't the slightest idea. But they probably turned us into Pokemon to use us as puppets, and that would be a rather smart idea, to be honest. And you, other person, you're probably a Pokemon in a metal cage darn smack in the middle of some cultist base. Were my predictions correct?" She snorted from her cage as she heard Annie speak. It was just so darned funny to her, it was hard not to laugh.

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Lee woke up fully after she heard the voice of a girl get lauder. She kept quiet while mentally freaking out as she lissoned to the pokemons? conversation. 'Why a skiddo?' She mentally asked her self mentally many times. Finally Lee had enough as she backed up and head butted the side of her cage. It only made the cage flip on its side. "Ow!" Lee yelled loudly as she used a hoof to feel her head.
Kai woke up from the Pokémons yell. "Huh?" Kai said and he stood up and bumped his head on the cage. "Ouch! That hurt..." Kai said. He than looked around the cage room. "Anyone there!" He Shouted as the voice echoed through the room. "It sure is dark in here.." he said to himself. He than looked at his own hands and freaked out. "Ahhh! Imma Pokémon!" Kai shouted scared, doesn't know what to do. So he tried to use cut on the cage but barely made a dent. "Well... I'm trapped here for some time." He said to himself. "Ok ok... keep calm Kai." He said in his thoughts. He soon started to meditate.
Sakiya grinned, suppressing a laugh as scientists began to flow in, as if an army. They took the children out of the cages and chained them by their arms, hooves, paws, or whatever they could find and began dragging them to a large auditorium. Sakiya relaxed, letting them drag her. Cooperation seemed the best option if she was to escape later.
Jav'n cooperated as well. "I recommend cooperating, for now." He said to the other, younger members. He didn't like it, but he knew cooperation was best, for the moment, anyways. If he had a clear opening to get the others out, he was going to take it. "Let's hope this doesn't go too terribly disastrous." He said, eyeing the scientists.
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Lee watched as one of the scientists began to open the cage. Instantly she jumped out and hit him in the face. "ha take that!" She cried in her child-ish voice. She started to run away but being in hooves doesn't not help with running on the floor as soon scientists grabbed on to her. "let go!" She yelled as she started swinging her head wildly. They chained her up as Lee continued fighting.
Kai stopped meditating. He was surprised that he was chained up. "Umm. Did I really miditate through that?" He said in his mind. He than looked around. Looking for something to use to help them escape. But then he eyed the scientist. He knew that if they notice a suspicious move. He would pay dearly for that. So he thought of what to use when they left. He looked around the room and saw a laser cutter that might work but may leave a sting. So he looked some more. He soon found a pickax on the ground. He thought it was the perfect plan. But how will his team reach it?
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Annie listened to what one of the other pokemon said. If they cooperated, maybe they would be able to find a way out without suspicion, But for now, she'd have to go along with whatever the scientist wanted with them. She sighed as she looked around, nothing seemed like it would be able to help, so she looked at the other pokemon they were dragging along with her. An espeon, a frogadier, and another pokemon, Maybe they ended up the same way she got here..
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Zander had been listening quietly to the others talk. In his current form, he was almost completely blind, so he wasn't fully sure on his surroundings. The cage under his body felt cold, and from running his head on the end of a rather long neck around the area, he could tell the space was small, closed in by bars. It was disturbing, for sure, but he had always had an almost scarily level head.

When he heard the sound of footsteps swarming the room, he notably sat up, and decided to cooperate for now. Human hands grabbed him, feeling much larger than he remembered, and half dragged him out of the cage. They clasped some time of collar around him, attached to a jangling chain. When they first started to lead him, he stood fast in place, feeling just how much force his own body weight could have, and just how well they could drag him. Turns out, pretty well. After one good tug that made him stumble forward, he began to cooperate, still staying towards the end of the leash so he could feel the direction he was being led. He let a little slack in it, and at one turn he ended up heading straight until whoever had the chain tugged him hard in the correct direction, sending him rolling unexpectedly to his side with a surprised yelp, but he quickly recovered and resumed his slow walk at the end of his leash.
"That Pickaxe over there..." The frogadier said. "We need to somehow get that to us to break these things when the scientists leave." "Does anyone know psychic?" Kai the frogadier asks.
Then he started to calm down and meditate intill someone breaks him out. He meditates about peace. Which raises his defense stat.
Sakiya sighed. "Not now. After. I know Psychic, but picking up that pickaxe is pretty much asking for trouble. And Goat-Girl, I believe you need a dictionary. That is not cooperating." Perhaps it was simply because she knew Future Sight, but it was increasingly easier to understand what would probably happen next. "They'll probably explain everything when we get there, do wait and we can brea-" A tug could be felt on her shoulder as the scientists raised their eyebrows at her. Grumbling, she used Psychic to float. Gee, this better be worth it.
Melody woke up, not knowing where she was. "What's...going on?"
She looked around and saw a bunch of Pokemon. 'Why are there so many Pokemon?' She asked herself. She then she remembered. They were captured. She thought she could get used to living like this. There were tons of cages, containing what used to be children, now Pokemon. Melody didn't know what the scientists would do to her. She had to escape. Suddenly, one of the scientists had what looked like handcuffs, and began taking her somewhere. She cooperated, not knowing what they would do if she didn't. As she was brought to a room, she saw a bunch of other Pokemon. Strange...
"I am NOT giving up" She yelled as she continued to stuggle. It was their motto. Lee continued to stuggle successfully hitting a scientist in the jaw. "And the names Lee" She said angrily just before her vision turned black as she stumped on the floor.
Kai thought for a second. He than started to calm down and meditate. He always meditates to think or stay calm. When he miditated one of the scientists tugged on his leg. "Now I can't meditate if u keep doing that..." Kai said under his breath. He was kinda sad that they took his meditating time. So Kai just let them drag him until something catches his eye. In hopes that they will escape sooner or later. "This is boring...." he thought to himself. He thinks of a plan.
Jav'n watched this "Lee" continue to struggle. He admired her confidence, but he knew it was useless here. He hoped, though she was unconscious, she might still hear him. "It's best to follow Sakiya's lead for now. She seems to have a better idea of how we may get out of here than anyone else." He didn't just direct this at her. It was directed to all the others. As much as he hated to admit it, this Espeon had a better chance than any of them to escape. *Maybe, if we follow her lead, I might be able to get the others out, too.* He thought to himself.
Eventually everyone arrived at the giant seemingly gym-like room, enough to fit fifteen schools of children. All the scientists stood and bowed as a big man with a giant red cloak appeared on the scene. He seemed to be a Japanese-American adult, with steady features. As the scientists raised their heads, the man spoke in a gruff and commanding voice. "Hello, and welcome to The United. Sorry for being so abrupt with your coming, but it had to be done." At this, he put his hands in the air and shook his head momentarily before raising it again. "Our ultimate goal is to be the leading scientist group in the whole world, and to do that we must start with simple life-forms: you." When some scientists heard this, they scoffed and muttered under their breath, saying inaudible curses. "As such, your lives have been utilized to the name of science, and you will not be returning to your human life. He or she who wishes to leave will be a corpse on the ground. Now, we have decided to poll you on what experiment you would like to do first, since it is, after all, your life. Press the button corresponding with whatever answer you choose." With that, he walked away.

There were four buttons and a giant screen. The blue button corresponded to 'Strength', the red to 'Speed', the yellow to 'Mental Stability', and the green to 'Stamina'. Sakiya watched as the scientists walked far back, indicating the Pokemon could talk amongst each other and choose. Sakiya poked at Lee. "Hey, wake up, Bruce Lee. I'm sure you want to press some buttons." She then talked to everyone. "I will make the final decision, as I already know what your answer will be. Go ahead, decide."


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Annie twisted her hands around for a bit, thankful for finally being released from the handcuffs... She wondered about the options... They all seemed like great options, but how could you endure running or whatever speed training was, without stamina... And how could you fearlessly charge into that battle if you're that type of person, without being able to handle it if that made any sense.
"Stamina would have to be my choice, I suppose." The Audino mumbled, and pressed the button.
T.T. Heard the announcment. He was wondering what it ment. He was young, so he had no idea what was going on. One moment, he was sleeping in a cage, the next someone woke him up in a giant room. "I like blue, also red, but i also like green and yellow! I have no idea what i should pick here." T.T. said loud enough so the other Pokemon could hear him. He closed his eyes and picked a random button. He pressed the blue button.
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"Hmmmm" Kai thought for a second. "I am already Mindful and all that." He continued to think. "Since I can speak through the mind and can fight." He thought. He sat there for a moment. He than decided to go with stamina and pressed the button.

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The Arcanine stepped towards the Green Button. "I'm already mentally stable. I feel if I choose Stamina first, I'd have a better chance at making it through the other stages afterwards." Jav'n said. He raised his paw and pressed it down on the green button. "I just hope that, in the end, somehow, we can all get out here." He muttered to himself as he looked back at the others.
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The scientists and man all chuckled as they began calculating it and putting it up on a graph in the top right corner of the giant screen.
Lee growled at the Pokemon. "It's not Bruce lee" She replied before turning to the screen. She thought for a moment thinking about what her freinds would decide. "I will choose green" She finally decides and pressed the green button and sat down.
Zander kind of frowned, dipping their head. Not only could they not read what each stood for, or see what color the buttons were, but they had no idea where the buttons even were. Being blind was incredibly disorienting, like playing a never ending game of pin the tail on the Ponyta.

"... Could someone help me out here?" they finally spoke, voice a bit hoarse as their head rotated back and forth, trying to make a little bit sense of his surroundings. "I can't see, I don't even know what the options are..."
Jav'n walked over to Zander. "Of course. There are four choices. One of them is Strength, another is Speed. Mental Stability is another one of the options. Your last option, the one that I'm choosing, as well, is Stamina. I recommend going with Stamina first. It'll be easier to make it through the Strength and Speed courses later." He said, looking down at the Deino.
"Sensible," Zander nodded. "Personally, I feel Speed may be easier before you burn out your Stamina however. Strength indeed should be postponed until after those, and Mental Stability should be last of all, as being discouraged will not assist anyone's performance." They gave a small nod, as if confirming their own choice.
"Before we lock in on stamina as a group, is anyone else opting in? I'm waiting on Melody and Steven!" Her paw hovered over the green button, ready to press it in mere seconds.

Sakiya sighed as nobody responded. The choice she really didn't want to have to make was about to happen. She pressed stamina. "Well, good luck."

The man stepped in again, chuckling. "Did you know that for us scientists, stamina means pitting you against what you're scared of? And mental stability is what drives most of our subjects insane? Ah well, decisions have already been made. Come, off to adventure!" With a swish of his cape, the scientists each dragged them off to different rooms, that from the outside appeared to have the skeletons of other test subjects, dark and lonely.
(I am guessing that the place room and is the fear of death. Please inform me if I placed it wrong)

Kathleen let the professors drag her, though she still didn't like it. They then pushed her into a dark room with a sceleton of herself, not in Pokemon from. She just stared at it. "that's what they came up with" Kathleen replied blatantly. Authough she was still young ,to her death was only a long sleep and was nothing to be scared of. The skidoo layer down and waited. "stamina gift for facing a sceleton of your self" she mutter anowed.
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The Arcanine looked around, attempting to remain calm. The death of himself, he was not afraid of. But the deaths of others was too much. He couldn't bear seeing others be hurt, let alone meet an untimely demise. "Who are these other Pokemon here?" Jav'n asked, more to himself than to anyone or anything else.
T.T. was set on a table. "Mr." He said to the scientist. "Why am i in this room?" No response. T.T. looked around the room. No one was in the room. "H-Hello? A-Anyone there?" T.T. asked. No response. T.T. started to cry. T.T. didn't move from his spot. "T.T., don't worry, just stay there and wait for someone to come for you." T.T. reassured himself. he sucked up his tears. T.T. sat on the table, closed his eyes and waited for someone to come.
Zander seemed to stiffen at the words of the scientist, planting themself in place when someone began to tug at the chain around their neck. "No!" he growled, far louder than he had been up until this point. He clamped his strong jaw around the chain and tried to pull back, snarling all the while. There was a sharp smack to their head, and the chain dropped from their mouth as they fell to one side. The scientist on the other end of their leash wasted no time in pretty much dragging them away, not even allowing them to get back to their feet. Still, they never quit growling and shouting, trying to snag on foot on anything that could stop them.

They didn't stop until they reached a strange room, with a cold metal floor and fairly chilly air. Every sound echoed hollowly, in a terribly empty way. The person once more gave them a swift kick, this time in the side and sending them rolling further into the room, momentarily winded. There was the sound of a heavy door closing... then nothing. Not even the sound of footsteps walking away. It was only the echoes of the chain around his neck rattling, and the claws on their feet tapping on the metal floor. Even the sound of their breath seemed to bounce around the lonely space.

For a moment, Zander stumbled around, feeling out the space and trying to avoid tripping on their chain. The room was rather small, almost like a solid metal broom closet. Cold and terrifyingly alone, they backed themself into a corner, breathing heavily. It wasn't the small space that worried them, since Zan never had claustrophobia, but the feeling of being utterly alone, left in oppressive silence within their own head and not even sure if they could ever get out. In fact, they were the type that would put on videos or music at nearly all times just to sleep or study alone. All their thoughts started to go to terrible places. Did anyone miss them? Heck, did anyone even know they were missing? If they died here, would anyone even remember their name? With a quiet whimper, they curled up in a small ball, shivering both with the chill of the air and floor, along with the stress of their own thoughts.
Sakiya lied down, enjoying the cold comfort of the floor. Sadly, she didn't realize this was being monitored by the second and she was quickly taken elsewhere, somewhere a little less enjoyable. That was disappointing, to say the least, as the room could've housed her for three years if she ate the walls out. Or maybe not, but still.

The death of himself, he was not afraid of. But the deaths of others was too much. He couldn't bear seeing others be hurt, let alone meet an untimely demise.

The scientists heard on the Arcanine, and at the press of a few buttons a window opened, imploring the fire dog to look through.


Again at the whim of a few buttons, the section of the floor the goat was on began to elevate at a quickening pace, seeming to never stop. The floor Lee was now on top of forced her to either look down or up, neither very comforting sights.