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Ask to Join Whisper Of The Wicked Tree (Discussion)

Should I allow 6 people only for 2 weapons each, or 12 for 1 weapon each?

  • 6 people

    Votes: 5 33.3%
  • 12 people

    Votes: 10 66.7%

    Votes: 3 20.0%

  • Total voters
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Since there is a limited number of spots, I'm going to hold off on making another character so that other people can join. Though, in the end, if we don't have enough people to start- bet your butt's I'm snatching whatever position I can :D.
Well then, here's character #2 from me!

Alvaro Ramirez
Nickname: Al
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Personality: A typically enthusiastic fellow, it would be offensive to describe the whole of Alvaro's personality with just one emotion. If anything, he's just an emotional guy. Everyone has emotions, sure, but Al is the type of person who will let you know when they are feeling an emotion. Everything about the young male is over the top, from his happy dances to the pouting he will do for hours when something doesn't go his way. Tell him a joke and Alvaro's laughter will roar across the room, tell him a sappy story and he may flood the place with tears. He simply doesn't hold back; it's sort of embarrassing, really. Still, for whatever reason- he'd much perfer childish antics over anything that would actually call for sentiment. Usually Alvaro simply seems like a dramatic idiot with a lust for fun and attention, but god forbid you make him mad. It does, honestly, take a lot to truly upset the boy- but there is no going back once that happens. The childish and obvious nature of Al will drop in a second and a serious expression will over take the boy's demeanor, after that one can expect blood to be shed. Other than those occasional anger bursts, Alvaro is an overall friendly character. He'd go out of his way to talk to just about anyone, and is absolutely oblivious to social boundaries.
Physical Appearance: Al has a fair complexion, not too pale but an even, creamy color. Alvaro is a fairly average sized male. He stands at 6'3 and weighs in just a little over 150 lbs. Perhaps he'd be slightly more intimidating if he worked out, but despite his height, his body is simply too slender for him to look strong- it typically takes people by surprise with how powerful he actually can be. He also wields a rather relaxed posture, causing him to slouch most the time and making him appear smaller. Al's face is sharp and handsome, an overall clean expression with a sharp jaw line, high cheeks, a pointed noise, and thick eyebrows to frame his usually happy expression. Underneath his navy blue eyebrows are a set of large, ovular eyes. He sports a set of honey brown eyes which are easy-going and relaxed despite the rest of his face's expression. Alvaro's hair is a periwinkle color at it's roots, which gradually fades into a much more rich, oxford blue at the tips. Scattered through his hair is strips of slightly ranging shades of navy blue. Al's hair is cut in the classic under-cute style, with the sides shaved while the top grown out. His wavy hair is a bit messy no matter how much effort he puts into grooming it each morning
Clothing: Alvaro'dscloset is outgoing, to say the least. His typical wardrobe is bright and flashy. In the summer it's a tank top, in the winter a hoodie. His top is almost always neon, if not sporting some sort of pattern or cheesy joke on the front. Al wears all sorts of jeans: blue jeans, black jeans, White jeans, stripped jeans, polka-dotted jeans. He almost always wears a hat when out, a black or white baseball cap to match his over-sized black or white shoes.
Weapon: Oblivion
Other: I luv trees, and bushes, and flowers.
Oops, @KeenKitsune, I totally missed your question. If everyone is up for meeting up in the rp, yes.

Also, I am allowing controlling of NPC's, but like stated in the rules, the only other character that can be controlled are your opponent, and your own OC. But if given permission by the owner of the OC, you can control their character.
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That is a really good idea! If everyone is down with that, that could be the way we meet up! Anyways, I feel as though going to school normally would not be as exciting, wouldn't you agree?

Crimson Sun

Previously Crims0n
My character's personality doesn't allow him to get into detention easily either. But if we must, I can have him be accused of something and make him go to detention
@AnimeTail just making sure, you are controlling the principal- correct? Then should we put in requests, here, as too what the principal gives them detention for? Or do you mind if I use him real quick just to give my student detention.
Based on feedback, we may have to look for another way. But, if everyone wants to still go with this idea, then you can figure out a way to get into detention.

@Barefoot_Kittens, I was controlling the principal, yes. But anyone else is allowed to control him.
Well if you all don't want detention, that's fine. But let's decide on a different way for all of them to meet up. It doesn't make sense for them to meet in class, because you lowkey aren't even allowed to talk during class. Anyone else got ideas?
Personally, I think we should stick with detention. Those who's characters don't fit the bill can just be falsely accused of something.
I'm open to suggestions on how my character could get detention. All I can really think of is potentially giving out sarcastic comments to the teachers to make the students laugh.
That would be fine, sounds realistic enough. Maybe he gets back a bad grade or something and just goes full blast on some poor teacher.

Some other examples people could use for undeserved detentions may be: explaining the directions to another student and getting caught 'talking during class', asking for a pencil during a test and getting caught 'cheating', or something along those lines.
Most likely talking during class would work, I made his bio give him sarcasm, so maybe this could be where he shines. Question is which lesson can he give the best and funniest sarcastic comments?

Edit: Another question I have is are the students already familiar with one another? After a while in school, you can learn the names of several people even if you don't interact with them much.
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Crimson Sun

Previously Crims0n
Idk if you all can tell but I made Jae the victim of who Ashley had just punched in the morning
But it was a good way for my character to get detention