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Private/Closed Wolfborn: The School of Powers

Discussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/wolfborn-the-school-of-powers-discussion.19591/

Crystal stepped out of the front door, hugging her parents, trying to hold back tears. She took her suitcase in one hand, and opened the taxi door with the other. She directed Sapphire inside and followed her in onto the back seat. After sitting down, she looked to her cat, “A new beginning.. we’ll make this fun, right? No more tears!”

After a while of driving, the young student arrived at the big airplane with the Wolfborn logo on the side. Grabbing her suitcase, she stepped outside, and picked Sapphire up too. She walked up to the high steps leading up to the plane door, and went inside, found a seat near the front and made herself comfy. Before placing the suitcase in the cubby above her, she took out a small, wripped mouse toy and handed it to Sapphire to play with. The cat sat happily on the seat next to her owner and played with the toy while Crystal put on some headphones to listen to music. The other students would be here sooner or later, but she had to keep herself occupied.
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Jesse exited the house, with a look of innocence. He was trying to be brave, but struggling to cry, so it just looked similar to a puppy. As he reached the forest-green convertible, he opened the door, pushed the seat forwards, and struggled into the back, pulling his suitcase in with him, Ashes following behind, now resting on his lap, asleep. "You don't have to put your suitcase inside with you!" his mum said to him softly, with a bit of worry on her face. Her face too, looked the same as Jesse's. The two had a great bond with each other, especially without his dad, who couldn't be there to say goodbye. The reason was 'work', but Jesse knew it was because his dad was more likely to cry then the other two. The night before, Jesse could see his dad driving away, with a tear shining down his cheek. Jesse nearly cried too.

It was ten minutes later and the three had arrived at the Wolfborn airplane, which was hidden away from most of the public. As Wolfborn took in human children with inhuman powers (and humanoids on occasion), it would have to be hidden away from public. Jesse got out of the car, and shortly after, he was now on the plane, sitting on a window seat, Ashes next to him, trying to look out the window with his three heads. With his earphones in his ears, Jesse waited. He looked out the window, they hadn't set off yet. He looked back, and the plane was more filled then it had been when he last looked, with more soon-to-be Wolfborn students, some were excitedly chatting to friends, others were trying to wipe their tears off their face, and some, like Jesse were using phones or other electrical consoles. He looked behind himself to see a blonde-haired girl and her cat, and he turned around quickly before she noticed him. He sighed and waited for the plane to start.
Mark and his parents arrived at the airport, as well as Levi. Mark really wanted to go to Wolfborn, but he knew he didn't want to leave his parents behind. His dad told him someday he would have to fend for himself one day, and that day is today. Mark thought about the awesome things he might do at Wolfborn. But as that thought faded away, he put his head down and shed a small tear.

More tears came after that, and Mark tried to hold them in, but still couldn't. "Hold back the tears," he said. "Don't let them overcome you." Levi saw Mark and comforted him. As Mark saw Levi, he said, "Thanks. You're a great friend Levi. I should think about the positive times." Mark wiped away his tears and smiled. Mark saw a lot of people at the airport. Some chatting over many different things, some still trying to hold back tears, and even some using their electronics. Mark had his phone deep in his backpack, so he just went to chat with the many excited people. He had a good chat with most of them. Mark finally sat down, opening his backpack, to use his phone to play CraftMine.
John stepped out of the doorway of his house into the sun. Before him what seemed to be a crack in nothing sat, as it was to be his transportation to the airport. He wasn't sure why he didn't just teleport himself directly to the school, but John was going to take the plane. After picking up his suitcase, he stepped forward.

The warp seemed to just shift reality to where the plane sat at the airport. John stepped forward onto the plane, taking a seat next to another person playing some kind of block game on his phone, not that it interested him much. Leaning back, John attempted to get some rest for the trip.
Crystal looked up, seeing the boy in front of her quickly look back. “Cute Cerberus!” She said quietly, not knowing if he heard or not.

The plane rumbled and started going forward onto the runway, getting faster and faster. Crystal held on to Sapphire in the seat beside her for the take off. The plane went up, higher into the sky, and Sapphire had wondered over onto Crystal’s lap to take a look with her. Beautiful blue skies, white clouds below, but this wasn’t it. The plane went higher, landing on what looked like a floating island with a massive school on. She guessed this was how others were not able to find Wolfborn.

After the plane stopped and landed, Crystal grabbed her luggage, placing Sapphire’s toy inside, and walked off with her cat. She looked around for the boy she saw on the plane as she waited for the guide to arrive and show everyone to their dorms. Sapphire sat down, licking her paws and cleaning herself from the ride.
Mark got on the plane very late, since he was so caught up in the mobile game. When Mark got on, he sat down, saying goodbye to his parents as Levi sat down next to him. Mark was anxiously tapping his foot on the plane, getting more and more excited as the plane gets closer to the school.

When Mark arrived at the school, he jumped into the air accidentally, almost hurting himself as he landed on the ground. Mark guessed many people noticed him fall. He just stood up right after and dusted off the small amounts debris like nothing happened. Mark decided to not do anything until he is needed or for some other good reason.
When he heard the girl shout at him, he didn't know what she was saying, so he assumed she was annoyed. Jesse blushed. A lot. His face looked like a red carrot. He looked back, to see the plane was now in midair. He continued with using his phone, and when he next looked out the window, the plane had arrived at a floating island with Wolfborn on-top. His eyes lighted up, glowing slightly red. Ashes looked out the window, he was now on Jesse's lap, and the dog barked its heads off. "Ugh, Ashes.".

After Jesse had finished fixing Ashes' heads on, he put his phone and earphones back in his rucksack, and headed out of the plane now it had landed. He saw a first-year, the same year as him land on the floor painfully from a jump. Normally, someone would have gone to pick him up, but as he hated to attract attention, he refused and looked around for the girl who had shouted at him on the plane, to apologise. After spotting her, he ran up to her and awkwardly bowed down. "I'm so so sorry about disturbing you on the plane.."
Crystal looked down at the boy apologizing to her and smiled back at him. "No.. Its fine, you didn't disturb me! I just saw you look away and wanted to say hi or something.. anyway, as I said before, I love your Cerberus! He's adorable!" She looked at her cat who was still cleaning herself and turned to the boy again, "This is Sapphire, my Maine Coon."

After chatting with him, Crystal heard a shout to follow. It was the guide, telling everybody to go with him to find their dorms. They went inside the school, it looked amazing, Crystal awed and looked around, fascinated.

When they all got to the big hall with a line of doors leading to many dorms, everybody split up to find the door with their name on. Crystal waved goodbye to the boy and went down the hall to find her own. She walked down a bit, until seeing 'CRYSTAL' on one of them, and went inside. She picked up the key from the side and put it in her pocket for later. Sapphire followed along happily and quickly found the pet bed. Her little bed was like a small blue castle with white ribbons, and a fluffy white pillow inside for her to sleep on. Apart from that, the room was animal themed to fit Crystal's power and personality, just like Sapphires little bed.
Mark heard the guide tell them to come with him to find their dorms. Mark excitedly went inside to find his dorm. Levi followed, and was excited as well. Mark's jaw dropped when he saw the inside of the school. "This is where I'm going to be learning? THIS IS AWESOME!" said Mark loudly. "Crap, I'm gonna catch more attention." said Mark.

Mark ran to look for his dorm, trying to catch less attention. He bumped into many people, not knowing who he crashed into. He finally made it to his dorm that had 'MARK' on the door. There were many things. The whole room was underwater themed, to fit Mark's power and Levi's old home. Mark exhaled and inhaled quietly, and then sat on his bed.
After Crystal and Jesse had finished talking, and a guide had shouted them to follow, Peter had arrived at his dorm. The room was a modern apartment, with a birch-wood planks floor, and a red carpet on top. There was a lime green sofa that slightly curved and had enough room for 4-5 people, and there was a flatscreen TV on the wall. The walls had wallpaper that looked like a lot of skyscrapers, and there were small shelves in the shapes of cubes with a large square hole in the middle. There was a door on the right, which led to a small bathroom with a shower, a sink and a toilet, and a square hole in the wall that led to Jesse's bedroom. The bedroom had a door that led to the same bathroom, and there was a king-sized bed at the back of the room, with bedside tables on each side. At the foot of the bed was a bright red beanbag and a crimson beanbag. Ashes was comfortably sitting on the light red beanbag.

Jesse pulled the crimson beanbag into the main room, and started to unpack his suitcases. After finishing the tedious task, he fell onto his bed and lay down until he had notice of his next task to do. He decided to text his mum and dad, telling them what had happened so far.
Del slowly released her grip on the armrest as the plane landed. It was the girl's first time flying, and to be completely honest she hated every second of it. It was already a lot to put her in a small room full of people for a few hours. You also wanted to put that room thousands of feet in their air so no one could escape? What if her mask malfunctioned and by the time she noticed the cabin had filled with poisonous gas? What if she accidently got a cut and her blood melted a hole in the plane? What if, what if... The stress of all these scenarios caused Del's poison sweat to activate twice during the journey, but the masked girl had been able to notice it before she had touched someone. But it didn't matter now. The plane had landed, and the journey was over. There was a slight hissing noise as her snake, Arsen, slithered out from her hoodie. At least, Del thought he was a snake. For a snake, he was very resistant to pretty much every power Del had. Not only that, but he seemed to enjoy eating the sludge that Del would sometimes sweat. In fact, the snake ate it up like candy! Arsen had spent the flight wrapped around Del's stomach, asleep. Now it seemed he wanted something to eat.
"Shh!" Del shushed, adjusting her breathing mask. "You should have stayed up. You would have been full. I'll feed you later."

Noticing that she was one of the last people on the plane, Del grabbed her luggage and baseball bat and followed the group. She made sure to keep her distance as they entered the school, and tried not to act too impressed by it. This was way nicer then the dump she had been living in.

The students began to go off to find their dorms, and Del cringed at the thought. Lovely. Living with someone. Adjusting her backpack, Del found to her surprise that every one got their own individual room. Well, at least that was a thing. Locating the dorm named "DELPHINIUM", the first thing Del did was take a can of spray paint and spray over the "PHINIUM", leaving only "DEL". Taking one final look at the names on the neighboring dorms (CRYSTAL and some other name), Del entered her dorm.

The first thing Del noticed was the glass wall and door separating the room in half. On one half was a desk and a couch, while on the other side of the glass wall was a bed, dresser, and door to bathroom. Overall, the room seemed pretty sparsely decorated, with no real theme. Taking off her backpack, Del leaned her baseball bat against the wall. Arsen slithered to the ground, taking in the room as well. The masked girl walked through the glass door, shutting it behind her, while Arsen curled up on the couch, hissing contently.
Crystal left her room after unpacking all her things and went out into the hall, looking at all the dorms. Sapphire sniffed around a room with the name ‘DEL’ on it, she was quickly shooed from it by Crystal. She walked down the hall, looking back at the door, confused of what could be in there that was so interesting to her curious cat.

After walking down some flights of stairs to get outside of the school, Crystal went into the middle and sat on the big fountain in the middle, looking st the rest of the massive school. Sapphire sat on the edge, pawing some water playfully. She looked over to her owner, touching her arm with her fluffy paw. “What?” Crystal said, but Sapphire ran away, back to the dorms.

When she got back to her room door, the cat was again by the door with ‘DEL’ on it, scratching it. Crystal shrugged, having nothing to lose, and needing to meet people anyway, she lightly knocked. “Hi, my, uh.. cat seems interested in your room, it wold be nice to meet some people too, so if you don’t mind, do you wanna make friends.. or whatever? I don’t even know how to ask this..” She giggled at the end, having no other words left for the situation. Sapphire seemed to know what was happening and looked happy that she might be seeing Del and their room.
While Crystal had been exploring the fountain, Del had been exploring deeper into her room, on the other side of the glass wall. The girl quickly noticed what looked like a large A/C unit attached to the wall. On Del's bed was a note. Picking it up, Del glanced through it quickly.

Dear Miss Delphinium,
In the light of your powers, the faculty decided it best to modify your room for your convenience. The glass wall that encases the second half of your room is airtight once the door is closed, and the state of the art ventilation system connected to said room will be sure to provide you with plenty of air, as well as store and dispose of your fumes in a safe manner. We hope that this makes your stay that much more pleasent.

Sincerely, the Wolfborn Academy Staff.

Del slowly put down the note, having trouble comprehending its exact meaning. Did this mean.... Did this mean this room was made specifically for her?

The knock at Del's door snapped her out of her thoughts. In his seat, Arsen sat up and hissed loudly.
"Chill, Arsen. I'll take care of it." Del said, her command slightly muffled by her mask. Grabbing her baseball bat, she paused, listening. It was a girl, saying something about her cat and being friends. She couldn't quite hear all that the girl was saying. Del sighed. She knew she should have spray painted "Keep Out" on the door. Del opened the door a little, getting a look at the girl standing outside. To tell the truth, she looked the complete opposite of Del. Her blonde hair was clean and long, and she wore a clean t-shirt. Del, in comparison, looked quite dirty and ragged.
"What do you want." Del said. She kinda hoped her appearance alone would be enough to scare off the girl. Arsen slithered off the couch and next to Del, trying to seem menacing to the cat.
"Uh.. hi? Yeah, I just wanted to say hello, I guess. You don't seem in the mood for talking.. I'm sorry, I'll leave you in peace." Crystal nervously walked back, having no idea what to do. Sapphire hissed back at the snake before being pulled away by Crystal as she was about to pounce on it. They walked down a bit further, looking for more doors and names to meet.

The girl stopped at a door with 'MARK' on it, feeling good about this one. "That's a normal.. non-frightening name, right?" She asked her cat beside her. Sapphire gave a meow and sat in front of the door, cleaning herself. Crystal also walked up, giving a light knock. "Hi, I'm trying to meet people, if you wanna talk or something!" She'd gotten more confident with her words after the Del situation, sort of hoping to meet the girl again and try to make friends with her.
After what seemed like years, Jesse gave up on keeping to his room, he was too curious to see what else was at the floating paradise. Wait, what if it wasn't going to be paradise? What if Wolfborn became strict or there was a lot of homework he'd have to do? More stressful thoughts invaded his mind, and he clutched both of his hands to his head, his eyes were beginning to glow red and his clothes slowly became thinner, until Ashes leapt up onto the bed... and hugged him. His three heads were so comfortable against Jesse's skin, and he reverted back to normal, before any harm happened.

"Well.... that happened. I'd better go off and explore or I won't know where the first lesson is tomorrow...."- Jesse looked at his timetable "flying. Forget that, that's easy enough to find. There's a large garden out there, surely we'd do it there.". He packed up a small red bag and wrapped it around his shoulder, and the thin black rope stretched diagonally across his chest. He opened the door, Ashes right behind, and then locked it behind him. As he walked down, he could see a few other people, mostly people older than him.

As he was walking down, looking at the names of some of the rooms, he saw the same girl from the plane walking away from someone who looked quite vile. When he walked past DEL's door, he saw her, and how mean she looked. Without realising, he gave the girl a bit of a cold stare. He then saw the other girl knocking on MARK's door. He continued to walk down until he reached the school entrance, and then he turned back and walked to his room again.
Mark heard a knock at his door, and Levi started to jump up and down. "I know it's cool having a visitor come to our dorm, but don't get crazy." Mark opened the door with big smile. "Hello to you too," said Mark confidentially. "Well cool, I'd love to talk." Mark moved out of the way to let Crystal in, and he was so excited to possibly have a new friend.
Del watched as the girl walked away. It was probably for the best. People that hung around Del didn't usually last long. Just as Del was about to go back into her room, she noticed another student, a boy, giving her a cold stare from across the hall. Well, it appeared that some people didn't approve of her behavior. Del closed the door to her dorm and sat down on the couch. Aspen, satisfied that he showed that dumb cat who's boss, slithered back to the couch.

As Del sat on the couch, she started to... Feel something. Something she didn't quite like. She needed something to distract her. Looking at the glass wall in the middle of her room, an idea slowly started to form. Getting up, Del adjusted her gas mask and began to take some spray paint cans out of her bag. Arsen, seeing what Del was planning, hissed happily and slithered over to the radio. The snake flipped it on, and luckily it was on Del's favorite channel already.

"Alright you metalheads! This is FM 103.1, your Heavy Rock station!" The dj yelled from the radio.
"Nice choice, Arsen." Del said, smiling under her mask. Rolling up her sleeves, Del shook a can of spray paint as the music began to play. Guitars wailed as a husky, slightly screamy voice began to sing.

I'm winning, You're losing. I'm falling, your agony, lower, than lower, before, your forgotten memory!

"Hey, Arsen, turn it up." Del said as she began to paint on the glass wall. The snake nodded, turning the volume up quite loud.
Crystal looked at Mark as he opened the door, waving hello. She was happy to meet someone willing to make a friend, and walked inside his room after he had moved aside. "I'd love to talk to! I couldn't wait to make a friend here, the first girl.. wasn't so willing, you could say." Sapphire followed and ran up to Levi, who was looked very excited. The furry cat sniffed around the creature and let out a small meow to say hello to it, then turned to Mark and gave a small purr.

Crystal sat on the bed, looking around the water-themed room. "Wow, this is cool! You're name is Mark, right?" She said, leaning down to Levi and stroking his head gently. "Oh, anyway! I'm Crystal, it's nice to meet you. This is my cat, Sapphire, she's a Maine Coon if you were wondering." She looked over at a wall, hearing a faint sound of music, but looked away again. "Oh yeah, what's your power?"
Mark was happy Crystal was willing to talk and make friends. When Sapphire went up to Levi to sniff and meow at him, as well as purring at Mark, he and his pet smiled. When Crystal said his dorm looked cool and asked if Mark's name was Mark, he said, "Thanks! Also, yeah, my name is Mark."

While Crystal was stroking Levi's head, and Levi was sticking out his tongue, Crystal told Mark her and her pet's name. She also asked what was Mark's powers, and he replied with, "Oh I have the power to have up to ten tentacles come out of my back. Here, lemme show you." Mark made 6 tentacles come out of his back to show Crystal. Then Mark asked, "What are your powers Crystal?"
Ashes wandered around inside the dorm, hoping to find a bit of food, even thought it knew there wasn't. As it reached the main room again, it looked over towards a half-eaten sandwich left by Jesse before he left. The only problem was, how was he going to reach it if it was on a table? He wandered back, to a bookshelf in the bedroom, and started going back and forth to grab a book and put it next to the table. After he was so close to the sandwich, the bathroom door opened.

"Ashes, what are you doing?!". Jesse grabbed the sandwich quickly, before Ashes could take a bite. As Jesse began to walk away, Ashes prepared to pounce, and he leapt across the room, grabbing the sandwich out of Jesse's hand, and knocking him into his bed. "ASHES! What the heck are you doi- HEY THAT'S MY SANDWICH!". All three of Ashes' heads took turns alternating on which head bit into the sandwich.

Jesse's hand turned into black smoke, he pointed it at the sandwich, it ripped off Ashes' grip, and soared into Jesse's hand. The hand became skin again short after, and Jesse ate the rest of the sandwich before Ashes could try to grab it again. He looked at Ashes again, who was using puppy-eyes, but to no success, Jesse was immune to his tricks.

He lay down on the bed, and waited for more action to happen.
As Mark showed his tentacles to Crystal, she opened her mouth in surprise, “I guess I wasn’t expecting that, but it’s amazing alright!” She watched the excited Levi sticking its tongue out with Sapphire playing happily. When Mark asked about her powers, Crystal turned into a cat just like Sapphire and gave a meow before turning back into a human again. “I can turn into animals!”

As they chatted, the girl heard a BANG a couple rooms down, “Wow, we should probably go see who that was, that didn’t sound too good.” She said, heading to the door and getting Mark to follow if he wanted to come. Sapphire ran outside, down to a room with ‘JESSE’ on it and sat meowing at the door. Crystal went over too, without even needing to knock because of her loud cat, she said, “Hey, we heard a noise coming from your room, are.. you okay?”
Jesse got up and walked over to the door and opened it, Ashes trailing behind him. "Uh, yeah, I'm fine. Just.. had a bit of a sandwich war with my pet Cerberus.. and got flung onto my bed, which probably hit the wall or something... apart from that, anything else you want?". Ashes' three heads flung themselves around Jesse's leg, and he gave a firm shake to get him to go away. "Here, Ashes, go get this.". Jesse threw a bit of what looked like a fish stick over to the bedroom.
As the door opened, Crystal stared, "You're the guy from the plane!" She said after he had finished talking. "I guess everything's fine now then.." Crystal stepped back for Jesse to close the door and looked back to Mark, "What are you doing now? I have no idea what to do until lessons tomorrow." Sapphire ran to the Cerberus puppy inside the boy's room without Crystal seeing, and started to look at it and paw it. She quickly leapt out just in time for Crystal to look around and not suspect anything. Sapphire started meowing too now, looking bored, standing in one place for so long. "Hey, quiet down, we'll get moving as soon as."
Mark followed as Crystal went to a dorm door that said 'JESSE' on it. As Jesse was explaining what happened, Mark thought, "Pet Cerberus?! AWESOME!" Mark was also thinking on how she knew Jesse from the plane. Mark shook off the thought as Crystal asked what he was gonna do. Mark said to Crystal as he saw Sapphire jump into Jesse's room, "I don't know. Maybe we can look around some more."
Crystal smiled at Mark, "Sure! Maybe they have a pool for Levi or something.. that would be so cool!" She went down the hall, Sapphire ran ahead, going off to explore herself. Crystal tried to get her, but to no success. "She's independent, she'll come back.." She told Mark.

After a little while of walking, Crystal found some glass doors with a big gym inside, and a pool to the side in another room. One also led outside to a bigger pool. "Hey! It does have a pool!" She said, starting a dive in, turning into a dolphin before she hit the water. Crystal swam around for a bit, before jumping out and turning back into a human before she could touch the floor, landing on her normal two feet. Sapphire gave a hiss and ran over, looking a bit wet and annoyed. "Sorry!" Crystal said, drying her off with her shirt. "We have to make some friends and come here when we have no lessons. This would be so fun!" She said, looking at Mark with a smile.
You're trying to take me,
You're trying to make me,
This is the only, this is the only thing!
I'm tired of trying,
I'm tired of lying,
The only thing I understand is what I feel

Del took a step back from her masterpiece, taking it in. It was still in progress, but Del felt like she needed a break. Usually, she didn't get this far in her spray painting so fast, but the intensity of the Heavy Metal helped her focus and beat away all the negative thoughts.
"Hey, Arsen, turn it down!" Del yelled to her snake over the guitars and drums. Arsen pretended not to notice. Sighing, Del walked over and shut off the radio. The quiet filled the room so quickly Del almost turned the radio back on. But she didn't. With a sigh, Del sat back down on the couch and looked at her work. Pretty good work, she should say. Definitely put a little more color in the room.

But now, Del was tired of painting. At least for now.
"Alright, Arsen. I'm going to go look around." Del said, getting up. She walked over to her backpack and grabbed a pair of black, rubber gloves that looked a little too big for her and put them on. Del slid a can of black spray paint into her pocket and grabbed her baseball bat, moving to the door. Arsen slithered after her, but Del pointed at him.
"No. You stay here, and don't bite anyone. You hear me? No biting." Del said. Arsen hissed sadly, but went back to his seat on the couch. With that, Del left her dorm.
Mark was glad Crystal agreed to explore more of the school. "Hopefully," said Mark, as Crystal said that Sapphire would come back after running off to who knows where. Mark walked with Crystal some more after that.

When Mark saw the pool inside another room, he looked at Levi, who was jumping up and down with eyes bigger than a queen bed. Mark was glad, because he had brought swim trunks under his pants. When Crystal dived and turned in into a dolphin, Levi jumped in as well. Mark cannonballed in, laughing. "Cannonball!!" said Mark, and did a cannonball. Mark got out of the pool with Crystal. As Crystal smiled after she talked about how they could meet more people there, Mark smiled back and said, "That would be a great idea! Also, I'm gonna stay here for a while. You can stay if you want, but you don't have to."
Crystal giggled after Mark agreed, happy to find someone she could talk to and have fun with. After the boy had said he would stay, she nodded back in response, "I'll stay for a while, you and Levi look like you're having fun!" And with that, she did a cannonball into the pool just like Mark did before, turning into a dolphin again. Sapphire looked down, meowing at the dolphin in the water and looking at Mark. Crystal jumped up, making happy dolphin noises and did a small splash towards Mark. Sapphire dipped her paw in, reaching to Crystal and touching the blowhole on her dolphin head. She blasted some water out at the cat, making it jump slightly, backing away from the pool and laying down in a cosy corner.
Mark opened his mouth and eyes wide open as Crystal cannonballed in, making a big splash and turning into a dolphin. When Sapphire jumped back from the blowhole spraying a bunch of water, Levi and Mark died of laughter. "Hey wait, you splashed me, so I'm gonna splash you back!" said Mark, after calming down from the laughter. He splashed Crystal with bunch of water and laughed.
As soon as Jesse had noticed that she was the girl from the plane, the girl had gone, and he was alone. He'd just noticed too, that the boy who had fallen over was there too. All he needed to see now was that Del girl and he'd see everyone he'd actually got a good glimpse of in 5 minutes. And he did, she came walking out of her dorm. Within seconds, he decided to leave his dorm too, and walk in the direction of the others. "Come on Ashes, we're going on a walk again.". Ashes came following behind, his three heads playing some sort of game with each other.

He arrived at a pool where there was a dolphin and the boy that the plane-girl was with. Jesse could tell instantly that the girl had the power of either just becoming a dolphin, or becoming any animal. "Hey!" he shouted at them, as Ashes jumped up onto the side of the pool, and then leapt back, realising there was water. Deciding to try and make the two laugh, he crept behind Ashes, who was on the side of the pool again, looked at the two, his finger over his mouth, to tell them not to signal Ashes or anything, and pushed the three-headed dog in the water. Ashes started flipping out in the pool, and leapt out onto the side within seconds, jumping off. Jesse gave an awkward laugh after Ashes looked at him with anger, which looked like as harmless as an angry Donald Duck.

"You, uh, don't mind if I hang out with you guys, right?"
Upon leaving her room, Del noticed that she wasn't alone in the hall. Another student, one with a small three-headed dog. Del didn't really care that he saw her. Leaning her baseball bat against the wall, Del closed the door to her dorm and took out her can of black spray paint. After a few moments and some quick strokes, the words KEEP OUT were now painted on Del's door in large black letters. Satisfied with her work, Del picked her baseball bat back up and walked down the hallway.
When Mark splashed Crystal back, she jumped right out the pool, onto the side again. “That was fun!” She heard a voice, and looked over. It was the boy from the plane again, pushing his Cerberus into the pool. She laughed as the creature angrily got out with a look on its heads, “This is both cute, and funny at the same time..”

After the boy asked if he could hang out with Crystal and Mark, she nodded. “I don’t mind, I’m guessing you don’t either?” She said, looking at Mark and Levi. “Oh! Do you want to come swimming? The waters great!” The girl said to the newcomer. “-And your name’s.. Jesse, I think I saw it on your door.”

At this time, whilst everybody chatted, Sapphire emerged from her corner, with a massive stretch and little confident walk. She ran to the Cerberus and said hello with a meow, before running in a circle, trying to ask to play. She also ran over to Levi and asked him to play too. “It’s not just us three that made new friends today then.” Crystal said, giggling.
"I'm Jesse. Jesse Pearson. This is Ashes.". He pointed to the Cerberus. "You two are...?".

Ashes looked at Sapphire and Levi, and then chased after the maine coon. However, he got tired quickly and jumped into the pool, which he floated surprisingly well for a dog associated with fire. Jesse got into the pool, after hearing his answer, and completely forgot he had clothes on. Immediately, he jumped out, and looked at his soaking clothes. "Drat! I'm so used at home, where I can- uh, nevermind.... don't question it. I'll, uh, go and change now... see you in like, five minutes.". Jesse left without time for anyone to question him.

As Jesse walked down to his room, he saw about two doors away, the "DEL" door now had an intimidating "KEEP OUT" on the door. He sighed, as it's not like anyone's going to go inside that door anyways. His hand became black smoke and he muttered something, a letter appeared in front of the door, nailed down to the floor.

"To "Del"."
Not like I can do anything about it, but there's literally no point to that "KEEP OUT". I'm pretty sure Wolfborn have a jinx, curse, spell, whatever you call it, that makes the door access to only you. If anything, it just attracts more attention. Sorry to bother you.

From Jesse (the one two doors away). Good luck at Wolfborn.

"I guess that's friendly enough, I don't wanna make any enemies here.". He pushed down on the handle and opened the door to his room. Again, with the hand still being smoke, he muttered words, and his clothes dried themselves out. Jesse's powers worked with a sort of language, if you had the right "blood", but you had to remember to cover any loopholes in the spell, however, this time, he had forgot to. The water came falling off of his clothes, but piled up on the carpet, soaking it.

"Oh, oops. Uh, I think Ashes can get rid of it later, I don't know." He stared at the carpet, and then left the room. As he arrived down to the pool, he looked at the two, and waited for conversation.
"Glad you had fun!" said Mark to Crystal. After Jesse pushed his Cerberus into the water, Mark and Levi laughed even harder then they did before, taking a long time to stop and breathe to calm down. After Crystal asked if Levi and Mark cared if Jesse joined with the two, they both shook their heads. "Jesse......cool name!" said Mark, after Crystal guessed Jesse's name.

When Sapphire wanted Levi to play, Levi jumped out of the water to have fun with Sapphire and Ashes. Mark giggled as well with Crystal. When Mark was asked his name by Jesse, Mark replied with, "My name's Mark, and my pet leviathan is Levi. You do not want to know what his full name is." Mark laughed a little when he saw Jesse jump into the water with clothes on, but changed his face when he heard Jesse not finish his sentence about what he was able to do at his house. Mark looked at Crystal with a very confused face.
Del wandered around the building, her baseball bat on her shoulder. This building... Was huge! Not only that, but very mazelike as well. It was so different from the junkyard, her head was spinning. Long halls, classrooms, fountains... Del even found a room that held a pool, but she could hear voices from inside and didn't go in. Not that she wanted to. She didn't know how to swim, didn't have a swim suit, and her mask failed when wet. A great many things could go wrong.

On her ventures, Del had found many promising areas. Many large, blank walls. Perfect. Del made careful not in memorizing each location, then started to make her way back to her dorm.

Someone had stuck a note to her door. A student, named Jesse. He said the Keep Out drew more attention, but that was she wanted. She prefered that people stayed away. At least... That's what Del kept trying to tell herself. It was for their better good. Her determination rekindled, Del started to spray paint a skull and crossbones on her door as well.
“The name’s Crystal, nice to finally meet you properly. And this is Sapphire!” Crystal pointed to her cat, happily playing with the 2 other creatures in the room. She leaned down to Ashes and petted each of its three head before it jumped into the pool. She watched Mark laugh his head off, which made her laugh too. When Jesse jumped in with full clothes, Crystal laughed with Mark slightly, until he jumped out and ran away without finishing his sentence about what he usually does at home. She looked at Mark, equally confused.

After a little while, Jesse came back, looking completely dry again. “Hey! How did you get so..” She waved, but her sentence trailed off before she asked, thinking about how awkward the boy was to walk away wet. She shook the thought out of her head and looked at him again. “So, not to make you feel aware but.. what are your powers? Sorry, I just get so curious about everyone’s powers, they’re all so cool!” Her curiosity had gotten the most of her this time.

At this point, Sapphire still leapt and bounded around with Levi and raced around with the Cerberus from the pool edge, with the puppy still in the water.
"what are your powers?". As soon as Crystal said that, Jesse's head perked up, his eyes opening wide. "Oh, my powers? Uh, well.... it's not the most controllable thing, but I can show you.. just be a bit... cautious, k?"

"Tiskiasn jai!". As Jesse said that, he quickly started becoming paler and paler, but in fact, he was becoming more translucent, like a ghost. He stopped, when he became like a white plastic cup, and then started shaping darker. And then, from a small explosion, Jesse was no-more, just an humanoid creature. The process only took about two seconds.

The thing was like a human shadow, but not stuck to a surface, nor 2D. It had weird purple patterns stuck onto it, and a sceptre attatched onto its back with a quiver. It had thief-like clothes, and red, glowing eyes. It formed into a ball of gas, and flew around the pool, before landing back and becoming human again.

"Not the most.... delightful-looking thing, but that's the full thing. I can just limit it down to a hand or something, which gives me the ability to use "dark magic". Not that I'm evil or anything, I'm really hoping I don't land in the Demon or Gorgon house, it's not THAT bad, I've saved a few animals and stuff with it... and received bites as rewards... I don't know, you guys aren't scared of me or anything, right?"
As Jesse used his powers, forming into something completely different, with purple patterns and colours, even Sapphire stopped playing with Levi and Ashes to stare. Crystal looked the creature he became, fascinated. The moment he landed back on the floor as a normal human, she encouraged him not to be awkward with it, “That was.. wow! But, seriously, don’t be scared to show it off, we all have some sort of power here. Even if you do think you look.. scary or anything, Del, without her powers, is intimidating already. No offence to her, of course!” She smiled, stroking Sapphire, who immediately calmed down again and remembered what she was doing.

When the boy spoke about his house, Crystal wondered where she would go too. “Probably not, you don’t seem like a bad person, and you look like you can control it just fine under normal circumstances and all that.”

After a while in the pool, Crystal walked over to the door, “I think I heard the school has a cafe, I’m going to go check it out, you guys came come with me if you want! You just go out to the fountain and turn.. left? Yeah, I think.” She went back outside, looking up to the blue sky and fluffy clouds. Sapphire came running to catch up with her, turning her nose left as they got closer to the cafe. “This is it, you could smell it, couldn’t you?”

The cafe was serving lots of delicious treats like donuts, muffins, cupcakes, pizza, cake and some more pastries to welcome everybody to Wolfborn. It wasn’t very packed at all, since they had just shortly arrived at the school, and everybody was still in their dorms setting up and decorating. Sapphire went up to the front and started sniffing around a sign that read ‘PET SNACKS’. Crystal went over to gaze at all the delicious looking treats. She lifted Sapphire up for a better look, and she pawed at a small cake looking treat that was meat flavoured. One of the ladies working in the cafe took one out on a white plate with a Wolfborn logo in the middle and gave it to Crystal. She sat down at a table and put Sapphire down on the floor with her meat treat, which she quickly started eating like a starving cat who hadn’t been fed in ages.
Mark was amazed to see how awesome Jesse's powers were as well. Mark agreed and nodded to everything Crystal said about that we all have powers and Del is already intimidating enough without her powers (Mark laughed a little when he had heard that). While Crystal and Jesse talked about houses, Mark was wondering what they meant by that, but he guessed he'd learn about it soon.

"Sure, I'll come, I am a little hungry." Mark followed Crystal as she walked to the cafe. Mark saw the big posters that have the name "Sunset Cafe" on it. "Must be the cafe's full name." said Mark. Levi suddenly jumped at the snacks and took a ton of them. "Levi, put all of those back, I'm not buying them all." said Mark, with a disappointed face. Levi used his cute puppy dog eyes to trick him into buying them. Mark sighed and went to get muffins and a pizza.
Roman walked up to the entrance of Wolfborn with an almost nervous look on his face. "So... this is it, free from the shackles of my family and put in the shackles of school... unlike my family, school is where I can finally be myself." He muttered to himself. He looked back and smiled at his majestic silver griffin. "Come on Athena, let's go see if our room's already been prepared." He said as he turned around and made his way into the school, Athena followed behind as they both turned their heads to look at everything.

"Wanna get something to eat after we find our room?" Roman asked Athena who responded with a cheerful coo and spread her wings a bit, noticeable to see from far distances. He found where the dorms were and looked to see were his name was. "No... no... no... Ah! Here we are." Roman said as he found a door that said 'ROMAN MERCER' on it. He looked inside and sighed as it almost reminded him of his room; A king sized bed, a couch with fine leather, a flat screen TV, a bookshelf, a door leading to the bathroom, a chandelier on the ceiling and even a basket big enough for his griffin to sleep in. "This place spares no expense..." Roman thought while Athena was tempted to try her bed out, but remembered that they were to get something to eat.

After settling in to their room and putting his bag away, Roman left to find the café, people who walked by were stunned at the sight of the griffin that followed him.
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