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Your favourite Pokemon

If I had to choose one of my favourite Pokemon, I would have to go with Altaria/Mega Altaria. When I was a young child, I had started playing Pokemon for the first time during Generation 3. One of my older cousins had given me one of his Game Boy Advance SP's, and his copies of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. This had truly brightened up my life in a significant way, as I have continued to play so many more Pokemon games ever since.

My personal affection for Altaria was when I had faced Gym Leader Winona for the first time at her gym in Fortree City. It was during my first playthrough of Pokemon Ruby. Altaria has such a majestic, and graceful presence. The majority of Altaria's body is covered in fluffy clouds and soft white feathers. Not to mention that Altaria has a ravishing appearance. I personally like that the light blue complexion of Altaria blends in beautifully with the white fluffy clouds on its body.

As for Mega Altaria, Game Freak decided to add a lot more white fluffy clouds, and feathers to Altaria. Whenever I am looking at the design, it looks like Altaria is being slowly consumed by the clouds on its body. To be honest with you, I personally like Mega Altaria's design as well. The addition of more clouds, and feathers help to make Mega Altaria a fluffier, and feathery creature.
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My favorite Pokémon is, well, Azumarill. I don't really know why I like it, maybe because it's cute, maybe because I like rabbits or simply because it got an OP ability. But the most likely answer is because I once used one in Emerald and it instantly stick. Well, it got to make me like it a lot (my username is after Azurill Japanese name, Ruriri).

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My favourite Pokémon at this point would have to be Meltan and Zeraora, although outside of legendary status, it would have to go to Litten, Meowth and Skitty. ...You can probably guess as to why.
Dragonite. in my 1st playthrough of fire red, i had found a dragonair and caught it 1st try.then i have a dragonite plushie and im playing ss like rn and i got a dratini on goldenrods game corner. here is the ss team if youre intrested


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Dragonite. in my 1st playthrough of fire red, i had found a dragonair and caught it 1st try.then i have a dragonite plushie and im playing ss like rn and i got a dratini on goldenrods game corner. here is the ss team if youre intrested
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Meant to post this yesterday, but my memory is made of fail. It's a familiar topic that should be revived after all. The title pretty much speaks for itself: what Pokemon is your absolute favourite and why?

As regulars here will know, my favourite is Manectric. Not quite sure why. I just came across one after rediscovering Pokemon and I was instantly drawn to him. He became my Thunderdog and he's been my firm favourite since. He has a weird design, and we can all agree that loads of other Pokemon look much cooler/better, but I just love him and he's a solid member of my competitive battle team. I've never even seen him in the anime, and I'm not sure what he sounds like. But I loves him ♥

Other favourites include: Sceptile, Murkrow and Munchlax ♥

So, what about you?
I love Shiny Scorbunny
One of my all time favorite Pokémon is Mightyena! I mean look at him! He's such a good boy! I wanna give him Pokeblocks and snoot boops, and pamper the hell outta him! If it were at all viable, I would have an entire team of them, and several PC boxes would be full of them too!

They're absolute perfection when it comes to Coolness and Strength competitions. My first Mightyena won every Strength competition without much resistance! To this day, I still remember when he won the Lilycove City finals.

They're the perfect example of what a Dark Type Pokémon should be; Strong, agile, and courageous. Loyal to the bitter end.


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My favourite pokemon...
Ok, this thing is absolutely adorable, and it knows so many moves, it’s just...
AAAHHH! I would have that as my partner, hands down no questions asked.
Also, it has spiritual connection so that’s cool.


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well, im a Ray Ray fan by heart, but i do have a love for other pokemon. But fortunately, no pokemon can compare to Rayquaza. but that's just my opinion. everyone else has lots of great choices, based on their close relationship to their choices.


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Gengar for sure.

It's design is so cool, and theories of it being the shadow of a clefable are so interesting to read. It's mega form is not only super intimidating, but shiny mega gengar is just a whole different level of coolness :0


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My top ten are:
1. Pikachu
2. Cinderace
3. Gardevoir
4. Electivire
5. Charizard
6. Victini
7. Mew
8. Gengar
9. Greninja
10. Incineroar

In that order.