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Hello everyone. Today I wish to bring to light my fan fiction called Dimrill's Pokemon Adventure (More Creative Title later). I have 9 chapters posted and am currently working on chapter 10, but I have an idea for this.

Obviously Pokecharms isn't really well known to the entire Pokemon fan community. But I want to get some of the awesome content featured here out to the fans to bring light to the creativity of our wonderful members. For the main idea I want to have storytelling sessions for my fan fiction on my YouTube channel. I would read them myself, but as I hate to admit, I have a speech impairment. Due to a slight disability I have a hard time pronunciating words for a long period of time. And my voice isn't very attractive to be honest.

I am looking for someone with a good storytelling voice and a decent microphone to be my reader for my fan fiction. This person will need to be fluent in English as that is the language the piece is in. This will also be a continuous commitment, and it will be paid as soon as I get electronic banking figured out. I will never ask for anything for free as it is against my personal morals and beliefs.

Secondly, I am looking for artists to draw rough sketches of scenes of the story. This person will need to become familiar with the story and again will be paid. I am hoping to have a different artist for each chapter as to not have one person doing an insane amount of work for the expected 30 to 35 chapters for the first season.

The purpose of this project is to involve as much of the Pokecharms community as I can. So if you think you might want to help and/or are not sure about a commitment, just respond here or PM me. My written works can be found by clicking/tapping my username @PokeStorm and going to my profile. Under the tab labeled Written Works you can find all the posted chapters in their original form. For the reading part I will be making modifications to enhance the story. But no change to the plot will be made.
You know I am glad to help. I dont want any payment. (I might ask for a favor eventually, but no payment.)

And again, I do not have the best art but I enjoy your story a lot and would enjoy *cough* maybe *cough* enjoy doing fan art, ect. Just LMK if you want me to work on a pic, and I’ll see what I can do.
Thank you @RenzFlintrock Im gonna see who else adds to this project before I give tasks.

Honestly the reading aloud is the person I need the most. But worst thing happens I get a friend of mine to do it. But again I want to make this a community project so lets wait until more people come forward.

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I can think about it. I would like to ask, however. How would I get it to you? Would it be email or something? (oh, and, if you want high-pitched characters, forget me. My voice cracks don't like squeaky high-pitched noises. Anything above a d note is probably too high for me lol. I have a deep voice.)