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  1. Carmen Lopez

    (Maybe Spoilers) Guzma Appreciation Thread

    Guzma is most definitely my favorite villainous team leader. After learning about his backstory and why he is the way he is, you just feel for the guy.
  2. Carmen Lopez

    Alola Also Means Goodbye (Official Sun and Moon Playthrough Thread)

    So speaking of endgame.... Edit: just realized that was a story spoiler. I'm an idiot.
  3. Carmen Lopez

    Alola Also Means Goodbye (Official Sun and Moon Playthrough Thread)

    I've finished Sun a couple of days ago and I'm currently working my way through the post game. To put it simply: Pokemon main series games: Good story or good gameplay. Choose one. Needless to say, Sun and Moon have the former. Game play is a step down (seriously, SOS battles are the WORST...
  4. Carmen Lopez

    Alola Also Means Goodbye (Official Sun and Moon Playthrough Thread)

    So uh...what did Mega Evolution ever do to Sun and Moon? A few Pokedex entry "highlights" Salamence: Mega Evolution fuels its brutality, and it may even turn on the Trainer who raised it. It’s been dubbed “the blood-soaked crescent.” Metagross: Mega Evolution stimulated its brain. It emerged...
  5. Carmen Lopez

    Final Starter Evolutions, Battle Tower, Island Guardians, and More Revealed!

    Whoo, where to start? First off, this is the first generation where I'm a huge fan of all the starters. I'm switching my allegiance to Popplio as I love Primarina's fairy typing. That said, Incineroar is absolutely my favorite design and is my favorite final fire ego of all. Heel Pokemon? Fire...
  6. Carmen Lopez

    CoroCoro Reveals Rockruff Evolution, More Ultra Beasts

    I'm loving Rugarugan and its interesting forme mechanic and the Ultra Beasts look cool as well. The anime actually has me intrigued and I haven't really been intrigued since the anime decided to throw a giant middle finger at the fanbase named Tobias. We all know I have no problems with...
  7. Carmen Lopez

    Pokémon GO Coming to Apple Watch

    Hopefully this will make it's way to Samsung's watch soon. I've been saying for the longest that I wish Pokemon Go was on Smart watches. Assuming this doesn't eat the battery too badly, I'd prefer it to the Pokemon Go+
  8. Carmen Lopez

    Buddy System Announced for Pokémon GO

    Good, a more reliable way for me to get Magikarp candies. That said, they need to release Gen II soon.
  9. Carmen Lopez

    Pokécharms Is Getting An Upgrade

    You did an amazing job, Data! It's absolutely beautiful ♥
  10. Carmen Lopez

    CoroCoro Reveals More New Pokémon & Alola Forms

    They're throwing caution to the wind with these new designs aren't they? I was iffy on Alola Pokemon when I first saw them, but you know what? They're growing on me and I do appreciate that Game Freak is changing it up (even though we're only seeing Alolan forms of Gen I pokes). Sure a lot of...
  11. Carmen Lopez

    Alola Forms, Z-Moves, Island Challenge, And More Revealed!

    Let me make a serious post now. We've been calling for Game Freak to change it up for a while now and it looks like it's finally happening. No gym challenge? Z-Moves? Pokemon with new forms? We've seen fan-made things like this and we've seen similar stuff done in the anime (like the Crystal...
  12. Carmen Lopez

    Alola Forms, Z-Moves, Island Challenge, And More Revealed!

    ...Does anyone remember GPX where we clicked eggs. Remember that Winter Vulpix? I can't stop laughing!
  13. Carmen Lopez

    Pokemon Go Ahead or Pokemon Go Away? The Pokecharms.com Review

    Yep, the game is a beta and it shows. Just today my husband ended up coming upon a hilarious glitch that turned the entire screen black with just the Pokemon in the middle. I kinda thought it looked like Darkrai using Dark Void. A part of me wishes there was more caching so the game doesn't have...
  14. Carmen Lopez

    Great Pokemon Idea

    There's already rumblings of Pokemon Go on Google Glass so people are already thinking along those lines. However as RLRL said, that's still some ways off unless there was a development no one told me about.
  15. Carmen Lopez

    GameFreak runs out of creativity - makes Pokemon from a meme and a 3 year old's drawing of Pikachu

    I uh...will admit that Gen VII is definitely testing my open-mindedness when it comes to Pokemon designs lol. However I'm tempted to like Mimikkyu just for being a Fairy. Please. Please let this come true.