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I guess I could put things about me here (as the name of this section implies) so here goes:
I can be forgetful often, don't judge me, so Dm me if I'm behind in an Rp. I like cheese. I wear glasses. I am that one kid in the back of the class that is still reading though the teacher has set a different task. I can be lazy sometimes. My appetite is as big as my ego. I'm from England. I liek Mudkipz. My favourite (favorite) colour (color) is yellow. My favourite celebrity is Jessica Smith (the sun baby from teletubbies- yes this is joke). The first pokemon game I played was LeafGreen (surprisingly not FireRed though they're technically the same game). Hate to say it, but my least favourite pokemon is Jynx/Charizard. Though I liek Mudkipz, my favourite pokemon is also Galarian Ponyta.
Everytime I make a post on my profile page, I hang something on my door. Because I said 'If corn is made of corn oil, then what's baby oil made out of?', I soaked a doll in corn oil and put it on my door
Oh, dearie me, did you want a cuppa. Cheerio!
Favourite Pokémon
Favourite Pokémon Move
Muddy Water
Alert to sounds


Journey in Galar (Kia)
Sprout Laboratory - somewhat dead (Neko)
Hyper Zero Fantasy World (Jason/Denny)
Kirby: War for the Galaxy (Chee, Webbsy)
Whitesnake Highschool (Isabella)



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