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  • Whew... so, s1 was pretty damn good, albeit rushed, s2 didn't give the extra character depth I was wishing for, but otherwise was still great.
    Then s3... was crap.
    Like seriously... it seriously suffered from the flaws that appear to be incredibly prolific throughout idol anime, when it had previously avoided them to the extent that they were barely there.
    I want to get some fanart of some of my favourite characters from the show I just finished but I don't have the motivation to look for it myself so I'm trying to rely on other people in forum game on another site but I ended up getting two Hitoshi pictures instead of at least one of the characters I wanted.

    Both are great pictures I've not seen before, but still...
    I don't think anyone can relate to this, right?
    Haaa... I don't know why, but I seem to have very few tears available to shed... I'm certain I would've cried more in the final episode if my eyes weren't already dry from the penultimate one...~

    Certainly a series well-deserving of all the praise it gets~
    Three episodes left... so, in other words, next time I watch it, I'll be done.
    And, even though I decided on drawing my top five (minus forth) a while back, I still haven't gotten started on my second drawing...
    Just over two weeks ago, I was complaining about how long it was taking to get through this anime.
    Now, there's only nine episodes left.
    This is just brilliant...
    I thought it would be easy to draw him from memory, considering he's the main character of a show I've been watching for a month. But oh my gosh that collar I need to get a proper reference picture–
    Haa... isn't it just brilliant when it takes almost an entire month to get past the halfway point of a show?
    Started it on the 25th of last month... just watched episode 33 now... sigh
    ...I have yet more proof that knowing something is going to happen ahead of time does not affect one's reaction. Or at least, my reaction.
    3. SAO II:
    -Despite crap character building and, of course, knowing it was going to happen, they somehow made Yuuki's death scene emotional.
    4. SAO Alicization:
    -Same as above, but with Eugeo.
    5. Given:
    -I saw some spoiler tags before starting it and thus figured out what had happened after watching only three episodes, but the slow reveals and emotions were still strong.
    6. Demon Slayer rewatch:
    -As I was rewatching it I knew what was going to happen. Yet I still actually cried at Shinobu's backstory.
    7. Infinity Train rewatch.
    8. Link Click:
    -I don't remember how I got spoiled, but boy are the emotions from that cliffhanger strong. Probably in part because of that false sense of safety everyone was lulled into.
    Aand that's all of the times I've come across that 'knowledge ahead of time doesn't affect emotion' thing~

    Well, except for when I was reading the Evillious Chronicles books and came across emotional scenes that were in songs I'd heard or I'd read about on the wiki, which was most of them. But in particular Micheala's death springs to mind... crap that's getting me tearing up just typing it...
    Hrrn, I don't want this song stuck in my head. So don't press replay. a second later Dammit. starts singing along
    Hm... maybe I should draw my current favourite character from that...? Wait frick no– there's no way I can draw that part of his design–
    Well, I guess I could draw him with the coat... eh! But I can't draw such a fluttery coat, either–!
    ...Maybe in the style of the ending animation...?
    Fricking hell he became one of my favourites but then frickin' sigh

    On an unrelated note, I only ever seem to tear up at anime and stuff and never fully cry.
    Ughhh... this is so stupid! I can't get a game I really, really want all because of one feature that you don't even have to use...
    I'm sure it's that feature because it's the only thing I can think of that would need higher specs than AAside needed...
    So that's the deal with the dog.

    Context: My previous status implied I have recently started a shounen-action anime.
    It's so weird to hear the voice of the main love interest of a shoujo romance anime as the protagonist of a shounen-action...
    And they really do sound so alike, it's not just the same voice actor.
    Ahhhhhhhh... I've waited so long for this–~!
    Yawn. I'm bored.
    ...Wait... I didn't read manga on Friday–
    Or did I? I forgot... ah no. I caught up on the Thursday...
    Wait.. oh I'm confused... don't new chapters drop on Fridays? Why isn't there a new chapter?
    Well... Infinity Train is still emotional on a rewatch. Good to know.
    Then again, I already knew about the ending before watching the first time.
    ...Why... why is there no custom gender selection anymore...?
    On the bright side, multi-line statuses! And spoilers in there, too?
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    Wait, why's my profile picture not Shinobu? It's not even the Ren one or Haruka one I had between Ryo and Shinobu... yet my about still says Shinobu, so it's not like all profile information was outdated...
    Ughhh... the votes have stagnated completely on that poll...
    I've been meaning to say this for a while, but... I think I have a problem with making self-deprecating guitarists.
    Reasons for that part of their personalities:
    Was bullied.
    Some family issues. Haven't worked her out fully yet.
    Said something that hurt someone really badly because of short-sighted selfishness.
    Even worse family issues.
    Honestly no clue.

    ...I need to work on developing these female guitarists more.
    Oh my gosh what the I am just what the fu- I knew Kaoru's birthday was tomorrow but Mafuyu's?! And frickin' Light Yagami?!?
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