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  • ...Oh crap. I shoulda looked up and prepared the references for this outfit before I started...
    ...Though looking through ep2 for a good screenshot freakin' hell it wasn't just in the ending animation he innocuously made a cameo–

    ...And oh my freakin gosh– the first and only straight-on full-body shot of the outfit I need to see in that episode... was from the back, not front. and poorly lit
    ...Okay update: I now have suitable references.
    The issue now is this outfit is a lot more complicated than I remember...~
    Ooooh–~ There's contest to animate some scenes for the next season of an anime I like! ...Ah but you can only win if you live in the US... eh, just as well, assuming the deadline's two weeks I'll only have two days to work on it anywa– wait no the deadline's the 11th haha nope...
    Charlotte Pryce
    Charlotte Pryce
    Awe! That's a shame. I wonder why its U.S. only. Hmm...
    Well, sorry you can't enter. I bet you would have enjoyed it.
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    Nah, I could enter if I wanted to and had the time to, I just wouldn't have been able to win or get the participation prize.

    And the reason it's US-only is because it's hosted in the US... or I think that's what it said.
    ...Y'know, sometimes, when drawing, I think of this picture I saw which someone shared, saying that it was almost 100% done with only one layer.

    I think of that picture. And completely understand why that person was so proud of that piece 'cause in this current drawing I've made 62 layers – not counting duplicated ones – already and I'm not even halfway done on the lineart...~
    Ahhhh– that'll be able to see even just a full recording of a live show with those bandssss...! Ahhh I can't–
    I'm so excited for Sundayyyy...!
    sigh 115 rolls. Six copies of the spotlight three star, no copies of either spotlight four star.

    Also I can't use any more special episodes to get more stars 'cause I'm out of large shards dammit I need Yukimilia for the settt...!
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    gacha life, I feel your pain
    ...Ah, correction.
    At some point, though I didn't notice, I did get a spotlight four star.
    Just a duplicate of the one I already had which is absolutely pointless 'cause duplicates are only useful for skill level (and exchange, but I don't exchange 3/4 star dupes) and I've already maxed Remko's skill...

    Also twenty more rolls netted me yet another copy of the 3 star. Helpp... I only have one roll left.
    Ahhh... good slow start, making good use of the runtime, definitely a soft magic system but that's fine and gosh these guys are weirdos– it's gonna take some time to get used to hearing Izuku's VA in that role and that was the freakin' Kaguya narrator–

    Ahhh this show is fun~
    Which show?
    Black Clover~
    I'm six episodes in I'm really enjoying it~

    ...That said I have to admit there is a difference between watching 160 episodes of anime that's split into seven entries, compared to 170 episodes that is one single entry. I am still a tiiiny bit intimidated by the length...~
    I just watched the first two episodes of an anime I've been desperately wanting to watch for a while now and I'm now trying to figure a way to calm myself down from the excitement and hype to watch it – and reach ed12 – which multiplied who knows how many times from those great first two episodes because I need sleep now–
    Hey man! Noticed you liked my discussion thread post, I'd be happy to have you if you decide you wanna join!
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    Mm, I like the concept, but I can't think of any characters for it...~ I'm also pretty busy, too, right now...~ So I decided to just like the thread for now and decide later~
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    Alrighty! Whatever you decide, haha
    Hm... odd.
    My least favourite band from either of my two favourite series was able to cover a song I have mild dislike for and made it better. Despite my hatred of their originals/normal genre.
    Ohhhh they've finally released the inserts~!
    hours later
    Help I've listened to this for probably two hours straight now.
    I also tried transcribing the lyrics by ear. It did not work out well but... eh.
    Yesterday Ahhh drawing his hair is so fun~
    Today Oh crap clearing up the colouring around his face is paaaaaaaiiin...
    Ahhh... now that I've finished the paper portion of the second illustration for that story – and drawn a random test picture that I might use as an announcement of the story – I should get onto the next birthday drawing... hmmm... yup, tomorrow.
    ...Bestdori is 100% working properly with no bugs whatsoever caused by the massive sixth anniversary update to the Japanese servers.
    Totally 100% properly~
    Hrrrn... a tin of cookies and I think a pre-printed and folded piece of paper with either a story or just character lines on... for £18 before shipping costs...
    I can't tell if it's worth it or not... wait is it saying there are only six cookies in the 12cmx12cm tin? ...Alright that tips it time to try and find some other merch of the series–
    Again, sort of following on from my previous status. Rather, the tangent.
    He's actually doing something plot-relevant next week– only took three quarters of the season...~
    As a whole though... I wanna talk to someone about ittt...!
    Sort of following on from my previous status, I just realised not one, but two other songs I've been listening to recently also have a form of the verb "matou" in their lyrics.

    Admittedly it makes a lot of sense for Re-raise, though the character who it's most relevant to hasn't actually done much this season yet, despite being the main character...
    Ah, that's just a tangent.
    ...Anime name nuance~
    While listening to a song for... probably the 20th time today, I realised one of the words, a form a verb for "to wear," was "matoi."

    I checked, Ryuko's last name uses the same kanji.

    Try and name a non-slice-of-life anime where most characters' names are Japanese, with none having nuance to them like that. I dare you.
    Okay so... I just played a bit of Akinator, hoping that my first pick was good.
    It went pretty well. Until one point.
    "Do they play card games?" Oh crap. "Are they part of a club?" Ohhhh crap. "Do they perform on stage?" Ohhhhhhhh crap...~
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    Next game, after learning the character I was thinking of was male with blue hair, he quickly asked about card games...~
    But I was shaking up the series and ended up beating him...~
    Sheeeshh... that took all day to reline...~
    Ah, well, I think it's worth it~ This is sure to be a piece I'm gonna be really proud of~ Plus I've got quite a bit of time to spare, still~
    Whew... usually the paper-portion of a drawing takes an hour... this was an hour and a half.
    I'm still amazed at myself, though~ I might add that one specific detail I skipped over when I'm relining it... mm, probably...
    ...So bored.
    Any good RPs around right now? Preferably one in the general RP forums and either about a fantasy/supernatural world the thread creator made up or a series I know, but hell I'm so bored and this place is so dead I'd probably take anything now...
    Why did I worry so much about starting a picture for the 14th today, when it took me only just over an hour to finish the paper-portion?
    ...C'mon motivate myself...
    If I don't catch up to where I should be with these stories, I won't draw that best boy or start that anime until the new year.
    Ahhh... isn't it just great when you sit down to watch a new season of something... but it's been so long since the last season you don't remember half the characters?
    ...Such a fun season.
    But then they just had to make it suddenly painful, didn't they...? Even though I knew there had to be a painful confrontation like that eventually, it still was so sudden... and so painful... why does it have to be the best boy who suffers like this...?
    Help. I spent way too much time this afternoon searching for Aichi fanart.

    ...And yet, I still don't have a desktop background of him I'm satisfied with. sigh
    Okay so I just stumbled on this...
    Two things.
    1, How old does the first song sound?
    2, Roselia's cover of Believe in my existence is better for sure.
    I haven't gotten any further in the video yet so I can only comment on those two.
    Update. I have gotten to #4. The ranking goes 2 > 3 > 1 >>> 4.
    They still sound very old. Also if they keep this quality through the G series, then it occurs to me that HEROIC ADVENT may not be of even average quality in comparison to the rest of the songs up to that point.
    Update. I was right. HEROIC ADVENT seems a bit above average compared to these openings. Haven't compared with the endings, but I feel like... actually it could still be bad in comparison to those. The first two V series endings were surprisingly good, after all...

    Very scuffed ranking:
    2 > 5 > 6 > 3/8/15 > 11 > 9 > 1/10/12/14 > 13 > 7 >>> 4

    They still sound older than they are.
    If anyone wants a full, still scuffed ranking of all the songs in the video (plus the two that're too recent) here:
    23 >>> 21 > 16 > 2 > 17 > 5 > 20 > 6/19 > 3/8/15 > 11 > 9 > 1/10/12/14 > 13 > 7/18 >>> 4/22

    ...Wait why didn't I freakin' mark down the If opening in that document since it's Argo–
    Alright~ Day 1 of my month-long daily writing challenge has gone reasonably well~ I've made it in time, after all~
    ...Sheesh it's been almost a week since I made a status update?

    Anyways. Can someone help me come up with the personality of a character in a story of mine? He's like the last one I need to come up with it for and I've got nothing...
    Have you tried randomly generated character traits?
    Ah, no, I haven't.
    The sites I usually go to for random generators don't have very helpful ones for personalities. Even if I find one which is just personality traits... the odds I'll get something that feels right... doesn't seem high... I should probably try and look for one, even so, I guess...
    fair enough, to narrow it down you could pick character traits from your favorite characters and merge them together
    Whew... wasn't as great as people say it is, but boy... those last couple episodes were great~ Certainly not a waste to have watched it, at the least~ And no I'm not just saying that 'cause I get Kyoukaisen in AMQ now.
    It's Rinko's birthday today, so I'm trying to change my profile picture but this stupid bug won't let me...!
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