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    Ask to Join Star wars: Outer Republic

    "Private set a course for Fondor." "Aye sir, setting course," she said putting the coordinates in the nav computer. All there was left to do, is go to light speed. The planet itself was quite a distance away."Going to warp in 3, 2, 1." On one she pushed forward a leaver in front of her. And...
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    Open Star wars: Outer Republic

    is it alright if I post my starter as your pilot? @Jagson I feel it works better with my bio that way
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    Open Star wars: Outer Republic

    Name: Iris Lund Age: 24 sex: female species: Human Appearance: Pale skin, hazel eyes, blonde hair (usually in a ponytail), A brown jacket, and cargo pants. faction: Outer Republic Short biography: Born and raised on naboo, she was used to raids from empire sympathizers. Because of these raids...
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    same though. I'm trying to get back into it, but it's not as easy as I originally thought.

    same though. I'm trying to get back into it, but it's not as easy as I originally thought.
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    I suppose it has. ^-^ How have you been?

    I suppose it has. ^-^ How have you been?
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    Open Nowhere left to go, except for the oasis. ( Ready Player One RP disscussion. )

    Name: Iris OASIS name: Bow Age: 22 Personality: Easily motivated, outgoing, geeks out over small details and references. Has a tendency to get sidetracked, even in the heat of battle. Usually more quiet and timid irl. Appearance: She usually doesn't get out of the house often, so she often just...
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    Open Star wars: Outer Republic

    I'm also interested, and will put up a cs as soon as I can
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    Open Pokemon: World of Wonders

    if it isn't too late, is there room for one more?
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    Open Pokemon adventure RP

    Well, I haven't posted yet, would it be alright to meet on a route? With Iris probably falling out of a tree in the path ahead
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    Open Pokemon adventure RP

    Name: Iris White Age: 13 Gender: Female Appearance: Being small for her age, Iris has long dark brown hair usually in a ponytail or bun. Hazel eyes, and pale skin. She often wears a scarf around her neck, a backpack on her back, a t-shirt, and shorts. Personality: As an empath, she is incredibly...
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    I guess i can go for a nap about now.

    I guess i can go for a nap about now.
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    Open CHARMS HIGH (Sign Ups and Discussion)

    Name: Iris Lund Age: 16 Gender: Female Year (7-12): 10 Personality: Usually quiet and introverted, and in most conversations she will usually sit and listen, since in most conversations where she speaks, it turns out to be a mess of horroble comparisons and constant subject changing. Even...
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    This isn't right. (A Steven Universe Rp)

    Gem: Emerald Name: Emerald Nicknames: Mera (from the humans) Gem Location: inner Left hand Gem Weapon: Katana Powers: Full control over, the creation, growth, and movement of most plant life. Personality: relaxed, patient, protective, experimental, and uses simple predictions in every action...
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    Yea, I'll do one.

    Yea, I'll do one.
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    Open Teams of Go.

    Thanks for the reminder stellar.