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I'm not the best at art but I like to make pokemon
art. You can check it out on the creative corner and
it should take you to the old pokecharms art corner
Please feel free to check it out of you can't find
kawaii_cakes, (That's my artist profile for pokecharms)
use this link to my artwork instead
sylveonjumpingrope random

Favorite pokemon: Mimikyu, Leafeon, Florges, Comfey
Favorite pokemon type(s): Ghost, Normal, Fairy
Nov 30, 2004 (Age: 19)
Favourite Pokémon
Mimikyu, Sylveon, Altaria, Gardevoir, Yamper, Florges, Milotic, Hatterene.
Favourite Pokémon Move
Fairy Wind, Moonlight, Moonblast, Let's Snuggle Forever (Mimikyu's Z-Move)
Highly curious





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