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Poison Jab
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  • 25th episode of PkM White 2 is up! Poison Jab is the name of my YouTube channel so checking out!
    Also follow on Twitter! Search Poison Jab and follow me! I will post videos DAILY on my YouTube channel so it's something good everyday!
    You could claim I or Q if you like them, I is the 6th gym, and Q is the 1st elite four.
    Hello Poison Jab, I am glad you like my trainer card A, would you like to be in my fanfiction, I currently need someone named U and W if you would like to submit your pokemon and character details.
    I made this page cause I want to post trainer cards and other stuff. I have a YouTube channel that is called Poison Jab! Please subscribe!♥
    Hey everybody! My name is Poison Jab, but you can call me Toxicrawk. And I am just another guy that tries to make a good page for you guys!
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    Hey! Welcome to Pokécharms :)
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