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  1. FrouFrou

    Ask to Join Bone'd (Mystery RP - 15+)

    (Sign-up thread is right here!) Starter: The day was disagreeable at Nacrene. It was a clammy sort of day; a storm coming, perhaps, but the skies were clear and the sun blazed down, making it a rather uncomfortable day that was only symbolic if you wanted to get punched in the teeth. As the...
  2. prince~

    Open Danganronpa V200: Unchained Murder (Discussion)

    Hello and welcome! I will be adding the whole introduction letter and shit in the real RP. Now that's that been cleared up, here are the rules. Next will the Character Sheet. Then Canon characters available, and then the dead or alive list, and finally the student list. Follow basic Pokecharms...
  3. FrouFrou

    Private/Closed Murder in the Circus?!? ((FINISHED))

    This RP has now been completed. Well done! ((Signup thread is here.)) It is said that once every three years, a very special circus comes to Kanto's Celadon City to perform, staking their tent behind the Game Corner. Humans and Pokemon alike travel from all over the region to marvel at the...