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  1. TheGrimmRemix027

    Open Roleplay Ideas.

    Below is a list of different Roleplay Ideas I may want to create into roleplays. These are hypotheticals and you will get to vote on which one you want. Option #1. (My favorite.) An interdimensional superhero/supervillain fighting arena with overlying plots where you can gain allies and fight...
  2. Pokéboy098

    Private/Closed Corrupt Arena Discussion

    Team Rainbow Rocket has used their technology to summon the most powerful trainers of all time to their world, where they will force them to fight for their freedom in an arena, being bet on by rocket members. The loser will lose all of their Pokémon to Team Rocket. While each of the trainers...
  3. M

    Ask to Join Pokémon Face-Off Arena I (Kalos)

    **FORUM WILL BE CLOSED ONCE THERE ARE 8 PEOPLE, PLEASE DON'T JOIN IF THERE'S 8 PEOPLE BUT IT'S STILL OPEN** **You can have Pokémon that aren't from Kalos** https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-face-off-arena-kalos-sign-ups.17257/ Welcome to the first Pokémon Face-Off Arena! Trainers will...
  4. StardustSpeedway

    Open Journey's end turnament

    Welcome to the ultimate Turney where all those who perticipate must have seven badges and prepared to fight To perticipate enter your trainer card with you name team badges and character No legendary Pokemon No OP unfair Pokemon Be serious (no Pokemon like Magikarp or sunkern)