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Private/Closed Corrupt Arena Discussion

Team Rainbow Rocket has used their technology to summon the most powerful trainers of all time to their world, where they will force them to fight for their freedom in an arena, being bet on by rocket members. The loser will lose all of their Pokémon to Team Rocket. While each of the trainers fight each other, they are also working to escape and bring down Rainbow Rocket once and for all.
You will enter the RP with a post telling how you went to the arena and your arrival at it.

Trainers in the Tournament:
Wyndham (@Pokéboy098)
Lloyd (@Red Gallade)
Zoey (@Jodie.xox)
Jack (@DarkHydraT)
Nyx (@The Kitsune)
Peter (@GalacticDeg)
Elvira (@Toramaru)

Rules: -Standard Pokecharms Rules. PLEASE READ THEM!!!
-You may have up to 6 pokemon and they may be whatever Pokémon you want, including
legendaries, as long as you have admin approval. They must have 4 moves. You are
supposed to be really powerful, so you can have level 100 pokemon.
-Battles will be done in roleplaying form if both players agree on who should win. Otherwise,
they will be done on Pokémon Showdown, so go ahead and build your teams on there.
-Items can be used as long as you have a good explanation for where they came from (Ex.:
You used the leftover food Rocket gave you and gave it to your Pokémon as the item,
leftovers.), since Rainbow Rocket won’t give you any. Some items may be brought over, but
one use items will disappear once used.

Sample Biography:

Achievements (Why they were chosen by Rainbow Rocket):
Pokémon (Please describe all Pokémon in detail, including level, move set, appearance, and possibly backstory):

Name: Wyndham De Fremingham
Age: 21
Appearance: Wyndham has ash brown hair and brown eyes as well as pale skin.
Achievements (Why they were chosen by Rainbow Rocket): Wyndham was from Snowbelle City in Kalos, and he was recruited by Lysandre for his talent whilst traveling through the region. He collected several gym badges until Lysandre failed in his plan. He went back to the ultimate weapon only to fail to save Lysandre. He then went on to found Team Fissure, a team dedicated to using Zygarde to bring order to the world. His real goal was to take complete control, which was his version of order. Once he was stopped by a traveling trainer, he decided to finish his league challenge and went back to his hometown to defeat Wulfric. He went on to become champion of Kalos for several years until he was almost defeated by the same traveling trainer. Although he won the fight, he decided to step down from his position and travel the world.
Personality: Wyndham is very quiet and tactical in all his decisions. He relies heavily on his instinct, but he almost always has some reason for his decisions.
Clothing: He wears black clothing in the summer, maroon clothing in the winter, and white tuxedos to fancy occasions.
Pokémon (Please describe all Pokémon in detail, including level, move set, ability, items, and possibly backstory):
-Salamence (Salamence), Lv. 100
Ability: Intimidate; Item: Metronome (Carried over to new universe)
Moveset: Aerial Ace, Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Protect
Backstory: N/A
-Aegislash (Aegislash), Lv. 100
Ability: Stance Change; Item: Weakness Policy (Carried over to new universe)
Moveset: Flash Cannon, Shadow Ball, Shadow Sneak, King’s Shield
Backstory: N/A
-Toxapex (Toxapex), Lv. 100
Ability: Regenerator; Item: Black Sludge (Carried over to new universe)
Moveset: Toxic, Baneful Bunker, Liquidation, Recover
Backstory: N/A
-Machamp (Shiny Machamp), Lv. 100
Ability: No Guard; Item: Expert Belt (Carried over to new universe)
Moveset: Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Dynamic Punch
Backstory: N/A
-Rhyperior (Rhyperior), Lv. 100
Ability: Solid Rock; Item: Hard Stone (Carried over to new universe)
Moveset: Rock Wrecker, Earthquake, Brick Break, Flamethrower
Backstory: N/A
-Snorlax (Snorlax), Lv. 100
Ability: Thick Fat; Item: Chesto Berry (Carried over to new universe)
Moveset: Rest, Giga Impact, Sleep Talk, Earthquake
Backstory: N/A


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I dig this (Just as I dig a lot of other RPs I have...) But before I think of/make my bio, I must ask, do you NEED Pokémon showdown for this or is it just there to give a better outcome of the battles with the Pokémon we choose?
If people who battle on the thread are just going to take forever to fight because they keep dodging or they won’t admit defeat, then we need showdown. I was thinking people who have to agree on the outcome of the battle before it happens on the RP, and if they didn’t agree, then we would showdown it out to see who should win, then we would RP it with that person winning.
So as long as everyone agrees ahead of time, we shouldn’t need showdown.
I see, I was asking because idk if Imma download showdown anytime soon and I wasn't sure how I'd feel about making someone else hold my chosen team for me. I also agree on the whole constant dodge thing, but I feel like showdown should be a thing to make the battles play out in a much more fair way.
I completely agree. Pokémon showdown is just to make battles more fair by having an already decided outcome for the RP. However, since the only times we will not use this are for battles when someone purposely wants to lose, which doesn’t happen very often, you will probably need showdown to participate.
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StellarWind Elsydeon

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See, Rainbow Rocket being a thing is a bit of a problem.
The entire concept of Rainbow Rocket in the games was that it was put together from versions of evil team leaders who "won" in their own timelines, put together by one particular dimension-hopping version of Giovanni. All of which have their own captured legendaries, and this would not be allowed nor acceptable here.

So how exactly were you going about the idea of this organization - which was, even in the games, quite disorganized - with a good chunk of the crime bosses as it were not even knowing about the presence or the identity of the other crime bosses, and the grunts being... well, grunts - actually having enough power to trap trainers and force them to abide by their silly game? Yes, they managed to take over two facilities in the games but remember that both of those facilities were sorely undefended - one was a virtual reality projection and the other wasn't exactly known for competent, skilled security forces AND they had an insider in the form of Faba. The idea of a non-incompetent Rainbow Rocket is amusing but the idea of them - even assuming they had the numbers by their side - actually trapping a bunch of high tier trainers and actually threatening them like that... not exactly believable, to be fair. How were you thinking of getting around that particular issue?
@Red Gallade You can if you want.
@StellarWind Elsydeon I really do love your sense of sarcasm, but you are a little wrong about one thing. The evil Team leaders were not part of Rainbow Rocket. They were merely summoned to the main universe by the ultra wormhole seeing Giovanni’s ambition and matching him with others. When they were sent back, it would be presumed that they went back to their own dimensions. As for the legendaries, I honestly forgot that Giovanni had a Mewtwo in Rainbow Rocket, and if I still do them, I’ll say that Mewtwo escaped after losing to the USUM protagonist, as USUM dimension Mewtwo would. As for the fact that they were disorganized, the only really disorganized thing about the, is that they had bad Grunts, like all teams do, and in fact, the amount of Grunts transported to the USUM dimension would only have been a small fraction of their organization, considering that Rainbow Rocket essentially took over the entire world of Pokémon in their dimension. This means that if our world has 7 million people on it, then we can assume that the Pokémon world has at least 5 million. Try to picture 5 million of some of the strongest Grunts ever fought against in any game, each having 2 or 3 level 60 pokemon, fighting against say 20 protagonists. I think they would be able to trap the protagonists just by pure numbers, and the fact that they have access to healing machines while the protagonists do not, as well as that the protagonists cannot travel back to their dimension without somehow taking Rainbow Rocket’s technology.

If I really have to I can just say that it is a whole other dimension where Team Rocket won, because technically there would be infinite, or near infinite timelines in Pokémon, so there has to be another one where Team Rainbow Rocket rose to prominence.

StellarWind Elsydeon

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Giovanni summoned them specifically rather than the Ultra Wormhole just spontaneously calling them in - Ultra Wormholes don't work like that. But it does appear that the alliance there was temporary, and yeah, most of these idiots vanished back to their source worlds.

Question is, would Giovanni return to his home dimension after being knocked out of the ring by the US/UM protagonist? He seemed to be rather hellbent on trying again in a different world. But then, I guess in whatever bizarro world where this cartoonishly evil version of Giovanni came from, assuming there's -that- many grunts, they would have an advantage on their home turf. Not to mention it would be quite possible that there are other rocket admins in there who might be messing around with things while Giovanni is out being a child's horrible fanfic villain across dimensions to consolidate their own power. Criminal syndicate after all, they'd stab each other in the back left and right. Although - again, if they have an entire world of Pokemon to plunder, why would they be interested in Pokemon from other worlds, particularly ones that would be likely to be disobedient having been stolen from trainers before?

Just for the hell of it, I suppose. Which, to be fair, is not out of character for TR. Just as long as there are no Legendaries being thrown around in this mess without running that by staff first. ^^
Hi, you making this into a roleplay? When I saw we can ask for legendaries.. ahhhhh.. I want mew.. and I’m fine using showdown, it’s cool
You have to ask the admins, I was just saying that you are allowed to have them if you get admin permission, since I expect most people will be using character from other completed roleplays, and they might already have perms to have a legendary. Just make sure you are following the rules. I know the bio takes a long time since each character will probably have six Pokémon, but this could be a great roleplay once it is started.
Name: Lloyd Kong

Age: 19

Appearance: Pale skin, Red eyes, Jet black meduim spiked hair and a fairly slim build.

Achievements: He is extremely close with his Pokémon and has vast knowledge on the moves they can use and moves that could counter types that they are weak to. ("Counter Moves" as he likes to call them.)

Personality: A quiet yet good hearted person, he barely speaks to people unless he is on good terms with them. He loves Pokémon more than anything and sees his Pokémon team as if they were his children, he loathes losing and anyone who 'misuses' Pokémon and would go so far as to give said people morbid death threats. When in battle, he is tactical in what he does and how he uses Pokémon moves, he also uses the knowledge of his Pokémon to his advantage, such as types, abilities, personalities, desires and 'talents' to bring out the best in his team.

Clothing: He wears a Dark navy blue trench coat always with the hood up (A lot like Sonosuke's from Danganronpa), Dark brown baggy jeans and Charcoal boots.


Garchomp (Female, Eartha), Lv. 100
Ability: Sand Veil
Item: Smooth Rock
Moveset: Sandstorm, Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Iron Head
Backstory: Lloyd's first ever Pokémon, Eartha stood by Lloyd's side ever since she was hatched and together they trained hard, made lots of friends and became a powerful team, she would do anything to protect her trainer and couldn't stand someone else using her for battle. She sees Lloyd like an older brother.

Gallade (Male, Shiny, Gladius), Lv. 100
Ability: Steadfast
Item: Expert Belt
Moveset: Psycho Cut, Drain Punch, Night Slash, Poison Jab
Backstory: The first ever shiny that Lloyd caught, Gladius always worked hard to live up to Lloyd's expectations as they both wished to grow exceptionally strong. It also proved to be a challenge as Gladius had a strange popularity with female Pokémon outside of Lloyd's team. Nevertheless, Gladius trained hard and eventually became the 'warrior' that both he and Lloyd saw him as.

Lucario (Female, Lena), Lv. 100
Ability: Inner Focus
Item: Muscle Band
Moveset: Aura Sphere, Bone Rush, Dragon Pulse, Extreme Speed
Backstory: Lena was found by Lloyd while she was injured and alone, Lloyd did his best to help the poor Pokémon recover. She became a loyal Pokémon ever since and eventually gained feelings for Gladius, when she did, she made sure she always trained with him and after doing so for so long, she and Gladius fell in love. She saw Lloyd's team like a family and always worked hard to protect it.

Gliscor (Male, Morris), Lv. 100
Ability: Poison Heal
Item: Toxic Orb
Moveset: Fire Fang, X-scissor, Stone Edge, Guillotine
Backstory: Morris tailed Lloyd and his team ever since he was a Gligar, he was too shy to go over and interact with him until one day where he accidentally fell out of a tree when spying on Lloyd. Lloyd decided to catch him after seeing his potential, since then he always trained hard and after evolving devoted himself to Lloyd

Mismagius (Female, Christa), Lv. 100
Ability: Levitate
Item: Focus Sash
Moveset: Shadow ball, Double Team, Dazzling Gleam, Destiny Bond
Backstory: Found by Lloyd in an old abandoned house, Christa always enjoyed playing tricks on people and Pokémon, Lloyd planned to use Christa's love of tricks and make her battle style deceptive. Since the, she became a valued member of Lloyd's team despite her times where she plays tricks on others, even if she doesn't do it to Lloyd's team.

Electivire (Male, Thor), Lv. 100
Ability: Motor Drive
Item: Terrain Extender
Moveset: Thunder Punch, Electric Terrain, Fire Punch, Brick break
Backstory: Found as an Elekid, caught as an Electabuzz and succeeded in training as an Electivire. Thor at first refused to join Lloyd as he figured the trainer wasn't who he was looking for, after being saved by a group of Krokoroks, Thor saw that he was wrong about Lloyd and wished to join him, since then He trained with everyone else in the team and became a valued member.


(P.S. This char avatar is the closest to my char's description lol)
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Ok. Since we need an even number for a tournament, which is what I hadn’t in mind, then I’ll have a total of 8 characters max. If we don’t get 8 role players than we can have extra characters for each person or maybe NPCs who can be controlled by each person.
Name: Jack Reyes
Age: 25
Appearance: Jack has short black hair, blue eyes and fair skin. He wears 2 rings on each hand and has a pocket watch around his neck. He also carries a pack of cigarettes on him for when he needs to calm down and think clearly.
Achievements (Why they were chosen by Rainbow Rocket): Extremely cunning and creative, Jack can think up multiple strategies and pick the one with the least risk. He has built up an incredible win-loss this way and has only lost once. Rumors say that he can beat all of the Elite 4 but no one truly knows for sure except for Jack.
Personality: Jack is a trickster, trying to mislead people at every opportunity he gets. This makes it incredibly hard to figure out his intentions as he helps someone at one moment and is using them the next. Nontheless, he won't forget someone who helps him and always tries to return the favor. Usually joking around and not taking the situation seriously, he can turn incredibly dangerous when someone or something gets in his way.
Clothing: Jack wears a black jacket and black pants. He is never seen without his flat cap and refuses to be seen without it.
Pokémon (Please describe all Pokémon in detail, including level, move set, appearance, and possibly backstory):

Zoroark (Male)
Lvl: 100
Move set: Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse, Focus Blast and Flamethrower
Item: Life Orb (Carried over to new universe)
Backstory: Jack's first Pokémon as a gift from his father when he was a Zorua, Zoroark is incredibly close to Jack and sometimes copies him for fun. This isn't easily noticable due to their similar personalities but the lack of speech is obvious enough to figure out if it is Zoroark or Jack in the room.

Toxicroak (Female)
Lvl: 100
Move set: Swords Dance, Drain Punch, Gunk Shot and Sucker Punch
Item: Black Sludge (Carried over to new universe)
Backstory: Toxicroak once snuck into Jack's room as a Croagunk and messed with his belongings. When Jack found her she was intimidated and attacked him out of fear. Jack was able to stop the attack and calmed her down, eventually causing her to tag along with him.

Dhelmise (Genderless)
Lvl: 100
Move set: Power Whip, Anchor Shot, Rapid Spin, Rest
Item: Colbur Berry (Carried over to new universe)
Backstory: Jack was playing near the beack one day when he noticed a violent thrashing in the water, when he went to check it out a Dhelmise attacked him and Jack needed the help of both Zorua and Croagunk to take it out. He caught it soon after Zorua fainted and Croagunk was in bad condition, both to preserve his Pokémon and because such a strong Pokémon would really help him out.

Milotic (Female)
Lvl: 100
Move set: Scald, Recover, Haze and Ice Beam.
Item: Leftovers (Carried over to new universe)
Backstory: Jack found her next to the violent Dhelmise, heavily wounded and in desperate need of medical treatment. He brought her to the nearest Pokécenter and grew attached to the Tender Pokémon who appeared to be abandoned by its trainer. Jack took care of her and still fights with her to this day.

Wobbuffet (Male)
Lvl: 100
Move set: Encore, Mirror Coat, Destiny Bond and Counter.
Item: Quick Claw (Carried over to new universe)
Backstory: Jack used to laugh at this Pokémon for how silly and useless it was, even going to the point of punching it. He would soon regret that decision as the Wobbuffet lashed back at him with a surprising amount of power, giving him respect for the odd Pokémon and decided to catch it. He likes using it to mess with the opponent's mind and strategy whilst it just stands there waiting to be hit.

Salamence (Female)
Lvl: 100
Move set: Draco Meteor, Dragon Pulse, Fire Blast and Hydro Pump.
Item: Choice Scarf (Carried over to new universe)
Backstory: Infamous for her temper as a Bagon, she only got worse as she evolved into a Salamence. With an insatiable hunger for battle, Jack only uses her when he is angry or when no one else is capable of fighting. Jack's brother gave him Bagon as a birthday present and it was not happy with that, constantly attacking Jack. She eventually stopped attacking him, but anyone else must be careful around her.
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https://pokecharms.com/data/attachment-files/2018/09/667401_trainercard-Zoe_Anderson.png (Rough idea?)
: Zoey Anderson
Age: 18
Appearance: Dark blonde hair with one strand tied up. Sort of wavy, just longer than shoulder length. Light purple hoodie with ripped jeans, white trainers. White bracelet on her wrist with all her trainer badges.
Achievements: She’s young, but Team Rocket saw her potential. She’s clumsy in battles sometimes, but loves her Pokemon. Her knowledge of things isn’t.. amazing, but she’s learning. She’s good at treating Pokemon in different methods, and making them like her. Her Pokemon usually help her out for her battles, and Team Rocket also saw how good the Pokemon were.
Personality: Kind, not really the best fighter yet, she loves Pokemon, she loves meeting new people.

Dragonite, Lvl 100
Move set: Hyper Beam, Outrage, Hurricane, Dragon Dance.
Item: Weakness Policy (From the other world)
Backstory: N/A

Umbreon, Lvl 100
Move set: Heal Bell, Wish, Curse, Payback.
Item: Leftovers. (Leftovers of her food from Team Rocket)
Backstory: N/A

Gyrados, Lvl 100
Move set: Hyper Beam, Hydro Pump, Crunch, Rain Dance.
Item: Wave Incense. (From the other world)
Backstory: N/A

Greninja, Lvl 100
Move set: Scald, Dark Pulse, Gunk Shot, Ice Beam
Item: Life Orb (From the other world)
Backstory: N/A

Metagross, Lvl 100
Move set: Iron Defense, Meteor Mash, Physic, Hammer Arm.
Item: Quick Claw (From the other world)
Backstory: N/A

Blaziken, Lvl 100
Move set: Flare Blitz, Brave Bird, Sky Uppercut, High Jump Kick.
Item: Charcoal (Found in the Team Rocket world and taken for Blaziken by Zoey)
Backstory: N/A
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I’m gonna open the actual thread. Everyone is only allowed to be transported to the other dimension, captured by rockets grunts, and maybe given a prison cell or something. Just no battling or important things yet.
How should we be transported, do we just find random Ultra wormholes and curiously go through or brought over after a sneak attack from Team Rainbow Rocket?
Can you put RP on the end of the roleplay thread? Just so it’s not confusing. And am I allowed to say Zoey hides a Pokemon inside her cell that Team Rainbow Rocket didn’t find, or do they need to take them all? Just a random idea. And we all have different cells?
If you still had 7, I would definitely say yes, but since you don’t, I will want to see your post first. It is just like that so you can’t escape the cell immediately.
I apologize for the fourth wall break. Also, my team may be underpowered rip

Name: Elvira
Age: 20
Appearance: Medium-length brown hair with her trademark silver hat shaped like a sports visor. She owns a pair of blue eyes and light skin, with a scar running across her left cheek.
Achievements (Why they were chosen by Rainbow Rocket): While she was trying to collect gym badges like a normal trainer, Team Plasma suddenly got the upper hand in Unova. Because the government was in the desperate need of decent trainers, they sent a few kids along with Elvira to wipe out a good chunk of their forces. After the Team Plasma drama was over, Elvira went back to training her Pokémon and collecting gym badges. She was even considering facing the Elite Four, until her goals were halted by something...
Personality: Elvira is mostly sarcastic, laid-back, and somewhat short-tempered. Her roleplayer is pretty terrible at describing personalities, so enjoy this once sentence of personality.
Clothing: She sports a plain, white tank top with aqua-colored shorts that sit just above her knees. A black scarf made from her destroyed vest is tied on the top of her right arm.

Samurott - Female (Ebisu)
Ability: Torrent
Moveset: Razor Shell, Megahorn, Revenge, Ice Beam
Other: Ebisu was born with the birth defect of missing shells/swords like the rest of her species. She was able to work around this by using her trusty fishing rod as a substitute to her biological swords (With help from humans). Luckily, her fishing rod is carried over.

Stoutland - Male - Lv. 100 (Jurojin)
Ability: Intimidate
Moveset: Work Up, Toxic, Retaliate, Play Rough
Other: N/A

Swoobat - Female - Lv. 100 (Benzaiten)
Ability: Unaware
Moveset: Calm Mind, Air Slash, Psychic, Light Screen
Other: A small nick is visible on her left ear.

Darmanitan - Male - Lv. 100 (Hotei)
Ability: Sheer Force
Moveset: Trash, Belly Drum, Superpower, Flare Blitz
Other: N/A

Krookodile - Female - Lv. 100 (Daikokuten)
Ability: Moxie
Moveset: Crunch, Knock Off, Earthquake, Outrage
Other: She owns a pair of black glasses. She found these glasses while casually walking through the streets of Castelia City. This item was carried over.

Zebstrika - Male - Lv. 100 (Bishamonten)
Ability: Lighting Rod
Moveset: Stomp, Volt Switch, Agility, Hidden Power (Grass)
Other: Has violet eyes instead of the standard yellow, and violet-colored electricity. He owns a magenta collar with a Life Orb encased on the front of the collar. This item is carried over.
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