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Private/Closed Corrupt Arena Discussion

Name: Peter Cinnabar (from my Lasting Bonds RP, except in the future)
Age: 23
Appearance: Ginger hair with a fringe on the right, pale skin with freckles, lime green eyes. Along with full-moon glasses, he wears a big beige winter coat, black cargo pants, and brown snow boots. He has a small green shard-like-thing above his right ear. He is
Achievements: Beat all gyms in multiple regions. Has battled in multiple leagues, getting to a high place, and also battle multiple champions but lost against all. Generally, a more expertise Ash, without the legendaries.
Personality: When not in this situation, he's usually friendly and talkative, but as of being captured, he's nearly silent, and reluctant.

Pokemon: Lycanroc (Midday)
Item: None
Moves: Stone Edge, Protect, Stealth Rock, Toxic
Backstory: After being spotted as a shivering fast-food meal bag (as a Rockruff) by Peter's family, he was helped and taken to the Pokemon Center. Signs that he'd been abused and had to run away were shown all over his body in scars and bruises. The Cinnabar family had no other option other than to keep him, so they did, but because Peter was old enough, he was allowed to catch it. The two have an unbreakable bond. Extra: Has green eyes, and a green tint to his moves.

Item: None
Moves: Shadow Ball, Giga Impact, Shore Up, Earthquake
Backstory: Peter found it (Sandygast) on a shore of a beach, when he was much younger. After giving it a battle, to try and capture it, it fled.. and came back to be friends! Later, it evolved into Pallossand

Item: None
Moves: Future Sight, Psychic, Moonblast
Backstory: As an Espurr, Peter caught it in normal methods, after reaching Kalos for his first journey. Has been a strong member.

Item: None
Moves: Sandstorm, Return, Stone Edge, Swords Dance
Backstory: Found in an oasis, away from its pack, Peter tried to find its pack, but to no avail. It decided to go with Peter.

Item: None
Moves: Dragon Rage, Double Team, Psych Up, Explosion
Backstory: Found in a cave of Carbinks, he managed to tame it as an Onix. Soon after, it came to his house, straight out of the cave, and asked to be on his team. After a while, Peter found the right equipment to evolve it.

Item: None
Moves: Extreme Speed, Brick Break, Fustration, Last Resort.
Backstory: Peter, whilst in Unova, he found it in a junk-yard, injured. He caught it whilst he had the chance, and took it to a Pokemon Center. Due to this method of capture, Togekiss is quite reluctant to Peter.
@GalacticDeg Accepted!

"Okay, so pick which one of your Pokémon you wanna train and use for the first battle."
It wasn’t really supposed to be you pick on to train and use for the next battle, but 1 on 1 battles actually makes more sense. I think I’ll change it to that. Just keep in mind that if you lose then you are knocked out of the tournament and your Pokémon are taken away. You will then be enslaved and probably have to rescue your team. But that means if we do 1 on 1 battles, we won’t get to use all of the Pokémon on your team, espescially if you lose your first battle.
Im kind of worried that my team may be a bit underpowered. But then I realize I am running a Belly Drum + Superpower Darmanitan and a Foul Play + BlackGlasses Krookodile.
@FrostCrispz if you don’t make an OC by tomorrow night then I’m going to have who ever was set to battle you get a free pass. Same for @Red Gallade since he doesn’t have a battle partner.

I was thinking I could start the first battles tomorrow, which are posted above. This means that everyone who isn’t getting a free pass, everyone except Red Gallade, is going to have to have showdown and fight to determine the winner before roleplaying it out. If you both agree on a winner/loser, then you can skip this.
Well, I was thinking battle, but I did purposely have the grunt tell my character that they were going to give them footage of their enemy to study, since everyone isn’t ready for a battle yet. So, what I’m going to do is have my character watch video of @DarkHydraT ’s Character.
Sorry about double post.

@DarkHydraT When can you get on pokemon showdown tomorrow for the battle, and what is your username?
I can be on whenever, just tell me, and my username is Pokeboy098. Remember, the team should be formatted in Anything Goes.
I can battle at 9:10 CET to 10:00 CET and from 17:15 CET to 21:00 CET since school and all. Since Custap Berry is unallowed in Showdown I have to use Quick Claw on Wobbuffet, just a heads-up and my username is DarkHydraT. My sprite should be a male Rocket grunt
You’re really good. Also my team couldn’t fight Wobbuffet, and Zoroark completely fooled me. Anyway, you win. How should we RP this? Do we want to do the battle or skip it and announce the winner?