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  1. kurokōdōra

    Charmander napping in the rain.

  2. kawaii_corgi

    Sun/Moon Singles Showdown teams to use to help start out

    Primarina @ Life Orb Ability: Liquid Voice -Hyper Voice -Moonblast -Scald -Psychic Clefable @ Leftovers Ability: Magic Guard -Fire Blast -Thunder -Amnesia -Defense Curl Milotic @ Leftovers Ability: Competitive -Recover -Toxic -Scald -Ice Beam Garchomp @ Rocky Helmet Ability: Rough Skin...
  3. Lemony_Cake

    Anime pictures

    This I fan art of me and su from my hero academia, love
  4. A

    So, I have an idea...

    Ok, written at like, 11:30, so forgive me if this is not my best English. So I have a region planned out, and I had the idea of secret Pokemon. Not Event Pokemon, not prize Pokemon, not unobtainable Pokemon,(x/y mythicals) but secret Pokemon. Gamers like hidden stuff, right? I don't know if...
  5. Quantum Lila

    Ask to Join Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: The Fork in the Road

    "A future where there is salvation from our past darkness, a present where you make the best of what you already have, and a past life you would rather forget about completely. The choices you make in your life determine what path you go down in this fork in the road, and whether that decision...
  6. TheStargazer

    Ask to Join The Fairy Locked Tower: A Pokemon Mystery RP (Sign Up and Discussions)

    'You awake from a long and deep slumber, slowly opening your heavy eyes. Your head is mildly throbbing as you stand up from where you were laying on the ground. However as your body begins to properly function again, you realise that you have no idea where you are or how you got there.' Hello...
  7. kyuukestu

    Ask to Join Pokémon: Role Play Thread

    Esther Wednesday, June 8 – Aqua Resort, Sophian Island, Oblivia Region Island Life! All around the world that phrase stirred envy and wishful fantasies. A lounge by the beach accompanied by a fresh Piñap Colada: three ice cubes chilled it to perfection and a half-squeeze of citrus provided that...
  8. The Dark Fairy

    Ask to Join Pokehuman Encounters 4: One more try

    In the middle of the Alola Region, chaos has begun as some begin to morph into Pokémon Human hybrids. It’s unknown how this has happened, and how one might transform, causing many to isolate themselves or leave the region, though not for long as travel in and out of the region was swiftly banned...
  9. GreninjaRonin09

    Ask to Join Not for those who don't like heavy stuff... Adopt a trauma ridden Pokemon and give it a second try

    Welcome to the Trauma Recovery Adoption Agency. Or, TRAA. Here, trauma ridden Pokemon get a second shot at life. You can help save the Pokemon from their PTSD, depression, anxiety, and other things. Basically, the premis is some people are monsters. Pokemon will be abused if paired with those...
  10. Quantum Lila

    Open Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: The Fork in the Road Discussion

    This is the discussion page for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: The Fork in the Road. Any questions for me or anyone else go here. All characters and owners of said characters will also be here. Now, the ground rules. 1. Any and all Pokécharms rules apply here as well. 2. Character limit to start will...
  11. EnviousWorm

    Private/Closed The Locily Tales

    Dawn draws near on a quiet Thursday morning; the express cruise ship S.S. Lobo drifts in from the Afamali Sea, far west of Kanto, south of Kalos and Galar, far east of Unova -- Locily stands mostly disconnected (until now) from the Pokemon world, shut off by the high, treacherous Apemites...
  12. EnviousWorm

    Private/Closed The Tale of the Locily Region

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Pokemon; you can call me Professor Laurel. Very few species of Pokemon were found native to the Locily Region -- instead, in the past several decades, many new species have been imported and bred as they've been discovered elsewhere! I've since come here to...
  13. Maple Parker

    Open Kalos Academy

    Kalos Academia Welcome to the Kalos Accademia, run by a distant relative to professor Sycamore of the Kalos region. Here you will train to become many different kinds of trainers. From year one to year eight or more if you wanted to stay longer. This school was made to prepare trainers for the...
  14. kyuukestu

    Private/Closed PokéSync: Discussion Thread

    Table of Contents Announcements in the discussion thread are headed with 'League Announcement', feel free to search there if you need to be reminded of some updates. ■ The World of Poke-Sync ■ Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) ■ Pokemon League Calendar ■ Poke Jobs ■ Gym Leaders ■ List of...
  15. GreninjaRonin09

    Can someone draw Mewtvak?

    I would like it if someone with more artistic skills than I do to draw my main character in fanfics. I’ll give more info when I get interest.
  16. Hecotoro

    Ask to Join Adventure in Mexico!

    We did it. After all these years we have finally finished a Mexico Region! We are now inviting anyone who is interested in traveling through the beautiful region we have created to join us! Things you must consider before joining, we will be using Discord, all the information is on there, not...
  17. GreninjaRonin09

    Who wants to help me make a region?

    This is a region based on Greek mythology, and it’s called Kurgi. The starters are: •Dem •Dematror •Dematron ( based on Demator) •Apol •Apola •Apolain ( based on Apollo) •Min •Minthaar •Minthaaros ( based on Minthe) More information later. Anyone who wants to and can help are welcome. I’ll...
  18. D34N.U5R

    Ask to Join Pokémon: Xenoforce (Discussion)

    It's been 20 years since Xenoforce, an agency dedicated to returning Xeno-Pokémon to normal, was formed in the Flerk region. Many did go out, but success is higher than ever before. We are searching the world for new Xenoforce recruits starting at age 16. These recruits are hardworking. They...
  19. K

    Ask to Join Lost in the shadows (PM TO JOIN)

    A dark mist has enveloped the Pokemon world... Trainers now must unite in order to discover its cause... Please private message to join. My character: Name: Khajari (Hoenn league victor 8 times (5 streak)) Age: 18 Specialities: Steel/Fairy/Dragon Pokemon: Metagross Gardevoir Gengar Snorlax...
  20. K

    Ask to Join (Global) Pokemon World Tour

    "This is no longer a game, Khajari..." Giovanni raised his fist to the air. Khajari looks around. There is no hope. Team Rocket grunts guard the double doors leading outside. Will anyone come to his rescue? Panicking, Khajari releases his white Metagross. The blinding shine stuns Giovanni. For a...