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  1. D34N.U5R

    Explorers of Sky (Submissions for Characters)

    What's going on? Where am I? Why am I here? How did I get here? More importantly, who am I? Ever since I woke up on that beach, I was a Riolu. And who is that Pikachu? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules for...
  2. D34N.U5R

    Open PokéWorld (Character Submission)

    Prologue Lore: Once, there were Pokémon who realized who, and why, the Dark-types of this world were clearing it of Ghost-types and Psychic-types: to apparently make that world a better place. Those Dark-types were wrong. By then, the Abra evolution line were at most danger. The other Pokémon...
  3. CheerfulSteekip

    [OPEN] Requesting Character Profiles!

    Hey there! I don't have proper designs for the characters of Supernatural Harmony, a series with crossover elements from Pokémon and Pretty Cure. Could someone please help me make these concepts? I don't have any idea if there should be more than one theme for these heroes' transformations...
  4. CheerfulSteekip

    (CHARACTERS NEEDED!) MultiVerse Unlimitix (Discussion!)

    The MultiVerse's Frontier has never been better! Or has it? Ever since the Great MultiVerse Wars ended, the Pokémon regions of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola, Galar, Straya and Rainbow, along with all the other places in the MultiVerse, have been in complete peace. But Queen...
  5. CheerfulSteekip

    (Non-Roleplay Discussion) HMVJ Character List

    Here is a list of characters that are in the story (if you want me to add your character, please let me know): **Not everyone will be accepted as to keep a well sized cast. With the exceptions of the HoloMyths and the Defendix Club, who will not accept any members, and the Starlix Club and the...
  6. D34N.U5R

    Open Mon Unlimited

    Lore: The Mon Battle Frontier has never been better! Ever since Team Rocket, Team Skull and Team Yell were obliterated, nothing bad has happened to the 9 Pokémon Regions: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola, Galar and Straya. But Godora the Foresight has overseen a terrible future...
  7. Cosmo!

    Ask to Join Motostoke Pokémon Academy [Discussion]

    The main thread is currently in creation, but you may still join if you’d like. I haven’t seen a whole lot of those Pokémon school roleplays in a while, and I, along with quite a few others, tend to enjoy participating in them for some lighthearted rp’ing. That said, all global and PRP-specific...
  8. VenusaurMega

    Missingno Squad Discussion

    Hello there! This is a thread to discuss and talk about my Missingno Squad: Search for the Glitch Pokémon thread
  9. CheerfulSteekip

    All of my Pokémon Works on Wattpad!

    Magical Pokémon Quest, Harmonic MultiVerse Journeys! and Origins Generations Mission Harmonix are the only three that I've yet to think about whenever or not I should publish them on Wattpad. Here are the ones that I did publish there: Origins Generations: Elemental Warriors Character Bios...
  10. CheerfulSteekip

    Open Pokémon Elemental Warriors: Magical Adventure (Kanto Act)

    This roleplay is based on my headcanons, but with twists. I hope you'll enjoy the Kanto Act as much as I will! (I was going to bold in and color the text of character speech, but a mod noticed... Guess I broke a rule!) @PokémonWingsOfFire, I started it, so feel free to go next...
  11. CheerfulSteekip

    Open Pokémon Elemental Warriors: Magical Adventure

    Current Act Lore: Fire warms, Earth forms, Water calms, Air refreshes, Light creates and Dark destroys. These six are the elements of the world. When the deadly battle happens, not even the one that made it all would stop the clash of corruption...and only certain Teams of Harmony can save the...