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Ask to Join Adventure in Mexico!

We did it. After all these years we have finally finished a Mexico Region!
We are now inviting anyone who is interested in traveling through the beautiful region we have created to join us!
Things you must consider before joining, we will be using Discord, all the information is on there, not all Pokemon are included. Sorry if this hurts, trust me my favorite Pokemon didn't make the cut, but we tried to keep it more realistic in that way.
Also Pokemon encounters are controlled, like in the core games, so if you like to plan out your entire time before even starting, consider you might not be able to complete it to your taste.
Anyways, that could be the only thing that you will need getting used to before joining, still interested? Great because we have a simple pvp system, an entire league set up and even a ranking system! Not a trainer? Don't worry, you can shiny hunt, fill up your Regional Pokedex or just learn a bit more about the Mexican culture through the eyes of Pokemon!
Oh did I mention we have a solo rp system? Yeah if you don't want to depend on others to post, you can rp on your own!
So get your starter, grab a taco and get ready to face new gym leaders, a new evil team, participate in amazing events and festivals, but more importantly, to have an awesome adventure!

If you are interested please send me a pm or reply to this thread so I can send you the Discord invite.

We hope to hear from you soon!