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  1. Hecotoro

    Ask to Join Adventure in Mexico!

    We did it. After all these years we have finally finished a Mexico Region! We are now inviting anyone who is interested in traveling through the beautiful region we have created to join us! Things you must consider before joining, we will be using Discord, all the information is on there, not...
  2. Willow Whisp

    Ask to Join Pokemon: Adventures in Potlea

    Potlea, the only region with no pokemon of it’s own. Instead it is a melting pot of pokemon, cultures, and trainers from other regions, thank to the fact that it is connected to ever pokemon region in some way or another. Role play your journey, meet companions, and achieve whatever goal you...
  3. Mangoez~

    Ask to Join A Journey in the Terobris Region DISCUSSION

    This role play is my second role play I've made, so please feel free to tell me what I could do better. Anyways, this role play is about the region of Terobris, a vastly large and populous region, as all cities in this region seem vastly different than each other. Thanks for reading...
  4. GalacticDeg

    Favourite Region?

    The title is self-explanatory. What is your favourite region? It'd be nice if you put why. My favourite is Kalos because: Pokemon Y was my very first Pokemon game, so this was my entrance into the game. I love how beautiful the region is! The game still has so much potential for a sequel (not...
  5. Skelewulf

    Open Kanto adventures

    Characters: Louis Age:11 Hobby: playing video games Character:kind,wants to win,kinda shy Appearance: Black hair,brown eyes,blue hat and jacket,yellow shirt,grey shorts,black and orange shoes Fillip Age:11 Hobby:Searching for pokemon Character:kind,cool,hates losing,if anyone is in front him he...
  6. Houdini

    Private/Closed The Pruie Region

    The Pruie Region Is A Island Where, In The North Its Cold And There is A Giant Mountain Called Mt. Akdov (Where The Pokemon League Is.) The South Is Mostly Grassland With the South-East Being Forest And Where You Start. There Are Gyms Instead Of Trials. The Gyms Being (In This Order) BUG, GRASS...
  7. Grand Master Koop

    Ask to Join Waver Region Travels (RP)

    (Discussion and Sign ups here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/waver-region-travels.16500/) The sun was shining bright in the sky like usual in the Desert Region of Waver. A black haired boy walked out of one of the houses. "Oh man its finally the day, the day I get to start my Pokémon journey."...
  8. Grand Master Koop

    Open Waver Region Travels

    This is a new region discovered south of Sinnoh filled with minerals. A new Pokémon league and cities has been built on the region, you are a new trainer who have just stated their journey ether as a local of arriving at the region. However, a evil organisation by the name of Team Solid plan on...
  9. The Delivery Pancham

    Open Journey through the Roety region!

    Hello everybody welcome to the Roety region! The professor of this region is called professor Spruce but people call him the pokemon professor! First off what is your name? Name: Oh ok hello there ____! Are you a male or female? Gender: Oh ok so what do you look like? Appearance: What...
  10. Cedvinvu

    Open Futos country RP

    Welcome to Futos. It has 4 regions to explore. First please read the roleplay rules. Or others if this will be shut down i MURDER you! So let's begin with the information about this country. Every town and city has a pokemcenter! AND I AM NOT GONNA INCLUDE DRACO REGION. ONLY THE MAINLAND OF...
  11. ngalili

    Open Ninkolas Region

    This is the discussion and sign up for Ninkolas Region. To sign up there are two options: Take a test to see what you are (Like in mystery dungeon) Or choose what you are. Sign up: (Choose) * means required. Others are optional. Nickname: *Species (List types as well): *Gender (Depends on the...
  12. Princess Lilia (Lilly)

    Open The Unova Region!

    Welcome to the Unova Region! You can be a Trainer or a Pokemon in this RP! Rules: As a Trainer you can catch Pokemon only if you Ask them first,You can have a Relationship But no Gross Stuff,No Cursing,Be Nice to Everyone, And Also you be/Have a Egg...
  13. GalacticDeg

    Favourite Pokemon Anime

    Which Pokemon anime is your favourite? Mine definitely is Unova, I liked almost everything about it. Especially how funny most of the characters are.
  14. SkyBluePyRo

    Open Shatoa Region Journey

    So hey everyone! I always wanted to do a pokémon rp, but I never had much luck with it, so I tought I can try on this site. ^^ This is hopefully going to be my first "bigger" RP, so I am a bit scared, but also super excited about it. I also hope that some of you guys will help me to make this RP...
  15. ThePinkiePieLover

    Open The mysterious Alia region!

    The Alia region is an awesome region to explore, but strange things happen there by the appearance of "Shadow Pokémon" in the region (Shadow Pokémon belong to the evil team "Team Dusk") Shadow Pokémon are Pokémon that it's light stops brighthing from it's heart, revealing a shadowy aura. These...
  16. Meepy

    Open Runeva, The hostile Region Disscussion thread.

    first time making my own rp dont hurt me Runeva, Or to put it simply, Rune, is a region located south of most regions and is simply... Odd. It is inhabited by pokemon of almost all regions and what makes it so special is the plant that grows there. Through a few studies and dead professors...
  17. Tatzu

    Open The Adventure through the Genesis Region Discussion

    Hi this is my first RP So I do not think this will be very good (the actual first one... well went up in flames.) The Genesis region is full of Mountains and Deserts. You will start at the first city know as "Navy Town" located right next to a beach and the legendary Bird trio are known as the...
  18. HalenFinascio

    Open The Great Region of Polcha!

    :Polcha is a new region formed over time mysteriously. Theories formed that the island was harnessing the power of a Pokémon. As it grew, it grabbed the attention of many trainers around the world. Since Polcha has never been explored, it is thriving in its nature. Huge mountains and trees have...
  19. LeoAbsol9

    Ask to Join A New Adventure: The Sorevan Region!

    SPOTS: 3 Welcome, would be Pokemon Masters! I am Professor Hawthorne. I am the leading expert on Pokemon here in the Sorevan Region, and I am here to give each of you a Pokemon to begin your journeys! Here in the Sorevan region, you may choose from a very wide array of starter Pokemon. Although...
  20. Panstyx

    What region do you want in 3D?

    Personally, I want Johto in 3D, or Kanto. They are my favorite regions and I would love to have mega furret XD though hg and ss were already johto remakes, exploring the johto region in 3D would be awesome. Other mechanics: first person mode, control your pokemon in battle