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Ask to Join Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: The Fork in the Road

"A future where there is salvation from our past darkness, a present where you make the best of what you already have, and a past life you would rather forget about completely. The choices you make in your life determine what path you go down in this fork in the road, and whether that decision suits you means all the difference for what's to come. For all you know, this could have much greater consequences than you could even fathom. This is more than just an adventure, this is a test for your morals."

This is a story heavy Pokémon Mystery Dungeon RP, where every decision your character makes matters. Depending on their alignment, they are put into one of 3 scenarios. There are some ground rules for his RP, though, so listing them here.
1. Any and all Pokécharms rules apply here as well.
2. Character limit to start will be 3.
3. No 18+ stuff, romance is fine as long as it's along the lines of wholesome and legal.
4. Location will be key for this, so make sure you make it clear where you are and when.
5. Your character's alignment determines who they'll commonly interact with, so keep track of who is where.
6. Evolution, Mega Evolution, Awakening, and other alternate forms of the like are NOT ALLOWED until a certain story beat. This is to make it more accurate to the games.
7. This is HEAVILY STORY DRIVEN, so locations will be given by name when they open up in the story.
8. No. Humans. End of story. All Pokémon here have been born in the Pokémon world.
9. At 15+ characters, this will become ask to join, and from 25+ characters, it will become private and only people currently in the RP may add more (NOTE: This is reflected on the DISCUSSION page linked below).

If you'd like to join, then go to the Discussion thread and submit a character bio.



The bell rang throughout the building, a sign of an upcoming meeting at R.a.T.E.S. Various Pokémon zoomed through the halls of the building just to reach the board room, due to not wanting to be late for the briefing. At the front of the meeting room was Curly Energia, the guildmaster of R.a.T.E.S, who had their face towards the job board, looking at the recent postings thoroughly. Sometimes requests that were just not plausible came in, and she had to take them down herself, like now, with an E rank request to take down a local Mightyena that had been causing a lot of trouble. She gently took it down, as to not damage the board with her claws. After this, they turned around, then faced where all of the members would be to begin the daily briefing.

Triumph Forest

It was another simple day in Triumph Forest, where Wesley Salamando was preparing to open up shop for the public that day. He had just finished a plate of cookies, straight from his brick oven he painstakingly made in order to keep things moving. He slowly turned the sign from closed to open, and when they did that, they grabbed their clipboard with all the various jobs they had to offer that day. Every morning, he walked about the forest, and even the nearby Poultice Town so that he could find jobs for the people who came to visit him at C.o.R.R.U.P.T. After a bit of water to keep himself refreshed, he began looking around for the people that normally visited. He always loved seeing ho happy people were when they got helped, and how happy the people got when they were helping.

Sundered Clifftop

Behind the counter in the lobby of the menacing HQ for D.o.O.M was the receptionist for the criminal organization. An innocent, yet secretly screwy Gothorita did some paperwork as she sent people up to the head honcho: Rasputin Giratinus. She was the most vile, disgusting, horrendously sick person on the planet, but unfortunately, also one of the most visited. She brought people in who were desperate for money, a purpose, all sorts of things... but then locked them in with her legally binding contracts. One by one, people came in, basically selling their souls to her for an opportunity to try to redeem themselves. All it took was the receptionist ringing them up, and then they took the makeshift elevator to the rest of their lives.
"Isn't this exciting?"

Terra skipped down the hallway, waving her long leaf like ears to the sides, bouncing with each little hop she took.

"I can't wait to go out! I hope it's sunny today. Maybe find some nice fresh water and then go on adventure!"

She stepped into the meeting room and like if it was routine, she sat down, chest puffed and looked ahead with eager attention. Her tail would wag a bit but then it would stop, like if she reminded herself to keep still.
JUMBA TOWN, Ezra, Former Wanderer.

An Absol with two Kerchiefs, one around his neck and another on his right foreleg, had been wandering around for about three years before this, trying to figure out why his village was attacked by Bug types, and finding a job or possibly a guild. The young Absol had stumbled into Jumba Town, and nearly bumped into several random Pokémon, Like a Buizel, a Kingler and a Clauncher. He then went to an area known for debriefing as the bell rang, he figured it was for a gathering. He then walked towards where everyone was gathering, almost bumping into a Leafeon as he sat down at attention, kind of like how a dog would sit. He then waited for whatever it was to start.

JUMBA TOWN, Haylee Rose, Working with Healing Pokémon.

Haylee Rose had heard the bell as she had finished calming an Injured Ponyta, and headed off, due to the bell and what it means. She traveled from where she was helping to the meeting place, nearly bumping into random water types, fire types, and nearly getting hit by a flying Tailow, before finding a spot at the opposite end from Ezra.
"Don't you have things to do today, little bro?" Klug, his bibarel step-brother said.

"Do I?" Skol asked confused.

"You told me that you needed to town today, you were going on one of those mission things" Grober, another bibarel. This one was Skol's adoptive mother, and Klug's actual mother. Though Skol would go on to believe they were his biological family. Despite them being bibarel, and himself, a slowpoke.

"Oh right! I knew that" Skol said excitedly.

Skol was briefly visiting his family just outside of town. He had walked outside, revealing their home to be a beaver dam right on the river. Skol had made his way back to town and would eventually head to the headquarters. Skol had his handkerchief hanging off his tail like a flag at the time of entering the building.

Skol saw a few pokemon already present. Two of which he noticed being a leafeon, and the other an absol.

Skol used his psychic powers to scoot a chair back, and then took a spot. Skol waved his flag, then waved his paw at the pokemon there.

"Morning" Skol said cheerfully before letting out a yawn and laying his head on the table.
Sundered Clifftop, Everdrake & Coin

"Now, this issn't the firsst time I trekked it into my own doom, but it never was quite so-so.. whatchu said before, whatchu said, Drake? Assisst your dearest, lone pal..."

The young Salandit's name was Coinage, and it adjusted to this novelty better than its vocal cords ever did to its voice. It was a hair-raising little shriek, trimmed with acidic honey and seasoned with a generous amount of chalk against a blackboard. It cracked and hissed, threatening to spill out with every slight movement of Everdrake's broad shoulders, across which Coin laid like a sunbathing Liepard.

In a different setting, they would be an awfully comical duo- Coin, tasting the electrified air with a forked tongue and turning its grinning face left and right, a spitting image of an overexcited little tourist.
And Everdrake- With her head held high and walk slow and poised, skillfully scaling the last few ridges in complete silence. Many would assume her to be quietly suffering but in reality, Everdrake felt nothing much at all.

....Maybe except the ache that came from a two-days journey on abused hooves. They threatened to split in tandem with the stiff protective casing of mud around them, but Everdrake had an age-old understanding with that specific branch of pain. She never expected it to depart from her for long, although this one greeted her suddenly and with no warning at all.

It was as an ambush, plain and simple. Reason said that it was statistically improbable in a place littered with not much else than groveling bugs and frightful water striders, but Everdrake thought she was past underestimating what World could come up with when she steps out of line.

Now, with all the seldom useful loot taken and thick hide bitten white raw, she made peace with exchanging a monster house for another one of its kind.

The life in the earth of Sundered Clifftops departed a long time ago, maybe so it didn't have to watch anymore Pokemon march through but seldom out of D.o.O.Ms HQ entrance. Every wall of its structure felt like misery given form and sound, and the Cliffs and HQ both sang in the chorus of dormant grief.

Everdrake heard about it all from the very same whispers and damming advices that led her here, and kept her gaze forward as if entirely unimpressed.

This was always where it would lead, and Everdrake made a grave error in believing that she would be capable of finding strength under her own guidance. The two years of dragging carts, clearing dungeons one step behind explorations teams that would find their goal missing already and simply being weren't years wasted, but that wasn't supposed to be all she had to show for them.

"Verr..batim! Verbatim! Yess, a little bit on the sniffler, but there's nothing wrong with a bitsy bit of bluntness sometimess, eh, Draky?" Coin yawned, pressing what was left of its small nails into Everdrakes nape as it stretched. Trying to scratch an oversized Heracross mayhaps wasn't the greatest action plan it ever had, but it was Everdrake's fault for letting it get so close Coin. Hopefully, she wouldn't begin to develop a nasty habit out of that, but it's not like Coin would leave her. Poor Everdrake who passed words like they were kidney stones, where would she be without Coin!

And Coin, ever so loyal, got to its self-given duties the moment Everdrake opened the gates to the infernal HQ with a push of her head. Luckily, not even the thundering outside deterred it from rehearsing this one.

"Hellooo, fellow creature of the ni-i-iight!〰︎" Coin singsang in a tone one could use to shatter rocks. Its tail waved in a wide arc at the Gothorita, stilled, and then continued to wave like a broken metronome. "We're one and a half of willing, breathing ssacrifice! Would you be a doll, and ready the altar?"
Luke walked through the hallway while his body was trembling with both excitement and fear. He was happy about the meeting since it probably meant something important, but he was also scared his clumsiness would kick in and he would embarrasses himself in front of tons of people.

Calm down, Luke, you can do this, just keep calm and look cool just be... chill.

Luke opened the meeting door and walked in a way he thought was cool. But he ended up triping over himself and fell on his face.

I think I would like to just lay here and die.
JUMBA TOWN, Haylee Rose, Working with Healing Pokémon.

Haylee Rose had been sitting when she took notice of a Treecko that tripped themselves up, so she walked over to the Treecko.

"Are you okay, do you need any help?" Haylee Rose would ask.

The young Snivy was worried, she hoped the Treecko didn't hurt himself when he tripped.
Fae, Triumph Forest

Yep, just another typical day for this here Jigglypuff. Everybody else was going around what they did really cheerful and all that, which Fae was absolutely okay with, it just… wasn’t her style to be so upbeat. Even the smell of cookies wafting to her non-visible nose didn’t spark joy or hunger like a typical Pokémon, only causing intruige as she followed the scent to some kind of stall.

“Huh. Don’t recall this being here. Meh, whatever. Anybody running this joint, or…?”

If anybody was there already, then Fae was just having a moment of just not noticing them at all. She’s a bit quick to jump to conclusions like that, you see.
Curly looked into the crowd... and noticed the newbies to the guild... this is what she was working with? No matter, this was nothing, she's gotten worse before. She tapped on her spines, making a resonant ringing sound to draw attention to herself.

"Your attention, please... we have another big day today people, I expect at least 40 jobs done by the end of the day. Remember our creed. No shaming, only accepting. You are dismissed... except for these six people. Terra, Luke, Skol, Haylee, Ezra, Mei. All of you to my office immediately, we have matters to discuss in greater detail."

Curly turned around, walking into her office and taking a seat at her desk, putting on her reading specs and tapping on her desk as she waited.

Wesley looked down at Fae, then smiled wide, turning around and then handed her a cookie.

"Well, hello there! Have you come here for an adventure? I have plenty of options today, there's a lot of people who could use the help of friends like you, yes? What do you think, hmm? Any of these look good to you?"

Wesley spread a few pages out on the counter, all of them being pretty easy marks overall. A request for help, a request for retrieval, and a request to defeat a wanted Pokémon. All three looked to be good fits as well, nothing that would be dangerous to her.

The Gothorita looked down at Coin, and rolled her eyes. Another fool... not that she was complaining, that's just something more for her paycheck. To her, it just looked like Drake sort of just tolerated them, which she couldn't understand how they could do that.

"Tone it the hell down if you don't want to get stabbed or something, the pleasure would be all mine... so, that strapped for cash? Fine, I'll tell the boss we've got two more no hopers... you don't even realize what kind of hell you're putting yourselves in..."

She pressed a button, a loud buzz going off as an elevator came down to the ground floor. A direct line to Rasputin herself, and the last meaningful step for someone's life if they step through.
Terra's eyes widen along with a loud gasp that escaped her mouth. She sat firmly and waited for the room to be cleared before moving. Why had she been singled out along with another few? Was it a mission? Did she do something wrong? She shook her head to push away any negative thoughts and took a deep breath.

Terra took a short leap on to her four legs and began skipping towards the boss' office. Upon arrival she sat down once again, puffing her chest and with a big smile let out a "Good day!".
Fae, Triumph Forest

Oh, so this joint wasn’t abandoned. The Jigglypuff took the baked good and slipped it under her hat before nodding and taking a look at what seemed to be here. “Adventure, eh? Well, not sure why I wouldn’t accept. Let’s see what we got here.”

All basic stuff, around her level. As Fae read everything over, she just thought of what would work best. She could find items great with big eyes, as well as get out of trouble thanks to her ability to utilise Sing and Heal Pulse. Yet eventually one of the three jobs had stuck to her and she had picked it up rather eagerly.

“Yeah, helping somebody out seems like my style. I know how to handle myself in tight spots, so this should hopefully be no sweat. Where exactly would I happen to find whoever this is, though? Any chance we got a specific ‘mon to keep my eyes on?” She had asked while slipping the help request sheet up to the Quagsire and gently pushing the other two aside.

"One two three... Smiles go for miles! I mean... No shaming! Only accepting!" Skol said cheerfully waving the flag on his tail around.

"Me stay back too? Ah shoot..." Skol said.

"This is about those oran berries on the counter, isn't it? I thought they were for everyone... Do they know I took two of them? Act natural Skol... If you get called out, just pretend you don't know what they're talking about so gooood! Brilliant plan!" Skol thought to himself. Grinning quite smugly. Skol got up and began walking to the boss's office.

"Good day to you too!" Skol said waving his front paw Terra, believing she was greeting him.

Skol took a seat, and used his psychic powers to untie his bandana on his tail then wrap it around his neck. Skol sat there staring into space awaiting further instruction.
Luke look up to see a girl asking if he was okay, he quickly stood up and brushed himself off and crossed his arms and smirked.

"Off course I'm okay, I mean besides I am pretty strong, I train almost eveyday so no need to worry about me."

I'm lying through my teeth, but at least I get to look cool in front of a girl. Just don't do anything stupid me.

Just he sayed that to himself his nose started to bleed from the fall. He quickly wiped his nose so that Haylee wouldn't see and think that he was lame. Once he stopped he heard Curly call his name, he looked at haylee and pointed toward the door.

"I guess we better get going."
Jumba Town, Mei
As she was nervous from it being her first day, Mei listened to the instructions from Curly very carefully. She thought to herself, 40 jobs? Is that a standard amount of jobs that need to get done? That's a lot... Her eyes widened at the mention of her name. She looked at the other people who were told to stay behind. Uh oh... Why am I being singled out? I didn't do anything wrong, right? She thought about this for a second, but once she saw the others entering the office she nervously hopped towards the door and entered as well. She heard some other pokemon greeting each other, but didn't say anything and simply sat down awaiting instructions.
"Definitely, make sure you're okay after this meeting but before we do whatever it is the head wants." Haylee responded, "I'll even do a check up if need be."

Haylee was worried, the young Treecko had practically faceplanted into the ground and thought he was fine. She's had Pokémon that have broken noses from that.


Ezra had heard his name get called, and figured he'd head in due to the leader calling him out. The Absol had noticed a Slowpoke with a Kerchief around his neck. As such he waited near the Slowpoke, hoping to see if the Leafeon he spotted earlier was one of the Six of them called into the office. He took a spot next to the Slowpoke.
Curly put her claws together, looking down at all of the people gathered here. She took a breath, then closed her eyes for focus.

"You are all wondering why I called you here, and I understand why. Don't worry, you're not in trouble... maybe except Skol, but we can let that slide. Anyways... you are all new recruits and as tradition, I will be personally giving you your first mission. You will need to decide who goes with who though, I recommend groups of 3. For the first request, we have Fleur, she's a Vivillion who's lost track of her son Henry. He was last seen down by Scallop Beach, but from some scouting by Emily, the captain of the guild watch, we know he went into Fried Cavern just to the east of it. The second request, we need someone to take care of some... issues. There have been rumors of some dislikable folk going into our sister city, Poultice Town, and raising the homes of its residents. We need strong members to take care of it, and it's a minor enough issue that we can send newbies there. You'll need to cross Long Road to get there. Don't worry, though, the path isn't called that because that's what it is, it's a short 20 minute walk. I'll leave it up to you who does what, but that second job will be more akin to a stakeout, so feel free to do something else while you wait. You can talk to Maw on the way out, they'll give you your starting gear. That is all... you are dismissed."

Wesley smiled, then looked at the page, nodding slowly, then began digging around in the back.

"Well, you'll be going just behind me, into Triumph Forest itself! One of my friends got themselves into real trouble... so I need a little helper like you to go get them. Their name is Mira, they're a Lombre, meaning they had a lot of trouble working through that place. I might suggest finding a couple friends to help you though, the place is chock full of Grass, Bug, and Poison types. A little dangerous for you alone, poison can do someone in very fast, so take this with you, just in case!"

Wesley then handed Fae her very own Adventurers Bag, made with care by Wesley himself. He even left a few items in there... 3 Pecha Berries, 2 Oran Berries... and a Reviver Seed! Even a few cookies for the road, along with a Rescue Badge to make her an official adventurer.
"'No hopers', eh? I hope they give you some extra for commitment to the bit!" Coin screeched, giggles bubbling out of its throat like some foul foam. One of its lavender eyes slipped from the Gothorita, wondering if Everdrake is going to cash out their linguistic lessons for a half-solid burn once in their lifetime, but that wasn't to be- Right now, Everdrakes sharp gaze settled onto Gothorita, and she looked at her as if she was the dullest, most pitiful Ratata the landfills had to offer.

Everdrake met many Pokemon over her journeys but this one might be the most grotesque of them all. What was she, but a mound of misshapen tar? She couldn't begin to imagine how such a creature would live outside these walls. Perhaps this is why she relies on such shameful things as blades. Those, Everdrake loathed greatly, although no one would ever be able to tell if that vitriol towards them came from genuine honor, or the fact that Everdrake wasn't able to swing one herself.

But here, the Gothorita was the trailkeeper and her voice was trailed by the ringing of starlight, and that alone pardoned her form. Still, as for formalities, Everdrake only gave her a nod that would be almost imperceptible were it not for the sway of her beard, a dismissal than any true gratitude or greeting but from Everdrake, it might as well be a handshake.

Her steps into the elevator were slow and defiant in their grace- both to her own aching pain and the place that she invited to swallow her whole. An image of upmost will, that was perhaps only chipped by Coin suddenly scuttling onto her rump, leaning out of the elevator space to jovially wave at Gothorita one, final time "Also! It's called hope-lesser, doll! Don't worry, you'll pick it up somedayyy〰︎!"
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