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Open Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: The Fork in the Road Discussion

This is the discussion page for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: The Fork in the Road. Any questions for me or anyone else go here. All characters and owners of said characters will also be here. Now, the ground rules.
1. Any and all Pokécharms rules apply here as well.
2. Character limit to start will be 3.
3. No 18+ stuff, romance is fine as long as it's along the lines of wholesome and legal.
4. Location will be key for this, so make sure you make it clear where you are and when.
5. Your character's alignment determines who they'll commonly interact with, so keep track of who is where.
6. Evolution, Mega Evolution, Awakening, and other alternate forms of the like are NOT ALLOWED until a certain story beat. This is to make it more accurate to the games.
7. This is HEAVILY STORY DRIVEN, so locations will be given by name when they open up in the story.
8. No. Humans. End of story. All Pokémon here have been born in the Pokémon world.
9. At 15+ characters, this will become ask to join, and from 25+ characters, it will become private and only people currently in the RP may add more.

Now, for the character structure sheet:

Height/Weight (No more/less than 20% of average for the species. No 70 foot tall Snom):
Attire (Hat, Kerchief, etc.):
Moveset (Within Level Range, 1 Egg Move allowed):
Starting Level (No higher than 15 to start):
Backstory (If any):

Link to the RP page

Characters and Users:
Terra (Leafeon)
Skol (Slowpoke)
Ezra (Absol)
Haylee Rose (Snivy)

Eden (Espurr)
Keene (Espurr)
Fae (Jigglypuff)
@Red Gallade
Louis (Mawile)
Everdrake (Mudbray)
Coinage (Salandit)

Cadence (Popplio)
@Demonic Bunny
Luke (Treecko)
Mei (Natu)
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Name: Skol
Pokémon: Slowpoke
Age: 15
gender: Male
Height/Weight: 4'1" ft. 1.24m / 77.2 lbs 35 kg
Alignment: lawful neutral (I'm not entirely sure if this is what you meant by alignment)
Personality: Skol is extremely calm. Nothing startles him or seemingly surprises him. He always appears and acts in a jolly carefree mood. Even at the worst of times. He's a very simple mon with four hobbies that consist of; exploring, sightseeing, eating ,and napping. One of his biggest reason for being an explorer is so he can enjoy all four hobbies at once

Attire (Hat, Kerchief, etc.): wears a faded yellow bandana with a blue star stitched into the center. He usually wears it around his neck ,but sometimes wears it around his tail like a flag for kicks and giggles. He has a small star birthmark on the left side of his neck.

Moveset: yawn, stomp, confusion, water gun
ability: oblivious
Starting level: fifteen

Backstory (If any): Skol grew up with a Bibarel named Grober. Grober is the adoptive mother of Skol. A fact that Skol is still completely unaware of. Skol also has a bibarel older stepbrother named Klug. Despite being adopted both Grober and Klug treat Skol as if he were just any ordinary bidoof. Its unknown what happened to Skol's parents, but according to Grober she found him sitting alone on a large rock in the middle of a rapid river. After she saved him she took him in as if he was her own. She never figured out how he got their in the first place ,but was always happy to have saved him. Skol always wanted to be more like his stepmother and stepbrother. When Skol claimed he wanted to be an explorer he completely surprised both his stepmother and stepbrother.
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Are there any notable locations? Like Treasure town or a town similar?

are there any confirmed dungeon locations? or will the names be made as we go along?

Is there going to be a guild or various teams?

Is there any notable story plots early on we should know about?
All the locations are going to be original, if some share names with others, I wouldn't know because it's been 5-6 years since I played GtI, over 10 since I played EotS, and never played SMD.

Expect the starting dungeons to contain some order and variant of a forest, plains, and a cave since they're staples.

The guild you will be placed in is determined by your character's alignment, and you may make a rescue team with other RPer's characters.

Story will be learned slowly but surely, especially since this will be very story heavy, so I will need time to come up with proper transitions and come up with ways to develop characters.

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Do remember that threads in the RP forum itself must contain in-character content. Placeholders are not allowed. I've removed your placeholder - feel free to restart the thread once you're actually ready to start the RP.
How do I pick my alignment if I don’t even know what that side is fighting for
I'm assuming the alignment goes

Lawful good, Lawful Neutral, Lawful Evil
Neutral good, true neutral, neutral evil
chaotic good, chaotic neutral, chaotic evil

I'm between Mawile, Totodile, Machop, Gible and idk if I can use Cosplay Pikachu, starting with Pichu of course.

I'm totally biased towards machop