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Open Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: The Fork in the Road Discussion

Name: Terra
Pokémon: Leafeon
Age: 16
Height/Weight (No more/less than 20% of average for the species. No 70 foot tall Snom): height 3'0" / weight 53 lbs
Alignment: good neutral? ( always forget these)
Personality: Kind, Playful, Responsible and Respectful, those are her good traits, however she is also very easily distracted and easy to convince.
Attire (Hat, Kerchief, etc.): silver rings around her two ankles.
Appearance: Terra's green leaves change color depending on the season, from bright green in spring, dark green in summer, orange in fall and brown in winter. (hope that's okay)
Moveset (Within Level Range, 1 Egg Move allowed): Razor Leaf, Helping Hand, Quick Attack, Double Edge.
Ability: Chlorophyll
Starting Level (No higher than 15 to start): 10
Backstory (If any): She was born in a village where every Eevee is exposed to the moss stone to evolve, making it their duty to spread the fresh air of the forest across the world, because of this Terra can hardly remember what it was to be an Eevee, but that doesn't seem to bother her, she just wants to help out as much as possible while spreading the dream of being green.
Yeah, big thing is we still need a couple more people (and hopefully people who won't pick a positive alignment) before we start. That's the one issue with this kind of RP, you need an adequate amount of people in each starting location.
Maybe so... but I do have hope! There isn't a single MD RP that's being done right now, and maybe that alone could be enough to draw people in! It's a good thing that I have things prepped too... I have the first couple of "chapters" planned out.
I know it's been a bit of a while since this thread was active buuut... if it's still gonna go on, count me as interested!

I really REALLY like PMD stuff so if it's still possible, I'd like to have a spot saved for me as I decide on a pokemon/character?
I know it's been a bit of a while since this thread was active buuut... if it's still gonna go on, count me as interested!

I really REALLY like PMD stuff so if it's still possible, I'd like to have a spot saved for me as I decide on a pokemon/character?
It all depends, we would still need some more people, not to mention the people who did sign up at first would have to sell be willing to do this. If you really want to, make a bio, and I'll put it here.
It all depends, we would still need some more people, not to mention the people who did sign up at first would have to sell be willing to do this. If you really want to, make a bio, and I'll put it here.
Oh wow!
For a moment there I thought you weren't going to reply.

Weeell, in that case I have a few questions regarding alignmets.

In one of your replies, you said something about waiting for a character that wasn't a positive alignment. What counts as a positive alignment anyway?
Obviously, anything with "good" is positive but are "neutral" and "chaotic" traits considered positive or not?
I'm asking cuz I might fill in a negative alignment to one of my characters depending on the answer I'll be getting.

Another question I have is if it's possible for a character to change alignments in the middle of rp?
Like for example, someone who was "neutral evil" becomes a "true neutral" or a "neutral good".
PMD with a slice of trying a Pokémon I'm unfamiliar with. Fun!

Name: Faelynn
Pokémon: Jigglypuff
Age: 13
Height/Weight: 0.7 m, 5.3 kg.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Personality: Fae has one simple rule she always follows by: As long as a job gets done, it doesn't matter how she does it. As such, she's very wild and likes to see others shocked that she's not the innocent Fairy type she appears to be externally. While she desires to be spunky and powerful, Fae has total apathy and distaste about evolving someday. According to her, it's because 'Wigglytuff is nothing but a wobbly mess' which is a bit harsh, but technically somewhat true.
Attire: A broad white sun hat with a teal ribbon wrapped around it. This helps her innocent illusion a lot.
Appearance: Fae, besides from her hat, only has one feature that sets her apart from other common Jigglypuff: hetochromia. One of her eyes are the traditional 'Puff colour while the other is a crimson contact lens.
Moveset: Disarming Voice, Sing, Pound, Heal Pulse. Heal Pulse is the egg move due to a Cherrim parent.
Ability: Cute Charm
Starting Level: 5
Backstory (If any): Quite brutally, Fae was an accident between a Cherrim and Wigglytuff. The latter had fled before Fae hatched, leaving the Cherrim to raise the Igglybuff on his own. His constant speaking of her 'departed' mother made the young Fae dislike the idea of ever evolving past Jigglypuff, and while confused the Cherrim respected her decision. Despite being 9 when finally bonding with others to the point of evolving, Fae's mind hadn't changed one bit about her past beliefs. So Fae decided to break tradition and instead of drowse those who wronged her to submission, she'd be the roughest Jigglypuff for miles around and nobody would suspect a thing until she let loose. And she still follows these personal rules today.
@Alternate_Mystery Accepted, I'll put you down in just a minute.

@KukiCornet A positive alignment would be Lawful Good, Neutral Good, and Lawful Neutral, it has the least range of the three groups. Negative alignment is Chaotic Evil, Neutral Evil, and Lawful Evil, everything else is a neutral alignment. While you could figuratively change your alignment, it could probably only shift so much to a point due to this story's nature.

And might as well do this, get everyone in the know that we're getting this up again.
@Hecotoro @ThAtGuY101 @Cmeriwether @Mango137 @Demonic Bunny
EDIT: Updated Eden's bio!

My character bio is finished!

Originally, I was gonna make two characters (they were gonna be brothers), and I actually had written both of their bios and all. But I kinda got scared at the thought of playing two characters so I backed off and edited the backstory of who I was using instead. Oops.

Another reason was because I didn't know what you plan for the story anyways, so I decided to play safe and not get too crazy with the stories of my characters.


Name: Eden
Pokémon: Espurr
Age: 12
Height/Weight: 1'6" ft. 0.45 m / 8.1 Ibs. 3.7 kg
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Personality: Eden, despite being tiny, is a very loud individual. He's a bundle full of energy, always seemingly getting into trouble, whether it be by playing pranks with a few residents or breaking a few things here and there (albeit mostly accidently, he likes climbing tall things okay?). He's reckless and doesn't think before he speaks or move, and because of that he's also really handsy. This is also because he just likes physical touch and affection in general. Just avoid touching his ears, he can't seem to control his physic powers that well. Especially with his recently learned move, Confusion.

Attire: Around his neck, he wears a white accessory with turquoise stripes, similar to that of a sailor's collar, and above it a mint blue lace. The edges are decorated with small frills, and under the collar, there's a plain turquoise neckerchief that's attached to the collar for easy use. This accessory was previously owned by his mother.
Appearance: While undoubtedly an Espurr, he doesn't exactly resemble your everyday regular Espurr. Eden has a darker fur color than the usual light grey palette, and his fur is also slightly more fluffier due to his father being a Cinccino. His eyes are mint blue, like the color of his neck accessory. Littering around his face, mainly his cheeks, are white freckles with a stray white star on his left cheek.

Moveset: Scratch, Disarming Voice, Confusion, Tickle
Ability: Own Tempo
Starting Level: 9

Backstory: Eden is the youngest son of two outlaws, a Meowstic and a Cincinno.

Once upon a time, mint blue eyes met with red ones, and they fell in love. Thus, two little boys were born. The oldest one, Keene, with a pelt resembling that of fluffy cotton candy, and the youngest, Eden, with fur matching the sparkling sky in the night.

Although, being outlaws, they never got to stay in one place for that long. Every now and then, they would leave from their temporary home and moved. But they didn't mind, neither did the children, Eden especially loved seeing the new places whenever did. They were happy.

However, on a nighttime hunting trip, the father never came back. Worried, the mother sought out after her significant other.
She never came back either.

And there left, the two brothers waiting for her arrival in the silence of the night, inside of a hollow tree. After nearly one and a half day of waiting, they went out the same way their mother did, searching for both her and their father. The only traces they found were their scarves.

For days, weeks, months(?), they only had each other for protection and company. The brothers stuck together through thick and thin, and would've continued to do so too, but alas, whilst in the middle of a monster house, Eden suffered a bad injury. With Eden unconscious, Keene was left to fend them off alone.

What happened next was uncertain, but he knew that he was fed something that was kind of hard-ish? Chewing the unknown item and swallowing, his headache went away and he's suddenly extremely tired. With heavy eyes, Eden slowly opens his eyes to see's the familiar sillouette of Keene and an unrecognisable person beside him before he blacked out. The next thing he knew, he was in a bed of a cottage with an abundance of plants lying around.
Said house belonged to a Furret, who obviously loved gardening... or just plants in general. He soon comes to see Furret as a guardian and has lived with them ever since.

Though, he still questions to this day, where did his brother go?

I actually drew Eden's supposed to be brother too!
So, here's him if anyone's curious.


Also, I was just testing to see the sizes of everyone's character so far, and can you believe how small an Espurr is???
Like, Omg?? TINY!?!?
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Name: Louis (Silent S pronunciation.)
Pokémon species: Mawile
Age: 16
Height/Weight: 2'00"/25.4lbs (Same height and weight as average)
Alignment: True Neutral
Personality: Louis is first seen as a laid back and carefree individual, never afraid to talk back or lace situations with his sarcastic humor. That said, despite his sass, he can still be friendly if he wants to be and always does what he can to help anyone out. Although he can be very cruel when angry, to the point where he wouldn't mind breaking a few bones belonging to whomever ticked him off, this side of himself is something he's 'unfortunately' aware of and does his best to "bury it."
Attire: He wears a Black and White winter scarf around his neck.
Appearance: Other than his scarf, what makes him stand out from regular Mawiles is that his large back jaw has a golden tooth.
Moveset: Fairy Wind, Bite, Astonish, Growl
Ability: Intimidate
Starting Level: 15
Louis was born within a gang of bandits between his Mawile mother and his Perrserker father who was the gang's leader and lived up in the mountains. For most of his life, Louis only knew violence and cruelty as his gang went about lying, stealing and cheating, Louis' mother was the only parent who actually cared for her child and secretly hated the life she lead, telling Louis how she was "stolen" after her village was destroyed and taught Louis the joy of kindness and helping others, much to his father's disgust. For the most part, Louis mainly stayed withing camp to help his mother or any other bandits, some of the latter were more grateful than others.

One day, Louis' gang was attacked by a rival bandit gang lead by a Bisharp who declared that all property in the mountains belonged to him and a brutal battle broke out, Louis' mother went in to hiding while Louis did his best to fight everyone off, but the Bisharp's gang had the advantage in numbers. Louis confronted the Bisharp and demanded to battle; if the Bisharp won, the gang yield everything they have, but if the Mawile won, Bisharp's gang leaves and never returns, with a cruel smile the Bisharp agreed while Louis' father watched, confident that his son was strong enough. The battle lasted what almost seemed like forever, but with one last powerful blow, the Bisharp knocked Louis hard against a wall hard enough for his large jaws to lose a tooth.

When the battle was over, the Bisharp's gang went and took everything the Perrserker's gang had, the former approached Louis one last time and gifted him a golden tooth to replace his old one, calling it a "sign of respect" before leaving. Louis' father was furious with his son, berating him non-stop, his mother wanted to interfere, but was too afraid to step in, in the end, Louis' father exiled him and said he had one day to grab whatever he could and leave the gang forever.

Louis had mixed feeling about his banishment, while he was indeed free from the violence his gang were known so well for, he was removed from the only family he ever knew. Now he travels to make a newer and nicer living for himself.
Name: Ezra
Pokémon: Absol
Age: 17
Height/Weight (No more/less than 20% of average for the species. No 70 foot tall Snom): 1.4 Meters, 54.5kg (4'7", 118 Lbs).
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Personality: Serious, Stern, Watchful, yet can be more of a worrier, especially if Bug types are present.
Attire (Hat, Kerchief, etc.): He wears a pink (Psychic) Kerchief around his neck with a black (Dark) Kerchief around his front right leg.
Appearance: A larger than average Absol.
Moveset (Within Level Range, 1 Egg Move allowed): Knock Off, Detect, Curse, Future Sight (will put in backstory).
Ability: Pressure
Starting Level (No higher than 15 to start): 15
Backstory (If any): Ezra was born to an Absol Mother and Galarian Rapidash father, as he grew up, he was trying to learn some moves that would be able to help him defend his village, as such he learned Future Sight from his father, before his father died, and some of the other Psychic types in the village, like a Slowbro and a Kadabra. As he learned about his village's way of life, being full of Dark and Psychic type Pokémon, was headed by a Pokémon that was both types, a Malamar. The Malamar took interest in Ezra and prepared his training for Village Enforcer, but by the time his training was complete at age 14, the Village was raided by Bug types, and almost completely razed as a result, he then left to find out what happened to his home, and take out the Bugs that particularly destroyed it. He had been wandering around for the last three years until he stumbled into a guild.

Name: Haylee Rose
Pokémon: Snivy
Age: 16
Height/Weight (No more/less than 20% of average for the species. No 70 foot tall Snom): .62m (2'1") 9.4kg (20.7 lbs)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Personality: Sweet, caring, Watchful, and observant, she has been known to help with the nursing of injured Pokémon
Attire (Hat, Kerchief, etc.): A small Kerchief of what colors her guild has on her tail.
Appearance: A slightly bigger than average Snivy.
Moveset (Within Level Range, 1 Egg Move allowed): Grassy Terrain, Wrap, Growth, Vine whip
Ability: Overgrow
Starting Level (No higher than 15 to start): 13
Backstory (If any): She lived in a village not far from the Guild, born and raised, she was assisting with injured Pokémon when she got noticed for keeping Injured Pokémon calm. As she helped with keeping Pokémon calm while being healed, she was learning use of a move bred into her, Grassy Terrain, to slowly heal all in an area from time to time.
(Aaaand done! I am suddenly absolutely horrendous at writing down personalities, so forgive me for that one. Everdrake is going to have a bit of a mythical shtick, as she comes from the "wild" way of life rather than the civilized one that PMD leads with. Now just pleaseee, someone be evil with her, this emotionally stunted child cant lead the ending of the world alone-)

Name: Everdrake
Pokémon: Mudbray
Age: 17

Height/Weight: 3'56" ft, 1.09m / 220 lbs (Taller than average and noticeably slimmer.)
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Personality: Everdrake is two things above it all: First, a watcher. Everdrake moves like a wave, cutting a line straight forward to her goals, but she does find others curious along the way. She likes to listen to the unfamiliar street chatter and learn more about the places she passes, and if prompted to actually speak instead of slowly blending into the wall, she is even a bit of a wordsmith! Even if most of that watching is done for purpose of small-scale thievery and work of both honest and underhanded variety, she is still decidedly a people... something.

Drake has a masterfully collected demeanor and remains unmoved in situations that would make most shed their fur right there on the spot. She knows how bodies act under stress, and she has long learned to not let hers betray her through anything at all. This, of course, makes her a truly exceptional liar.

She has no outright maliciousness to those surrounding her, never had. But that's where the second thing comes in: She is a survivor, one with a purpose at that. People are for occasional well-loved distractions and background noise- If one steps directly onto her way and won't be deterred, she will wash them away just as waves do, and won't ever turn her eyes away from her goal to look at what she has done.

Attire: She is never seen without a matte black horse collar around her neck and a set of breaching with a variety of bags and satchels. The entire set is noticeable worn down, but well-padded and of enough outstanding quality to last a few more decades.
Appearance: Everdrake might be a bit of an unmovable object, but life on plains has shaped even her. She's scrawnier, for one and her coat is dappled with light spots from extended exposure to sun- something that you could perhaps find as an antonym when listing a Mudbray in some dictionary, given their love for frequent mud baths.
There is a coming of a twirling, silky beard on her chin- sharply contrasting her mattered mane, with beads of dried mud and the entire length of rope twisted into its mass. it's long and held loose, falling down like Spectriers with the ends singed black.

Moveset: Double Kick, Iron Defence, Bulldoze, Stealth Rock (It's a tutor move instead of egg one... Can we let that slide if I make up a plausible reason for her to know it? :D)
Ability: Stamina
Starting Level: 15

Ventures to the Faraway Plains are always made an occasion by the major Exploration Guilds, and for the best reason of them all- They offer a wealth of treasure, from uncharted places never mapped, upturned artifacts to inventories of those who skedaddled it out of there months before.

It's an entire Mystery Dungeon spanning for miles, and to travel through it requires very careful timing indeed.

There are just two things that Everdrake recalls about her dad- That he was larger than any Pokemon she would see for years to come, and his love for always being everywhere earlier than necessary.

She did not get to learn much else before they stumbled right in the migratory route of The Red Scourge, the largest Rapidash herd there ever was and with some hope, there ever will be.

This wild, uncountable mass has a rich culture indeed, and would never dare to stray from their ceremonial trails. The Pokemon basking in their blaze knew that, same as those outside of it- and to have their trail crossed against the grain by a herd with faces so similar to their own, those who should know better, was the gravest insult there was in a long, long while.

What happened that day could hardly be called a fight. The herd simply did as they always did, and ran straight ahead with horns poised and warnings clear as any omen of peril could be.

What Everdrake could once get to call a family was pushed along for miles, scattering to all directions of the world, and not one allowed to stop till the Faraway Plains were a mirage far behind them.

Everdrake was the luckiest of them all. Between the heralds of flame and giants, her fainted, mere weeks-old body was mistaken for a log, and the cloven hooves of Rapidash and Ponyta sailed above her in arcs, if at all.

When she woke up, the herd passed and she faced those who trailed after them- Among the grass Pokemon settling into the clear soil, the Rapidash and Ponyta old and lame, only ever catching up to the herd in the middle of the nighttime with the herd already settled into a moonful rest.

Everdrake woke gazing into the face of an elderly Rapidash with royal stance and flame-bitten coat, a matriarch overthrew by her own sons in an unfair play and now deemed a lunatic, a drifter, and a liar.

This mare lived long enough to know what the filly would grow into one day, and unlike her sons, she had the foresight to plan ahead. Maybe it was a simple longing for a chance that at least one of her children stays by her side, but whatever the true reason was, Pyreleap helped little Everdrake off the ground and soon after to a name, a title, and the nearest thing Everdrake would get to a birthright.

The word of Pyreleap raising a bizarre filly among those left behind spread through the herd like the wildfire they were so fond of, but an adoptee into the current line of power made no difference so far behind them and with the current leaders in their prime. If Everdrake wandered through their thoughts, it only happened accompanied by a sense of hearty amusement and silly wonder of "Oh, but what if.. Can you imagine?"

And so, Pyreleap raised Everdrake among her own smaller herd, under the diligence of abused thinkers and fighters who only had to make a few mistakes to loose it all. Accompanied by grass Pokemon, these Ponyta and Rapidash had a strong connection to the earth in place of the fire that left them behind, and Everdrakes element brought their many tales to life and scribbled the herds wisdom into her very heart.

As years went on, she grew into her hooves at a rate no Ponyta ever had to do so soon, and when the season of battles, rituals, and shifting of hierarchies came upon them, the old and lame pushed to join with the majority and show their princeling to the rest.

And what a show it was. Those of her age only fought to frolic, never ready for when Everdrake tripped their fragile legs with sharp stones and the flaming whisps of the older ones only ever learned how to fight someone who ran. Everdrake stood, her coat coated in the armor of hardened clay and essence of iron, chipping at their bigger bodies like a stream chips at a mountain.

And just so, just so when she was about to enter battles against the guards of the herd's leaders, the wisest of three broke through the dazed state of the herd with a reminder that ended the life of Everdrake as she knew it.

Despite her parentage, despite her very impressive attempt, despite the traces of fire on her hooves and body, she was not one of them at all. A mangled mutt at best, a complete outsider at worst, how is she ever to lead the herd of fire with none of her own.

Everything in Everdrake's short life led up to right here. Her people - her mother - gave her who she is and now the herd -those disgraceful ones. Too harsh on the earth that bore them, too caught in the rush of the fight to give it any meaning and so foolish to trade their generous Matriach away for bumbling fools who led them to chase the sun- would not give her a chance to ever prove herself again.

Her mother gave up years of her life on her, and Everdrake would rather return to dust than waste it.

In the first impulsive decision Everdrake has ever made, she barreled into the royal with the full might of her 15-old body, kicking and tearing like possessed at what she could reach, commanding all pebbles and stones to dig deeper into his sides, all harmonized to a bestial bray the herd heard only once before.

Everdrake stood absolutely zero chance.

The royal Rapidash unleashed a wildfire on her, sparing no expanse on the account that he did not have to. Among the housand of foolish Rapidash, the leaders honed their skills just as their Mother taught them, and despite Everdrake always forgetting, she was a mere child standing against an adult.

No one had to declare Everdrake an exile before the herd moved as one, pushing her outraged people away from her and chasing her away on unsteady legs, just like the Mudsdale long before.

Everdrakes life was a long, dragged-out blank ever since. She wanders Pokemon villages and dungeons, only ever familiar with the way of the latter. She hauls for traders and steals from them in the same breath when one provides a better deal than some odd coin. She roams with her tradition as her only companion and watches the world go by, waiting for news of opponents one could learn from.

All the while, Everdrake patiently awaits the day she will be ready to leave it all behind and clash with her wayward brothers once again as their mother intended. Only then, she gets to make up for her Pyreleaps parting gift: An expression empty of anything else than pure, utter disappointment.
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