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  1. CheerfulSteekip

    (Non-Roleplay Discussion) HMVJ Character List

    Here is a list of characters that are in the story (if you want me to add your character, please let me know): **Not everyone will be accepted as to keep a well sized cast. With the exceptions of the HoloMyths and the Defendix Club, who will not accept any members, and the Starlix Club and the...
  2. PokeStorm

    YouTube Community Project

    Hello everyone. Today I wish to bring to light my fan fiction called Dimrill's Pokemon Adventure (More Creative Title later). I have 9 chapters posted and am currently working on chapter 10, but I have an idea for this. Obviously Pokecharms isn't really well known to the entire Pokemon fan...
  3. mochietea

    Looking for Collab Partners for a Animation Meme (CLOSED)

    THIS IS CLOSED. THIS MAY BE REOPENED SOONER OR LATER I’m looking for collab partners for the Beachball Meme! Since this is a big collab, there will be 12 parts! You can’t take more than 2 parts. If you can, please use a beach background. There is no due date! However, there is a due date for...