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  1. I

    LGP/LGE [Let's Go Eevee] Looking for Shiny Meltan?

    I've always been afraid to request a shiny mythical trade fearing all were shiny locked, but there was a rare Lunar Event for a increased shiny spawn chance for Meltan. Cellphone-less for six years I haven't tried Pokémon Go' since i was currently into another franchise; feeding for 'hearts'...
  2. Jeydis

    XY/ORAS LF some help in finishing my National Dex (4 left!)

    I have been scouring the GTS for weeks and I have not found decent trades for these buggers. If anyone has them I can do a simple trade and trade back just to get the dex entry. If you want a proper trade let me know what you are looking for and I can see if I can accommodate you. - Mewtwo -...