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LGP/LGE [Let's Go Eevee] Looking for Shiny Meltan?



I've always been afraid to request a shiny mythical trade fearing all were shiny locked, but there was a rare Lunar Event for a increased shiny spawn chance for Meltan.

Cellphone-less for six years I haven't tried Pokémon Go' since i was currently into another franchise; feeding for 'hearts' Friend Chance, probably a big giveaway. Personally I thought it really was trying to erase them with this 'go' tactic. So to this day i always felt a cringe on PG...

But, Meltan, the cutest thing ever bless the little nugget reveal 'i NEED it' was certain.

I'll settle for a horrible iv Meltan -as i prefer to train whatever i catch despite its stats, old school i guess, i just want that sparkle. I have no need for their evo, i'll leave that up to the surprise trade in Pokémon Shield~

Let me know what your looking for? I can try to shiny hunt for you a specific Pokémon as long as you know I have Let's Go Eevee so i do not have access to Growlithe, Sandshrew, Oddish, Grimer, Mankey nor Scyther.

I would love it to make it to my Shield ♥

Thank you for reading have a great day (: