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  1. I

    LGP/LGE [Let's Go Eevee] Looking for Shiny Meltan?

    I've always been afraid to request a shiny mythical trade fearing all were shiny locked, but there was a rare Lunar Event for a increased shiny spawn chance for Meltan. Cellphone-less for six years I haven't tried Pokémon Go' since i was currently into another franchise; feeding for 'hearts'...
  2. MemeSelf

    First Shiny ever

    Type your first shiny ever caught and its last move set you used on it. Example: "Linoone ( evolved from a shiny Zigzagoon) with Gluttony and the Wiki Berry. The moves I had on it were Extreme Speed, Belly Drum, Stomping Tantrum, and Shadow Claw." THIS IS REAL
  3. D

    Open The life of a Shiny pokemon

    This is an RP about shiny pokemon living in a forest Rules: You may be a trainer Please be a basic pokemon for now, you can evolve later in the RP Romance is allowed Fighting is allowed Max 4 moves for now Fakemon allowed as long as it is yours or you have permission to use it If you are a...
  4. D

    Open Journey through Kalos RP DISCUSSION: signups open!

    This is a pokemon RP where a group of friends will be journeying across the land. You may start with up to 4 pokemon (you may have a fully evolved pokemon or 2) , and we will be on a journey through the Kalos region. Rules: No swearing No legendarys No OP mega charizards with 1000+ moves who...
  5. Sky_

    Ask to Join Shiny runners l A shiny pokemon RP

    Shinies are pursuited by all trainers. Normally, after being caught, they'll never see the light of day again, trapped in a PC to be shown off in the GTS. You are playing either as the the shiny pokemon, attempting to stay free and away from humans, or the trainers that are after them. Set in...
  6. ixago

    Open Shinys RP

    Hello! Heeeelloo! Heeeeeeeeeeeeh! This RP is about shinys. You will fill out 2 forms (Yes, you HAVE TO BE OWNED.) One for a Trainer: Name: Age: Pokemon: (Other than you and P.S, your team doesn't have to be ALL SHINIES) Appearance: Gender: Other: And one for Pokemon: Name: (Optional) Species...
  7. Shiny Blue Gardevoir

    Open Shinies On The Run!

    Shiny pokemon are highly sought after by trainers all across the globe. Normal pokemon have it easy; most trainers will just ignore them, unless they really want them. But shiny pokemon run the risk of being caught whenever they dare show their faces. And there's no guarantee that they will ever...
  8. skymin015

    XY/ORAS Skymin015's Trade Thread

    EDIT: okay so I'm 'refreshing' this because it was a complete mess. Hello, and welcome to Skymin's trade thread! A place where you can trade teh pokemanz. All is good in a fair trade, and let's hope there will actually be some. So, what I'm looking for is shinies, event Pokemon, and stuff like...
  9. PrinceBanette

    XY/ORAS PrinceBanette's Trade thread

    Hey all My names Ray FC- 4785 - 5908 - 4236 at the current moment I have a shiny lv.32 Magikarp with Swift swim and a modest nature , I'm happy to evolve it to a gyrados if you would prefer to receive it that way. I'm open to offers ^~^ I also do my hand at breeding Pichus and misdreavous so...
  10. Bo Aries

    S/M/US/UM Poké Pals Giveaways

    Looking for some pokemon giveaways? Looking for battles? Come join us and see what it's all about! •Group Link• https://www.facebook.com/groups/PokePalsRocks/ •Follow Us• Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/PokePalsRocks/ (Poké Pals | Facebook) Twitter: https://twitter.com/PokePalsonFB...
  11. Unicornica

    XY/ORAS Trading Shinies/Shiny Legendaries

    I have a ton of shinies that I don't want or need, and I'm willing to trade them for other rare or legendary pokemon that I don't have. A shiny4shiny trade is preferred! If you would like to trade, please reply to this post with the pokemon(s) you want and the pokemon(s) you are offering and...
  12. jett529

    XY/ORAS LF: Gengar with hypnosis, hex, shadow ball, and dream eater

    I'll give you any of my shinies for one or any other pokemon you want
  13. Belladonna Valkyrie

    Shiny Rayquaza Event in North America

    Heard a rumor that there's a shiny rayquaza avaliable if you do Mystery Gift. It's true I did it and it worked ^-^. Here's how --> Mystery Gift > Via Internet The Rayquaza knows Dragon Ascent, Dragon Claw, Extreme Speed, and Dragon Dance. It's holding a Dragon Fang and it's in a red pokeball...