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Open Journey through Kalos RP DISCUSSION: signups open!


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This is a pokemon RP where a group of friends will be journeying across the land. You may start with up to 4 pokemon (you may have a fully evolved pokemon or 2) , and we will be on a journey through the Kalos region.

No swearing
No legendarys
No OP mega charizards with 1000+ moves who can kill you in one hit.
You may have a mega pokemon if StellarWind Elsydeon or Teapot let you.
No fakemon please.
One of your pokemon must be a starter pokemon
You can have aloha pokemon.
Your pokemon can know up to 5 moves, one at least must be a non damaging move


Pokemon team:



Name: Delphi Stormsong
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Appearance: Silver hair blue at tips, a blue hoodie, jean shorts and a Umbreon t-shirt. Fox ear hair clips and blue trainers
Personality: Loyal, stubborn, kind, shiny hunter
Badges: Bug badge, Fairy badge, rumble badge and physic badge
Likes: Chocolate, pokemon, the forest
Dislikes: People who are mean to their pokemon
Pokemon team:

Pokemon: Blaziken
Nickname: Blaze
Gender: Male
Personality: Is very caring and loyal, would fight to the death for Delphi and has a slight crush on her, but he keeps it super secret as it it seen to be weird.
Appearance: Has a red scarf
Backstory: He was the last pokemon to be picked, everyone favoring mudkip or Treeko. Delphi was slightly disappointed because she wanted a Treeko, but the two closely bonded and are so good friends
Moveset: Blaze kick, Flare Blitz, High Jump kick, Feather dance, brave bird.

Pokemon: Kirlia
Nickname: Zoe
Personality: Kind, caring, shy
Gender: Female
Appearance: Shiny (Blue), wears a blue scarf
Backstory: She was caught by Delphi in the forest , weak and injured, she was nursed back to health by Delphi and have been good friends ever since.
Moveset: , Magical leaf, Disarming voice, Tackle

Pokemon: Absol
Nickname: Dash
Personality: Stubborn, dark
Gender: Female
Appearance: Shiny
Backstory: She was found in a cave by Delphi, and she caught her.
Moveset: Future sight, sucker punch, night slash, psycho cut, Perish song

Pokemon: Snivy
Nickname: Comet
Personality: Funny, joker, fiercely loyal
Gender: Male
Appearance: Normal, has a blue scarf
Backstory: Delphi found him snoozing in the forest. She tried to catch him but he escaped and fled. Later that day, Delphi encountered him again, and attempted to catch him, this time sucsessful
Moveset: Razor leaf, Tackle, leer, Leaf tornado

Have fun guys!
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Name: Professor Arbor Tree
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Appearance: Wears a lab coat. Dark brown hair.
Personality: Often stressed, but when he isn’t, he is cool and collected.
Badges: None.
Likes: Pokemon Battling
Dislikes: Studying
Backstory: Parents forced him to be a professor because he was a prodigy at it, and he can easily memorize every Pokémon in existence. However, what he really wants is to be a successful Pokémon trainer.
Pokemon team:

Pokemon: Doublade
Nickname: Excalibur
Personality: Determined, loyal to Arbor.
Gender: Genderless
Appearance: Often sits on Arbor’s back, and will let Arbor Use it as a pair of swords.
Backstory: Met Arbor as a small child, and followed him around even though his parents hated Excalibur. It chose him as a descendent of the king.
Moveset: Shadow Sneak, Flash Cannon, Protect, Sword’s Dance.

Pokemon: Shelgon
Nickname: Pig
Personality: Depressed
Gender: Male
Appearance: Normal Shelgon
Backstory: First Pokémon Caught by Arbor, aside from Excalibur. Named pig because pigs can’t fly.
Moveset: Dragon Rage, Dragon Claw, Headbutt, Protect.

Pokemon: Snorlax
Nickname: Chillax
Personality: Sleepy and Lazy
Gender: Male
Appearance: Shiny Snorlax, but only Arbor can tell because his parents aren’t that good at Pokémon, and Shiny Snorlax doesn’t look that different anyway. Since Arbor is a prodigious pokemon Professor, he can tell, however.
Backstory: Was Arbor’s dad’s Pokémon and was given to Arbor as a going away gift. Does not completely trust in Arbor’s skills as a trainer, but sees potential to grow. Often disobeys his trainer in favor of his own strategy, because his strategies are often better.
Moveset: Yawn, Rest, Sleep Talk, Giga Impact, Headbutt.

Pokemon: Torracat
Nickname: Kit
Personality: Playful and Happy.
Gender: Female
Appearance: Normal Torracat.
Backstory: Family pet that liked Arbor the most and ran off with him. Detests the idea of evolving into an Incineroar.
Moveset: Flame Charge, Take Down, Double Kick, Protect
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Accepted. And the thing thing about kit, so true, i feel that way as well. Just wished i thought of using it as one of my pokemon XD. Do u mind if i do?
Name: William Walt
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Appearance: Black hair. Blue eyes. Average height and weight. Usually wear a black t-shirt, blue jackets and jeans.
Personality: Hot-headed. Arrogant. A bit naive.
Badges: Cliff Badge
Likes: Pokemon. Pokemon battle. Lemonade.
Dislikes: Sore losers. People looking down on him.

Backstory: He was from Sinnoh and He was Rose Walt's little brother. Who was Rose Walt? She was one of the most famous Pokemon trainer in Sinnoh. She was one of a few trainers who have actually beaten Cynthia fair and square. Hence, all his life, William had to lived in his sister's shadow. Wll, no more! After he turned 15, he came to Kalos with just one goal – collecting all the badges and defeating the champion to prove that he was not just his sister's brother.

Pokemon team:

Pokemon: Gabite
Personality: Like battling. He views himself as a big brother to William's other Pokemon.
Gender: Male.
Appearance: Just like a normal Gabite, except it had a tiny scar over its left eye. It got that from battling Grant's Tyrunt.
Backstory: William's first pokemon, given by Cynthia herself when he turned 15.
Moveset: Sand-attack, Dragon Rage, Sand Tomb, Tackle.

Pokemon: Eevee
Personality: Very royal to William. It liked to chase its own tail.
Gender: Male
Appearance: Normal.
Backstory: He was the first pokemon that William caught in Kalos. William saw him being attacked by a hoard of Yanma. He decided to help the poor Eevee out and befriended him.
Moveset: Helping Hand, Swift., Sand-attack.

Gold The Dragonite

Previously Dratingonair
Name: Ethan Gales
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Appearance: Amberish hair,Brown eyes,wears a Gengar hoodie and a Glaile T-Shirt.Trevenant-design trousers and blue sneakers.
Personality: Friendly,Carefree,Loyal
Badges: Bug Badge,Cliff Badge,Rumble Badge,Plant Badge
Likes: Ghost Pokémon,and people!
Dislikes: Bug types,especially Spinarak and Ariados.
Pokemon team:

Pokemon: Frogadier
Nickname: Ninog
Appearance:Normal,except has a blue scarf
Backstory:Ethan found it fainted in Santalune Forest as a Froakie,and took it to a Pokémon Center.Ninog has been grateful ever since.
Moveset: Pound/Water Pulse/Growl/Quick Attack

Personality:Jolly,Jokes around,Carefree
Backstory:Ethan had Miracle as an egg,given by a family friend when he was 7.It later hatched,and they have been friends for a long time.
Moveset:Growl/Charm/Sweet Kiss/Metronome

Pokémon: Snorunt
Nickname: Cyro
Backstory:Found at Shoal Cave,Ethan rescued it from a group of Golbat,and caught it.
Moveset: Powder Snow/Leer/Double Team/Ice Shard/Icy Wind

Backstory:Found as an egg in Giant Chasm,it hatched and soon evolved from Beldum to Metang,being the strongest of Ethan's team.
Moveset: Confusion/Metal Claw/Take Down/Bullet Punch/Protect
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Name: Kaleb Storm
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Appearance: Kaleb looks a bit rugged, as he has been on the run, trying to avoid the Aether Foundation, who want to arrest him for something he never did. He wears red contact lenses and a black jacket with blue pants. He has jet black hair, but it is normally covered by the jacket hood. He is about 5”7.
Personality: Kaleb is a friendly person, but he is trying not to interact with people at the moment because he thinks they might recognize them. He tries to stay hidden for the most part, only emerging to eat food and battle gyms.
Badges: Bug Badge, Cliff Badge, and Rumble Badge.
Likes: Pokémon, friendly people, food, battling.
Dislikes: The Aether Foundation.
Pokemon team:

Pokemon: Pangoro
Nickname: None
Personality: Pangoro has never left Kaleb’s side, and is always trying to help his trainer.
Gender: Male
Appearance: Normal Pangoro.
Backstory: Pangoro was given to Kaleb as a Pancham when Kaleb went on a mission to an “uninhabited” region that ended up going awry.
Moveset: Bullet Punch, Payback (via TM), Drain Punch (via move tutor), Body Slam, Dragon Claw (via TM)

Pokemon: Charmeleon
Nickname: Red
Personality: Red goofs off a bit, but he still listens to his trainer.
Gender: Male
Appearance: Normal Charmeleon.
Backstory: Red was an early Pokémon belonging to Kaleb that stayed in Kalos with Sycamore when Kaleb went on his mission. When Kaleb returned, he happily rejoined his trainer’s team.
Moveset: Flame Burst, Thunder Punch (via move tutor), Dragon Claw (via TM), Inferno, Beat Up (egg move)

Pokemon: Zoroark
Nickname: Shadow
Personality: Zoroark is sneaky and usually goes out to steal items for his trainer when Kaleb can’t afford anything. He uses illusions to mask himself and takes the items and runs.
Gender: Male
Appearance: Normal Zoroark.
Backstory: Kaleb caught Zoroark as a Zorua while living in Kalos a while back. When he left for his mission, he left Zorua with Charmeleon and the Professor. When he needed help, he got Zorua, now a Zoroark, back in his team to mask himself with an illusion.
Moveset: Night Slash, Night Daze, U-turn, Flamethrower (via TM), Hidden Power (Flying, via TM)

Pokemon: Gligar
Nickname: None
Personality: Gligar is a goofy Pokémon that usually listens, but also likes to do things his own way.
Gender: Male
Appearance: Normal Gligar.
Backstory: Kaleb caught Gligar in Sinnoh while on the run.
Moveset: Knock Off, X-Scissor, Sky Uppercut, Swords Dance, Swagger (via TM)
Name: Finion Park (Fin for short)
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Appearance: Medium length orange hair, green eyes and a rather pale complexion. He often wears a blue shirt with an orange waist coat over it, jeans with some dark orange boots and a blue hat to top it all off. Finion also has orange goggles which he'll put on during battle. He stands at around 5ft.
Personality: Finion is a slightly timid and rather awkward individual. He tries to be as outgoing as he can but it can often land him into awkward situations, Finion sometimes struggling to socialize. He has a good heart however and cares deeply for those he has befriended even if he does find opening up to them a little difficult.
Badges: Bug badge, Cliff badge.
Likes: Pokemon, watching battles, chess, all sorts of sugary foods, cold weather.
Dislikes: Warm weather, bullies, people who are just a holes really.
Pokemon team: Pachirisu, Monferno, Tropius, Garchomp

Pokemon: Pachirisu
Nickname: Sparky
Personality: Bubbily yet also over confident, always sticking his noses in places that it doesn't belong and usually landing himself quite alot of trouble for it. He also has quite the appetite.
Gender: Male
Appearance: Looks quite like a normal Pachirisu except he is extremely furry.
Backstory: Sparky was found not by Finion but by Finion's parents, the small squirrel pokemon having been a pest to their berry farm as he kept eating them all. Rather than defeating the Pokemon they decided to give him to Finion before he could become a trainer, to get the young boy experienced with them. Finion and Sparky grew and bond and he's rarely left his side ever since.
Moveset: Iron tail, Dig, Discharge, Super fang, Double team

Pokemon: Monferno
Nickname: Blitz
Personality: Blitz is a friendly and happy go lucky Monferno, getting along with many Pokemon and holding no grudges against Pokemon that had beat him in battle. He is also often very apologetic to Pokemon he's beaten in battle.
Gender: Male
Appearance: Blitz is a normal Monferno
Backstory: Despite already having a Pachirisu professor Rowan insisted on Finion recieving a starter Pokemon and so after a long and difficult choice Finion choose Monferno. Asides from Sparky, Blitz is Finion's closest Pokemon.
Moveset: Mach punch, Thunder punch, Fire punch, Flamethrower, Bulk up

Pokemon: Tropius
Nickname: Coconut
Personality: Coconut has a caring and motherly attitude to the Pokemon she knows and likes but can turn fierce and aggressive to protect them.
Gender: Female
Appearance: Shiny (If that's allowed)
Backstory: Coconut was a wild tropius helping other wild Pokemon flee from Pokemon trappers. She was never able to fight them though and so just helped the wild Pokemon flee. That was until Finion came along and together they defeated the Pokemon trappers. She was so grateful that she joined Finion on his journey, caring deeply for his party and him.
Moveset: Sunny day, Solar beam, Steel wing, Synthesis, Energy ball

Pokemon: Garchomp
Nickname: Garfield
Personality: Chomp is an a hole quite simply. Whether he decides to listen to Finion is kind of a hit and miss and if he's angry Finion has no chance of controlling him. Finion often uses the Pokemon as a last resort due to it's unrulliness. Despite this Chomp is powerful and intelligent, often managing to handle battles without Finion's help.
Gender: Male
Appearance: A large Garchomp
Backstory: Garfield was once just an ordinary gible caught by Finion, the Pokemon first being quite excited to have a trainer however the more Garfield evolved the more unruly he became.
Moveset: Stone edge, Dragon claw, swords dance, Dragon rush, Iron head.
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I'm tempted to join, but I might wait until Friday, I'm on holiday so it'll be hard for me to keep track. If I'm still able to join in several days time, I'll make my bio then.

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Thanks. It's not as bad on the discussion, i just dont want the RP to be closed
Well, I might possibly join and help revive it if people are willing to do that.

*a Froakie sits down playing a flute before hopping away a few seconds later after his nurse comes over to see him skipping one too many checkups lately*
idk if I'll join the RP yet, but Imma make my char anyway.

Name: Connor Simmons
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Appearance: Has Pale skin, Orange eyes and Brown sort spiked hair. Wears a White fur hoodie under a Black sleeveless jacket, Dark olive jeans and Gray sneakers.
Personality: Very calm and stoic, sometimes sarcastic and very laid back, cares for his Pokémon like his family and can sometimes be a smartass. He aims to become as strong as he can be.
Badges: Bug Badge, Cliff Badge, Rumble Badge, Plant Badge, Voltage Badge.
Likes: Playing his flute (Which have a peaceful feeling to people and Pokémon) His Pokémon, Chocolate, Cool weather, Pokémon battles (Mainly if he wins).
Dislikes: Losing, People criticizing his flute songs, Hot weather, People who tell him "It's not about winning, but having fun."
Pokémon team:

Pokémon: Gallade
Nickname: Leo
Personality: Leo is extremely loyal to Connor and obeys almost all of his orders without question. He cares for Madison deeply and would do anything to protect her and make her happy (Even though his mere presence is enough for her.) He is also kind to small Pokémon and respects Pokémon that are around his equal in strength.
Gender: Male
Appearance: Wears a red winter scarf given to him by Connor when he first caught him and a silver ring on the middle finger of his right hand.
Backstory: Leo was Connor's first ever Pokémon and was caught when Connor was 7. He always made sure he never failed him when battling, becoming extremely serious in battles until he met his future "wife" Monica who he fell head over heels for and vice versa. As Leo got older, stronger and evolved, he always made sure neither he nor Connor would have to suffer the shame of defeat.
Move set: Psycho Cut, Night Slash, Drain Punch, Poison Jab, Swords Dance.

Pokémon: Gothitelle
Nickname: Monica
Personality: Like her "husband" Leo, she is loyal to Connor. She loves Leo more than anything and rarely leaves his side, from time to time she tends to get too clingy. She also acts motherly towards Leo's other Pokémon and looks after them whenever Connor is too busy and always does her best to comfort Leo whenever he even feels a little bit down. Although she is serious and blunt to anyone outside of Connor's Pokémon team. She has a fear of thunder and lightning.
Gender: Female
Appearance: Wears a silver ring on her right hand exactly like Leo's.
Backstory: She was caught by Connor when she was just a Gothita, ever since she was caught, she rarely left Leo's side and always trained beside him. When Connor caught/hatched new Pokémon, Monica always made sure to welcome them with open arms.
Move set: Future Sight, Psychic, Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, Protect.

Pokémon: Fraxure
Nickname: Halberd
Personality: Proud and arrogant, thinks he is special because he is shiny. He is also greedy and stubborn. He listens to Connor within battles, but out of battles is a different story; If Connor fails to make Halberd obey, Madison surely won't as he sees the latter as a motherly figure, even if she acts strictly about it. He also respects other shinies as equals.
Gender: Male
Appearance: Shiny, slightly bigger than your average Fraxure.
Backstory: He was found by Connor when he was just an egg and hatched into a shiny Axew shortly afterward. Ever since he heard that shinies were special, he became arrogant about it and always trained hard to make sure he lived up to use his "gift" properly. One time he and Madison got separated from Connor and had to work together to get out, doing so made Fraxure slightly respect non-shinies a bit more, but certainly looked up to Madison afterward.
Move set: Dragon Claw, Slash, Assurance, Iron Tail, Dragon Dance.

Pokémon: Golett
Nickname: Titan
Personality: Titan is very kind and timid, always friendly to others and jumps at the opportunity to help whenever someone may need it. He doesn't prefer to battle if it "isn't necessary" such as arguments with Halberd that would usually end up in one.
Gender: Genderless
Appearance: Just your everyday Golett.
Backstory: He was first found by Halberd who demanded to battle him. When Connor found them, he was impressed at how the Golett held his own against Halberd and decided to add him to the team. Ever since then, he has been one of Connor's most helpful Pokémon.
Move set: Shadow Punch, Thunder Punch, Mega Punch, Magnitude, Iron Defence.
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Name: Namine Leonhart (Props If recognizing the name)
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Appearance: Blond Twin tails, Brown Purse, Yellow ruffled skirt, yellow shirt, beige top hat, white shorts and blue stockings, gray boots (Use this for a visual aid https://78.media.tumblr.com/f8a137b4bc1d4a9759da9c3e8caab22e/tumblr_o7yb7mXmZw1t127p5o1_400.png)
Personality: Outgoing, Curious, A bit gullible,
Badges: Bug, Cliff, Rumble, and Plant
Likes: Sweets, Battles
Dislikes: Arrogant people

Pokemon: Brionne
Nickname: Aqua
Personality: Very curious and Loyal
Gender: Female
Appearance: Normale but closer to teal
Backstory: A popplio that she won as an egg in a fishing competition by catching a basculin
Bubble Beam
Icy Wind
Disarming Voice
Aqua Jet

Pokemon: Vivillion
Nickname: Marluxia
Personality: A bit of a show-off and quite dainty, hates getting dirty
Gender: Female
Appearance: Sun Pattern
Backstory: Namine's first catch in Kalos
Stun Spore
Bug Buzz
Quiver Dance

Pokemon: Buneary
Nickname: Kairi
Personality: The "caretaker" of the group. Prevents fighting between them
Gender: Female
Appearance: Normal
Backstory: Ordinary buneary she caught
Quick Attack
Jump Kick
Dizzy Punch

Pokemon: Sylveon
Personality: Used to be a bit of a troublemaker but now is just plain mad.
Appearance: Normal
Backstory: Was adopted and Namine took care of it so much (too much in fact) that HE evolved into a Sylveon. (Still pissed at her to this day)
Gender: Male
Double Team
Fairy Wind

I hope I'm in
(Bonus Points If you get Every single reference)
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May i join?

Name:Jake Ross
Appearance: Jake Weara black Pants, A white Shirt and a Thin Black Jacket Over the Shirt as he Also Wears a Black fedora with a White Feather in it as he Has Purple Eyes, and a Birthmark on his right Hand that looks like a Ghost
Personality: Jake is Very nice and Very open And out about his Feelings. He Is not afraid to Speak his Mind and will to do Anything to Protect his Friends. Buuut he can be Rude or Mean or Even Heartless At Times.
Badges:, Bug Badge, and Cliff Badge
Likes:Cooking, His Pokemon, Battling, Going out and just Doing anything
Dislikes:losing Battles, when people don't liek his food
Pokemone Team:

Personality:Flame is a very nice Pokemon. It will help other pokemon , but he does have a Devious side. He will sometimes Prank and trick pokemone and people at sometimes.
Gender: Male
Appearance: A normal Chandlure
Move set: Flame Burst, shadoe ball, shadow sneak, and Flamethrower

Personality: butterfly will be one of the nices pokemoen you willevery meet. She is always opened to help a Pokemon or a Perosn and wont play tricks on you like flame would, ever
Move set: Sleep powder, Solar Air slash, and Bug bite

Nickname: Cue
Personality:cur is very shy and tends to stay from any pokemon or person he doeant know. He usually stays behind Jake, and s everyone
Apperance:Normal Cuebone
Move set: Boomerang, Bone club, Headbutt, and leer

Nickenam: flowey
Personality: Flabébé is a Very energetic pokemon. When not in her ball, she will always be running around and doing whatever interest her. Vut she does lose intrest in stuff really quickly.
Moveset: tavkle, vine whip, fairy wind, and Razor

I hope thats good enough!
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