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Open Shinys RP

Hello! Heeeelloo! Heeeeeeeeeeeeh!
This RP is about shinys. You will fill out 2 forms (Yes, you HAVE TO BE OWNED.)
One for a Trainer:

Pokemon: (Other than you and P.S, your team doesn't have to be ALL SHINIES)

And one for Pokemon:

Name: (Optional)
Accesories: (Again optional)

My form:
Name: Melissa
Age: 23
Pokemon: Shiny Eevee, Haunter, Ivysaur, Omanyte
Appearance: Looks almost like Serena from Pokemon X and Y, but with longer hair and a purple outfit.
Gender: Female
Other: :)

Name: Fairy
Species: Shiny Sylveon
Gender: Female
Accesories: :)
Other: Knows Discharming Voice, Charm, Swift, and Light Screem

Melissa was on a shiny hunt. A shiny hunt for Leafeon. Melissa was pooped. And she was REALLY pooped. "Melissa, use Swift!" said Melissa, and it hit. The wild Leafeon fainted and Melissa went into her pokeball. Inside it, she could see another pokemon. They were a..
Name: Midori
Age: 15
Pokemon: (N/A)
Appearance: She has short blonde hair, a straw hat with a pink ribbon, blue jeans and doll shoes
Gender: Female
Other: Has anxiety and relies on her Pokemon to keep her calm and relief stress.

Name: Bloka
Species: Buneary
Gender: Male
Accesories: Black Bandana
Other: Knows Dizzy Punch, Quick attack and Defense curl.

Midori and Bloka were having a picnic in the park in celebration of Midori graduating Pokemon school, and Bloka was having a good time and feeling happy for Midori for overcoming her anxiety of late and getting high grades at school.
Name:Terrien Rockfeld
Pokemon: Rampardos,Tyrantrum, Vaporeon, Prinplup
Appearance: Log Shaggy Hair, Blue Eyes, White T Shirt, Black Pants,
Other: He is Goofy, Random, Nerdy, but rather sweet

Other: Garnet is extremely rare, first she is a shiny, and second, female Cranidos are very hard to find. Also Garnet is very Dog Like instead well, Dinosaur like I guess,
Terrien and His Partner Garnet Were Walking through the fields trying to Catch another Partner for Team Terrien. Now Terrien Was a pretty good trainer, but he needed a Another stronger Pokemon Like Garnet and Tyrantrum. Both were very strong and maybe he could even find another shiny. "Garnet, See if you can find another shiny pokemon." Garnet and Terrien looked around for a while till Garnet ran off somewhere. "Garnet! I told you not to do this." Terrien sighed. Garnet did this often. She would run away for awhile and come back when it was dinner time. Terrien ran in the direction he saw Garnet run in until he noticed Garnet was standing in front of a female Trainer wagging her huge tail . The Girl looked like she was from the Kalos region. "Excuse me miss. Sorry for my Rampardos. Garnet means no harm she was just curious and she ran off and found you."
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Name: Serah
Age: 17
Pokemon: Pichu (Shiny), Amaura, Minun, Mudkip
Appearance: Long white hair, wears a yellow V-neck shirt, black skirt, red loafers, carries around a sling that acts as a bag and carrier
Gender: Female
Other: She tends to baby around her Pichu a lot, as she always keeps her Pokémon close.

Name: Volt
Species: Pichu
Gender: Male
Accesories: Carries around a special rattle that controls his electricity and comforts him.
Other: Knows Thunder Shock, Protect, Charge Beam, and Secret Power.

Serah walked through the tall grass with Volt in her sling, as she said to herself, "Hmm... now if I were a Pokémon, where would I be?" She looked around, as she knew that getting a team together was her first priority. She felt a Rampardos that rushed the area, as Volt was startled! His body emitted a few jolts, as his rattle prevented the impulsive shocking from occuring.

She decided to follow the Ramparados, as she tailed it, while staying a little behind since she knew that it was rather huge. She quickly hid near a bush near it, as Volt peeked out and noticed the female trainer that the Ramparados was looking at.