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Open Shinies On The Run!

Shiny pokemon are highly sought after by trainers all across the globe. Normal pokemon have it easy; most trainers will just ignore them, unless they really want them. But shiny pokemon run the risk of being caught whenever they dare show their faces. And there's no guarantee that they will ever be used, for all they know, they could be shoved in a PC like a trophy, and not ever see the light of day again.

Shiny pokemon everywhere have decided to band together, promising to protect each other, keep each other hidden, and most importantly, never let their comrades get caught!

(If you wanna join, just fill out the character sheet and jump right in! I'll use my character as an example)

Name: Kitri

Species: Honchkrow

Gender: Female

Previously caught? Yes (You can provide details of how they were caught, if you like)


"Oh my God...Dude, did you see that?!"

Kitri's eyes widened. It was the voice of a wandering trainer. And she knew exactly what that meant.

"A shiny freakin' honchkrow! He's gonna be mine! Go, Swellow!"

Kitri beat her wings with all her might. Up through the trees, she steadily got higher, the swellow in hot pursuit. Greenish and orange feathers...Yep, this one was shiny too. Once free like her, but now a slave, to that shiny-hungry boy on the ground. She had pink feathers, and not navy-blue ones. That was it. What was it about her colouring that made her so damn special?!

She fired off a dark pulse, which skimmed the back of the swellow, as it dodged her blow. Attacking it was going to lose her some precious time, but if she shot it down, then she could end the chase sooner.

She scanned the ground, just as she was reaching maximum height. Another pokemon was on the ground, a little ahead of her. It too was being pursued by a trainer.

Me and my stupid morals, Kitri cursed to herself. Always help a shiny in need, that was her code. A kind shiny dustox had helped her break free from her own trainer all those years ago, and since then, she'd vowed to help any shiny that she came across.

Though she ran the risk of being caught, she swooped down onto the ground, and hurriedly sqwauked, "Get on my back!"
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Name: GR-39 (Goes by Greg, name will be explained)
Species: Growlithe
Gender: Male
Previously caught?: Yep :) Flashback time
'it was a dark and stormy night, when Greg, or GR-39 was born. He was born of an aspiring Trainer's dream to be the greatest. His father was a Lucario and his mother was an Arcanine due to the Trainer wanting a shiny Growlithe with the move "Close Combat" Which was only possible through egg moves. Already the trainer had tried 38 times before GR-39. When Greg was born, the first thing he heard was the cry 'yes!' of the trainer. The trainer was very cruel and forced him to battle Pokemon way stronger than he was. Once he tried to bring Greg underwater! In the end the trainer told Greg "You are no good!" and abandoned him in favour of a shiny Chimchar he was offered.'

Greg was wondering aimlessly in the forest, lost, tired and hungry. It had barely been three days since his Trainer abandoned him, but it seemed like forever. Bruises covered his body, and he hadn't eaten in what seemed like forever. But Greg didn't mind, it was better than being with his own trainer. Once that trainer had put him up against a Tentacruel, which almost dragged Greg into the ocean. Greg heard a commotion and decided to see what was happening
Name: Unknown (This will be revealed later on as the RP progresses.)

Species: Zorua

Gender: Male

Previously caught?: No

Zorua wandered around in the forest, as he was disguised as a baby boy. He took tiny steps, as he tried his best to walk on two legs, like a normal human being would. He picked some berries from an oran bush, as he used his overalls to hide his tail.

He walked around, as he noticed a commotion that went on, as he saw a Growlithe that happened to be watching. He sat down next to him sliently, hoping he wouldn't notice his tail, as he pretended to be pulling on his overalls. He ate an oran berry, as he had six more on his other hand that he held them with. They looked rather big, since they were juicy and ripe.
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Name: Eclipse
Species: Umbreon
Gender: Female
Previously Caught?: Yes
(Flashback bruh)
I was born with a sparkling grey coat, but I was still an eevee, like my siblings. For some reason my mother did not want to take care of me, and whenever I walked to her, she told me to stay away, a human came out of the bushes, and my mother darted away with my siblings. The Trainer threw a ball at me and captured me. He took care of me, until I evolved into a shiny Umbreon. Whenever I lost a battle, he would get angry and I had enough. I ran away...

Thump! I dashed through the forest, being chased by a trainer and his Pyroar. The Pyroar uses Flamethrower and it knocked me down. I used shadow ball and got back up, starting to run again. I saw a shiny Honchkrow fly down and say "Get on my back!" I had no choice. I leapt onto the bird pokemon and it flew back into the air. "Thank you, my name is Eclipse, I'm a Shiny Umbreon.. why did you save me?"
(@OkamiWolf7250 , I think you should use the third person.)

Name: Calix
Species: Glaceon
Gender: Female
Previously caught? Yes (and had a very kind owner, but she died a few days ago in a train crash.)

Calix never had any idea how hard it was to avoid being caught as a shiny. Her previous owner, an Eevee trainer named Kayenne, had treated her just like the others, but she had noticed that her fur was a shade lighter than most Glaceon. She had never been so thankful that shiny Glaceon had almost no difference to normal ones. However, occasionally an observant trainer would spot her and try to catch her, and she would cause a blizzard out of nowhere to distract them and hide. After dark, however, she looked like a normal Glaceon, so she wouldn't really need to hide much. She heard a commotion nearby the clearing and decided to check it out, noticing a human trainer. She turned and ran into a bush, hoping the trainer wouldn't see her, but no such luck. She hadn't ever wished that she was a Leafeon so much in her life.
"I don't live by any rules, except for one, and that one rule is, 'Always help a shiny in need," Kitri explained, "I belonged to a shiny collector, who forced me to evolve as soon as I was caught. What about you?"
Calix looked up at the sky and saw a Honchcrow which she recognised as a shiny. She immediately got to her feet and started making random noises for the Honchcrow to notice her. She was relieved to see another shiny in the forest. Well, two, actually. She didn't see the Umbreon at first but saw her after blinking the sunlight out of her eyes a bit.
Greg watched the Honchcrow and Umbreon talk. He tried to get closer to hear what they were saying. He walked closer to them, deciding that they were friendly, he got closer. He realised that they were getting attacked by a shiny Swallow.
"I don't live by any rules, except for one, and that one rule is, 'Always help a shiny in need," Kitri explained, "I belonged to a shiny collector, who forced me to evolve as soon as I was caught. What about you?"
"I was abandoned by my parents and ran away from my trainer, that boy with the Pyroar had heard a shiny Umbreon was loose and he has been trying to catch me ever since.." Eclipse looked down at the boy returning his Pyroar. She gave a sigh. "If only my mother did not abandon me.."
As Kitri prepared to take off again, with Eclipse on her back, she noticed a few more shinies, namely, a growlithe, a larvitar, and a glaceon nearby. This place is crawling with shinies, she thought. The growlithe sat near what appeared to be a human child, watching her.

That poor growlithe! Some irresponsible trainer's gone and caught it for a baby! She cursed to herself.

Though there probably wasn't going to be enough room on her back to carry them all, she still approached them, and offered them a ride...
Zorua walked to the Growlithe again, as he stood next to a tree while he stayed slient. He knew that being a baby would have been the perfect disguise, since they don't normally talk. He looked around, as he saw a lot more shinies and thought to himself, "Wow... this place must seriously be shiny paradise. Well, I suppose I'm going to have to really act to make my baby disguise believeable."

He sat down under the tree, as he sucked on his hand. He tried to make his disguise believeable, as he acted very silly. He still hid his tail, as he used the tree for support.
Name: Barry
Species: Bidoof
Gender: Any kind, he ain't picky
Previously Captured?: He wishes

"Oh boy, here comes another one!", the golden furred Bidoof thought as he hoped up from the side of the dirt road that went through the forest, jumping up and down, waving his arms frantically in an attempt to get the passing trainer and his Quilava companion's attention. Which he did, the trainer took one look at Barry, shared an uncomfortable glance with the Quilava, and then hurriedly walked off, mentioning something to his Quilava about not touching him because he might have a disease , leaving him dejected and alone in the middle of the street. That hurt the Bidoof, granted it was true, but it still hurt darn it!

"Dis is bullcrap!", Barry yelled as he kicked a glass bottle into the road, "Ah went thruw all dat trouble ta paint mah fhur gold so peoples whould dink Ima shinie, AND STILL NOBHUDDY WANTS TA CATCH MEH!!!! Yes, it appeared even being Shiny wasn't enough to motivate a trainer to muster up the effort to capture a Bidoof. One could assume the lack of interest was due to an unconvincing paint job by Barry, but he had learned from the last time and "convinced" a local Smeargle to give his fur a paint job this time around, and to the Smeargles credit, he did a great job, Barry did appear to be authentically shiny. Apparently, It just turned out no one wanted a crumby ass Bidoof, even a shiny one, though a contributing factor could have been the empty Vodka bottles littered around him and the powerful scent of liquor on his breathe. Really, Barry wasn't even worth the free Primer Ball once could use to catch him.

But the Bidoof was not so easily dissuaded!..at least not after he had this much booze, he would keep trying until some poor sap of a trainer decided to catch his rear. However, a recent development may put Barry's plans in jeopardy, as near-bye there seemed to be some sort gathering of shiny Pokemon near-bye! Barry was shocked to say the least to see so many shinies in one place, after all, weren't Shiny Pokemon supposed to be extremely rare and valuable? That's why he went through all the effort of getting painted up like one! Either way, he wasn't going to stand for having any competition on his street, he was having enough trouble getting a trainer to take him as it was, with all these other shinies to choose from he didn't stand a chance! Oh no, he began marching right over to those no good sparkle-butts to them them know what was what, but not before clumsily grabbing one of his empty bottles, you know, just incase he needed to bash some heads!

"HEY YEW STEUPID KIDS, GET OFF MAH LAWN....I mean, GET OUTTA 'ERE, DISH IS MAH SPOT, GO GET YER OWN!", Barry yelled at the group of shinies, patting the empty bottle in his paw, "dontcha know how 'ard of ah thime ahm havens getten caught alhready, ah don't nheed yah ahll maken it harder to get chaught by a...A HUMAHN!" Barry had finally noticed the Zorua, still disguised as a small human boy who was clearly too young to be a trainer, but Barry either didn't care or was too stupid to realize that, as he dropped his bottle ran to get his "sign". His "sign" being a piece of cardboard that looked like it might have served as another Pokemons rest stop with the words: "FHREE SHINE BEDOUF" written on it. Barry was not a good speller, but it didn't stop him from energetically waving the sign in the boy, practically shoving it in his face. Barry was very....passionate about pursuing a goal....sometimes.
Zorua knew that he had to act his disguise out, but he was actually frightened now, as he noticed a weapon that he held in his paws. He cried, as tears flooded his face, while he swiftly backed away from the Bidoof. He went to a Honchcrow while he continued to cry like a baby. He looked terrified, as he ran and hid behind a bush that was behind the Honchcrow. He thought to himself, "This is going so well, they're actually believing this disguise... now all I need to do is make sure they don't see my tail. I'd better get away from that Bidoof, he's gonna probably go on a massacre..."
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"Ahh!" Greg shouted as he turned to see the Bidoof "is that Bidoof drunk!? Can Pokemon get drunk!? He began to slowly edge away from the bidoof.
He ran back a little while before hiding behind a tree
Zorua was still frightened, as he wasn't pretending at all, since he had barely gotten away from the drunk Bidoof. He wiped the tears off his face, as he stayed slient. He quickly ran behind a tree and noticed Greg hiding behind there.

He noticed a bush that was next to the tree, as he went inside the bush and hid in there. He did some sign language at Greg, as he tried to signal him a message.
Kitri took off, up into the trees, to prepare a nest for the night. She didn't have a permanent home, but then again, she couldn't really afford to stay in one place all the time. A human was bound to find her eventually if she did.

With Eclipse and Calix still on her back, she plucked a big branch from a tree, hoping that eeveelutions could tolerate a night up in the trees. Somedays, I really ought to be grateful that I'm a Honchkrow. I wouldn't be able to do all of this if I were a murkrow...
When the Honchkrow flew past a huge tree, Eclipse looked at it and then said, "This should be my stop, sorry I can't stay but my rings would attract others, until we meet again," Eclipse leapt off and landed in the tree. She waved at the Pokemon as she disappeared into the darkness of the leaves.
Larvitar quickly looked around, After seeing no signs of a trainer, he walked towards the bidoof.
"So, what are you doing out here instead of hidng like me and those others a bit ago?"
Larvitar chucked an oran berry into his mouth, waiting for the bidoof to reply.
Calix thanked Kitri and leapt off the tree, landing on the grass. She immediately started looking for a shelter. Fortunately, she saw a cave quickly. She grabbed a few batches of dried leaves for a bed, curled up and fell asleep.
Eclipse looked down from the cliff she was standing on, and her rings were glowing from the rising moon. She looked at the pokemon below the cliff, and she gave a small howl. Her fur flowed around as she howled. After a while, she saw a cave and slept in the darkest corner.
Zorua went into the cave that the others went to, as he knew that the Bidoof could pose as a threat. He had a batch of dried leaves and berries that he had on his back from earlier, as he noticed a wall that was indented. He quickly used secret power on it, as a new area had opened up! He smiled to himself, as the area briefly glew towards Calix and Eclipse.

He went inside his secret base that he had created, as the cavern hole had started to seal off to prevent others from sneaking in. He knew that he would have to eventually move out, since he was a shiny. He placed the leaves on the ground to make an improvised bed and mat for himself. He placed the berries neatly near the edge, as he lied down on the leaves and dozed off, while he reverted back into his original, dark fox form.
"Lihsten schruffy, if Pakemins couldn't ghet dhrunk, dhen ah would have jhumped off a chliff ah long time ago...", Barry said, responding to the Growlithes question, "bah da way, what did ja say yer namhm waz....eh ferget it, yer names Schruffy from now on, as fer yew mista human, you and me gotta a dat width a Poke...eh?" Barry, unsurprisingly, didn't notice the Zorua slip away from him.

"Uh, ey, were ya goin'?!?!", Barry cried as he ran after the fleeing human still waving his sign in the air, "ah no, I ain't letten ya go dat easily, YER GUNNA CAPTCHA MEH PINK MAN, AND YER GUNNA LEIK IT!!!!!"Barry was able to catch up with the fox in disguise just in time to see him forge a secret base with his Secret Power attack, no doubt in an attempt to escape Barry. Impressively, the Zorua, despite being in a humanoid shape, was able to enter his newly created home with skill and ease. Barry however, was not going to give up after coming so close to reaching his goal, taking a step back, he sprinted towards the cave and leapt through the entrance. His decent was as graceful as you would imagine...

"OOOOFF, GAAAH! OH SWEET ARCEUS SHI-!!!", Barry face planted the ground hard, dust was kicked up all around the Zorua's new home. Barry lay on the cave floor, face down for a moment before hastily pulling himself up, dusting himself off and then checking over to make sure his sign was O.K, his sign was very important. Seeing that his sign was A- O.K, he began sporadically darted around the secret base in his search for that human, who he found just in time!...to see the boy morph into a tiny, black and red Pokemon fox. Barry stood there stunned for a moment, trying to process was he just saw, and thankfully, his drunk mind came to one, clear, conclusion.

"Yer a shape-shifta...HURMP, WEEEEEELLL GUESS WHAT BUDDY, YA AIN'T GETTEN OUTTA DIS DAT EASILY!!!!", Barry yelled as he marched over to the Zorua, lifted his dirty sign about his head, and began hitting the Zorua with the poorly made cardboard sign, "AH DON'T KARE WHAT YA LOOK LEIK!!! YER GUNNA CAPTURE MEH SO AH KEN GO TA DAT MHAGICAL IS-LAND WITH DA FREE FOOD, AH A'INT LIVEN IN DIS CRAPPY FOREST FOR ANODAH DAY!!!!!"
Zorua quickly woke up startled in anger, as he screamed at the Bidoof, "THAT IS IT, YOU ARE GOING TO GET IT DRUNK ONE!" He quickly took a deep breath, as he used dark pulse at the Bidoof! He had enough of him, as the slapping from the cardboard box had already triggered his last nerve.

He formed his paws into fists, as he placed them in front of his chest while a dark, purple orb formed around his chest. He then seperated his arms, as the orb expanded and fired a beam of dark purple circles at the Bidoof! He exclaimed while the orb fired, "THIS IS THE LAST TIME YOU ARE MESSING WITH ME! I AM NOT A HUMAN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!"
"THAT IS IT, YOU ARE GOING TO GET IT DRUNK ONE!", the Zorua cried, the fury in his voice was practically palpable to anyone with half a brain, unfortunately, this was Barry the Zorua was yelling at.

"Heheh, behlievah meh kid, ah've drank muuuuucha more den wan...", Barry slurred, completely missing the Zorua's point, but what didn't miss him was the Dark Pulse, which knocked the Bidoof across the room. Normally, an attack like this would leave most Pokemon in a daze, but a daze would actually be an improvement over Barry's current state of mind. Barry took his sweet time picking himself up, processing the Zorua's words, finally understanding that the Zorua wasn't a human, which was quiet an accomplishment for Barry considering his mental abilities.

Wait...ya ain't human? WELL DEN YER A PHILTHY LIAR!!!!", Barry yelled at the shape-shifting fox. However, this gave the creature plenty of time to finish prepping what appeared to be a Shadow Ball attack and take careful aim at Barry, who was just sloppy standing in the Zorua's line of fire. The Zorua, powered by the frustration in his heart, launched several circular shaped blasts of energy at Barry from the sphere he forged at semi-impressive speeds. Barry could only stare as the attack made contact with him...and then pass right through him without injuring the Bidoof at all. Ghost-types attack were completely ineffective against normal-types, usually, Barry heard sometimes they could be not very effective, but that was only in special locations or if the attack came from very powerful Pokemon. Either way, Barry was upset, not because he was hit by a Dark Pulse or the Zorua's other attempts at attacking him, Barry was used to getting the snot wailed out of him. No, Barry was upset because he felt that the Zorua lied to him, which was a completely unfair judgement on the Bidoof's part, but Barry was, in nothing else(well, aside from a drunk), a selfish asshole.

"IF YA AIN'T HUMEN OR AHTLEAST WILLEN TA PRETEND TA BE WHAN, DEN YER USELESS TA ME!!!", Barry yelled at the Zorua, he then attempted to spit a luge at him, but just ended up dribbling saliva all over his fur,"....eh, ye know wat, ferget it, ahm goen ta talk ta dat Larvitah, HE ATLEAST SHEEMED LEIK HE CHARED!...behsidsa, dis stupid cave lewks leik it cude cohlapse at eny minute ahnyway..." Blowing one last raspberry at the Zorua, Barry made his way over to the hole and began climbing out. Bidoofs often lived in dams (though there were exceptions, quiet a few in fact) so climbing through tunnels was in Barry's nature, besides, in wasn't like he could stumble over in a tunnel...usually. Barry popped his head out of the hole, complained about the sunlight ("Solgaleo's an ashhole!") and walked over to the shiny Larvitar, this time he only felt over twice.

"Hey, seen as yer deh ohnly wan who acknowledged mah exsihtance sho far, dat makes yew mah new best frhiend...anywaise, what did ja say before...why wasn't ah hide'n, well 'cuse ah wanta ghet chaptured, duh,", Barry exclaimed, as though the reason was obvious," bein ah whild Pohkeman sucks unless yer a bhig gai, I mehan, ders phurdeator's, half yer day ish spent lhooking for shomething ta eat, da ghround sucks ta shleep on, an dere's hardily ahny booze enywhere! Shereishly, ah gottah go inta town ta get ma dhrinksa, and phople ahlways get upshet if dey catch meh stealin dem!!! Nho, ah wanta ghet chaptured 'en gho ta dat nhice ass island ya go to wen ya ghet chaught, plenty a phood, enything bigga den yew won't try ta kill ya, deh shands way shofter den dis shitnken dirt, an if ah stheal shome alcohol den mah trainer gets enthrouble, nhot me!" Barry finished he over indulgent rant about why he wasn't hiding, though considering his blood-alcohol level, it was up to debate whether or not the Larvitar could understand him, not that it would ever get Barry to shut up that it.

"Ah mean, yer a Larvitar, even reghular ones are shuper rare, sho yer trainer mhight make ya battle, but nhot me, ah shiny Bidoof's dhestiny is phor da PC...or ahn HM shlave, but ahm Oah Key with dat too....sho eny waiys, yew gunna share dem bharries or wat?", Barry said, finally ending his tangent.
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Name: Freddy
Species: Flareon
Gender: Male
Previously Caught: No

The Shiny Flareon watched all the commotion from his cover in a oran berry bush. Freddy slowly came out and stalked over to the Bidoof and Zorua. He quietly watched the two, hoping he didn't have to break up a fight that might emerge.
Zorua quickly backed away and bumped into a Flareon, as he said to him, "Hey look, we need to get away from this crazy Bidoof NOW! This drunkie's gone nuts! That dark pulse should buy us some time!"

He disguised as a Mudkip, as he quickly ran out of the cave as fast as he could. He quickly cried out to warn Eclipse in the cave, who was asleep. His cries echoed out, as everyone in the cave could hear him.
Freddy was utterly confused as to what was going on, but he turned and followed the Zorua, who had disguised himself as a Mudkip. 'A drunk Bidoof, you don't come across that so often' The Flareon thought, rolling his eyes.
Name: Leroi
Species: Chimchar
Gender: Male
Previously caught: No

leroi the Chimchar used to live happily in Stark Mountain with his Mama and Papa Infernapes. However, poachers attempted to catch Leroi and his parents attempted to protect him. Leroi escaped but his parents were killed by the poacher. Leroi traveled far, far away from where the tragic event happened. The Chimchar after tirelessly fleeing for days eventually reached a forest, exhausted, dehydrated and starved. So the Chimchar found a lake and started to drink the water out of it.
Here's a villain for the story.
Name: Mystic
Species: Mismagius
Gender: Male
Previously Caught: No
Mystic is NOT shiny, and he has a hatred for shiny Pokèmon. He plans to make his perfect world with no shiny Pokémon. Not much is known about him, and he knows Mystical Fire, a very rare move for Mismagius to have.
Zorua quickly scurried outside the cave, as he went behind a bush and disguised as a Fennekin. He stood still, as disguising continuously required some time to complete. He hid behind the bush, as he said to himself, "Come on... hurry up disguise... I've got to evade a drunkie here!"

He started to notice his yellow fur and his fluffy ears, as he saw that his tail was still black like his original one. He thought to himself, "Wait wha? How come my tail isn't disguised also? Oh well, this will probably do once the rest is finished."
Leroi after drinking water from the lake, he climbed some trees, picked some Oran berries and started eating them. He then started to hear a commotion from happening underneath him. He looked to see what it was and saw A Bidoof covered in paint yelling slurred words, a Fennekin in the bush, and saw a different coloured Flareon nearby as well, and the two Pokemon seemed to be avoiding the Bidoof. Chimchar then thought of what to do to help.
Name: Bubbles
Species: Horsea
Gender: Female
Previously caught: Yes. She was hatched from an egg when her trainer was hatching an egg. Her trainer is female, named Kristy.
Bubbles was sticking out Kristy's bag. On the way she saw a bunch of shinies. "Horsea!" shouted Bubbles. "What? What?" asked Kristy. Bubbles squirted ink (I dont know what Horseas squirt) at the shinies. "Whoa! A load of shinies!" said Kristy. So she stopped her bike at the shinies, staring at them, trying to remember what species they were.
Leroi was still up on a branch thinking of what to do. Then he heard speaking from behind him and he noticed the trainer and the fact that there was a Mismagius next to the trainer. Leroi then panicked and started yelling at the shiny Pokemon to get their attention. "Everyone there's a trainer and she's noticed us, everyone RUN!!" leroi the Chimchar then started jumping from tree to tree to get as far away as possible.
"No. " The Mismagius launched multiple Shadow Balls at any Shiny Pokèmon he could see. Then, he used Magical Leaf, Psywave, Mystical Fire, and Power Gem at all the Shiny Pokèmon. He knew that few Pokèmon could withstand the combined attack, so he floated up to a tree.