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  1. -[ Just Vibin ]-

    Ask to Join Warrior Cats :] The Hopefully Cry of The Forest

    Ask To Join Here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/warrior-cats-the-hopefully-cry-of-the-forest.28432/#post-918949 ) Oak’Star gazed up at the stars shining brightly above her small clan. ‘ oh Starclan, Thank you for hearing our prayers. I am forever in your diet.’ Looking down at the cats...
  2. Lillipup07

    Open Steven Universe: The Corruption Wave.

    ( I kinda agreed to make this, so...I guess I'm doing that now! Everything seemed normal on Earth, well, as normal as it usually was. But, recently more and more corrupted gems have been attacking, and their focus seems to be on our heroes. Will they find o the the cause? Well, time to find...
  3. GottaKetchumAll

    Open Pokemon roleplay~

    Welcome! I think we need a new roleplay. So welcome to the Aronix reigon, a lovely place to stay. Please keep in mind no spam and to follow all of the rules for any roleplay here. Keep posts at least a paragraph long and enjoy your stay. Setting: A dark, shady forest with so much overgrowth...
  4. solitaire524

    Ask to Join Kalos Adventure

    Now with a discussion thread: Boop Welcome to the Kalos region, a land full of people and Pokémon of all shapes and sizes. Some people in this land capture Pokémon, some for companionship, some for work, and some... well, some people, called trainers, capture Pokémon for battles. At first this...
  5. Stormursa

    Open Star Wars rp

    A millennium has passed since anyone of the events of the force awakens and the first order and rebellion have found a equal standing. The two are still at war but now like two kingdoms of equal power, new factions have formed the most notable being called the Phoenix sector. The Phoenix sector...
  6. ProfessorJeff

    Open Three Elements School

    Hello guys and welcome to the Three Elements School RP( This is my first RP!). I'll tell you a bit about this RP. According to it's title, this school has only three types of pokemon that can be registered which is Fire, Water and Grass (starter pokemon). This school will have it's different...
  7. TundraZap

    XY/ORAS Battle me!

    Yo, if you want to battle on showdown, oras, x or y comment here! For oras and xy, we need to do a gts trade to be aquatinted. Just tell me and I'll Battle you! Available: Showdown Unavailable: Oras, X Y. (X I'm nuzlocking and oras my teams are being tested and trained!)
  8. TundraZap

    Request of most sorts! ^^

    Requests are OPEN I don't do Sprite related stuff, and that's bacically all I don't do! Weird requests I do, Hexafusion requests, trainers and a Pokemon of their choice (these are unusual requests that are available) I do team requests, if you would like one, ask, here is an example below...
  9. Riverrunner

    Open Poketale RP 2.0

    Long ago, two races ruled over Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS By their sides were the faithful Pokémon, who were bonded with their partners against all odds. Unfortunately, it was when the Pokéball was invented that controversy was raised. The humans realized the device's true potential...
  10. Shiny Blue Gardevoir

    Open Shinies On The Run!

    Shiny pokemon are highly sought after by trainers all across the globe. Normal pokemon have it easy; most trainers will just ignore them, unless they really want them. But shiny pokemon run the risk of being caught whenever they dare show their faces. And there's no guarantee that they will ever...
  11. Stormursa

    Open The Vorem Region

    Hello and welcome, my name is Professor Willian Lodgepole and on behalf of the Habeat Company, I welcome you to my lab. Now if you would turn your attention to the screen on your right, we have a short but educational video about the Vorem Region. Welcome to the Habeat Company's HQ located in...
  12. A

    Open Gotta Catch 'Em All!

    Alright, so here's how it works: You can be up to 1 trainer and 1 teacher/gym leader and up to 6 Pokèmon. Please use the normal rules of the forum while role playing. Also, characters from the original series (Ash, Misty, Brock, Gary, and everyone's favorite Jessie or James...) are allowed as...
  13. minimaleffort

    Open A New Beginning! - The Mythical Arcadia Region!

    The Arcadia Region is a newly founded Region that has barely been touched by civilization, leaving much of nature preserved just as it has been. The Region being so wild and untamed has attracted the attention of many trainers from around the world and their have been rumors that some sort of...
  14. Cyren

    Open Lives we Choose

    This is a simple RP, it has a few simple rules. 1. Make things realistic (Realistic like something extra ordinary like aleans or super powers appear) 2. post your character info before RPing Name: Personality: Appearance (you can draw what you look like if you want): Age: Memorable by(A cirtan...
  15. RareShinyLuxray

    Open The Sinnoh Region, Goodbye..Forever

    [This is a Pokemon Only RP, rules for what pokemon and moves are below] Plot: Many years after the events of the Pokemon D/P/Plat games, the Sinnoh region has become much more technologically advanced, using new Nuclear Reactors and train lines to travel from city to city. Though with these...
  16. minimaleffort

    Shipwrecked (Open)

    It seemed too good to be true, a cruise traveling across the world and so cheap. it was perfect for Axel as he had wanted to go on a new adventure for some time. He sat at the helm of the ship starring off into the distance, he couldn't believe it, water for miles. There was something about the...
  17. Frontier Master

    Medieval Kalos (open)

    OOC ok guys this rp is set in Kalos during medieval times, instead of catching pokemon in pokeballs, you bond with a pokemon and add runes to your armour or something which allows you to summon them and or their powers. kalos is split into five rival groups, north, south, east, west and the...
  18. Frontier Master

    Pokemon Masters Academy (Open)

    Althorugh this is an open rp I stay retain the right to ask you to change and or delete your posts also fan made Pokemon are ok just ask before hand Dear (insert your name here) You have been invited to attend the highly prestigious Pokemon Masters Academy, where you will be closely mentored by...
  19. Scrafty

    Sprite Requests

    You can give me some requests and I will make some for you. Some samples pokemon splices Some Pokemon Trainer Sprites
  20. Shiny Motley

    Shiny's Sprite Thread (Open)

    Requests: OPEN Commissions: CLOSED Heyo! Welcome to my sprite thread! This is where I post all request/commission information. Request Rules: If requests are closed, do not ask me to make a sprite for you. If you do, I'll just ignore your post. One request per person. I have a heavy workload...