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Pokemon Masters Academy (Open)

Althorugh this is an open rp I stay retain the right to ask you to change and or delete your posts also fan made Pokemon are ok just ask before hand

Dear (insert your name here)
You have been invited to attend the highly prestigious Pokemon Masters Academy, where you will be closely mentored by Pokemon masters to sharply hone your battling abilities on graduation form the academy you will be awarded the title of Junior Pokemon master and will be offered a wide variety of roles from frontier brain to gym leader and possibly even champion

The title of junior Pokemon master grants its holder access to all Pokemon master events and the ability to challenge any regions champion for their title without the normal necessity of collecting gym badges and defeating the elite four.

On behalf of myself and all the mentors here
we hope to see you soon
signed Bridget J. Anistar
Academy head and former grand champion


Jake read the letter and instantaneously began to pack his bags he was going to the Pokemon Masters Academy the most prestigious training academy in the world.
"guys come quick!!" Jake yelled out of his window down to the Pokemon fields and then after what seemed like hours the Pokemon began to return to the house.

"guys look what I just got in the mail, its an invitation to the Pokemon Masters Academy, I finally get the chance to show the world what I can do!" Jake yelled with excitement
"I've gotta go pack and get ready but in the mean time, because i don't know what Pokemon I will need its, shipment time guys"

Jake said as he ran up the stairs to pack and while he did that each of his Pokemon began to file into Jake's workshop where they would be sorted and returned to their poke-balls then placed into half of Jake's gene-pack while he loaded the other half with his personal belongings and then the two halves would be joined back together for easy transport

----one week later----
"we're here guys' Jake said as he walked through the main gates of the Academy
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Marc packed his bags. He had just received a letter that he would be attending the Masters Academy. He looked at the Pokeballs on his bed. "Lapras, Swellow, Raichu, Emboar, Roserade, Glaile.... we finally did it! We made it into the Acadamy."
Marc registered at the reception of the Academy. The receptionist was Nurse Joy, he had no idea which one.
"Now mr Anistar your in room 36A just follow this hallway to the end then take the staircase then left down abit the 4th dorm on the left" said the pink haired nurse behind the front desk
"Ok thanks for the help" jake replied

----later in room 36A----

"Ok Excalibur welcome to our new home for the next few years" jake said as he opened the door of his room or should he say apartment the room had everything bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and a balcony overlooking the training grounds. it was big enough to not be cramped but small enough to still feel cosy. It was perfect
Marc opened the door to his new living area, his raichu by his side.
"Wow.... Raichu, this is great!" He exclaimed
"Rai, Rai!" It chirped in response.
"We have a balcony, a sofa, a kitchen..." Marc pointed out running around the small flat "Hey, how about we go down to the training grounds Raichu?"
"Ok guys, come on out!!" He opened his Pokeballs as he entered the training grounds.
He noticed that there was a little stream nearby, where his Lapras could swim, and sky training, where his Swellow could fly freely.
"They have everything here!" He laughed.
"Attention all students the vice counsellor and academy headmistress would both like to see all students in the mess hall, thats all students to the mess hall immediately" said nurse joy through the academy's PA system
"We'll thats us Excalibur, come one" jake said just as he had finished unpacking his stuff

----15 minutes later----

"Hello students and welcome to the new Pokemon masters academy. Now with formalities out of the way down to why this meeting was called, house groups here at the academy we have two houses 'frontier' and 'grande' each house is headed by either myself or vice counsellor and former frontier brain Brandon" said the head mistress Bridget head of grande

"Now while you are here your house is like your family but they are also your greatest rivals, your triumphs will earn you house points however if you break the rules or arent performing correctly you will lose points, at the end of the year the house with the most points wins themselves the title of junior Pokemon master" said Brandon head of frontier "Now to decide you house we will be using the data from your past battles to match you with trainers like you"
"First up is Jakeb Anistar!" Said Bridget as The machine cycled through videos of jakes best victories and his training style "And the verdict is...FRONTIER!!!"

Brandon simply smiled and chuckled as jake walked toward him
"Welcome to frontier!" Said Brandon handing jake a flash drive "this is your info on your fellow frontiers and on all the grandes, names, Pokemon, moves, training styles, anything you could need to win me house points"
Both men nod and shake hands as jake turns an takes a seat in the frontier area

"Next up to be sorted is...
"Ah, i'm late!"
Soara grabbed his bag, with all his pokemon in it, and rushed to the Pokemon Master's Academy
Now, what place am i going? He thought.
"Ok now with the sorting of houses done we move onto part two of the sorting the abilities test" said Bridget as she tapped something on her wrist-mounted control pad.
"Now for this test you will need to show us everything you and your Pokemon can do" she said as the two large steel doors behind her opened up onto a small fenced Pokemon stadium "Now this stage of the sorting will be graded in three categories the first speed and endurance, the second strength and power, followed finally by your display of determination and lateral thinking in a 3 v 3 battle against someone from the opposite house. Once all three aspects have been graded the results will be tallied and you will then be ranked within your houses and through out the school. Now every six weeks these trails will be repeated and the scores reset. Let the first trail commence!"

"Ok guys here's the plan aegislash your leading, followed by lucario and if needed Excalibur your the secret weapon" jake said as he returned his three released Pokemon to their respective poke-balls and placed them in order in front of him on the edge of the balcony he stood on
"Ok I want a nice clean battle so no fainted hits and no cursing!" Yelled the referee as both trainers stood on their respective balconies
Then the announcer said into their microphone
"Ok folks from the Frontiers we have Jake! And from the Grands we have ...
Dakota stepped forward when she heard her name. The red-head stared at Jake and tipped her head slightly, studying him and his pokemon. A half grin appeared on her lips. She had already chit-chatted with her three pokemon she was going to choose. Ninetales was gonna go first then after the fire pokemon it would be Typhlosion and if she needed to use Absol she would. She ran her fingers lightly over her pokeballs as if she needed assurance.


Formerly TrainerNiko
Niko strolled into the auditorium where the tests are being held and he stood over at the door, his backpack slung over his shoulder and his orange ember chain swayed as he came to a slow stop. "Mmm.. I guess I'm really late now." he said, niko's laid back attitude usually sets a problem for most people, but he shrugged it off and stood there and watched as the first battle was about to begin a boy and a girl.

"should be an interesting match." he spoke softly to himself. "I wonder if i can get up on the seats without causing any attention so
i can get my placement and schedule." niko sighed and ran his hands through his chestnut colored curly hair. "What a drag.." so he began to slip up into the sitting area and walks slowly over towards the instructors.

he thought back to this morning while him and his infernape were asleep in his bed, and his grandpa and big sister rushed into the room with a paper saying that he had been invited to attend the academy.
{Flash Back}
"Niko wake up and get dressed you're going to be late!" exclaimed Mary.

{flash back gets cut off because the match was beginning}

niko kept walking between the rows of students who are also attending the school.
"Go lucario!" yelled Jake as he released his pokemon "lucario times time to mega evolve!" jake said as he grabbed the necklace around his neck as lucario did the same "when two flaming souls are truely in sync the curtain pulls back to unveal to power to Mega evolution!" the trainer and pokemon both closed their eyes as lucario became shrouded in an orb of light and within 5 seconds Mega Lucario appeared
"Now that's what I'm talking about. Lucario show them your power use Aura Sphere!"
Soara found the room where everybody was, and then sat down.
"Nice battle" thought Soara.
He saw the battle, and he thought he can have a chance in this!
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Dakota lightly tossed her pokeball in the air, "Ninetales." She said, almost a whisper. The fire-fox appeared before her, the fox had a canine grin on its face as it stared at Lucario. The red-head sighed as the Lucario already mega-formed. Her green eyes looked at Ninetales, who looked back and nodded. "Alright then, let's get things going."

"Ninetales go towards the sphere with Fire Spin!" Dakota ordered, the fire pokemon barked and ran towards the attack, suddenly the fox disappeared as she was covered in flames. Dakota watched as the fire type attack was used to shield Ninetales and also stop the aura sphere. Dakota's green eyes slowly wandered over to the other trainer she was competing with, this is going to be difficult most likely, she thought and tipped her head to the side again.