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Alright, so here's how it works:
You can be up to 1 trainer and 1 teacher/gym leader and up to 6 Pokèmon. Please use the normal rules of the forum while role playing. Also, characters from the original series (Ash, Misty, Brock, Gary, and everyone's favorite Jessie or James...) are allowed as long as they don't god mod. Don't have to worry about that for team rocket though... :p

Age: (10-20 trainers, teachers or gym leaders should be 20+)
Pokemon: (6 max, you don't have to give them names.)

My form:
Name: Falcon
Age: (10-20 trainers, teachers or gym leaders should be 20+) 12
Gender: Female
Pokemon: (6 max, you dont have to name them.) Meowstic, Espeon, Latias, Rockruff, Aerodactyl, Archeops
Appearance: Long black hair with blue dyed tips, most commonly wears a black shirt and black hooded sweatshirt, black shorts and blue sport shoes. She has tanned skin and eyes that change color, mostly changing to an orangish red during the day and then yellow at night. She will also have green-blue eyes sometimes. Falcon wears an arrow shaft strapped across her chest and around her back, as well as a bow with the string across her chest and main piece across her back. She also keeps a throwing knife and dagger set like a collar around her neck. Falcon is on the smaller side, and seems scrawny, scrappy, and fit.
Personality: Falcon is quiet and secretive, stalking and keeping hidden until you get to know her. She can be kind and team worthy when you know her better, and is loyal and creative. However, get on her bad side and the young girl turns vicious and fierce, offering no mercy to her arrows or her Pokèmon.
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Alright, so here's how it works.
First you read the rules (in particular the sections regarding how to start threads and the restrictions regarding the use of legendaries, but you should really read all of them and give them all the attention they deserve).
Then you read the announcement regarding Gen VII Pokémon, Alolan Forms etc..
Then you don't make irrelevant, spammy polls that have absolutely nothing to do with the thread at hand.

Then you will understand why this thread is now locked.
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