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Ask to Join Kalos Adventure


Previously SamCats
Now with a discussion thread: Boop

Welcome to the Kalos region, a land full of people and Pokémon of all shapes and sizes. Some people in this land capture Pokémon, some for companionship, some for work, and some... well, some people, called trainers, capture Pokémon for battles. At first this sounds cruel, but every battle brings trainer and Pokémon closer as friends and builds a strong bond between them.
You are a trainer, about to start your Pokémon journey. You leave your home and race to Professor Sycamore's Pokémon Lab, where you'll be given your starter Pokémon: Chespin, Fennekin or Froakie. Tell me, who will you choose?

No swearing
2. No inappropriate stuff (kissing is allowed, but no making out)
3. No godmodding or autohitting
4. You can have as many OCs as you want, as long as you can manage all of them; you can RP your own Pokémon
5. This is first come first serve, unless I disapprove your character
6. No starting off with legendaries
7. This is Kalos, so Gen 1 to 6 Pokémon only; no Z-moves, but Mega Evolution is allowed

8. I will play most NPCs, such as Prof. Sycamore, but if you go to a Pokémon Center or shop you can RP the person behind the counter.
9. Put your character's opinion of peppermints somewhere in your form. I'll tell you why later ;)

Pokémon Team:
(if you're a new trainer, just put your starter here; I'll update this post whenever you catch a new Pokémon. For experienced trainers, you can keep your team a secret, providing none of them are mythical or legendary)

New Trainers

Kai - Chespin
Jake - Fennekin, Litwick
Mikaela - Shiny Froakie

Experienced Trainers
Sam - Team: Secret
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This kinda sound like one of those 'ask to join' rps but it looks interesting so why not? And what's with the peppermint?

Name: Mikaela J. Strange
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Personality: She's your typical lazy game nerd gal who doesn't give a dam about anything except for her Pokémon, friends and family.
Appearance: Copper colored chin length hair, pale complexion, a slim built, average height, passive amber eyes that has noticeable eye bags under them. She wears a plain white tee, green jacket, brown volleyball shorts, black leggings, red boots and red gloves. She also owns red headphones.
Pokémon: (if I can) Shiny Froakie
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Sounds cool. Hopefully the thread doesn't die out. (Also, even if it may look like I'm following you, I just like to join new threads T_T)

Name: Kai
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Personality: Kind of an airhead. He likes Pokémon of all kinds and is easy to get along with. However, he usually trips when excited, and sometimes can't fnd a simple solution to a problem. Albeit the clumsy behavior, he makes up for it with his kindness.
Appearance: Good job if you know where this kind of stuff originates.
Pokémon Team: Chespin
I guess I like peppermints.


Previously SamCats
By the way, the peppermint thing was just my own dumb way of making sure people had read the rules. :'|

Sam sat inside Professor Sycamore's laboratory, relaxing in a chair and observing the three Pokéballs left on the table with one half-open eye. Today was the day that some new trainers started their journey. Inside those Pokéballs were three different Pokémon: a Chespin, a Fennekin, and a Froakie. According to Sycamore, one of them was even shiny! Sam couldn't help but envy the newbie who chose that one. Sure, she had a couple shinies of her own, but to be given one for free?

She shook her head to stop that train of thought, knowing that if she let it continue she'd just end up getting jealous. She sat up in the chair and watched the door curiously, wondering when the new trainers would show up. What Pokémon would they choose? How many were there? So many questions! Well, that was actually just two, but still.​
(Is it too late to change starters?)

Mik woke up in a dazed as she looked around her empty room. It took her awhile to remember that, she already moved out of her foster parents house and was now living in Lumiose. She sigh as she fiddled with the Shiny Charm her sister gave her after she left. She looked around and was getting herself to familiarize at the scene of her tidy and rather plain room, she sighed and stood up. She took a quick shower before dressing in her 'trainer' clothes which is simple enough to be called as an everyday clothes. She grabbed her boots and keys, leaving her bag since she knew that she will be back in a couple of minutes since she's only getting a Pokémon.
Kai came bursting in through the door. "I'm He-" is all he managed to say before he tripped. "I'm okay!" he said as he got up. He saw a girl and walked up to her. "Hi, I'm Kai!" he said, sticking his hand out. He loved meeting new trainers.


Previously SamCats
(No, it's not too late)

Sam looked up, amused as a boy ran inside, only to trip up. She stood and took his hand as he approached her, smiling as she greeted him. "Nice to meet you, Kai. My name's Sam. I assume you're one of the trainers getting their first Pokémon today?"
(Just edited it)
Mik looked up and saw the lab on sight, she speed up her pace and knock through the door. After a couple of minutes she got impatient and opened the unlocked door. Once inside she saw two trainers, she looked at them before she held up a hand in greeting "Yo, where can I get my Pokémon?"
"I am, in fact! I wanna get a Chespin." Kai said before another girl entered. She asked where the Pokémon were. "We're waiting for Proffesor Sycamore." He told her.


Previously SamCats
"Well, Sycamore should be here any minute now." Sam told them. "But for now..."

She walked over to one of the tables in the lab and took the tray from it. Three Pokéballs sat on it.

"Go ahead and choose one!" She finished with a grin.​
Kai walked over to the tray and picked Chespin with a big grin on his face. "Come on out, Chespin!" he said while throwing the Pokeball. "Chespin, Che!" it said.
(I'll Take Fennekin!)

Name: Jake
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Personality: Jake can Manly be Nice, But some times he can be mean, Heartless Or Clueless
Apperance: Pale-ish Skin, Yellow eyes, Sliver Hair. Wears A black fedora with a feather in it, black Pants, A White Shirt and A Thin Black Jacket.
Pokemon Team: Fennekin (Shiny) And Litwick.

(Litwick was Jake's official first Pokemon. He Got it when he was a Kid. If thats Ok.)

I like Peppermints!
Mik walked over and picked Froakie. She was surprised when she saw that it was a shiny but she didn't complained, she crouched down to the Pokémon's eye level and smile "I'll name you Poseidon, do you like it?" She smiled and when she received a nod. She gave Sam a nod of gratitude before leaving with Froakie on her shoulder. 'Alright, time for me to pack.' She thought to herself as she walked to her apartment.
Name: Sylvie
Age: 11
Gender: Female

Personality: Shy, but quirky when you get to meet her. Loves reading about Mega Evolution, Legendaries and Mythicals - it fascinates her. Sylvie is very clumsy and usually fails at things she is trying to do. She loves Pokemon and hates to see them hurt. (Is it okay if she doesn't get badges and would rather be Kalos Queen instead?)

Appearance: Dyed bubblegum pink, long wavy hair in bunches, and a black satchel with her Pokeballs, medicine, Pokedex, Pokepuffs, etc. in it. She wears baggy jogging bottoms and a blue hoodie, handed down from her big brother. She wears fingerless blue gloves, a red ribbon scarf around her neck and also has freckles on her face, along with blue eyes and scars on her arms and legs, from where she has hurt herself due to her clumsiness.

Pokémon Team: (I Am Not Sure XD)
Other: Sylvie doesn't really like peppermints, or sweets in general.


Previously SamCats
Jake is accepted.

I assume Sylvie is an experienced trainer? If so, I can just put her team as secret until you figure it out. Or if you're doing the Kalos Queen thing, which I love, by the way, then I could add a 'performer' section in the character list?​
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Well, I'm acting as if Sylvie has just started her journey, so she isn't experienced XD I put 'not sure' because the three starters are taken XD Also, it's your choice whether you put a performer section, not mine XD But that would be cool lol, then more people could join this RP
can I be a pokemon
Name: Rowl
Age: 3
Gender: Male
Personality: Nice, Kind, Friendly, Over protective of friends, loves berries, Sleepy sometimes, lovesEevee's
Appearance: Like all other rowlets instead he has a red bowtie