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Open A New Beginning! - The Mythical Arcadia Region!

The Arcadia Region is a newly founded Region that has barely been touched by civilization, leaving much of nature preserved just as it has been. The Region being so wild and untamed has attracted the attention of many trainers from around the world and their have been rumors that some sort of mystic energy in the region unlocks hidden potential in trainers and their Pokemon unlike anything else!

Because of this rumor several companies and organizations from around the world are providing new and up in coming trainers with their first Pokemon and a trip to the Arcadia Region to oversee their development as they journey through this new region.

(Just post a bio and pick a starter any Starter Pokemon to begin your journey in the Arcadia region, feel free to get creative with why you were sent there and everything, I want to give people lots of freedom here.)

~Starter is posted below~

Nothing short of a perfectly clear sky and sunny day is the back drop for the beginning of our heroes brand new journey! After receiving his first Pokemon in the form of a Froakie, Shizo would take his first steps off of the docks and into the Arcadia region!

He would be met by a large expanse of grass and bushes alongside a large beach, with a small wooded area just to the north, a small village resting just outside of the trees. There were wild Pokemon as far as the eye could see, Sentret and Patrat in the fields, and Buneary and Bunnelby hiding in the bushes. Looking out to the water there were many Magikarps and Finneon jumping across the water with swift precision.

"Can you believe it Froakie! We're finally here, it's time to catch some new friends!" He said cheerfully to the small frog Pokemon. "Froakie, Froak!" Would be the response given by the small Pokemon as it jumped on to his shoulder and the two charged off into the fields. The boy couldn't be much older than fifteen and his shaggy brown hair hung in his bright blue eyes as he ran. There was a gleam of excitement in his eyes and a smile spread across his face, his journey, just like many others, had finally begun.
Maya stretched and smiled as she looked around on the docks where she stood. What breeze was there ruffling her black hair softly, "You ready to start our adventure, Chimchar"?

"Chim chin," the fire type replied jumping onto his trainer's shoulders. The two set off towards the fields where in the distance wild Pokemon ran free.
Rachel Pine was excited. Being the daughter of Professor Whitney Pine and biologist Marcus Pine, there was more than one purpose for her journey. The red haired girl stood on the edge of a newly discovered frontier. Azalea, her new Chikorita, stood by her side. "Are you ready?" Rachel asked the Chikorita. "Chika!" Azalea said. She nodded. The two walked into the Arcadia region taking what would be the first steps on their journey.
Rachel walked some distance before she spoke to her Chikorita again. "We train first. Then we go to the gym when we're strong enough. Sound good?" she said. "Chika!" Azalea replied. "Alright then, lets go." Rachel said. She and Azalea walked on, looking for someone to have a battle with.
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Maya and Chimchar watched the battle from a distance, "Chimchar, what do think about avoiding people for a while that looks a little chaotic".

"Char," the Pokemon replied and the two started to make their way around the battle, towards the wilds near by.

"Do you think we'll catch some new friends," Maya hummed to her partner, adjusting her hat on her head. The fire type agreed happily before both fell into a mutual silence, enjoying the new sight and sounds around them, "we should probably be fine a nice to stay before night".

"Chimchar char," the chimp pokemon smiled and the two made into the small wooded area past the village and found a nice old oak to rest under. The girl pulled out her sketch book and utensils while the Pokemon took to climbing the tree his trainer rested on.
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"Azalea use Razor...Oh wait, you don't know that move. Use Tackle." Rachel said. Azalea ran into the Salamence. "Now we run." Rachel said to the Chikorita. They ran away.
Maya looked up as pidove and pidgey landed not far away and started fighting over the perch, "now now there's plenty space here for the both of you".

"Chim," Chimchar peeked his head out of the branches above, looking to see what all the commotion was about. Maya place her pencil and sketch book on her lap, watching as a wild Pidove landed on the ground not to far away and started to draw it.
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Kale woke up in the tree he was sleeping in. He looked over to see the his backpack still in the tree next to him.
"Uh... how late is it?" Kale said, sitting up. He looked around, but failed to notice the two trainers nearby. His Emolga, Shine, floated down from her perch and landed on his head. "Oh, hey Shine."
"Emol, mol!" Shine chirped. Kale scratched her behind her ears in the spot she loved.
"Whaddaya say we get outta here?" Kale asked, reaching for his bag. Unluckily for him, Kale misjudged the distance and promptly fell out of the tree he was sitting with a loud "THUD"!
Maya and Chimchar looked over at the trainer that fell out of the tree. Chimchar peeped out of his tree and made his way over to poke the human on the ground.

"Are you okey? Uh hello," Maya asked picking up her Pokemon from where he sat poking the person on the ground.

"Char," The fire type crawled onto his train's shoulders. The two backed up towards where they were originally sitting.
"Oh... Ow..." Kale gasped out. His Emolga gently floated down and landed on his chest. He stared up at his bag, still up in the tree.
"Um... I'm fine... I think." Kale said to Maya, sitting up. His Emolga climbed onto his head and stared at the trainer.
"Sorry about that... falling thing..." Kale trailed off when he noticed the trainer's Chimchar. "WHOA! That's a Chimchar! I've never seen one before!"

"Hey, come on. I can't help it! I'm just from a backwater town in Kanto, and I've only been here a day." Kale said to the other trainer. "My names's Kale, by the way. This is my Emolga, Shine."
Shine nodded and flew over, landing on the other trainer's head.
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"My name is Maya, it's nice to meet you. Yeah, Chimchar here is my first and only Pokemon," Maya smiled flipping her sketch book open to a new page, "Would you mind if I do a quick sketch of Shine. I have never seen an emolga".

"Char chim chim," Chimnchar chattered and Maya dug into her courier bag pulling out a pecha berry for the pokemon.
"Nice to meet you both." Kale said. "Well, Shine? Is it OK if Maya does a sketch?"
"Mole, mole!" Shine said, jumping off Mystic's head. She fluttered over and landed in front of Maya, striking a pose. Kale sighed.
"Shine just loves attention. Shine, you stay here, I'm going to get my bag." Kale said, and began to climb the tree.
"Well thank you, Shine," Maya smiled and got to work. Chimchar let out a small huff before going back to his berry, the fire type giving a small glare towards the electric type, "Chimchar, I'm simply making a sketch of her. No need to get jealous".

"Char char chim," The monkey muttered towards his trainer and started to look for another berry in the bag.
Kale was almost to his bag when his foot slipped. Luckily, he had a good grip on the tree branch he was holding. Unluckily, his other Pokeball slipped out of his pocket. It fell down the tree and opened when it hit the bottom.
"Oh, no." Kale muttered as his Nidoran Female, Nina, popped out. He grabbed his bag and began to climb down the tree as fast as he could. The problem with Nina is that she had an attitude. An attitude that made it so she attacked the closest Pokemon or person. And she had her eyes on Maya.
"I thought you said you were going to go catch pokemon, mystic," Maya hummed looking up to see the new addition to the group, "Oh hi! Who are you"?

"Char char," Chimchar mumbled through a mouth of berry, looking between Kale and the nidoran. The fire type tilted his head in confusion before going back to eating his berry.

"Thank you very much, Shine," Maya finished her sketch of Shine and put her drawing utensils into her bag. The raven haired girl got up to stretch and Chimchar climbed up onto her shoulders.

"Chimchar," the fire Pokemon chattered happily to his trainer, belly full of berries and ready to go train. Chimchar though content still watched the nidoran, ready to defend his trainer if need be.
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Maya looked over at the other trainer. The girl ran a hand through her hair, "I was going to go training yes. And a corphish? Cool".

"Char char," Maya raised her arm to scratch under her pokemon's chin. The fire types tail wavered as he relaxed but, kept his eyes peeled for threats.

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Rachel went to the Pokemon Center to heal Azalea. After the Chikorita had been healed she went to look for Pokemon to catch. She spotted a wandering Ralts. "Hey, little one. Are you lost?" she said to the Ralts. The Ralts shook her head. "Would you like to come with me?" Rachel asked Ralts. "Ralts!" the Ralts said. She nodded. Rachel held out the pokeball and Ralts pushed the button. After three clicks, Ralts was caught. Rachel continued on her way.
"Look out!" Kale managed to get out.
"Nina's wild! She's gonna-" It was at that moment that Kale slipped out of the tree. Again. "WHY IS MY LUCK SO BAD?!?!"

The Nidoran Female saw Chimchar relax, just a little, and knew it was the time to strike. At speed unusual for a Nidoran Female, she lowered her horn and charged directly at Maya.

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Maya didn't expect the attack and fell back clutching where she was struck. Chimchar flew off his trainer's shoulders, hitting a tree but quickly caught himself. Maya grimaced as rubbed the injury, "owwww".

"Char char," Chimchar yelled letting loose an ember at the nidoran taking up stanch between the Pokemon and trainer. The fire type glared at poison type growling in anger.
Kale staggered to his feet, and ran towards Nina.
"Nina, cut it out!" Kale said. Nina ignored Kale, and, with a running start, jumped over the flames towards Maya. Kale stopped in shock. "What the-"
But while Kale froze, Shine did not. The Emolga tackled the Nidoran out of the air, and the two Pokemon fell to the ground. Kale grabbed Nina's Pokeball from off the ground and tried to return her to her Pokeball. The red light flashed out and enveloped Nina, returning her to her Pokeball... for a moment. A second later, the Pokeball exploded in Kale's hand, releasing Nina. She landed in front of him and tackled him to the ground.
"Char chimchar," Chimchar growled using a scratch attack next as Maya got up and tried to grab her pokemon.

"Chimchar. No," Maya yelled as she missed and Chimchar swiped. She then quickly reached for her pokeball.
For once, Kale got a lucky break. Just as Nina was about to gore him with her horn, Maya's Chimchar had ran up and swiped Nina, knocking the Female Nidoran off him. Nina glared at the Chimchar, as if to say "really, dude?" Then turned to the new trainer. She lowered her horn and began to charge at him.
"Shine! Use Thunder Wave!" Kale directed. Shine flew up over Nina and attacked her with a small amount of electricity. Nina's muscles refused to work, and she tripped right in front of the trainer, Paralyzed. Kale let out a breath of relief.
"Well that was interesting," Maya sighed picking up the small raging chimp Pokemon as it kicked dirt at the paralyzed one, yelling his head off, "is everyone okey? Does anyone have any cuts or scratches"?

"Char," Chimchar huffed sticking his head into the air and crawled up onto his trainer's shoulders. Maya let out a sigh and gave a Chimchar a mago berry.
"Oh my gosh, Nina! What has gotten into you?!" Kale said, walking over to his paralyzed Nidoran. He looked over at Maya. "Are you alright? Nina slammed you pretty hard. And with such speed! I've never seen her move that fast before!"
Shine glided down and landed on Kale's shoulder.
"Definitely gonna be a bruise, maybe a fractured bone but I've lived with worst," Maya smiled scratching the back of her head. Chimchar jumped down from his trainer and sat in front of the nidoran, "has she always been that way"?

"Chim," Chimchar sat down and split his berry in half, waving the second piece towards Shine. The fire type glared at the Pokemon in front of him, giving off the odd chatter of his name.
"No, not this crazy. I caught her about a year ago, and she's always been fine. Only a little wild. But attacking some person, for no reason? She would never do that. At least... since yesterday." Kale said. He thought for a moment. "Yesterday, she was acting very fidgety on the boat in, so I put her in her Pokeball. She hasn't been out since then. But that's not the only odd thing. I also saw this one guy's male Nidoran acting the same way.... Maybe it's something about this place?"

"Mole!" Shine exclaimed. She waddled over to Chimchar and received the split berry from it. She sat and began to eat the berry when she saw Nina lying on the ground. A sad look came over Shine's face.
"That's quite weird, I haven't noticed anything wrong with Chimchar," Maya hummed digging into her bag and pulled out a potion and parlyz heal. She held them out for the other trainer, "this should help."

"Char," Chimchar smiled munching on his berry when Shine took her half. The fire type looked around noticing a few other wild Pokemon looking around the place.
"Thanks. I haven't noticed a thing with Shine either. It's just Nidorans." Kale said, accepting the Potion and Parlyz heal. He sighed and rubbed his hand though his hair. "Sorry, again, about Nina's behavior."

Shine kept watching Nina. The female Nidoran seemed to be thinking hard about something, her ears perked up high. Then Shine watched in amazement as Nina struggled to her feet, somehow fighting the paralysis.
"E...emol?" Shine asked in a low voice. Nina glared at Shine, the wild look returning to her eyes.
"No problem but I think you might have to take her to the Pokemon center, maybe they could help," Maya motioned back towards the town. She noticed Nina moving and quickly took a few steps back, "that is unsettling".

Chimchar noticed Nina moving and moved into a defensive stance between the poison type and his trainer. Baring his teeth and trying to make himself look bigger in an attempt at intimation, "char".
"What is- What!?!" Kale exclaimed when he saw Nina. "Wha- wha- how?!"
Kale reached for the spot in his belt where Nina's Pokeball normally was, then remembered that Nina had shattered it from the inside.
"How is this happening?! What do we do?!" Kale said.

"Emol, emolga!" Shine said, trying to calm Nina down. Nina responded with a loud shriek, hurting Shine's ears. The shriek reverberated across the wilderness, causing a distant group of Spearows to take flight.
"Chimchar," the fire type Pokemon exclaimed gripping the sides of his head in pain. Maya quickly called him back into his pokeball.

"Well we need to do something before to much damage is done," Maya stated as she started to dig into her bag, "is there anything that she absolutely loves. A berry, maybe a song"?
"Uh, uh, a song! Right!" Kale said. He thought for a moment. Uh... She sleeps to that one song by that old singer, Billy what's-his-face... Kale cleared his throat and walked over to Nina. He calmly laid his hand on her back and began to pet her. And as he looked into Nina's wild eyes, he began to sing.
"Goodnight my angel, time to close your eyes/And save these questions for another day. I think I know what you've been asking me/I think you know what I've been trying to say... I promised I would never leave you/and you should always know... Wherever you may go/no matter where you are/ I never will be far away..."
Maya stood back letting the trainer do his work. The girl scanned the area to find multiple wild Pokemon watching, some even starting to relax listening to the singing. A few seemed to think the whole ordeal was funny and were growing bored at the sight.
Kale kept on singing, and finally Nina's eyes fluttered shut. He let out a sigh of relief and continued to pet Nina who had sank into a peaceful slumber. He smiled.
"What am I gonna do with you, huh?" Kale asked. He glanced up and noticed that he was being watched. Turning a slight shade of red, he picked up Nina in his arms and cleared his throat.
"Um, uh, well then. That's that, I guess." Kale said.

Shine was just starting to get her hearing back when she heard a very unpleasent sound. It was so quiet that only she could hear it, but unpleasant nonetheless. She flew up and looked around, spying by the edge of the wilds a group of Nidoran. Wild-Looking Nidoran. Nidoran that had not been soothed by Kale's singing, and looked ready to fight. Shine swooped down and tried to get both trainers attention, pointing at the group of Nidoran.
"Wasn't that bad of singing. It was quite nice actually," Maya hummed before noticing the flying electric type pointing out the nidorans. Her face paled and she started to move slowly in the direction of the village, "I think that's should be our que to leave".

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"Alright we're here!"

A female trainer that was cosplayed as a Raichu walked around, a Charmander on her shoulder. "Charmander!" Charmander shouted out. "Yeah it's cool!" She replied. The Charmander leaped off her shoulder and walked beside her. "Char Char!" Charmander spoke again. He started eating an Oran Berry. "This is a pretty cool place, right Flame?" She told her Charmander. "Char Char!" Flame replied.

Name: Jessie
Gender: Female
Partner: Flame the Charmander
Age: 12
"Wow treeko look another trainer" said Blade happy to someone else. Blade's treeko sat on top of his cap ready to explore the new region. "Hi how you doing?" Blade asked the trainer with a charmander.
Kale turned to see the pack of Nidoran staring at them.
"Oh, come on." Kale said. "Can't we just catch a break?"
He turned and started running back to the village. As he began to run, the Nidoran started to chase. Shine flew over and clung to Kale's shoulder.
Maya started to run as well, weaving around trees and bushes alike. The blue sash tied around her waist blowing out behind her, "because it would just be to easy, that's why"!

"Chim," Chimchar popped out of his pokeball before quickly catching up to his trainer when he saw the group chasing them. The fire type jumped onto Maya's shoulders when he got close enough.