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open roleplay

  1. fieldrunneruwu

    Open The Trainers of Kalos

    Before you start roleplaying in the thread, you are required to fill out these questions for the character you are using. After you fill it out, you can start roleplaying whenever you’d like to! General Information Name: Gender: Age: Height: Weight: Appearance: Personality: Pokémon...
  2. ProfessorJeff

    Open Three Elements School

    Hello guys and welcome to the Three Elements School RP( This is my first RP!). I'll tell you a bit about this RP. According to it's title, this school has only three types of pokemon that can be registered which is Fire, Water and Grass (starter pokemon). This school will have it's different...
  3. minimaleffort

    Open A New Beginning! - The Mythical Arcadia Region!

    The Arcadia Region is a newly founded Region that has barely been touched by civilization, leaving much of nature preserved just as it has been. The Region being so wild and untamed has attracted the attention of many trainers from around the world and their have been rumors that some sort of...
  4. etherealbanette

    Open Storm

    ***Please use proper grammar and quotations to tell when you're speaking*** My name is Storm, I'm a human Pokemon trainer who prefers ghost, dark, and bird type Pokemon. I'm 16 and I have long black hair and grey eyes. I'm also very slim and pale, and I'm usually quiet but I'm sweet and have a...