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Hello guys and welcome to the Three Elements School RP( This is my first RP!). I'll tell you a bit about this RP. According to it's title, this school has only three types of pokemon that can be registered which is Fire, Water and Grass (starter pokemon). This school will have it's different type of classrooms for each type of pokemon. Now, for the rules:

  • You can only roleplay as a pokemon and your trainer must only send you to the school (except if there were some emergencies or etc.)
  • Your pokemon must not be level 50 and above.
  • As usual, no Fakemon or Legendary Pokemon!
  • You CAN Roleplay as the teachers of the school and they must be level 50 and above. (Only six teachers allowed to be roleplayed!)
  • Umm... Cannot roleplay as the Principal.
  • Type can't just for purely Fire, Water and Grass. It can either more than one type such as Fire and Dragon and Water and Fish.
Three types of pokemon has been tested their intelligence in a secret lab. Suddenly, their intelligence increased and these pokemon are now being able to speak human language. As these pokemon knows what happened to them, they destroyed the machine that have made them being able to speak and the destroyed machine transmitted a strange pulse that has made the whole pokemon in the Unova region being able to speak and learn fast. Four years after the incident, the intelligent pokemon has build a school specialy made for three types of pokemon only. The school then building itself as an official Fire, Water, and Grass popular school.

--Roleplay Templates--
Favourite Subject:
Trainer Name:
Species: Snivy
Gender: Female/Girl
Type: Grass
Level: 18
Shiny: No
Appearance: She wears a necklace with a pearl attached to it
Personality: Confident, Smart, Caring
Moveset: Tackle, Leaf Blade, Leaf Storm, Vine Whip
Favourite Subject: Science
Hobby: Reading and Study
Trainer Name: Sheyla

--Pearl(just add necklace with a single pearl)--

"Pearl! It's time to wake up already!" Sheyla knocks Pearl's room but Pearl is already at the kitchen. "Sheyla, you woke up very late. Come here, let's have a drink," Pearl uses Vine Whip to take a mug for the kitchen counter. Sheyla was shocked when she knows Pearl was already at the kitchen.

After a very pleasant breakfast, Sheyla went to take a shower. After Sheyla showered herself up, she went outside her house where Pearl is waiting for her.

"Ok, let's go to the school!" Sheyla and Pearl walks to the school. The eventually reached the front gate and Sheyla gave Pearl her pocket money for lunch. "Remember Pearl, be nice to your friends and don't use your powers at school unless it was gym time," Sheyla reminds Pearl and leaves her there. Pearl waves to Sheyla and she approaches the main door of the school.

The school bell rang and it is time to get in the class. Pearl went to the First Evolution Grass Type Class and sits at the leftmost table at the front line. There was also many pokemon there and the teacher enters the class
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Name: Mr. Doyle
Species: Gengar
Gender: Male
Type: Ghost/Poison
Level: 61
Shiny: No
Appearance: Fat with a lab coat and green glasses.
Personality: Odd, Weird, Crazy
Moveset: String Shot, Tricky Room, Mean Look, Shadow Punch, Hex
Favourite Subject: Science
Hobby: Science Teacher
Trainer Name: Saiko Cray Zee.

Mr. Doyle gazed at Pearl. "Pearl, my favorite science student! A+! Keep it up!"
Saiko Cray Zee gave Pearl a satisfied look.
Name: Foxy
Species: Fennekin
Gender: Female
Type: Fire
Level: 15
Shiny: No
Appearance: Necklace with her name on it
Personality: Brave, friendly, loyal
Moveset: Ember, Flamethrower, Fire Spin, Scratch
Favourite Subject: History
Hobby: Training, hanging with friends, studying
Trainer Name: Serena

"Okay Foxy here we are." Serena said and put Foxy down on the ground "Have a good time at this school." Serena pet Foxy.
"Do not fight with other Pokemon, only in Gym battle, but don't hurt them. Be nice with other friends, study on time and have fun." Serena hugged Foxy and went back to her bike.
"Bye Foxy!" Serena waved to her Pokemon.
Foxy waved to her and went in school.
(OOC: Yes I understand my baby Dragonite is another type, but he's training for water type habitats and the like since a typical Dragonite lives around that area. If there's any issues, please feel free to discuss them with me.)

Species: Dragonite
Gender: Male
Type: Dragon/Flying
Level: 18
Shiny: No
Appearance: He is a lot smaller than the average Dragonite, as he is only two feet tall, while his head to body ratio is slightly bigger.
Personality: Timid, frightened of heights, is a crybaby, hates being away from his trainer, often runs away from battles, tends to work quick and alone.
Moveset: Twister, Roost, Dragon Rage, Fly
Favourite Subject: ELA (English Language Arts)
Hobby: Writing stories and studying alone.
Trainer Name: Zephyr

Zephyr had dropped off Kogoro at the school, as he placed him down gently while he waved at him before he drove away. He looked at the school, as the last thing he heard was, "Stay safe little Kogoro."

He went in the school, while he looked teary eyed, as he noticed a Fennekin that went inside the school also, as he quietly cried. He didn't seem to realize that his cries could be heard from where the Fennekin was, as he tried to fly to his first class as quick as he could. He thought to himself as tears rushed down his face, "Why must I be here... there's all these strangers, and big Pokémon! I wanna go home, I don't like being alone!"
Foxy was walking in school trying to find her class.
"Hello? Is anybody here?" Foxy asked when she was in hall. "Can someone help me...uhm...I think I'm lost."
Name: Lena
Species: Pansage
Gender: Female
Type: Grass
Level: 14
Shiny: Nope
Appearance: Just looks like a normal Pansage
Personality: Smart, Caring, Kinda Serious, Nice, Helpful
Moveset: Vine Whip, Fury Swipes, Scratch, Lick
Favourite Subject: Math
Hobby: Studying and Hanging out with friends.
Trainer Name: Mya

Have a great day at school said Mya. But Lena ran in and looked around she loved school even though most other Pokémon hated it.
As she walked in she noticed a fox, but she knew that it was a Fennekin because she studied every Pokémon. She goes over to talk to the fennekin. Maybe she is lost Lena thinks. "Hi I'm Lena Nice to meet you." she says to Foxy.
"Oh hi." Foxy said surpisengly "I'm Foxy. It's my first day at this school..uhmm... I don't even know in what class I am..." Foxy said and put ears down.
(OOC: Sorry for late reply, Internet Issues. @Charlespark You can add Dragonite as long you have the reason to put him in the school)

"Yes! Another A+! I'll keep it up, teacher!" Pearl jumped on her chair then sit back down.

He saw Mr. Doyle writing down something on the board probably something about Friction because she doesn't finished learned it yet.
(OOC: Alright thanks, I thought at first it was only the starter types here, thanks for the clarification.)


Kogoro flied around, as he looked at his schedule while he noticed his first class was on mathamatics. He thought to himself as he smiled, "Alright, so I did get into Honors Intermediate Algebra, well... this is gonna be interesting. Hopefully the teacher is going to be nice." He rubbed his antennas while he resisted the urge to put his hand in his mouth, as that was one of his bad habits he still had.

He flied about five feet above the ground, as he glanced inside a room and saw that it was for science class. He saw a Gengar as he shook in fear. He hoped that he wouldn't be his teacher for science class, as he thought to himself, "Please don't let him be my teacher... he looks so scary and like the boogeyman!" He tried to fly away from him, but he was clearly noticeable in his sights for some brief seconds.
Pearl saw a Dragonite entered the room but when he looks at Mr Doyle, he backed up and went to leave the room. Pearl tries to call him by waving her hands and point to the table behind her.

"Here, come in," Pearl whispers to the Dragonite. She saw a Dragonite for the first time in reality and she has many questions to be asked to that Dragonite.
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Okay. While "Levels" and other game mechanics hold very little meaning in RP... There is still somewhere where the line must be drawn.

A "Level 19 Dragonite" is one of them. Dragonite do not occur at level 19 without the flagrant use of cheating devices ingame, and considering the fact that they are a slow-growing species that hatches as Dratini and progresses to Dragonite through a Dragonair stage... Yeah. No.

Also. "Fish" type? I heard of the Bird Type, but this is... new.

The one/two liners here are getting quite a problem, too.

This is this thread's first and only warning to shape up.
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