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Request of most sorts! ^^

What team are you for Pokemon go?

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Requests are OPEN
I don't do Sprite related stuff, and that's bacically all I don't do!
Weird requests I do, Hexafusion requests, trainers and a Pokemon of their choice (these are unusual requests that are available)
I do team requests, if you would like one, ask, here is an example below...

Trainer Name: Purple
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Smeargle, Rowlet, Arcanine, Gallade, Braivary, Toxicroack.
Pokemon Special Features: My smeargle wears a bow instead of a beret (that was a bad description, bacically if your Pokemon have special items or colours tell me the Pokemon and the item/colour here)
Trainer Discription: Gold From Gold and Silver
(Better trainer Discription, in case you don't want a character from something else): Has Brown Hair, Blue eyes, a purple hoodie, blue trousers, red shoes and hold a pokeball in his hand.

I should have them made within a day or two, depending on what you requested but keep in mind I have school and homework to attend to most of the time.
Um, so yeah, request away!

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Lol lucky I was on Tundra! So, my bff irl is @TundraZap and he has been put into read only so if people ask him stuff, he will text me and I will do it! He wants to say that he can't upload art or comment anywhere accept conversations and he can't even make them. So he is sorry but he can't do it...