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Open Pokemon roleplay~

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Welcome! I think we need a new roleplay. So welcome to the Aronix reigon, a lovely place to stay. Please keep in mind no spam and to follow all of the rules for any roleplay here. Keep posts at least a paragraph long and enjoy your stay.

Setting: A dark, shady forest with so much overgrowth not even the sun penetrates through the dense trees. Humans typically don't travel here as it is overrun by violent and crazed Pokemon. Their technologies also don't work well, leaving them stranded. This is a truly wild place. There is a swamp and the surrounding trees are shielded by a dense fog. You can hear the howls and cries of wild pokemon. It is almost always night here, and only the smartest and strongest pokemon make it 'till morning.


Lucas was sitting beneath a stormy sky with no view of the stars. He often vacationed here, and the murky setting did great things to his mood. It made him think, of some new plan or scheme to make his life better and others worse. It's not that he hated the world, he just... wanted to make it colder.
However, as much as Lucas enjoyed the darkness he had a tiny speck of light in his life, though he'd never admit it. It was her, his best friend, practically his child. But he had to hide her from the world for her safety because she was different. The world wasn't ready to see her. If they did, they'd marvel so much they would put her on display or hide her away in a scientific lab.
He had found her alone, shivering, cold. And usually he'd keep walking but something about her had actually made him pick her up and take her home, nursing her to health.
This was why he traded with the humans, to get the medicine and other supplies she'd need.
Lucas enjoyed this part of the woods because few pokemon ventured here, and he'd have some kind of silence for once. He peered up at the skies with green eyes when he suddenly sensed a change in the forest. Nothing big, but a change it was, and a new pokemon had entered, and a powerful one at that. He jumped to his feet, paws glowing.

"Who enters my territory? Show yourself."

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(idk if their is a form or not...)

the bushes in front of Lucas shook as the Pokémon he sense was coming. the bush soon stopped shaking as it went quite for a second, as soon a small Litwick fell out of the bush, and struggled to get up as it soon stood up. the Litwick then looked up at Lucas in Fear as it started shaking.
"Ah. Just a litwick. Nothing too serious." He regarded the small pokemon disdainfully before sitting down.
"No need to have a heart attack, I wont blow out the candle yet, little one. Why are you so deep into the forest? It's not safe here, especially near me."
The lucario smiled, but maybe it was more of a snarl. It was hard to determine.
Drewton has been following the Litwick for a while. The candlelight was mesmerising, especially in a dark forest like this. As he walked on, his own rings grew dimmer and he felt that he was bound to the light. This mood stopped when the Litwick disappeared through a bush. Drew heard a voice and realised that he went too deep in the forest. It certainly was dangerous and he remained where he was, hoping the other Pokémon didn't realise he was there.
Lucario could sense aura's, and he immediately knew when another pokemon entered the vicinity. He looked up sharply, perplexed by the sudden intrusion. Two pokemon in one day? He groaned and rubbed his face. Perhaps they could be of use, so he'd better play nice.
"Hello? I know someone's out there. I'm a lucario, stupid." Was that too harsh? That was him attempting to play nice.
"Sorry. I mean, welcome."
Drewton had no idea who exactly was talking to him, and since he was discovered he decided to slowly crawl out of the bush. "Uh- oh?" As he looked up, he realised he'd been trying to hide from a Lucario. "Well darn, sorry to intrude. I just got lost a little." He said as he avoided eye contact.
"oh, don't be nervous, I don't bite." The lucario patted a spot next to him, realizing he actually didn't mind the umbreon. "I don't mind Umbreons. It's absol's I don't like. And everyone else." He said honestly, thinking back on his many bad experiences with Absol's. Selfish, annoying, conceded creatures they were.

"If you're lost, this is a bad forest to be lost in. And a storm is coming. I suggest you either stay here with me or let me show you the way out."

The clouds above head darkened visibly, and the Lucario sighed in slight annoyance as the cold wind ruffled his thick fur.

"I'm Lucas, by the way."
The Umbreon perked up and relaxed a little. He bounded up to the Lucario and sat nearby, whistling at the Litwik so they would follow. Curious as to why he hated Absol, he was about to ask when the Lucario introduced himself. "I'm Drewton, just call me Drew though it's less of a mouthful." Drew looked up at the clouds and felt a little intimidated at how dark they were. "What's up with you and Absol then?" He asked to take his mind off the coming storm.
Lucario growled inwardly, imagining the past absols. "Too much like me. I hate 'em. They love to battle but they always think their hot shit. And then after I KO them with a fighting type move they come back with the whole pack. And then I have to battle a lot more and once the pack is down I'm near fainting too. So it's a lot of BS." He thought for a moment. "And they have an attitude."

Lucas's tail brushed up against the umbreon in friendly contact.

"How did you get lost? Where were you going?"
The Litwick(Flame)was manly just listening to Their conversation, not really knowing when to intervene into the conversation as he still didn’t really trust Lucas. After a bit, Flame then began looking around the place he was at.
Drewton listened intently to Lucas. He could see how he hated Absols and soon Drew also felt a little hatred for them. When asked another question, he responded, "I live nearer to the edge of the forest. So nothing much was happening but I had fallen out with a friend of mine (<-- I literally just came up w/ this idea so I'll develop it throughout the rp :,D). I was just walking to take my mind off it when I found that little Litwick over there. That flame is beautiful!" As he spoke he observed the Litwick and smiled a little at it.
The lucario had just re-noticed the flame. He offered an annoyed smile because now he felt moody again, and he looked up at the sky to try and determine the time.
"What friend? You want me to eat them?" He said rather seriously. "Nevermind, I already ate. Did something happen?" He asked gruffly, his ear twitching as he listened to the nightly howls of the forest. He felt a little cold and decided maybe he could use the litwick for warmth and he held his paws over the flame, warming himself up slowly but surely.
He looked over to the Umbreon, eyes glowing in the night.
Jetta’s bright purple eyes glowed in the night. She’s been searching for other pokemon for days now, and she’s finally scented a few. The bitter scent of a Lucario, the musky scent of an Umbreon, and the waxy scent of a Litwick. She rushed through the woods, trying to reach them, and she could finally see the glow of the Litwick’s candle. She leapt through a few bushes, and was now in the view of the three. She hoped they wouldn’t be frightened by her, a large Midnight Lycanroc.
The Lucario looked up to see the Lycanroc, and he looked as though he was seeing a ghost. He looked at her with pain in his eyes for one vulnerable moment before his guard came back and he cleared his throat.
"Well, this party is getting bigger."
He fought off the memories clanging around inside him, the ones that had once left him broken but now much harder. He nodded a strained greeting to the Lycanroc, heart twisting in his chest.
"Sorry. You look like someone I once knew. I'm Lucas." He said, fighting to keep his temper.
Jetta shook her fur, to get rid of the adrenaline from her run and gazed at the Lucario. “ Hello, I’m Jetta. It’s alright, I confuse Pokémon with others too sometimes. “ She responded calmly.
"I don't wanna talk about it-" his words were interrupted when a Lycanroc appeared. Drew tensed as he abruptly stood up. He edged a little closer to the Lucario for comfort and lightly brushed him with his tail as Lucas had done earlier.
He offered a smiled but otherwise appeared uninterested in her completely, which was a mask. He thought to himself he should definitely be getting home before the storm hit, and his lovely little secret was waiting. He looked up and, using his glowing paws for light, when he suddenly felt the nervous aura of the Umbreon and wrapped his paw around him and scooted him closer.
"Greetings, Jetta. Why are you here, if I may ask."

He then turned to the Umbreon.
"It's okay. You don't have to tell me, we all have our secrets. Some more dangerous than others. I have this girl-"
He snapped his mouth shut and tried to reswallow the words.
The Lycanroc presses her ears against her head to respect. “ I’ve been traveling. I got lost and tried to find other Pokémon. “ She explained. This wasn’t entirely true though, she has been traveling, but that was only half the truth. “ Do you mind if I stay with you guys for the night? “

She averted her attention to the obviously frightened Umbreon. “ Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. “ She said.
His rings gave off a faint glow and he relaxed once more, sitting back down. "Hey Jetta." He greeted her with a slight nod. Drewton noticed Lucas bit back words and was curious. "A girl?" He whispered. "You mean like a girlfriend or something?"
"I suppose one more pokemon won't hurt. As long as you're not an absol, that is."
He smiled at the inside joke and gestured for the Lycanroc to sit down with them. He then had to face his mix up, and he cleared his throat and looked up.
"Look, the secret I'm about to tell you cant tell ANYONE. Not your mama or your trainer or even the berries you eat. If so, I will find you and it wont be pleasant."
He gazed at the litwic untrustingly, and then raised an eyebrow to Jetta.
"This includes you too, puppy. I am a great hunter. I can sense auras, and you wont be able to hide. So go ahead and leave now if you cant keep that muzzle shut."
Jetta curled her lips in aggression, showing her large gleaming teeth. “ I am NOT a puppy. You could be a great hunter, but I’ll fight you tooth and claw if I have too. “
She relaxed the bristling fur on her shoulders and huffed. “ But you’re in luck cause I’m not interested in telling anyone. “
She sat down next to the Litwick for warmth and kept an eye on Lucas.
Lucas snarled a warning at the pokemon's brazen display of her teeth.
"You're lucky you have a nice smile, or else I'd already rip those pearly whites out their gums. That, and you're a female."
He honestly wouldn't have, for he had a weak spot for females, and this one was a lycanroc. He was all bark and no bite when it came to this.
The lucario took a deep breath and began his tale.
"Team Rocket was experimenting when they injected a pregnant human with a pokemon's DNA. The result was a mixture, but she has a weak heart. I take care of her at home."
Flame got very unconformable when so many Pokemon were around him, especially near his flame. Flame wanted to move, but was too scared on what would happen, so he just still and listened to what Lucas had to say, as once he heard what he said about the experiment with Team rocket, Flame finally said. "W-what?"
The lucario nodded, a grave expression on his features.
"Her heart is weak, I have to get medicine for her every day. She can understand us, and people, but that's the extent of her abilities. She cant use moves... I have no idea if she can even evolve. She was mixed with a vulpix, but that's all I know."
His face filled with compassion for a split second.
"She's my little vulpix, my little girl. I'd do anything for her. I think she's about 4 in human years, I'm not too familiar with age. Anyways, I need Drew's help with finding the right medicine to cure her completely. And the Jetta is a female, so maybe she could give her some feminine advice and comfort. She's never had a mother figure and I'm sure jetta can pretend."

He realized the extent of his statement and reddened visibly. "N-Not like that, i mean." He said, and looked towards the Litwick.
"She's been asking for a friend, too."
He was now sworn to secrecy as he was told the most intriguing secret he'd ever heard. Hearing his name, his ears perked up a little as he said, "Oh, medicine? Yeah I reckon I could help with that." Drewton didn't like to brag but he thought his keen eye and sensitive nose could come in handy for sniffing out supplies.
Jetta perked up a little bit. She loved children. “ Yeah, I could be a mother figure for her. “ She said. “ But uh....nothing more. “ She added uncomfortably.
(I am soooo embarrased I did not mean to insinuate that XD)

The lucario smiled at Drew and Jetta's agreeal. He got to his feet and outstretched his hand.
"Are you a little curious? I'm sure she'll be excited to meet you. And I mean, like, childish excited. Sorry if she pulls your ears, she's just a pup." He seemed excited to go back home to his little trainer friend. He trusted Drew, and he somewhat trusted the litwick, but he had no choice but to trust the Lycanroc and hope for the best. He didn't quite like her stick-in-the mud attitude and hoped she'd liven up along the way.
"Any questions before we're off to see the wizard?"
Is 'agreeal' a word?))

Drew began to see Lucas and Jetta as some sort of couple but he shook that off as it wasn't important to him right now. "No I think I know enough, I'd love to meet this gal. I'm sure she's a jewel," he said, winking. Then he mumbled, "I am not liking this storm..."
Jetta rose to her feet. “ What are we waiting for? Let’s go meet her. “ She said. She’s always had a soft spot for children. She likes to play with them and tell them stories and other things. It reminded her of home...
Lucas smiled warmly at the support of the two. Perhaps he had misjudged the canine.
"I'm assuming since I am taller than you I can travel faster. You know, steps are longer. Do you mind if I pick you up?" He asked respectfully to Drew. He even shared a smile with Jetta. "Thanks, guys. Honestly." His paws began to glow to provide some light, and he prepared for a quick journey by using the move dragon dance to increase his speed.
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Drewton got up and stretched out a little bit. Wagging his tail a little, he was glad they were going to get moving as the storm was nearing closer.
"Oh yeah, if it's more convenient then you can pick me up." He replied. Drew wasn't sure of this as he'd never been picked up by a Pokémon before. Sure a human once did but that was affection. With a Pokémon to speed up a journey, it was different.
Flame followed them, but way the slowest one, almost losing them the multiple times but he managed.... somehow as he was very exited to meet her. Manly because he had never had any friends before.
The Lucario gathered the Umbreon in his arms as gentle as he could and then ran, taking a few jumps with his powerful hind legs to gain ground faster. The storm had begun to sprinkle and ruffle his fur and it felt good to let out all his energy. A few times he looked back to make sure Jetta was still following, and luckily she was. He finally just picked up the litwick to save time, and he didn't want to see him struggle as well.

Within about 15 minutes they arrived to a small cave at the base of a mountain range, well shielded from view by trees and other shrubbery. The lucario put the pokemon down and took a few steps closer to cave and knocked on the wall.
"Vee, come on out. It's okay, I brought some friends."
There was the sound of movement and a little girl shyly came out, but she wasn't... quite human, or pokemon either. Two vulpix ears stretched out from her cranium, two tails sprouted from beneath the flowered dress she wore, and her hands were covered by gloves to hide the furry paws underneath. Her hind legs we human up until the foot where she had paws as well, but she stood rather than on all fours.
She came out nervously, but when she saw the Lucario her face lit up and she ran to him, her long red curls bouncing. She jumped into his arms with un-humanlike preciseness, and he cuddled her for a moment before turning to his friends. The girl buried her face in his chest, scared.
"It's alright." He said once more, and she looked out at them with curious eyes, before she reached out with a hand and patted the umbreon rather softly on the head. "Sweet-sweet."
She smiled warmly then turned to the lycanroc.
"Pretty!" She said, and reached out for her with both arms, bouncing.
While she waited to be picked up she waved a chubby hand to the litwick, smiling at the glowing flame on her head and she giggled.
Jetta races along side Lucas, she couldn’t wait to see the little girl. When the mountain range came into view, she stood back onto her hind legs, anxious to see the child. When Vee came into view, Jetta thought she was adorable. She didn’t let anyone see her excitement though, and kept a cool face.
When Vee called her “ pretty “, though, Jetta had to crack a smile. “ Aww, thank you, darling. But I can’t ever be as pretty as you. “ She told the young girl. Jetta gently picked the little girl up. “ It’s a pleasure to meet you. “ She said softly.
Flame was a bit shocked when Lucas picked hi, up, but went along with it. Once he got to the cave and saw Vee, he wasn’t Scared at all. He actually thought she was pretty cool. He then went over to her once he saw her reach out to him.
Vee cooed and cuddled into the Lycanroc, looking happier than she had in days. "Vee." She said, patting her chest to signify it was her name. She pointed to Jetta. "Who?" She asked, eyes never leaving the Lycanroc's face. Her small hands pet the pokemon softly, and she even rubbed Jetta's ears, not afraid at all. Her little eyes sparkled with excitement and her tails wagged uncontrollably at all the attention.
Lucas turned turned to the little Litwick and sat down, watching everyone interact.
"I guess I haven't really spoken to you yet. Hello."
A sad expression overcame his face as he thought about how much time she had left.
Drewton smiled at the girl. She was a sweet little character in his opinion but could see why she was hidden. The curiosity and selfishness of humans was obviously a main issue. "She seems bright." He looked further ahead at the cave. It seemed quite dark but safe. "Should we go inside?" He asked.
Jetta looked into the eyes of the little girl and smiled. “ I’m Jetta. “ She told her. Jetta’s eats twitched at the girl’s touch, but she didn’t mind the contact. She looked up at the sky, though it was only drizzling now, a real storm could let loose any minute. “ Yeah...let’s get inside somewhere...”
Flame looked at Vee as he said. "Hi!" he said as he waved his tiny Arm at her and smiled as he laughed a bit as the Drizzling Rain made Litwicks Flame got out, which he hated. Flame then said. "Yeah... Could we go inside the cave?" Flame asked a bit quietly
"Rain, bad!" She shrieked, and hopped out of Jetta's clutches and inside the cave, and Lucario sighed, offering an apoligetic smile.
"Not that she's out of earshot... She needs medicine. I have enough for maybe another day but we can't keep on doing this. I hate making her suffer, and I have to give mer medication that sometimes hurts. I need a cure, something to fix and stabilize the animal heart in her human body. I know it's selfish but I don't wanna lose her."

Lucas gestured to the cave, and he revealed a very homely furnished place. There was a actual rug, and a few soft cushions about, and even a small child's bed at the very back of the cave. Vee was sitting upon her bed, her hair a mess of curls, holding her beloved Riolu doll. At the sight of Jetta she lit up.
"Jetta! Jetta! Play?" She yelled urgently.

Lucas looked to the umbreon for assistance. "Any ideas on medicine?"

(I drew Vee around the age of 8. I'll be working on her current age of four now
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