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Open Pokemon roleplay~

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The Luxray motions for Cadus to stand up and he tries to get up and manages to. The Luxray then speaks,
"My name is Lux and may I know the others names now or if you would like to keep it a secret that is acceptable for me. Cadus and I will help the pack until we find the cure and if we wish to find it tonight we need to move quickly."
Jetta stepped towards the Luxray. “ I’m Jetta. “ She introduced herself. She then stepped back. She wondered when they would start moving again. Time was of the essence.
Flame went up to Lucas he said. "What were you thinking?! You could Have Killed him!" Flame said as he sounded mad, But was actually Happy Lucas wasn't really Hurt. Flame then Looked at the Luxay ray and saw Jetta introduce herself so he decieded to do it. "I'm Flame." Flame said happily
Lucas seemed to know what she was thinking and ran in direction of the scent, not wanting to waste time. He could feel Vee's heartbeat weakening, slowing down, while his improved. He wished he could give her his heart, so she'd never hurt again, but this was all he could do.
He looked down at the tiny Litwic and couldn't take him seriously in all his rage.
"If I wanted him dead I'd use close combat." He said jokingly, and patted the litwic on the side so he wouldn't get burnt. He then called to the Luxray-
"You are much faster than us. If Vee gets any worse I'll entrust you to take her to the cure without me, okay? Is that okay?"
Lux doesn't say anything for a second then responds.
"Yes of course and I wouldn't talk much about death around me."
Cadus winces then speaks out,
"Come on let's go then I want to get away from you guys as fast as possible."
Flame looked up at Lux as he saw his opportunity. He then Jumped onto Him and he quickly Climbed up him as he Stopped once he was on top of his Head. Flame then focused for a Second as his Flame got way brighter than it ever had been before.
Lux looks up and has to shield his eyes and says,
"Ugh what are you doing"
Cadus sees the light as a way to escape and disappears.
Flame then Dimmed hia light a bit as he said. "Sorry. That might have been too bright." Flame said as he felt a bit Embarrassed as he then saw Cudas gone as he said. "Where did that Cudas Guy or whatever go?"
"Comeo on Jetta. We don't have time for this." He said, taking her paw and dragging her with him, Vee in his other arm. He continued to hold her paw until they left the clearing and approached a mountain, and then he let go. Lucas sniffed the air, for any sign. The sweet smell was stronger, of course, but there was something hidden under the smell, something metallic. He suddenly had a terrible idea.
"What if another pokemon has the cure and their using sweet scent to either hide the scent... or draw us near?" He asked. He already knew the answer- no matter what, they'd get the cure for Mercury and Vee.
"I mean, we're all united now, we could scare it off. But it smells... not dangerous, but... strong. Like, it's big." He said, worried.
Flame saw Jetta and Lucas eaht for me as he said. "W-wait Up!" Flame said as followed them, But very slowly as he struggled, a lot.
Lux snarls
"Damn but we don't have time to pursuit Cadus."
Lux turns to Lucas
"I can search the area just to make sure as I more than likely have the best eyesight here, but you being a Lucario you have better aura sense, but combined we should be able to find whatever it is."
Jetta allowed herself to be taken by Lucas. She could smell it too. She pressed her ears against her head. “ This can’t be good...”
"H-hey, wait!" Mercury said, running after the Lucario and Lycanroc. Katie, noticing her trainer run off, followed close behind. There was no way Mercury was gonna let those two get out of his sight. His sense of smell just wasn't good enough for him to find the miracle cure. As he approached the Lucario, Mercury noticed that he still hadn't taken back his Mega Stone bracelet. Seeing as the Lucario looked preoccupied, Mercury slipped the bracelet into his pocket. Reaching the two Pokemon, the human noticed their concerned expressions.
"Is something wrong?" Mercury asked Lucas. Katie, feeling nervous, clung to Mercury's leg.
Lucas took a step closer, listening to Lux.
"No need for that. It's on it's way down now, probably to protect it's treasure. It's probably old- miracle cure can supposedly grant age-freezing qualities."
There was the sound of rumbling boulders, and down the mountain it came- a pokemon of monstrous size. It was steelix, several meters taller than Lucario, and for a moment he even seemed afraid, but for someone else.
"Katie. Mercury could get hurt in this battle. Please do your best to shield him from any rubble. And even I mega-evolved cant take this guy alone. I'll need everone's help, even mercury's to help me out."
He looked up at Mercury.
"Well, I guess this is it. I'll have to allow you to tell me what to do mentally. Don't screw this up." Lucario said in human speak.
"Once you activate the stone we'll be connected, and I'll do whatever you tell me. For the most part, because if it's stupid, I'll do my own thing. Deal?" He asked, holding out his fist.
He glanced over to Jetta, wondering if she'd jump in, he could really use her aid in this.
"Everyone ready?"
Lux glares down the Steelix with no electricity around him.
"Well I can't really use my electricity against this beast, so I will have to resort to brute force"
Lux glares at the Steelix and circles it waiting to strike when ready.
Flame went up to them as he said. "I Can use my Flame Burst...." Flame said as he kinda mumbled itput as he didn't sound too confidant that he wpuld even do anything
The human staggered back when the Steelix appeared. It was huge! How was he supposed to help fight that?! Mercury blanked when Lucas started giving orders, but when he realized what the Lucario was saying he began to frantically put the bracelet back on.
"W-wait, I don't know any of your moves or anything..." Mercury said. He wished his sister was here. She was the one that had become the powerful Pokemon trainer, not him! Mercury only knew battling from what he had seen on TV or at school.

Katie nodded at Lucas. Not only would she try to protect Mercury and Vee, she'd try to support any of the other Pokemon if they needed help, either through Heal Pulses or Light Screen.

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Looks like some people here did not read the rules.
Mega evolutions, legendaries, etc may not be used without staff approval, granted on a case-by-case basis. No one approved a Mega Lucario here. The Cobalion illusion is also questionable - illusion or not, it's still sneaking a legendary past the rules. Then again, considering the person who's done it also posts in present tense rather than past tense, it's pretty obvious they haven't read the rules either.

Normally I'd give you a chance to fix your posts and remove the mega, but as it seems that it wouldn't be feasible to do so, I'm afraid I'm going to have to lock your thread! Next time, read the rules before taking actions.
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