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Open Pokemon roleplay~

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Previously Swirled
Infernius nodded as he was punched in the stomach, before lightly removing Vee's fist from his stomach, smiling with a warmth that was usually absent with him.
"I hope to meet all of you again, I apologize for my rudeness, even if I was bored, I behaved immaturely," He then leapt into a tree, leaving his sculpture there, hoping no one would break it.
Jetta slowly walked towards the glass sculpture. She didn’t have a great track record with glass so was extra careful when lifting it off the ground. She admired the details. Though...she didn’t exactly know where to put it...
The Lucario looked up at the tree warily, before finally crouching down before Vee, a scolding look on his face.
"Now, what did I tell you about punching people? You need to punch him like this, so you put more power into it." He ran to the tree and reared back, before swinging with half his force- it was more than enough. The tree groaned and creaked and finally fell with a shattering crack. Vee squealed and clapped her hands. "Again!"
Lucas leapt up to a large bolder and used close combat, and the boulder rumbled and crumbled to dust. Lucas grinned a playful grin and ran to the Lycanroc, all smiles and wagging tails for the praise. He mocked punched her in the shoulder.
"I didn't know you were a fighter!"
Katie the Audino felt her trainer shift, and opened her eyes. She was curled up against her trainer, and though she was a little wet, the teen was soaked. They had been unable to find a dry place to stay when the storm had rolled in, and hadn't even had a tarp or blanket to cover themselves. Her new trainer was forced to curl up under a tree, and try to cover himself with his backpack. The silver haired teen shivered again as a cool breeze blew through the forest. To the soaking wet, furless human it must have felt icy. Katie, too, felt a little cold from the rain, but there was no way she was going to let her new trainer stay out in the rain, in the wild alone. As the boy sat up, Katie used her feelers to try to assess the boy's feelings.

They were very similar to last night. His anger was much less, but still there a little. The boy still had feelings of sadness, confusion, and most of all, fear. But there was a new emotion, much stronger than it was last night. Determination.
"Are you okay?" Katie asked the boy. He stared at her blankly, then smiled weakly. He said something in humanspeak that Katie took as "good morning, Katie". The Audino sighed. It was clear that the boy wasn't very inexperienced when it came to understanding and communicating with Pokemon, unlike her last trainer.

Her last trainer. She wasn't looking too well when Katie last saw her. Sitting in a hospital bed, she looked pale and thin, very, very sickly. Kate's old trainer had given Katie very important instructions. To look over this silver haired teen and keep him safe. So far, Katie hadn't been doing to well at that. The boy had ran away from home, and ran into the forest. There was something else going on with the boy, something he wasn't showing her.

Katie's ears twitched. Not to far away, she could hear some sort yipping and howling. What was that noise? Some sort of wild Pokemon? Her trainer heard it two, and a look of nervousness flashed on the trainer's face. Opening his backpack, Katie watched as the silver haired teen pulled out a wrecking bar, looking in the direction of the noises with apprehension. There was sounds of fighting, along with other noises. Looking back up at her trainer, Katie noticed he seemed paralyzed with indecision.
(New roleplayers- to find out what Vee looks like and their backstory, click here.)

Vee didn't wait, she smelled something familiar. She suddenly ran towards the scent, a scent of healing, love, and home. She was quite fast, and the Lucario had to sprint to catch up. They ran into a clearing where a trainer and an audino sat. Lucas sucked in his breath in horror as he watched Vee approach them. Now three people knew she existed- THREE strangers. He groaned and cupped his face in his hands and ran after her, scooping her up in his arms before she could take another step.
"What were you thinking?!" Lucas snapped, worried.
Vee pointed over at the two.
"He's sick, like me.. He needs help!" She said, pouting. Lucas shook his head.
"Nope. Nope. We are not a flipping charity. Lets go." He said, turning.
Vee whimpered and growled, before finally chomping down on his shoulder, making him wince and let her go.
"Dammit Vee!" He cursed as she ran forward.
She stopped a few feet before them, allowing them a full view of her. She pointed blatantly at them.
"He's sick. I can help. You can understand me because I'm part pokemon! And he can understand me because I'm part human! So I'm both! I'm awesome!" She did a little dance and then paused.
"Come on. Applause! I spoke to you. APPLAUSE PLEASE!"
She did a little curtsey and leapt forward, placing a warm hand on the boy's cheek.
"He carries a hurt in his heart. And a fever." She said simply.
(Umm... Mercury ain't the one sick with mystery disease XD. It's actually his older sister, Marie's previous trainer)

Mercury gripped his wrecking bar firmly as the shuffling bushes grew closer. But to his surprise, instead of an angry Beedrilll or Rhyhorn, a little girl emerged. Mercury rubbed his eyes, and took a double take at the little girl. She seemed almost... Part Pokemon. He glanced down at his sister's Audino, who looked back up at him, equally confused. The bushes shuffled once again, this time revealing an intense looking Lucario. Mercury froze, even as he remembered what his sister had told him about them. It didn't matter I he moved or not, they could still see his aura.

The Lucario and little girl seemed to be having a bit of an argument, and the girl broke away from the Lucario. Mercury had heard stories of Pokemon raising abandoned kids as their own... Was that why the girl looked so similar to a Pokemon? Then, the little girl did something Mercury wasn't expecting. She spoke, but this time Mercury understood her.
"What?" Mercury said as the girl put her hand on his cheek. His expression softening, he dropped the wrecking bar and gently took the girl's hand, removing it from his cheek. Mercury looked into the girl's eyes. She was young, really young.
"How did you know that?" Mercury asked the girl. "About how I was feeling?"

Katie watched the interaction between Mercury, the girl, and the Lucario. It shocked her that the girl was able to talk to the Lucario like a Pokemon, and that the girl overall looked like a Pokemon. But Katie didn't even need to touch the child to know she was sick.
"Wh-who are you?" The Audino asked the Lucario. She couldn't stop the nervous quiver in her voice. Why shouldn't she be nervous? She wasn't a strong Pokemon, and a normal type at that. The Lucario looked like he had been through quite a few fights. If he decided to attack her trainer, Katie didn't think she'd be able to stop him.
"I'm Lucas." He said in a rough, gravelly voice. His eyes were filled with a scaru intensity as he studied the interaction of pokemon and human. He crossed his arms and looked the Audino up and down, before finally deciding that she was no threat at all. He read the pokemon's aura, and discovered she was afraid that he'd hurt the trainer. He growled at the thought.
"I have no desire to be hunted down, so your trainer is safe. For now. I'll have you know, if he tries anything funny, because human boys get in heat often, I will kill him. Brutally."

Vee smiled a warm smile at the boy, before coughing loud hacking coughs. She had over exerted herself with the little dance and she looked up at the Lucario with sad eyes, and reached out her tiny arms. Lucario immediately bounded forward and swept her up, regarding them coldly.

"I understand human speak and I can speak it as well, but I'd rather not conversate with him directly, not until I know he isn't a threat. So you will need to try your best to relay the messages, because." He pointed a thumb at Vee. "Is too sick to do so."

"She is sick. We need directions for a Miracle cure, and the nearest mountain range. We also need to know why you guys are in the wild, especially so near to our home. Did you hear about her? Are you with Team Rocket?"

Vee coughed again and moaned a little, burying her head in his soft shoulder. "Jetta..." She murmured, and Lucas nodded. "She's on her way, honeysuckle."
He said softly, and then glared at the two to cover up for his sweet side.
Jetta was finished panting when Vee ran out of her grasp. She rushed after her along with Vee but paused when she saw the human and his Pokémon. She saw how Vee talked with him and Lucas conversing with the Audino. She wasn’t ready to show herself to the human, not until she determined he wasn’t a threat.
Her ears pricked when Vee called her name. She ran over to her and held her hand in her paw. “ I’m here, don’t worry. “ She softly told the little girl.
When Lucas said he would kill Mercury if the boy tried anything, Katie almost cried. But she held in the tears, and tried to answer the Lucario's question.
"He doesn't know anything, he's just a boy! He's, he's scared, and grieving, and alone. I think it has to do with my old trainer. She's dying. She's dying, and she told me that I have to protect him. So I came with him." Katie said. The boy noticed Katie's obvious fear, and although he too looked scared, he walked over to the Audino and stood next to her. The boy had picked up his wrecking bar and was holding it so tightly that his knuckles were white. Katie, seeing her trainer walk up, tried to push the human back, but Mercury wouldn't budge.

Standing next to his sister's Audino, Mercury looked at the Poke-girl and the Lucario. The Poke-girl didn't look very well. Mercury would say that she looked very sick. When the Lycanroc emerged from the bushes, Mercury took a step back nervously. Now there were two tough looking Pokemon. Glancing down at Katie, Mercury hoped the Audino was trying to get on the good side of these Pokemon. The Lucario looked like he could tear him to pieces.
The lucario snarled at their advancement, and their desire to stand together- like.. Like a team. He also didn't like the wrecking bar in the boy's hands. He had a moment of indecisiveness, torn between threatening them to get them to back up and sit down or to play nice. He glanced at Jetta, and finally spoke to the boy.
"We wish you no harm. However, if you harm any members of my pack I will personally hurt you. But until then... I suppose we could coexist." Lucas sat down finally, indian style, as a show of peace. He kept a wary eye on the pair, not letting his guard down.
"Calm down, Katie. That's your name, isn't it? I don't bite... But Vee does." Vee smiled a sick smile and crawled into Jetta's arms, seeking comfort.
"I understand death well. And Vee. She's almost died a lot. But this time it wont be an almost. We seek the miracle cure- it cures anything, pokemon and human. And If you join us, and we find it, it could heal your old trainer." He said this just loud enough for the human to hear. They'd be useful, the trainer, at least. He could purchase things.

Vee looked up at Jetta like she was the world.
"What was the bad dream, mami?" She had a sad, confused look on her face, amber eyes glistening.


Previously Swirled
Infernius was whistling as he walked, feeling quite good about himself, though one thing constantly dragged on his mind, the growing guilt and regret of challenging the group, it was foolish of him to think that he, one Pokemon could defeat a pack.
"How do I make it up to them, I was selfish and stupid, I should have asked for a battle instead, no sculpture could ever remedy that, I neee to fix this," Fourtunately, he was able to find Lucas and the rest of his gang, he knew exactly how he was going to make it up to them, though his plan was a little, self destructive. He blew a flamethrower in the air to hope to get their attention, maybe they would notice, but if that didn't, he might have to resort to violence, which was a last case scenario.
Jetta watched as Lucas sat down and offered peace. Jetta sat down and held Vee in her arms. She looked down at Vee and sighed. “ Just a bad dream, sweetie...” She told her as she hugged her softly.
Her attention was quickly diverted to a large blast of fire near them.
“ Lucas, we might have company. “ She warned him.
She used her powerful nose to try and scent the possible danger, and found that it was the Combusken from earlier.
Mercury's eyes widened when the Lucario spoke to him. Katie, too, looked surprised.
"You... You can talk?" Mercury asked incredulously. When the Lucario mentioned a miracle cure Mercury knelt down quickly.
"A miracle cure?! There... There really is one?" Mercury asked. A tone of desperation entered the trainer's voice. Katie looked up at Mercury in surprise. She had no idea that her old trainer and new trainer were that closely related. Now that she looked at him, Katie could see the family resemblence.

Convinced that Lucas wouldn't hurt Mercury, at least at the moment, Katie slowly sat down. When the flash of fire occurred, Katie looked in the direction where it came from with concern.
"Company? Bad company?" Katie asked, overhearing the Midnight Lycanroc. Mercury looked down at Audino, then back at Lucas.
"What did she say?" Mercury asked Lucas, not being able to understand the other Pokemon.
“Yeah. A trainer gave it to their ampharos and she was cured. I personally spoke to her. Her name is Amphy. I read about it in the SoulSilver archives. Also, a blind girl was made to see after drinking the medicine. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.” He seemed to get excited as he spoke, becoming animated and comical as he spoke, hope rising in his chest.

He looked up sharply at the Lycanroc’s statement.

“It’s the chicken-dude. He isn’t much of a threat, and it seems he isn’t looking for a fight. I suspect he’s listening right now. If he is, well, come one out and join the party.”

Vee fell asleep in Jetta’s arms, leaving the adults to speak in hushed tones in fear of waking her.

Lucas gazed at her lovingly, but then his gaze hardened, and he looked away.

“She’s very sick. Her heart- she over exerts herself and one day she’ll work to hard and she’ll be done for. We’re running out of time, so we seek the cure. We HAD and umbreon, a great tracker, who knew the scent and would lead us, but he vanished. I guess left for greater things.” He said, sad that his friend left him so quickly. But he had bigger magickarps to fry, one that didn’t involve a goofy yet loveable umbreon by the name Drewton.

The Lucario gazed off into space for a moment, before speaking again.

“Someone you love is sick, eh? I can see it in your face. You were so broken, until I mentioned it and you lit up.”

He paused.

“Hold onto that hope, kid. It’s what keeps me going, at least. That, and love.”

He turned red for a moment and crossed his arms, trying to show off masculinity.


Previously Swirled
"I guess I came to listen, that and apologize, without any sort of theatric or anything, no need for those," Infernius explained to the Pokemon as he sat down, breathing a small fire to occupy his mind, which can easily he focused on multiple chunks of info being chugged at him, without worrying about any distractions.
"So, what is the topic this time, and Lucas, I'd recommend not underestimating me, I've unfourtunately done worse than what happened earlier, and for that I apologize wholeheartedly,"
"It's... It's my sister." Mercury said, looking away. Before he could continue, the Combuskin emerged from the bushes. It started a fire, sat down, and talked to the other Pokemon. Not being a Pokemon, Mercury couldn't understand what the Combuskin was trying to communicate. Mercury looked down at Katie for support, who was paying attention to the conversation. The fire the Combuskin had made felt quite warm on Mercury's wet skin, and the human was warming his hands when suddenly he looked up at the Combuskin. He could have sworn he,just heard it say the word "underestimating". Katie, noticing her trainer's sudden movement, looked at Mercury with concern.
The Lucario nodded to the Combskin. He'd have said the same thing in that situation, just not as respectfully. Infernius was one few pokemon with Manners, and for that, he respected him.
"Well, we have a big hunting party now. Katie, Mercury, Jetta, Vee, Infernius. We had two more but they went their own way. I think if we keep moving we can find it. And I suppose those who dont need the cure are searching for something as well. I promise whatever it is, after Vee is cured, I will help you. I will be forever in your debt."
Vee started coughing again in her sleep, hard, hacking coughs, until a small line of blood fell from her lips. Lucas paled visibly and shared a scared, terrified look with Jetta. He ran over to her and cleaned her mouth, and heard her laboring breath. He started to shake, and cupped his face in his hands. Suddenly he looked up at Katie.
"You're a healing pokemon. How much time does she have for us to find the cure? Can you extend her time? Take away her pain?" He asked, frantically.
Watching the Combuskin, Mercury blinked then shook his head. He must just be imagining it. He turned his attention back to Lucas as the Lucario talked to Combuskin and the rest of the Pokemon. Vee's sudden coughing drew Mercury and Katie's attention, and the seriousness of it made Mercury feel concern. On Lucas' despairing pleas, Katie drew back, afraid.
"I... I'll try..." Katie said. She walked over to the sick Poke-girl and Midnight Lycanroc, muttering, "Excuse me."

Katie touched Vee, closing her eyes and reaching out with her feelers. The girl wasn't doing well. Heart problems, breathing problems... This sickness was very serious, but it was difficult to tell how long she had.
"This sickness..." Katie said. "I don't think I can heal it. But I can make it easier for her."
Focusing, a whitish-pinkish energy flowed from the Audino and into Vee. It was a version of Heal Pulse, and although it didn't stop the sickness, Vee's symptoms would be a lot less for a short while.
Jetta watched as Katie helped Vee. She looked up at her “ Thanks. I truly hope that helps. “ She said. She nuzzled Vee in an attempt to comfort her. “ You’ll be okay soon. “ Although she said this to Vee, she also told this to herself, she didn’t want the little girl to die.
The Lucario let out a soft sigh of relief, and overwhelimg gratifude flushed through him as her symptoms lessened. "Thank you." He said softly. Lucas looked at her gratefully before finally clearing his throat and letting his walls up again. A dark thought crossed his mind and he got to his feet, and went over to Jetta. "Pardon me. I need to speak to my beta." Beta was a canine's way of saying his second in command, who would assume the role of alpha should he die. He wasn't nessacarily in charge, but he took responsibily for situations like this and wanted nothing more than to keep those he cared for safe- which was Jetta and Vee. He trusted Jetta after that battle, and knew she loved Vee and would do anything for her.

"Do you think we can trust them? The pokemon is fine, but the two seem to be a package deal. Do we help them hoping they'll help us along the way?" He spoke in hushed tones as to not awaken Vee. He seemed sincere and looked to her with trusting eyes, placing a hand on her shoulder in a friendly manner. They may not talk much but they were united for their love of Vee, which was enough.

"I trust your judgment. Should they stay with us or should we move on? I'd hate to say it but I think we need them. She could get worse. But only if you agree."
Jetta flattened her ears against her head. “ I’ve never trusted humans, but that human needs the miracle cure just as much as we do, and the Audino can be a good asset to bring to this pack. “ After She said this, she inwardly shuddered. She hasn’t been in this close proximity to a human since....her trainer. She sucked in a long breath. “ I say we let them join. “
"Ah, I see." The Lucario said, and he turned to glance at the human.
"Thanks for standing beside me on this." He watched her aura pulse around her, nervous energy making her anxious. He hesitated, but briefly pulled her into a hug, arms around her waist, head on her shoulder. Then he pulled away without another word, trotting over to two.
"If your sister is so sick she'll need a Miracle cure, I suspect we should leave soon. I have a vague idea what direction we should go- I can ask around. That Trainer is useful, he can purchase things and even ask other humans about it. I think we should send him to ask around next time we pass a town."
He made sure for the human to understand, translating as he went. The sun had began to go down, meaning night. He frowned- night was when pokemon were most active, and he'd hoped to get out of the forest by this time but he ran into others. He could expect larger pokemon- Onix near the mountains, ursaring in the woods, and several other formidable pokemon. He could handle it unles he ran into a pack of them, then that would be an issue.

"Are you guys ready to travel?"
Jetta was shocked by the hug, hasn’t had one since she was with her own mother. She watched as Lucas rallied the news to the newcomers and diverted her attention to the poke-girl in her arms. She noticed how the world darkened with the coming of night and walked over to everyone else.
“ I’m ready when everyone else is. “
(everyome forgot about meh.)

Flame soon came up and to see what was happening, Still sad/Mad about the Conbusken Thing to see An Audio and a Human together as Lucas. vee and the Rest of the group were talking to Them. Jake then Went up to Lucas as he looked up at him and said. "What did Miss?" Flame said confused.
Jetta turned to respond to Flame’s confusion. “ We formed an alliance with this Audino and human. “ She explained. “ It’s good to have you back. “

( Sorry! )
Flame Smiled as he said. "Thanks." Flame said as that made him fell a bit better. Flame then looked at the Audino and her Trainer as he went over to the Audino and said. "Hi. I'm Flame." Flame said as he held put his little Hand/Armm
(I never forgot. :c I lovee youuu litwicckkkk)
(Also, we have another rper coming in. They use a luxray and a zorark. Also, I need help with something- Lucas needs a lady- the struggle is real. Anyone up to help design one, because I feel bad for my imaginary Lucario- all my O.C's have a mate with another roleplayer. So what if he's an asshole, he is a cute asshole. :c)
"H-hello." Katie said, shaking the Litwick's hand. To tell the truth, the Audino was a little relieved to see a Pokemon that wasn't big and intimidating, or looked like it wanted to kill Mercury. "My name's Katie."
The Audino looked around nervously. It was already night, but now they were traveling in a group. They'd be less likely to be attacked by predators... Right?

Mercury nodded at what Lucas told him, and grabbed his bag. He put his wrecking bar in the rag as well, figuring he didn't need it right now anyway. Although he didn't like the way the Midnight Lycanroc or Lucario occasionally looked at him, if he had to bear it to save his sister, he would. Heck, if the Lucario had told him he wasn't allowed to come, Mercury would have followed them anyway, even if it meant getting attacked. Mercury only hoped that the Pokemon wouldn't change their minds and decide to maul him to death once they got the miracle cure. Looking at Lucas, Mercury nodded again, signaling he was ready to go.
Flame smiled at Katie as he looked around and realised how dark it had Gotten. Flame's Flame was still out becuase It was day time. But since it was now night Flame actived his Flame as his Flame Made some light around them so they could see better.
Then out of no where a Cobalion appears. "Foolish Pokémon don't you know what you are doing here." The Cobalion says sternly. The Cobalion gets ready for a sword of justice attack. He says "The miracle cure is a myth. Only children believe that it is real."
( Legendary and Mythical pokemon aren’t allowed without approval!! )

Jetta eyes adjusted to the brightness of Flame’s flame. She didn’t really need the light, her glowing eyes made the night look like day, but the others may not be able to see. “ Are we all ready? “
"I'll take her from here." He said, gently taking Vee into his arms. He then began to walk in the general direction of the miracle cure, not pausing to wait up, knowing they would be behind him. He didn't like the idea of having possible enemies behind him, but they had no idea where to go. He vaguely remembered a nearby town where the boy could get supplies they'd need.
He made sure to walk gently as to not awaken or harm Vee with his steps, and while he did this he slowed his pace to match Jetta's. He only trusted her and the litwick, after all.
Lucas abruptly stopped, tilted his head and flicked his ear, sensing something.
"Something isn't right. It's too quiet for dusk. There's either a hoard of pokemon or group of trainers..." He frowned. "But I cant determine what. We should leave. Now." He quickened his pace, motioning for them to follow.

Vee or Lucas dies... Can you guess who?
(It's just an illusion from a zoroark)
The cobalion reverts to a zoroark and says "Aww man is nobody really that scared of my illusion." He watches the group leave. He runs after them yelling as a luxray follows.
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