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Open Pokemon roleplay~

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Flame went inside of the cave as he looked around. he was a bit shocked on how nice it looked as he suspected it to look more like a Cave than an House. Flame then went over to Where Vee was a his Flame lit back up as he somehow Managed to get onto Vee's Bed as he looked at the Riolu Dool Vee had in her hands.
Jetta knelt down to Vee’s height and nodded. “ Of course we can play, but I’m not dressing up as a princess or fairy. “ She said laughing.
He listened to Lucas as he walked inside the cave. "I'll need a little more time thinking. I'm not much of an expert but with more information I can see if I can do something. What symptoms does she experience? And what do you give her?"
Vee smiled a devious smile. "Horsea ride?" She asked, and then added, "Please mami?"

Lucas frowned. "She complains that her heart hurts. Also, irregular heart beats. She gets tired easily but she's a kid, so she wants to play. It's hard for her to breathe sometimes too. I heard of a cure. An everything cure. A trainer gave it to her dying Ampharos and she was healed. (Game reference XD)
We need that, but I don't know where too look. And if we did find it, it'd be a hard journey with the little one."


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Jetta’s gaze soften when the little one called her “ mami “ She’s never had one, thanks to humans, but now she can be one. She nodded. “ We can play that. “ She picked Vee up and put her on her shoulders.
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Drewton nodded. "Well, if I can't think of anything, then we'd better look for that." Looking at the girl, he became worried that he wouldn't be able to help. This girl deserved a whole life and Drew was detirmined to make that possible.
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Flame felt a bit sad as he was kinda left behind, but decided not to think that much of it. Flame smiled seeing them play together as he soon fell asleep as his Flame went slowly went out.
Vee suddenly yawned real wide, canines showing, and her hair that had once glowed like a flame slowly dimmed as fatigue set in. Lucas whoofed quietly to remind her about bed and Vee buried her face in the pokemon's fur and held on tighter.
"No go. Don't go please." She said earnestly, and gave Jetta a squeeze, before climbing out of her arms and stumbling into bed.

Lucas looked at the girl worriedly, but otherwise left her alone. He sat down next to the umbreon and looked about them worriedly. It was rather early for her to retire to bed and it showed by her dimming hair. He was scared the day it distinguished completely. He smiled at Jetta as if seeing her for the first time. "She really likes you. I figured she'd bite you at least once but she didn't even growl. She's bitten me countless of times, especially when I give her her meds or refuse her desert." He chuckled quietly.
Jetta hugged Vee back and watched as she hopped into bed. “ Sweet dreams. “ She told her as the girl drifted off to sleep.
Jetta turned her attention to Lucas. “ Really? “ She asked. She scratched the back of her neck. “ I didn’t know anyone could like me that much...” She smiled.
Lucas shrugged, not really understanding either.
"I don't know, you seem pretty likable to me." He said, smiling at the thought of Vee biting Jetta. He tried to decide whether if he bit her if she'd bite back, and he snorted at the thought. His feelings for her were kinda complicated. They got off on a bad start but she was so sweet to Vee, which almost made it okay. He stretched out on the floor, his head resting on a well-gnawed on pillow.
"But honestly, thanks for coming. I haven't seen her so alive in a while. It makes me happy, but it makes me wonder, how much longer she'll have to be happy." Lucas frowned and looked away.
Jetta’s smile faded as she remembered that the little girl might not last long. “ Well, I hope we could all save her, soon. “ She answered. Jetta walked over to a darker corner of the cave and decided this is where she’ll sleep. She got down on all fours, turned in a few circles, and lay down on the floor. It wasn’t as comfy as she would like it, but maybe tomorrow she could scratch a crater for her to rest. “ Goodnight. “ Jetta said as she drifted off to sleep.
Morning didn't come when the sun came up, but rather when Vee woke up. Lucas woke up with groan as he heard the sound of claws scraping on stone and bouncing furniture. He suspected it to be around 6:00 am sharp and he covered his ears in hopes to block out the noise. Finally he gave up and decided to wake up with her rather than fight it.
Vee gave a sick rattling cough that shook her whole, small frame. Each breath was loud and raspy and caused her hold her chest in pain. Even so she continued to run around and romp like the child she was, though ever few steps lead to more coughing. Lucas ran over to his satchel on the floor and picked up an inhaler and some medication, shaking the entire bottle until the last two pills dropped out. He quickly came over and offered the pills and for once, she didn't argue, which worried Lucas. She always resisted.
He came over and prodded the Umbreon awake, and when that didn't work he scratched the pokemon behind the ears and tapped his nose. Then he went over to comet and gave her a gentle nudge. It was time to find the miracle cure.
(Art by Senrova)
Flame woke up when Vee started scratching on the wall as he provided some light in the cave. he then Just watched Vee run around and Lucas give Vee her Pills. After he saw Lucas Try to wake Drewton he finally asked. "What are you doing?"
Drew was half-awake. Being a somewhat nocturnal Pokémon, this wasn't much of a surprise. He felt someone touching him on the nose when he slowly woke up. Yawning, he stretched his butt out and then stretched forward, like a cat. Hearing a voice, he asked, "Wassup?"
Jetta woke up with a jump. She didn’t expect to be waken up so early, but was glad to end the night terrors sooner than later. She sat up and yawned as she scratched her head.
She heard Vee coughing and frowned. “ We’re going to find a cure for her as soon as possible, right?? “ Jetta asked in concern.
She looked around to find the others already awake. Flame was providing light, Drew was still waking up, Vee was taking her medication and Lucas was up and about.
“ Good morning. I guess...” The last part she said more to herself.
"Good morning! Good morning! Welcome home, welcome back, welcome to my humble shack!" She yelled, more or less in Lucas's ear. The lucario flinched but smiled, and let her go once the pills were taken.
Vee immediately ran to the Umbreon and picked him up in her arms, and then bounded to the Lycanroc. "We're going on an adventure, yep! I can feel it."
The lucario looked up sharply. That sounded like an ability, which she still hadn't developed. "What? What do you mean?"
"I dunno." She replied simply, holding Drew in her arms. She reached over and rested a hand on Jetta's cheek, eyes glowing with excitement.
"You were scared? Mommy, why were you scared? Dreams are good, mami!"
She grinned, sharp canines exposed. He tails twitched, and suddenly she was coughing again.
"Litiwck, litwick!" She barked, and coughed louder, a rattling, hacking cough. She tried to say something else but couldn't.
"It's time to find the miracle cure. Drewton, I have no idea where to start looking. Anyone have any ideas?"
Flame filched a bit When Vee started yelling and when he saw Vee pick up Drewton, he was quite shocked. he then listened to Lucas started talking about a miracle Cure as he said. "A miracle Cure? I've think I've heard of it before...." Flame said as he started thinking.
Drew smiled a little when he was picked up. Not expecting it but he didn't mind. Turning to Flame, he said, "You have? I think it resides in the far mountains. Somewhere in a cave in think...But if we go outside, I think I'll be able to get my bearings straight." As he spoke, he nuzzled Vee on the neck in the hope that he would stop coughing.
Jetta looked over at Drew and Flame. “ Well I hope you guys are right. “ She said as she watched Vee curiously. How did this little girl know she had nightmares?
Lucas finally picked up the girl and rested her on his hip, and she reluctantly set the Umbreon down. Lucario didn't want to tell her about the cure until they found it, not wanting to lift her hopes and then crush them.
However, the girl was a little old for this and she hopped out his arms and did a little teetering dance. Lucas sighed and took a few steps towards the entrance to the cave, figuring they'd follow. Once outside her let Drew take the lead, since his nose and sense of smell was more acute than him.
Vee bounced over to the flame and smiled, before running manically to the Lycanroc and scratching her behind the ears rather affectionately.
Drew went ahead and began using his senses. Judging by the direction of the wind and arrangement of trees, he figured it would be north from here. "We go north. I think we'll begin to see a very tall, grey mountain. Now I only heard this from a wise friend of mine so I haven't seen it but we'll know when it's there." He then began walking forward from where he was, towards the thick forest.
Jetta walked out of the cave and into the dreary forest, though the rain left everything soaked, and there were still clouds looming over them, a few rays of light were able to make it to the ground. Jetta stood in one of them and enjoyed the warm feeling. She watched as everyone else made it out. She knelt down when Vee scratched her ears and then scooped up the little girl nd placed her on her shoulders.
Vee squealed with delight at being taller than everyone for once, even Lucas. Lucas sniffed the air, trying to smell everything that he said yet sensed nothing. He took a few steps, not liking the feeling of moist moss beneath his feet, and he winced. He trotted beside the Umbreon, praying that Vee would make the journey. Suddenly a terrible thought occured to Lucas.
"What if... Someone see's her?" He asked out loud, and decided to use his aura to check for living creatures around them, specifically trainers.
Vee enjoyed riding on top of Jetta's shoulders, and her many tails wagged in excitement. There was so much to see and do! Had the sun ever shined so bright? Yes there were clouds, but who cared? And all the smells! Pokemon, berries, wind, water! Not to mention the view. She yipped and howled happily, estatic.
Flame followed behind them, still struggling as he said. "Yeah it on a mountain i think. But you know its going to take more than One ingredient, right?" Flame said as he Tried not fall face first into the Mud, as his Flame went out, manly because the sun was now out.


Previously Swirled
OOC: Firstly, it' about time I join a proper Romance RP, secondly, this is a Pokemon RP, right?
BIC: A Combusken could be seen lurking in the shadows, seeking a new opponent or at the very least a challenge. He then noticed Lucas and a mischevious grin grew on his face.
"He seems, intriguing, perhaps I should meet him and see if he is worthy," The name of the Combusken was Infernius, and as the group of Pokemon with Lucas walked, he fired a Flamethrower from the shadows to see if they would attempt to locate the Fire Type. He was a expert at spying and being a sneak in general, so no one would likely catch him unless he allowed himself to get caught.
"Those fools have no idea what is actually going on, it's almost kind of sad," Infernius quietly chortled to himself as he waited for the group of Pokemon to respond, having a suspicion that the Lucario was the leader, he was anticipating his to strike first, plus his aura would allow him to be notified when Infernius attacked.
The Flamethrower Manly Hit Flame, And even though he is a Fire Type, It still hurt a lot. Flame then got up as he looked around and kinda got mad as he charged up an attack. HIs Flame got brighter and Bigger as soon a Ring of Fire Exploded from him(He Used Flame burst) and then disappeared a few seconds later as Flame was out of breath.


Previously Swirled
Infernius saw this and jumped into the sky , allowing his silhouette to be seen before landing in another tree.
"Looks like the wittle baby never learned that he shouldn't play with fire," The Combusken taunted Flame as he landed down and looked at Lucas straight in the eye, he then challenged the entire group.
"Any one of you, entertain me, all I ask is for a simple proper battle, there is no conequence for losing nor is there a reward for winning, I simply desire a challenge," He didn't feel like threatening the group, they seemed like nice people, he was just messing around with people as he usually does when he's bored, so he was prepared for rejection and if it happened, he would simply go along his way and never meet with them again.
Jetta growled in frustration. She picked Vee off her shoulders and gave her to Lucas. She then marched up to the tree the Combusken was in. “ You wanna Fight, hotshot? You got one. “ She snarled, her razor sharp teeth gleaming.


Previously Swirled
Infernius got a smirk on his face, he liked this one for her fiery spirit, as such he would oblige.
"Maybe there will be a prize for winning, would you like that?" His tone had a playful amount of mock in it, but he made it clear that he was serious.
"I'll even let you go first," The Combusken offered in a teasing tonw, anJeaother one of his hobbies, hopefully, Jetta would get annoyed and give into fighting him with his full strength.
Jetta growled. “ Sure, I’ll go first. “ She said with an edge in her tone. She knew how to take down this Combusken, if her plan worked. She ran at him with a quick attack, jabbing at his sides with her paws. She jumped back and used Rock Tomb, encasing him in a rocky arena.


Previously Swirled
Infernius yawned, the strategy was solid, but futile, he kicked apart the rocks from Rock Tomb, however, the speed of the quick attack was unavoidable. The Combusken then ran to Jetta with an extreme speed, followed up with a swift double kick.
"Next time do your homework, my species is a fighting type, so Rock attacks will have less damage and I can easily hit hard," He told the Lycanroc in a teasing voice, he was enjoying this challenge, but it saddened him that this battle would soon end.
Jetta took the hits, but she refused to be defeated by this pokemon. She came at him again with a quick attack and used Crunch to lock onto his arm. “ Watch your attitude, you might not be able to take the disappointment of your defeat” She growled into his arm.


Previously Swirled
Infernius mach punched Jetta, as if he was swatting away a bug, he then mach punched the rock type again, only to double kick once he was close, his speed boost ability making him faster by the second.
"Just focus on keeping up, small minds shouldn't worry about trash talk, if you can't keep up with the big leagues, then you'll be left in the dust," The Combusken enjoyed watching Jetta get flustered and angry, it made it easier to win the battle, not that this wasn't going to be an easy match in the first place.
Jetta Fell to one knee. She was getting tired. She had to think of a different tactic. She closed her eyes, and took a deep breath through her nose. She got back up again. She started to play defense. She used Quick Guard, which should make her more defensive against his speed. She then used Sand Attack. A ball of sand formed in her paw, and she threw it at the Combusken’s face.
Lucas snarled in frustration and hid vee behind him.
"I accept your challenge! Leave my pack out of it." He said, infuriated at his friends being drawn into the battle. Lucas centered himself and studied the pokemon's aura. Fighting and fire, he was at a disadvantage, but he could also use his items should he get to that point. He actually knew how to mega-evolve should he get angry enough, and an old trainer had taught him how to use it on his own.
But first, he had other things to attend to. Lucas got on one knee and stared into Vee's eyes.
"If I lose, run. Run far, far away, and don't stop. For anyone!" He said sternly.
Vee smiled. "You never lose. He cant beat you! And if he does, I'll take him!" She growled furiously as she could for a tiny vulpix girl.
Lucas held her for one moment and turned to the Cumbusken.
"Now that you are here, you cannot leave knowing our secret. It's a fight to the death friend, unless you swear to secrecy. And since you aren't trusted at all, you'll be our little prisoner." Lucas smiled a snarling grin and cracked his knuckles. "Jetta, help Vee get away if it comes to it."
The lucario used swords dance twice, and quickly, followed by dragon dance to raise his speed.
"Ready when you are, punk. Ladies first."
Jetta was panting when she let Lucas take over. She didn’t want to be seen as weak, but she had to take care of Vee. As she stumbled back to the group she said “I gotta lay off the berries...” under her breath.


Previously Swirled
Infernius blew fire to the sand, turning it to glass, before swiftly jumping into a tree, then smirking when Lucas attempted to interfere.
"I simply desired a one on one battle, and this Lycanroc had provided me with satisfactory entertainment, I now am in your debt, thank you for humoring me, know, what do you desire?" Infernius bowed after he appeared amongst the pack of Pokemon, even. kicking up some sand and making a glass sculpture as a peace offering using flamethrower to burn the sand and then scouting the glass even more until it formed into a shape of a Midnight Lycanroc, a gift for Jetta for entertaining him. Once the sculpture cooled he then waited for Lucas's answer.
Flame watched the battle as he felt a bit sad and useless I he couldn't even contribute to them, or even weaken the Combusken at all. The main thing that made his feel useless was that he only used one attack, and was already tried, and he lost his Temper as well. Flame stayed in the Back as everyone Put their attention on The Combusken, with his head down.
The lucario watched Infernius warily, not lowering his guard.
"I desire for you to leave. Now."
Suddenly, Vee ran up to the infernius, her orange hair bouncing. With an angry grunt she punched the combusken in the gut, and Lucas watched from the sidelines, laughing. He was prepared to intervene should the pokemon retaliate, but he knew the cumbuskion wasn't stupid. Should he attack the girl the entire pack, especially Jetta and Lucas, would rip him to shreds.
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